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Off Grid Cabins: A community for enthusiasts, builders, and owners of cabins

2013.08.14 19:30 trickj Off Grid Cabins: A community for enthusiasts, builders, and owners of cabins

Looking to combine a lot of the ideas of tinyhouses but for a larger size home. Content can be pictures of cabins, topics on how to build or maintain one, lake houses, mountain cabins, or any home that incorporates green technology while focusing on size and efficiency.

2014.03.26 17:30 kiraaparsons Houses for rent in Denton, TX

Landlords may post rent houses here for Denton Redditors.

2011.03.29 03:40 hesdoingwhat Apartments for rent, trade or sublet in Chicago.


2023.01.17 22:37 Philip19967 2022 Year in Review: Resiliency & Focus Brings Exciting Year Ahead for Fobi

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2023.01.17 22:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - 9 Afghan men lashed in public for crimes under country's new rulers FOX

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2023.01.17 21:30 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Program (Complete Latest Updated Course) + More

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2023.01.17 21:25 Wayward_Prometheus Paul Felder steps in for Joe Rogan to join UFC 283 broadcast team in Brazil

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2023.01.17 21:18 No_Appointment_8587 Extra Cuddly Brown Tabby Cat For Adoption in Kirkwood Missouri - Supplies Included - Adopt Athena

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2023.01.17 21:15 Aengel_BNB GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Epic Games Store version reportedly releasing this week

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2023.01.17 20:39 Ill-Oil-5396 best luggage bags for you

If you love traveling and you are bound to travel for any reason; be it your job, vacation, a hostel, or back home, then you need a strong and tough bag with you so that you can keep your important items in that such as clothes, books, files and whatever you like. We all travel and carry so much luggage with us like three or four bags. Those days are long gone when we people used to keep our clothes and other items in bags which were made of fibers of Jute or clothes and carry heavy bags on our shoulders or on our heads, these bags were not very strong and tough because due to heavy weight their straps used to tear. On the contrary, In today’s time, we need a bag with wheels that would help us in carrying our heavy luggage and made of strong material that would not be damaged during the journey and would be a one-time investment because we definitely can not buy a suitcase frequently. However, as the demand rose for these bags the companies also increased but only a few are really good ones that actually make good bags of every type and every size. If you are looking to buy a luggage bag then this article is worth a read because I am going to suggest some best luggage bags in the market of top brands and you can get them on sites like eBay.
1) Safari 77cms Polycarbonate Bags
If you are quite a traveler then you surely must have seen that people use bags of safari because it is an incredible band that makes the best items. There are bags of every size made of polycarbonate. The bags are scratch and impact resistant, they are lightweight and so easy to carry. The polycarbonate is durable that will go on for years. It has four wheels for easy and smooth movement. The company gives five years of warranty with the bags for the defects
2) American Tourister 77cms Ivy Spinner Polypropylene Bags.
American Tourister is the most popular brand for bags. People buy the bags of this brand without any second thoughts. It is made of polypropylene which is tough and does not get damaged. The bags of this brand meet most domestic check-in size requirements. The bags are made of scratch and impact-resistant material. It has extra space for your last-minute packing. The bags come in various color combination, it has TSA locks to ensure the security of your bag. It has four wheels for smooth movements and this bag has three years warranty for surface damage.
3) Skybags 69cms Polyester Bags.
Skybags is another famous brand for its products. I have talked about polycarbonate and polypropylene earlier but let me tell you apart from this, the bags of polyester are also very strong and durable. These bags have 360-degree rotating wheels and nylon zippers. The polyester bags have space so we can accommodate a little extra if the bag is full. These bags give you a distinguished design with the best features. It has 3 dial lock in it that will keep your things totally safe during traveling. The handle can also be adjusted according to our requirements.
4) Aristocrat Polyester And Polycarbonate Bags.
This one is the new name in the market and the famous one too for its items. The bags are sturdy and strong which can wear external impact and would not let damage the inner items. The bags come in different colors with new designs these bags also have unique spinner wheels so you can glide and move the bags with lanes and rugged surfaces without much problem. You may do your every adventure with this companion and travel all over the world.
5) Swiss Military Luggage Bags
This is also one of the best brands we see in the baggage industry but not much known like others. The bags of this brand are famous for their unique 3D design and styling. These bags have sturdy handles and a dial lock in them. Bags have multiple pockets to keep the items and for storage convenience. Nags are made of polycarbonate which is waterproof.
6) VIP Luggage Bags
This brand is one of the most trusted brands and most used ones. The brand speaks for itself. The bags of this brand are always reliable and made of polycarbonate plastic. These bags have an anti-viral coating on them and an anti-theft zipper all bags of this brand are good you may try any product.
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2023.01.17 20:32 TrueNameChara No idea what happened to my eyes

A couple months ago, I had a really bad attack of some kind. I got a routine blood test done and also got a flu shot at the same appointment. I passed out at the appointment (not uncommon for me) and took it easy the rest of the day. However, the next day I was experiencing what seemed like flu-like symptoms: sore muscles, nausea, weakness. I assumed it was just an immune response to the vaccine. However that continued for days, moving away from flu-like symptoms and moving towards other ones. My legs were hurting constantly, quite numb, and were struggling to stay temperature regulated. I was basically bedridden due to exhaustion. Then my vision started blurring. It started as a small spot in the center of my vision. I assumed it was from a migraine or something, but it continued for a couple days and kept growing. I went to an ophthalmologist and it looked like my optic nerve was really inflamed. The blurriness continued to grow and then full blindness began to occur. I went to the hospital after I was unable to do much of anything. A huge blindspot took up the large majority of my vision, with blurry, poor-contrast peripheral vision providing next to nothing. Many of the other symptoms, including the ones in my limbs, had faded at this point. The doctors assumed at first it was a pseudo tumor, believing I had too much fluid. They did a lumbar puncture to check and also hoped to relieve some pressure, but that wasn't it and I saw no improvement. They threw around viral meningitis, but they didn't find much to support it other than that it seemed my white blood cell count was way up in my spinal fluid. They also did many MRI scans and are pretty sure I have two small lesions on my spine, though they are small and could possibly be imaging fuzziness. They finally came to suspect MS. They started giving me IV steroids daily for 5 days before putting me on a tapering oral steroid. It helped, and my vision slowly began to return. The resolution was improving, my blindspot was shrinking, and my color vision was returning (although I was red/green colorblind for awhile). However, a couple of the major tests came back negative, including the one where they test your blood and spine at the same time. Due to this, rhey were hesitant to give me an MS diagnosis. Around the time of this improvement, I started having a weird sensation in my spine and limbs. As if my bones were rattling like a metal handrail when I'd walk or move them. My vision has continued to steadily improve. I'm expecting to be able to drive next month. The ringing in my legs has also faded. I'm still fairly photosensitive and my color vision and resolution can worsen with certain stimuli. I returned to the ophthalmologist for a follow-up and he said that the inflammation seems almost back to normal. His best guess is also MS, but he isn't certain either. I'm supposed to have another lumbar puncture soon to double check the tests, but I'm nervous and it's still a ways off. My question is, does this seem like MS? I'm hesitant to tell people I have it, or prepare for life with it, because it seems like tests keep being inconclusive. But I had my vision taken from me for months and other weird symptoms, and no one can seem to figure out why. I'm just so confused and I was hoping to get input from what people here may have experienced.
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2023.01.17 20:05 Melodic-While7487 Micro Content Mastery by The Real Deal Video Strategist Club



MODULE 1: Short Form Lead Generation In this module you’ll learn how to get inbound leads while strategically targeting dream clients for short form content.
MODULE 2: Micro Content Sales Savagery How to close micro content deals so clients get excited about paying you for MONTHS without needing to get on them about invoicing.
MODULE 3: Pre Micro Game Plan The preproduction process. Every battle is won before it is fought. It’s the same thing with creating micro content. In this module you will learn how to set proper expectations for your clients and game plan your entire production before getting your camera out of its bag, if you even have to use your camera.
MODULE 4: Micro Producer Pro In this module you will learn how to strategically film a ton of videos in a short amount of time, which only adds value to your business, and saves your clients time, making you more valuable in the process.
MODULE 5: Post Production Mastery How to create engaging edits that drive social media growth, inquiries, and make your clients feel like the next influencer.
MODULE 6: Copy Paste Post Strategy Clients can’t get results if the videos are never posted right? Learn the best practices on content distribution so you can get quick results for clients immediately and have them stay longer.
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2023.01.17 20:03 MyFirstDogWasBird Expedite questions

I'm a US citizen and I filed an I-130 for my wife back in Aug '22. Was initially given 10 month estimate. It's been 5 months but the estimate is still at 7 months. My wife lives in her country and I am covering her living expenses and my travel expenses when I visit.
My questions are about the expedite criteria. Would these criteria only apply to her. I am suffering financial difficulty keeping two households going. I've also had some medical issues. So I was thinking about an expedite request on the basis that I am suffering financial loss and humanitarian reasons (my wife providing care for my medical issues). But the criteria read as if they would only apply to my wife. Would these reasons work for an expedite? Or does she need to be the one suffering financial loss.
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2023.01.17 19:46 LightyourCigarette 35 [M4F] Weed and Cuddles #denver

It's getting cool out again, and a smoke and snuggle buddy would be wonderful
I'm looking for a lady, to share some cannabis and some kisses. I'm orally fixated, so making out is foreplay to me. I'm not really interested in PIV sex, looking to play.
About me: I'm 5'9, attractive, dad-bod-fit (but not into "fitness"). I'm into true crime, horror, heavy metal, and I smoke cannabis, and am dominant (soft). I'm also happily in an open relationship (can't host)
Who I'm looking for: a cute lady who smokes cannabis, who is into similar or interesting things. I'm a sucker for nice, soft hands, nice lips and pretty smiles.
If this sounds like something you'd be into, send me a DM and let's see if we're into each other!
Good luck!
Broomfield area
Contact info in profile
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2023.01.17 19:45 KingOfId Hard water deposits in upstairs drains only

Hi all, thanks for any insight. My upstairs shower and sink drains are getting a lot of mineral deposits. The puzzling thing is that it's upstairs only, and drains only--there are no deposits in the downstairs drains and no problems with any supply plumbing or fixtures. The whole house is new plumbing installed about 4 years ago. Any clue what's happening? Here's a sexy pic of the shower drain
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2023.01.17 19:40 Ambesh_sk Feedback on 7700X and 4080

I am building this for FPS gaming like CSGO and Valorant. I maybe buy the upcoming OLED monitors, but definitely in August or September, but for now I am going with Alienware AW2723DF.
All the Price tag is in Indian Rupee(INR)
Category Selection Source Price
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 7700X Desktop Processor Compify 32299
Motherboard MSI MPG B650 Edge WIFI Motherboard (AMD Socket AM5/Ryzen 7000 Series CPU/Max 128GB DDR5 6600MHz Memory) The ITDepot 29610
Graphic Card Msi GeForce Rtx 4080 16Gb Suprim X Graphics Card The ITDepot 131849
Power Supply Cooler Master MWE GOLD 850 V2 FULL MODULAR SMPS MD Computers 9989
Cabinet Fractal North Will disclose soon 14617
Memory CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 5200MHz CL40 MEMORY White Compify 16499
SSD drive Western Digital Black SN850X 2TB NVMe M.2 Internal Solid State Drive - Without Heatsink (WDS200T2X0E) Compify 22899
Monitor Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor - AW2723DF Dell 59999
CPU Cooler DeepCool LS720 WH Premium Liquid CPU Cooler - White (R-LS720-WHAMNT-G-1) Compify 11499
I have questions - I need reviews on the monitor AW2723DF - Is going for a white build a good idea considering my MAX limit? - Difference between 7600X and 7700X performance from gaming perspective. - Choosing 4080 over 7900XTX, is it a good choice? Please provide only faults in 7900XTX or 4080. - Places from where should I get everything, I have seen complaints with many websites from the table, any recommendations on vendors who I can go to? - If the white build is okay, please recommend me the best fan. I am not looking for RGB, plain bluish light is good, just like Akasa SOHO AR(N/A in India)
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2023.01.17 19:33 shaddowdagger4444 RS4 B8 buying advice

I’m thinking about buying a RS4 B8 2013-2015 in the next few months. I would really love to hear what to look out for.
Anything I should avoid or options that would be nice to have?
Always wanted a V8 wagon and the RS4 B8 looks really nice imo.
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2023.01.17 19:08 Creative1_99 23, M, UK, hoping to find decent chats - possibly friendships, with decent people :)

Hey! 23 here, I love music, theatre, movies, reading, writing, spending time with my friends and family. I do have mental health struggles aha, so I apologies deeply in advance if that puts you off chatting or whatever, so thank you for at least taking the time to read this anyway! I'm hoping to find some decent chats, with decent, chill, laid-back people! (Who actually definitely want to as well :) ) I love new people, if ya wanna take this further, feel free to drop me a message, and I guess we'll see what happens. :)
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2023.01.17 17:48 Double_Candidate8307 Join the journey to the moon! Enjoy the story! (2023)

Join the journey to the moon! Enjoy the story! (2023)
Check out our official website for details, including Episode 0! Also follow us on twitter and stay updated! (IN COMMENT SECTION)
Sneak Peek👀
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2023.01.17 17:44 EchoPhi Issues with driver installation - help appreciated

I am having problems getting these drivers (bottom of the page for 3.5.34 package) to install. I have tried everything and am just failing.
Nothing is working. I know the scripts work because I can run them locally and they install. When using the powershell script it loads the folders locally and I can run the scripts from the intune joined machine and they work. I just can't figure out where my breakdown is. There is a readme file in the zip file form honeywell with silent install instructions.
Powershell script
New-Item -ItemType directory -Force -Path "C:\FOLDER\Honeywell\" Copy-Item -path "$psscriptroot\Honeywell\*" -Destination "C:\FOLDER\Honeywell" -Force -Recurse Start-Process "cmd.exe" "/c C:\FOLDER\Honeywell\MYSCRIPT.cmd" taskkill /IM cmd.exe 
@echo off pushd C:\FOLDER\Honeywell start setup.bat /silent /install exit 

Again, any assistance greatly appreciated.
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2023.01.17 17:17 ismailmidas My links

I want to be able to write as a full-time job eventually, because the idea of working for another man is unappealing to me, so I've decided to put a link for my PayPal.
I'm writing a lot more now, and not just poetry but short pieces of writing also. I have an idea to just make everything I write available to anyone (and these will be uploaded to the subreddit in posts, and also free PDFs), and if anyone enjoys my writing and wants, they can send me some money. I don't like the idea of an external publisher, as they're just useless filters nowadays, since everything can be put online for everyone to see. Also, making it donation-based makes it more magical, I think.
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2023.01.17 17:14 DiscoveryHimalaya Nar Phu Valley Trek - Annapurna Nar Phu Valley Trek - Annapurna Region Treks - Restricted Trekking in Nepal - Nepal Trekking packages for 2023

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2023.01.17 16:55 MaeveBennett You want to do more in your life right now; think of those kids who can't do more...

I feel like I could be doing more with my life than I am doing right now. I suppose I finally know what it feels like to be ambitious but not be able to do anything about it.
I can't code because I've been banned from my editor.
I can't edit videos because my sh\tty computer is 5 years old.*
I can't film videos because my dad will think I'll post them on YouTube.
I can't kiteboard because I still need to learn how and we don't travel near the right conditions often.
I can't go to South America because [someone] thinks that it is dangerous.
I can't travel now because my dad loves a specific city too much.
I've learned that no matter what a person has, they will always want more. I've got an amazing life; I travel, I am homeschooled and I am seeing more of the world than some adults I know have. For some reason I still want to do more.
I feel truly sorry to those from disadvantaged places that realise from a young age that they want to be a scientist but just can't get the education. At least I am from a background where, at some point in my life, I know I will be able to do these things. To all those out there who can't live their dream: Hopefully one day, you will get there; hopefully, your will get that dream scholarship that will take you to study abroad. Hopefully then, you can become a biologist and develop a miracle cure for cholera to save people where you were from.
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2023.01.17 16:43 KindaBadTho Im (18m) not really sure how to act regarding my gf (18f) and i previous fights

(Im not an english speaker, sorry if there's some spelling mistakes)

My gf and i have been together for almost three years, im pretty sure she's the one and she has told me several times she feels the same towards me.
However, a few months ago the whole college situation came and she had to leave, i didn't. I got so scared i broke up with her, during the time we weren't together we had a couple fights on which i said really awful things to her, every time i think about i feel terribly evil, i cannot even understand how was i able to talk and harm like that the one person i adore the most.
Things are better now, we started to talk again and we've been back together for two months and im moving to her city next year, where i will continue my studies.However, she still hasn't forgiven me for the things i said. We have talked about it a couple times and she always tells me that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me and that she really loves me but she can't find a way to completely forgive me and asks me for help.
When we fought and i hurted her so bad i was in a really bad place and dealing with some personal life related issues, im doing better now. I cannot find any excuses for what i did, being or not being on a good place doesn't give me the right to hurt anyone. She told me that sometimes she wonders if she should have given me a second chance and i always answer that thank god she did but that i don't want her to be with someone she isn't comfortable with, then she gets mad at me and says she loves me and that she has noticed how im trying to improve and become a better person and that she wants to remain with me.
She is the love of my life, but im really really confused... She loves me but can't forgive me, i dont even know if i deserve being forgiven.
What should i do? how can i help her find a way to forgive me? i need some advice on the whole subject.
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2023.01.17 16:40 shelfenter Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (MBT Full Course)

Chat +44 759 388 0762 on Telegram/WhatsApp to get Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (MBT) Course.
I have Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (MBT) Course.
Casey Zander's Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 course is one of the best programs available that will improve your relationships with women, as well as your personal lifestyle and masculine mindset.
Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 by Casey Zander will show you how to:
To get Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (MBT) Course contact me on:
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