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2023.02.02 22:25 Someidiot31 According to the vs wiki Dr Monty is stronger than goku

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2023.02.02 22:04 Maki1207 Really Sorry for people I got confused I meant I modified the art of the old ssj100 into ssj infinity goku and vegeta so pls no backlash like last time

Really Sorry for people I got confused I meant I modified the art of the old ssj100 into ssj infinity goku and vegeta so pls no backlash like last time
If ur confused I made a post of this before and I wrote made not modified so I was also confused with this And also is my second favourite form behind ssj5 so this is why I modified it😀
I don’t remember the link for the old ssj100 but I think it’s this:
also if u want to know who made it, it’s this guy:
He surprisingly has a Reddit account too which makes me kinda happy:
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2023.02.02 21:13 No-Unit7917 Was the Instant Transmission Kamehameha Goku’s attempt to “Kill” Cell, or Was Gohan’s latent power his gambit the entire time?

During the training in the hyperbolic time chamber Goku witnessed and sensed Gohan’s latent SSJ 2 transformation. We all know Goku would eventually bank on Gohan’s power to save the day, and it eventually worked. However, is it ever stated if Goku intended to kill Cell himself before turning to Gohan? He does visit Cell before the tournament to access his power after powering up at Korins, but that could also have meant he was trying to feel out Cell’s ki to test it out against Gohan’s.
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2023.02.02 20:20 No-Honeydew6811 Making Awful Nicknames

Nicknames have been getting absurd nowadays. We have stuff like Cocku, Gigalo, and whatever the hell the new SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta are being called. These poor newer units are getting stuck with trash nicknames while older units can just be called by their names. I plan to remedy this in the best way possible, giving old units garbage nicknames. List some God awful nicknames we can give older units to bring about true equality in Dokkan. I'll start: Guldcoome (Guldo and Recoome) Alabamdroid (Transforming 13) Impostgeta (LR Super Baby 2) Copedock (LR PHY Bardock) Furry Pan (LR Bee Pan) Flashgeta (TEQ F2P Blue Vegeta)
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2023.02.02 20:10 Quirky-Wino First 4 comments I will do tier lists for

Be quick.
And no characters I've already done tier lists for. Winter solider (marvel)
Mystique (marvel)
Kilmonger (Marvel)
Gray fox (Metal gear solid)
Big the cat (Sonic the hedgehog)
HUSK (Resdient Evil)
Superman (DC)
Pit (Kid Icarus).
Rexy (Jurassic Park)
Invincible (...)
Inferno Cop (...)
David Martinez (Cyberpunk edgerunners)
Wario (Mario)
Shotaro Kaneda (Akira)
The Chosen (Smosh)
Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter)
Stegron (Marvel)
Moon knight (Marvel)
Fleetway Super Sonic (Fleetway comics)
Lilith (Borderlands)
Sepiroth (Final Fantasy)
Dio (JoJo's bizarre adventure)
Xeno Goku (Dragon Ball Heroes)
Specter Knight (Shovel Knight)
BoJack Horseman (...)
Nero Claudius (Fate)
All Might (My Hero Academia)
Asriel Dreemurr (Undertale)
Indiana Jones (...)
Lou Bloom (Nightcrawler)
Aris (Blue Archive)
Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's bizarre adventure)
Glados (Portal)
Stolas (Helluva Boss)
SpongeBob SquarePants (...)
Samus Aran (Metroid)
Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
Condiment King (DC)
Luigi (Mario)
Salem (RWBY)
Dimentio (Paper Mario)
Ultron Sigma (Marvel v Capcom Infinite)
Scorpius Rex (Jurassic Park)
Mechagodzilla (Godzilla)
Ladybug (Miraculous)
Shazam (DC)
Tamamo-no-Mae (Fate)
The Hulk (Marvel)
Yuno (Black Clover)
Simon Belmont (CastleVania)
Amber (Genshin Impact)
Rayquaza (Pokémon)
Dormannu (Marvel)
Wonder woman (DC)
King Andrias (Amphibia)
Waluigi (Mario)
Bayonetta (...)
Ultraman Leo (...)
Bluto (Thimble Theatre)
Draco Malfoy (Harry potter)
Pasqually (Chuck E Cheese)
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2023.02.02 17:49 EmploySpiritual1997 OC SSJ Goku Manga

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2023.02.02 13:02 Elim2 The power of Beerus: RF arc

The power of Beerus: RF arc
Whis says Beerus had destroyed their planets sun.
1) Stars
The mass and size of the star that orbits Beerus planet is not known. It could be anything from a dwarf star to a Supergiant.
In my Frieza posts i explained small stars and our Sun. I will explain some more stars below.
1) Star classifications
"Each star is assigned a spectral type based on the appearance of its spectrum. Stellar classes typically have three elements: a letter (O-B-A-F-G-K-M), an Arabic number between 0 and 9, and a Roman number between I and VII (or a zero).
The letter indicates the spectral class, which is determined based on the star’s effective temperature. In order of decreasing temperature, the seven main spectral classes in the Morgan-Keenan classification system are: O, B, A, F, G, K, and M. The Arabic number subdivides the class further based on the temperature; 0 indicates the hottest stars in each class, while 9 denotes the coolest. The Roman numeral indicates the luminosity class, classifying stars as main sequence stars, subgiants, giants, bright giants, and supergiants."(starfacts)
"The life cycle of a star is determined primarily by the star’s mass. The more massive a star is, the faster it will burn through its supply of hydrogen fuel. When hydrogen fusion stops, the star evolves away from the main sequence to become a giant. Astronomers divide stars into several groups based on mass:
• very low-mass stars (< 0.5 solar masses)
• low-mass stars (0.5 to 1.8 – 2.5 M☉)
• intermediate-mass stars (1.8-2.5 M☉ to 5-10 M☉)
• massive stars (> 7-10 M☉)"(starfacts)
2) Types of stars and masses.
Theres a table on the starfacts website that shows more details. Im just showing the masses.
3) Masses smallest to largest
Numbers vary sometimes with different websites
• M=0.08-0.45× Sun mass • K=0.45-0.8× Sun mass • G= 0.8-1.04× Sun mass • F= 1.04-1.4× Sun mass • A= 1.4-2.1× Sun mass • B= 2.1×-16× Sun mass • O= 16× and greater Sun mass
Some star classes below:
1) Main Sequence stars
A) M type or red dwarf
Red dwarfs are the Smallest mass true stars
"Definitions and usage of the term "red dwarf" vary on how inclusive they are on the hotter and more massive end. One definition is synonymous with stellar M dwarfs (M-type main sequence stars), yielding a maximum temperature of 3,900 K and 0.6 M☉. One includes all stellar M-type main-sequence and all K-type main-sequence stars (K dwarf), yielding a maximum temperature of 5,200 K and 0.8 M☉. Some definitions include any stellar M dwarf and part of the K dwarf classification. Other definitions are also in use. Many of the coolest, lowest mass M dwarfs are expected to be brown dwarfs, not true stars, and so those would be excluded from any definition of red dwarf."(red dwarf)
B) K type or orange dwarf
"A K-type main-sequence star, also referred to as a K-type dwarf or an orange dwarf, is a main-sequence (hydrogen-burning) star of spectral type K and luminosity class V. These stars are intermediate in size between red M-type main-sequence stars ("red dwarfs") and yellow/white G-type main-sequence stars. They have masses between 0.6 and 0.9 times the mass of the Sun and surface temperatures between 3,900 and 5,300 K.[1]"(K type main sequence star)
C) Yellow dwarf
"A G-type main-sequence star (Spectral type: G-V), also often, and imprecisely called a yellow dwarf, or G star, is a main-sequence star (luminosity class V) of spectral type G. Such a star has about 0.9 to 1.1 solar masses and an effective temperature between about 5,300 and 6,000 K. Like other main-sequence stars, a G-type main-sequence star is converting the element hydrogen to helium in its core by means of nuclear fusion, but can also fuse helium when hydrogen runs out. The Sun, the star in the center of the Solar System to which the Earth is gravitationally bound, is an example of a G-type main-sequence star (G2V type)."(G type main sequence star)
D) Giant stars
"A giant star is a star with substantially larger radius and luminosity than a main-sequence (or dwarf) star of the same surface temperature.[1] They lie above the main sequence (luminosity class V in the Yerkes spectral classification) on the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram and correspond to luminosity classes II and III.[2] The terms giant and dwarf were coined for stars of quite different luminosity despite similar temperature or spectral type by Ejnar Hertzsprung about 1905.[3]
Giant stars have radii up to a few hundred times the Sun and luminosities between 10 and a few thousand times that of the Sun. Stars still more luminous than giants are referred to as supergiants and hypergiants.
A hot, luminous main-sequence star may also be referred to as a giant, but any main-sequence star is properly called a dwarf no matter how large and luminous it is.[4]"(giant star)
2) Supergiant stars
"Supergiants are among the most massive and most luminous stars. Supergiant stars occupy the top region of the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram with absolute visual magnitudes between about −3 and −8. The temperature range of supergiant stars spans from about 3,400 K to over 20,000 K.
Supergiants have masses from 8 to 12 times the Sun (M☉) upwards, and luminosities from about 1,000 to over a million times the Sun (L☉). They vary greatly in radius, usually from 30 to 500, or even in excess of 1,000 solar radii (R☉). They are massive enough to begin helium-core burning gently before the core becomes degenerate, without a flash and without the strong dredge-ups that lower-mass stars experience. They go on to successively ignite heavier elements, usually all the way to iron. Also because of their high masses, they are destined to explode as supernovae.
Supergiants are rare and short-lived stars, but their high luminosity means that there are many naked-eye examples, including some of the brightest stars in the sky. Rigel, the brightest star in the constellation Orion is a typical blue-white supergiant; Deneb is the brightest star in Cygnus, a white supergiant; Delta Cephei is the famous prototype Cepheid variable, a yellow supergiant; and Betelgeuse, Antares and UY Scuti are red supergiants. μ Cephei is one of the reddest stars visible to the naked eye and one of the largest in the galaxy. Rho Cassiopeiae, a variable, yellow hypergiant, is one of the most luminous naked-eye stars."(Supergiants wiki)
UY Scuti
"UY Scuti (BD-12°5055) is an extreme red hypergiant[3] or red supergiant star in the constellation Scutum. It is considered one of the largest known stars by radius and is also a pulsating variable star, with a maximum brightness of magnitude 8.29 and a minimum of magnitude 10.56. It has an estimated radius of 1,708 solar radii (1.188×109 kilometres; 7.94 astronomical units), thus a volume nearly 5 billion times that of the Sun. It is approximately 2.9 kiloparsecs (9,500 light-years) from Earth. If placed at the center of the Solar System, its photosphere would at least engulf the orbit of Jupiter."(wiki UY Scuti)
Stephenson 2-18
The largest star known currently is possibly Stephenson 2-18.
"Stephenson 2-18 (abbreviated to St2-18), also known as Stephenson 2 DFK 1 or RSGC2-18, is an enigmatic[8] red supergiant (RSG) or possible extreme red hypergiant[2] (RHG) star in the constellation of Scutum. It lies near the open cluster Stephenson 2, which is located about 5.8 kiloparsecs (19,000 light-years) away from Earth in the Scutum–Centaurus Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, and is assumed to be one of a group of stars at a similar distance, although some sources consider it to be an unrelated or foreground red supergiant.[5][6] It is among the largest known stars, one of the most luminous red supergiants, and one of the most luminous stars in the Milky Way.
Stephenson 2-18 has an estimated radius of around 2,150 solar radii (1.50×109 kilometres; 10.0 astronomical units), which would correspond to a volume nearly 10 billion times that of the Sun. Taking this estimate as correct, it would take nearly 9 hours to travel around its surface at the speed of light, compared to 14.5 seconds for the Sun.[9] If placed at the center of Earth's Solar System, its photosphere would engulf the orbit of Saturn."(Stephenson 2-18 wiki)
There is a wiki link with list of stars larger than the sun in mass and size.
Also there is the title of the Kurzgezagt YouTube video that i put in the links that shows how large these stars are from red dwarfs to Supergiants.
Power of Beerus
1).Beerus's planet's Star
To destroy planets, the mortals use mountain level ki attacks to cause a chain reaction leading to a plantary explosion. As i said in a past post, as the planet mass increases then so does the mantle and thus the magma mass so it takes more and more ki to cause a chain reaction enough to start a chain reaction. The rocky planets that they can blow up in Frieza saga are Super Earths between 1× and 1.5× Earth mass. By end of Cell saga they can most likely destroy 2× Earth mass planets. By end of Buu saga they can probably destroy 2.5× Earth mass planets. So by the time of RF they can most likely destroy between 3× - 4× Earth mass planets. These planets are nothing in mass compared to Jupiter and the gas giants. Jupiter is also basically insignificant compared to a star mass.
The Nebula that Beerus planet is in has a star somewhere that Beerus planet orbits. The Nebula that Beerus planet resides in is yellow. That means the gas in the Nebula is better at scattering yellow light and absorbing other colors.
Stars start out with a mass 75× Jupiter so they are enormous in mass.
In RF arc, Whis says Beerus had destroyed their planets sun. Four months before the RF arc, Whis says the gods PL are basically a castle and Goku and Vegeta PL were tiny trees. Whis means the gods of destruction since they are the closest to mortals in power.
This is after Vegeta became stronger than SS3 Goku during his 6 months training with Whis. Goku and Vegeta are still insignificant compared to Beerus. We dont know Beerus full power.
In the series, we see the mortals use a chain reaction with ki to destroy huge celestial objects. Depending on how powerful the gods are they would do something similar to stars.
Beerus uses ki so he its possible that he uses his ki attacks to destroy stars by a chain reaction with the star plasma. The amount of ki needed to cause a chain reaction in a star is not known but it has to be much more powerful than to cause a chain reaction in a rocky planet mantle.
To destroy planets, the mortal use mountain level ki attacks to cause a chain reaction leading to a plantary explosion. Mountains have millions of times less mass than a planet. So as an educated guess, the ki yield needed to destroy a star would be millions of times less than its mass as well. Since stars are so huge then the ki yield would have to be at least the GBE of Earth moon or a small rocky planet to cause a chain reaction in a 75× Jupiter mass star. The largest inner part of a star, depending on the star mass and size is the Radative zone which makes up about 45% of a star radius depending on the mass of the star. This would mean the ki would have to cause a chain reaction in this part to eventually cause the sun to explode. Other sources say it makes up 25% to 70% of a star radius. • "Core - The center of the sun, comprising 25 percent of its radius.
• Radiative zone - The section immediately surrounding the core, comprising 45 percent of its radius.
• Convective zone - The outermost ring of the sun, comprising the 30 percent of its radius." (Howstuffworks)
1) Beerus destroying stars with chain reaction
If Beerus planet orbits a yellow star thats about the same size as our sun then Beerus ki yield would have to be the GBE of a mid level rocky planet or higher to be able to start a chain reaction to destroy our sun. If Beerus planet orbits an even larger sun then he could have ki yields with the GBE of gas giants and even large stars. Im just making guesses but to destroy Stars needs alot more ki than we have seen the mortals produce. This means Beerus is powerful and thats why the mortals are scared of him.
"The solar mass is about 333000 times the mass of Earth (MEarth), or 1047 times the mass of Jupiter (MJ)."(wiki solar mass)
2) Beerus Star level ki yields
As stated before, Beerus full power is not known. So this means that Beerus could have the ki yields of the GBE of our sun and massive Supergiants as well. Also they most likely dont use their full power to destroy stars if they have ki attacks with GBE of stars. They would just use a fraction of their power to cause a chain reaction in the star to cause it to explode.
Beerus did train with Whis for millions of years as well so all this is possible and likely. This is why the mortals are so afraid of him and the mortals pale in comparison to Beerus or any other God of Destruction that may be able to destroy Stars like Beerus with ki attacks.
1) Stars
2)Star types/sizes
Kurzgezagt YouTube video:
Title of Video: The Largest Star in the Universe - Size Comparison
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2023.02.02 10:41 Red_Zone_Broly Putting PHY Super Vegito's EZA in context

EZA PHY SV has an APT of approximately 6.43m and 2.3m per counter [Huge thanks to u/unbeatendawn137 for this]. So here are some numbers to put this into context:
As a bonus, EZA AGL SSJ2 Gohan has an APT of 45.9m; which means Vegito needs 17 counters to match him.
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2023.02.02 10:11 Business-Reward-4067 Drop your ideas for future standby skills!

Some of mine:
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2023.02.02 10:07 ParmaProscuitto Gogeta vs Vegito was lame

I needed to say this because sometimes I feel bad for liking Dragonball, and think fellow fans make really... god-awful arguments sometimes.
Death Battle is a crossover show!
No it isn't, it's a "debate show", the first season alone had four (two) "same series matchups"
This show is vastly different from its first season. Using this logic if things done in the first season are ok then we should be fine with a lot of their lesser arguments/early design problems despite the show clearly evolving away from its original format.
Its true that there's no official "same series fights are banned" rule. I also like Red vs Blue and Carolina vs Meta, and I disliked how people on a forum I was on turned their noses up at that but were fine with The Boys Battle Royale.
Its a boring matchup why do it
Because it's a 27 year long rivalry that has existed as long as either characters creation
...which means its still a boring matchup for anyone that doesn't consider it a 27 year long rivalry. I'm well aware of the question of who would win. Budokai and Budokai Tenkaichi have portrayed this fight. Online forums have done this fight. The answer was not in question long before Gogeta had access to Super Saiyan Blue.
THiS ePisoDE brINGs noTHiNg for nOn DRagoN bAll FAnS
Yeah except great animation potential, great banter potential, great ability showcase, great power clash, great fighting style clash
Vegito's cocky and arrogant personality can clash pretty easily with Gogeta's more serious and honorable personality. Gogeta is far more likely to take the fight seriously while Vegito would be taking it more laxed
Yeah it brought one thing - animation potential. And, again, it wasn't anything special compared to Harley Quinn vs Jinx, Po vs Iron Fist, Goku vs Superman 2, or Sauron vs Lich King. Those fights had something unique in them. Gogeta vs Vegito looked like a higher budget version of basically every 3D animated Dragonball fight made in the past 27 years.
There was no banter outside of the first 20 seconds.
The ability showcase was, again, everything we have seen in a Dragonball fight for decades. The only interesting bit was Vegito stealing Gogeta's hand movement from Super Broly. There were no moments I went "OMG THAT WAS COOL." That is a big thing in a Dragonball fight.
I kind of liked them fighting on Snake Way but it didn't last long, and it didn't make a lot of sense they went there and then to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The fight's location was extremely lazy and dependent on nostalgia.
Vegito and Gogeta's personalities didn't clash. They barely spoke. Gogeta pulled a prank on Vegito like everybody expected him to do because it's legit the only memorable thing he did in his movie besides his finishing move. Whoopy fucking doo.
thEY'rE tHE SAme chaRAcTer
They have clearly different personalities
Gogeta is a combination of Goku's honor and Vegeta's aggression
Vegito is a combination of Goku's humor and Vegeta's arrogance
Both have different fighting styles
Gogeta is stoic and strategic, he doesn't taunt his opponents excessively and more focuses on destroying them as quickly as possible. He is terrifyingly efficient, focusing on overwhelming the opponent before they can recover.
Vegito is a bit of a sadist, he enjoys toying with his enemies to make them drop their guard or taunt them into attacking predictably, he likes to play with his food humiliating them to show his complete dominance
And that showed up in the fight... when?
I know we all thought this could happen before the fight came out. But I'd be really curious to hear how any of this actually showed up in the fight.
Gogeta and Vegito are functionally the same character with minor aesthetic and tactical differences. None of this actually mattered or got reflected in the fight animation itself.
Both have different iconic techniques
That barely showed up and laughably did zero damage.
Seriously neither fusion was hurt until the very end. The Stardust Breaker didn't do anything to Vegito. Vegito brought nothing visually stimulating to the battle except for the Spirit Sword and the Banshee Blast. Do you know how many times I've seen "Goku's attack plus Vegeta's attack in the past 6 years since Fighterz and Super Broly came out?"
Twice. And it made this iteration all the less exciting.
They aren't just Goku+Vegeta, they are their own personality and character, this is explicitly pointed out even in their first fucking appearance
Did not. Matter. In the slightest. Did not. Make the fight. Any better.
This episode acts as an amazing finale for the Dragon Ball fans, and a great episode for the casuals
While this opinion was there before the episode actually came out, I'll take a guess as a Dragonball fan that it was not an amazing finale and wasn't that great of an episode.
Broly vs Hulk (which I disliked) and Goku vs Superman 1 and 2 (which look like garbage compared to their newer animations) and even Thor vs Vegeta (which was spritework and not my favorite fight) were all vastly better.
I'm all for Death Battle to experiment (hey a fight with equal stats) but I don't think this one delivered.
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2023.02.02 10:01 Aggravating-Cookie11 OC SSJ Goku Manga

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2023.02.02 09:27 ParmaProscuitto Vegito Attacks The DC Universe

Win Conditions
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2023.02.02 09:01 thadarkorange gohan with raised eyebrows look significantly better than gokus

gohan with raised eyebrows look significantly better than gokus
bear with me as i play on switch so the graphics doesnt look the best, but man gohan looks so unbelievably better than goku that i wont be surprised if he gets updated, they even made his eyes raise like how they do in dragon ball fighterz
i used the \"IDK\" emote to raise his eyebrows incase people want to make their own comparisons
gokus eye kind of... cuts out leaving the shape of his eyes looking awkward
ssj goku with his eyebrows raised, if you compare it to fortnites version it looks very very weird
ssj goku with his eyebrows raised all the way up (both pictures are from dragon ball fighterz)
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2023.02.02 08:46 SeaworthinessSame392 Original Matchups Collection Tournament Round 0.5: Match 5 - XenoGenerator vs Black_Pen_bp

u/XenoGenerator and u/Black_Pen_bp

XenoGenerator's matchups:

Jean vs Parasoul (Genshin Impact vs Skullgirls)
Newt Scamander vs Zak Saturday (Harry Potter vs The Secret Saturdays)
Kentaro Nagi vs Anubis Cruger (Xenoblade vs Power Rangers)
Yang Xiao Long vs Mai Kawakami (RWBY vs Myriad Colors Phantom World)
Souji Mitsuka vs Guy Hamdon (Gonna be Twin-Tails!! vs SheZow)
Izuku Midoriya vs Joey Felt (My Hero Academia vs Atomic Puppet)
Avatar Wan vs Grand Master Dashi (Avatar vs Xiaolin Showdown)
Bronya Zaychik vs Rex Salazar (Honkai Impact 3rd vs Generator Rex)
Kobayashi-san vs Umiko Ahagon (Kobayashi-san Chi no Dragon Maid vs New Game!!)
Yumeko Jabami vs Sora & Shiro (Kakegurui vs No Game No Life)
Ron Stoppable vs Chiro (Kim Possible vs Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GO!)
Abyss Twin vs Zeref Dragneel (Genshin Impact vs Fairy Tail)
Xiangling vs Min Min (Genshin Impact vs ARMS)
Collei vs Marie (Genshin Impact vs Skulgirls)
Elysia vs Superman (Honkai Impact 3rd vs DC Comics)
Qiqi vs Master Mummy (Genshin Impact vs ARMS)
Seele Vollerei vs Moon Knight (Honkai Impact 3rd vs Marvel Comics)
Platinum the Trinity vs Delta (BlazBlue vs Honkai Impact 3rd)
Pop☆Step vs Ribbon Girl (My Hero Academia vs ARMS)
Siegfried Kaslana vs Minato Namikaze (Honkai Impact 3rd vs Naruto)
Tyrea vs Nebula (Xenoblade vs Marvel Comics)
Fu Hua vs Devola & Popola (Honkai Impact 3rd vs NieR)
Abyss Twin vs Salem (Genshin Impact vs RWBY)

Black_Pen_bp's matchups:

David VS Kaneda (Cyberpunk VS Akira)
XDiVE X VS Xeno Goku (Mega Man XDiVE VS Dragon Ball Heroes)
Demigra VS XDiVE Sigma (Dragon Ball Heroes VS Mega Man XDiVE)
ViA VS Xeno Trunks (Mega Man XDiVE VS Dragon Ball Heroes)
Yuji VS Yin (Jujutsu Kaisen VS Mobile Legends)
XDiVE Zero VS Archie Shadow (Mega Man XDiVE VS Archie Sonic)
Alucard VS Andy (Hellsing VS Undead Unluck)
Sephiroth VS Lumine (Final Fantasy VS Mega Man)
Saiya Man X1 VS Invincible (Dragonball VS Invincible)
Osamu VS Velma (Ghost Buster Osamu VS Scooby Doo)

Don't forget to vote in today's other polls:
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2023.02.02 07:38 CodmasterBlazeit Could my pc be in danger?

I was watching Skinamarink on, and near the beginning, when the line “Are you hiding?” was said in the movie, my computer went to the blue error screen on windows with the frowning computer face, and then restarted. I thought it could be part of the movie or something the movie does for effect, but then my computer actually restarted, and now I think something might happen to my computer, even though it’s shown no sign of anything wrong. Also, is actually a legit, safe site that’s related to
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2023.02.02 07:15 MainCharacter150 Goku's "It's not love, it's fury" line in the TOP

This might be an unpopular opinion since I've seen a fair share of people express their love for the line in the dub, but I just thought that Goku's line during his fight against Universe 2 in the TOP where he says that he prefers a different approach to power, and it's not love, but fury (in the English dub) was pretty out of character compared to the original Japanese, where he says that it's not love, it's guts.
Sure, it's a cool line in the dub, but not something I'd imagine Goku would say, ever. It's essentially like him saying that he prefers getting stronger by getting angry. Who the heck likes to get angry? Sure, his most iconic moment in the series (turning SSJ) was him getting a power up because of fury. But no one ever said he liked feeling like that. I could probably imagine other characters saying that line, but I think the 'guts' line in the sub fits his character much better. What do you guys think?
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2023.02.02 06:32 Yellow_Sky Buying in Alt Foil/Foil Limited

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2023.02.02 06:05 WaffelMaker100 The History of Trunks and Bardock Father of Goku Blue Ray vs Steelbook DVD

Alright I need some help at finding the best one of these two I should buy. Think someone could give a pros and cons list of the two. Thanks!
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2023.02.02 00:13 Quirky-Wino First 4 comments I will do tier lists for

First 4 comments I will do tier lists for
Be quick.
And no characters I've already done tier lists for. Winter solider (marvel)
Mystique (marvel)
Kilmonger (Marvel)
Gray fox (Metal gear solid)
Big the cat (Sonic the hedgehog)
HUSK (Resdient Evil)
Superman (DC)
Pit (Kid Icarus).
Rexy (Jurassic Park)
Invincible (...)
Inferno Cop (...)
David Martinez (Cyberpunk edgerunners)
Wario (Mario)
Shotaro Kaneda (Akira)
The Chosen (Smosh)
Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter)
Stegron (Marvel)
Moon knight (Marvel)
Fleetway Super Sonic (Fleetway comics)
Lilith (Borderlands)
Sepiroth (Final Fantasy)
Dio (JoJo's bizarre adventure)
Xeno Goku (Dragon Ball Heroes)
Specter Knight (Shovel Knight)
BoJack Horseman (...)
Nero Claudius (Fate)
All Might (My Hero Academia)
Asriel Dreemurr (Undertale)
Indiana Jones (...)
Lou Bloom (Nightcrawler)
Aris (Blue Archive)
Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's bizarre adventure)
Glados (Portal)
Stolas (Helluva Boss)
SpongeBob SquarePants (...)
Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
Condiment King (DC)
Luigi (Mario)
Salem (RWBY)
Dimentio (Paper Mario)
Ultron Sigma (Marvel v Capcom Infinite)
Scorpius Rex (Jurassic Park)
Mechagodzilla (Godzilla)
Ladybug (Miraculous)
Shazam (DC)
Tamamo-no-Mae (Fate)
The Hulk (Marvel)
Yuno (Black Clover)
Simon Belmont (CastleVania)
Amber (Genshin Impact)
Rayquaza (Pokémon)
Dormannu (Marvel)
Wonder woman (DC)
King Andrias (Amphibia)
Waluigi (Mario)
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2023.02.01 23:22 KamchatkasRevenge Out of Cruel Space Side Story: Of Dog, Volpir, and Man - Ch 153

Jerry swings his body through a few of the more simple kata, slowly warming himself up for a work out as Masha and Yuuko talk. His focus was somewhat dampened by a sharp pain in his hand, but he was trying to force his way past it. It would be important to be able to summon warfire even with battle damage after all. His working idea was to feed the pain into the flames and make them burn even hotter if possible. Not a reliable way to enhance warfire, but it might be a good way to dump a little nitrous in the mix in an emergency. Still, the bruising damn hurt.
"Husband, are you well? Oh! Good heavens!"
Suddenly his hand is yanked downwards as Yuuko's ever so soft hands wrap around his. Jerry considers pulling through and finishing the movement, but relents and opens his eyes.
"Was I that obvious?"
Yuuko nods. "You were grimacing. What in the world happened to your hand, Dannae-sama? The bruising is significant! You might have even broken a bone!"
"Nah I know what a broken bone feels like, I'm just a little roughed up, that's all."
Masha leans in. "That's more than a little damn roughed up. Did you fail on your reinforcement in a sparring match with someone or- Oh."
Masha smacks the side of her head, just forward of her horn.
"Of course. Yuuko, I know what happened. What significant thing for the family happened last night?"
Yuuko strokes her chin, trying to remember, tails curling behind her before swishing up as she snaps her fingers.
"Oh! Ghorza gave birth last night. Oh. Oh my. Ghorza did that to you?"
Jerry grins sheepishly.
"Kinda what I get for not reinforcing more for the first of the seriously physically strong brides. When Ghorza's stressed she pumps axiom almost naturally, and she was violently redirecting that strengthening to anywhere that wasn't... y'know. Possibly dangerous for the twins. One of the Docs explained that in those particularly strong species axiom reinforcement will flow from the mother via the umbilical cord, itself a natural stress reaction apparently, so if they're full on primally moving axiom around, the same instinct that crushed my hand will keep the infants in good shape. Which they were for the record. Perfect, healthy, ravenously hungry and seriously strong little girls. One Horchka, Ghalza, and one Human, Lagertha."
"Hah. I bet, considering the father and the mother. Makes me look forward to greeting our own little monsters when the time comes for the clutch to hatch. How strong are we talking though, darling?"
"Not quite as strong as their Momma yet, thank the gods. Or I'd have some bruised fingers on the left hand to match their mother's damage to my right, but the little beasts already have a grip fit to hold a damn sword. They're gonna be twin terrors in a couple of years, mark my words. Both of them can survive Cruel Space most likely to boot. Ghalza has a kidney and a significantly more robust liver, and should be able to enjoy tamer human cuisine. Lagertha has all the signs of being an outright amazon when she grows up, and should keep up with her twin without any issues at all."
Yuuko claps softly. "Oh how wonderful darling." Her hand drops down to stroke her still trim stomach. "Makes me wonder what my twins will be like. You know what I mean, Masha."
"Mhmm. I think some of it's the hormones, but playing with the various babies too. Even helping out with the less glamorous duties, it does things to a woman. And those less glamorous duties are piling up, especially with Firi nearly incapacitated with how close she is... honestly they should probably induce considering everything. Or perhaps consider a c-section."
Jerry shrugs. "She's set on delivering naturally, and only when the kits are ready. It's her pregnancy, she's the boss barring a medical emergency, and she's found a firm ally in Dr. McCoy in that regard. Bones had some surprisingly nasty things to say about doctors who are so ready and willing to induce or perform a c-section without medical cause. Even in the wider galaxy where that operation is accomplished via teleport and is even safer... the natural way is best. In the end though I'm here to go to bat for you girls unless I think you're not thinking straight. Firi's desires being inconvenient isn't her not thinking straight, it's just inconvenient."
"Perfectly said, dannae-sama. Say... what do their names mean? Ghorza's daughters. They almost sound like similar languages, but one of them is human isn't it?"
Yuuko's tails wrap around Jerry, embracing him with her plush fur. She was still early in her pregnancy, but the hormones had seemed to make her far less sexually charged compared to some of the other girls, but significantly more touchy feely. Yuuko liked to cuddle normally but it was hard to pry her off now. Not that Jerry was inclined to. Mofu cuddles were the best cuddles.
"Ghalza is Horchakasha, or a rather a galactic trade pronunciation of a name in Horchakasha. She was a heroine of near legendary renown from Ghorza's family a loooong time ago, before her clan fell from grace. Lagertha was a Viking warrior woman, a shield maiden. The Vikings, or more properly the Norse, were a human warrior culture from the Northern part of my homeworld. I have heritage in that land that's as direct as it can get, and still practice their religion as a matter of fact. Mixed with the occasional ritual from my Sioux relatives."
Yuuko nods. "Oh yes, we've discussed your faith! I need to get back to reading some of the books you suggested. There's some fascinating comparisons between Japanese Shintoism and Norse Paganism. Something of a universal trend for human animist faiths which is certainly a paper in a few journals waiting to happen!"
"Ever the academic darling. Now I hate to be a bore but weren't we training?"
Masha shakes her head, setting her long red pony tail shaking.
"Uh uh. You can't train like that. Here. Hold still. I'll kiss it and make it feel better."
Masha steps in and takes Jerry's hand into hers, bringing it to her lips which start to shine with axiom, on contact warmth suffused Jerry's hand, like being bathed in flame or immersed in a warm bath. When she lets his hand fall from her lips, it's feeling significantly better.
"Little healing trick I picked up when I was still training with the idea of claiming a crown as a girl."
"With a flirty twist of course." Jerry chuckles, shifting his grip to kiss the back of Masha's hand.
"Of course. Normally you just need a touch." Masha smiles before spinning on a heel. "But I'll be damned if I let you get away with that when it's just family training. Alright. So let's get to it! Yuuko's been hard at work while you were causing trouble and marrying a new wife."
Yuuko nods, managing her breathing and calling forth red warfire, which swirls around her like a snake before it's color changes to a vibrant bright blue.
"Just a color change as opposed to proper blue warfire, I've yet to even get a blue tinge on my red flames."
"Red flames are impressive for a non-Apuk, you should be proud, Yuuko."
"Oh I am Masha, I've worked hard for this after all. Honestly red warfire's probably enough, I can fight with it if needed, but illusions and other axiom use are still my specialty. Plus I can always just shoot them. I've been attentive to my weekly marksmanship drills too. Honestly I wish we'd thought to build a pistol range into the Den. I'd shoot even more."
Jerry nods slowly, appreciating the flames and considering the idea of more convenient pistol training.
"Nicely done Yuuko, and maybe next renovation we can add one in. I've been wanting to get more small ranges out among the various hab blocks. I have a meeting with Commander Grey tomorrow, I'll make sure to get him thinking in that direction."
Jerry steps into position and takes a fighting stance.
"I wasn't entirely idle while I was on Awauynis."
Masha nods. "I hear you managed to kill a rather massive monster with warfire."
"Blue warfire to be specific, managed to just lightly roast part of it for a taste test too."
"Hah! That sounds about right. Was it that lovely meat that was sent up the other day?"
"Exactly right. Syl's evaluating it for adding to our premium line of meat. It's a rare delicacy when it's hunted, and it's almost unknown off Awauynis because of that."
"I think we'll make some decent money off that." Masha nods, stepping down range and taking a fighting stance. "Now show me that fire! Hit me with your best shot!"
Jerry takes a fighting stance and pulls his hands into the hidden mudra, taking a slow, steady breath before moving to the seal of the ring of the sun. He'd tried all sorts of things on returning to the Tear. He'd try to use seals and all manner of silliness, just to see where axiom would interact with not just the martial arts, but quasi martial arts nerdery besides.
In the end however, kuji-kiri on their own were enough.
The old ways were enough.
Unlike for many of the nerds.
It was likely a failure on his part in a sense. A lack of imagination or being slightly too grounded. Dragonball was helpful in that regard. Because, the show preached training to unimaginable levels of skill. Saiyans started out extra tough and strong, but will, discipline and training were the seats of human and alien power alike. So the Zanzōken, the After Image Fist, was possible. Even Goku, Dragonball Jesus, had to train to use it. So if that was possible, than instant transmission was of course possible with enough effort.
So many concepts, studied until they were old friends. So much philosophy, history behind the art. Its weight could be imposing to some, but for Jerry it was a solid foundation, as solid as the Rocky Mountains his ancestors had hunted, fought and thrived in.
Jerry gathers that now familiar warm energy, drawing from within and without, mixing them in his gut, firm in his foundation... and breathes.
The rush of blue flames leap across the training room Macha had made as warfire proof as was possible and engulfs the Apuk warrior who laughs with glee as the flames roar and snap around her, as much a concern to Masha as a rush of water would be to a skilled swimmer.
"Hot damn! Solid blue! I think there might even be some tinges of green there! The princess you're set to fight sure as shit won't expect this!"
"Let's hope so, I want to make a good showing of myself."
Masha grins, a toothy smile that makes both Jerry and Yuuko think of a dragon that the Apuk were said to resemble.
"Nah. I don't think we should shoot for a draw anymore. I think I'm going to train you till you beat that crown off her dainty little head and feed the damn thing to her."
"...Feeling a little aggressive today Masha?"
"Mhmm. Maybe. Hormones. Letter from my goddess damned aunt, but frankly... I just want to show off to the whole damn planet. Eymali got her chance, so it's only fair I get a turn, and nothing will show off to the Apuk quite like you winning your bout, shellcracker tournament be damned!"
Jerry chuckles, running his fingers through his hair.
"This keeps up and I will end up getting a new wife out of this. Or several. Especially if Jaruna's got some sort of warrior tradition for me to participate in for Cannidor space."
Yuuko clucks her tongue. "I doubt she'd actually do that if such a ceremony does exist, Dannae-sama. As she frequently says, you only need one Cannidor wife and the rest of the species can 'go fuck themselves with a chainsaw driven dildo.' What a chainsaw driven dildo is exactly, I'm not sure, but it seems pretty definitive as a statement."
"Fair. Anything like that I need to worry about for the Volpir?"
Yuuko shakes her head. "No, we're not an Apex species, and we're not prone to showing off in the same ways. Though if we raise your profile too much who knows who might come slinking around. Be it slinking sneakily or proudly... like if some Pavorus decides she wants in."
"Guess we'll just have to make sure you girls train hard so you can put any would-be fiancées in their place."
Masha roars with a boisterous laugh.
"Sounds like a plan to me! Come on Yuuko! You're next! Let's see that flame!"
First Last
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2023.02.01 18:38 YourFbiGuy005 Re-release Broly Movie Goku

So I heard that SROE and Broly movie Goku will be getting a re-release later this year and I am thinking of picking up the blue Goku figure.
Will the re-release have fixes with the QC this figure had or will it just be the same 2.0 Goku body figure with no fixes whatsoever?
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2023.02.01 18:03 Pockieee [US-CA] [H]Ulquiorra, Hashirama Tobirama, Anbu Itachi, Ramen Naruto Boxlunch, Jiraiya on Toad, Naruto on Gamakichi Mount Lady, SE Kakashi Ramen Box, Luffy with thousand sunny, mha, Eri, , Tsuyu NYCC shared, Twice, Glow Deku w/ Eri Funko Exclusive, Avatar, Spiderman Animated, sonic sdcc [W] Paypal

us only, thanks for looking!
The stuff. (picture is update everytime I make a new post )
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Ulquiorra shared exclusive winter convention $25
Luffy with thousand sunny shared winter convention $125 shipped (from what i see flag is not broken. However, it has been known that it can break during shipping. I will do my best to secure/wrap it as much as possible but there is always the risk/chance that the flag pole will break. so fair warning!!)
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