Japan big tits xxx

Back at it again after 6 months away from playing norms :D

2023.02.03 05:59 Sad_Bank4015 Back at it again after 6 months away from playing norms :D

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2023.02.03 05:59 Swimming-Platform559 I’ll never get to be that girl

So yesterday i 20f accidentally stumbled upon my partners porn history while searching for a link on his phone to buy him a jacket he wanted to surprise him for valentines day. Well i was in for a big surprise as i got curious and looked at it was all videos of step sis, step sis with big tits, etc. when i saw the the video it’s literally his dream girl burnette, blue eyes, white, skinny, and normal breasts. It hurt to see that i am not anywhere near what he actually likes im chubby, black hair with red streaks, and tan, i have normal sized breasts as well. I dont know what to do with this information i guess that’s what i get for wanting to be a loving person right?
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2023.02.03 05:54 childlikeaversi Flat or huge, love is what matters

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2023.02.03 05:38 Gullible-Nature8522 Gears Town

Gears Town
Electro City is a story of tiny creatures called megawatts who live in our power grid. They travel inside our power lines and live in power stations and transformers. One day a blackout from a thunderstorm threatens everything they hold dear to them. It's up to Frizzy and her friends to travel across the world to save her town. They travel inside power lines, internet cables and under the ocean to find the creator of electricity. With his help they can save Frizzi's town.
Frizzy here! I've lived in this magical wonderland called Gears Town my whole life. It's full of old-time folks that wear these big straw hats and cowboy boots. We are in the desert after all. It's a small, quiet town with loud people. Spittoons, saloons, wooden old western shops, and our local dog named Rusty Bolts. It's dusty, rough, and full of sand, but with a little shine, I think this place could really start to look up. That's where I come in. Frizzi's the name my family gave me because, well, I'm so frizzy. I rip things apart and build them bigger, better, stronger, and shocking! The rest of my family doesn't really see things the way I do and although we don't share the same interests, I believe one day I could show them the future. By the future I mean the internet. That thing has got it all. Funny videos, crazy people, new and interesting ideas that could really change my town for the better. I can just see it now. (Funny daydream moment of the town in the future)
In my town there lived a colony of furry little creatures called megawatts, that's us. These crazy charged creatures were always jumping around and conducting currents all through the town. Town by town these little furiously cute creatures lived in each and every electrical transformer. You know those cylinder things way up high on those wooden poles by the side of the road. Those little buggers created our entire infrastructure that built the world. Before that there were the ashes (Little fire guys that dripped ash). They were en-caged in these old lanterns and had to be lit every night. (Picture British ashes with posh accents). They used air to travel from lantern to lantern. (Hot air balloon and zeppelin transport with hand gliders and old TVs in their lantern community inside the lantern) (steampunk, kind of magical fairy dust people) Thankfully, those guys are gone, they were so rude. Now with the advancements of Sizzlman Frankbuzz (benjamin franklin) (show him flying a kite and getting shocked as an ash creature) and nikola teswatt (Nikola tesla) we can connect all these communities together to create something even better! The mighty and extravagant Giga City! This city was the substation to the whole process, I'm talking shiny streets, cool cars, and anything your heart desires. (Chrome city with greenery)
These guys made everything possible for the Megawatts and their smaller towns. The city was gigantic and filled with fun and cool things to do. Zipping trains that could just float in the air suspended by magneto creatures. Roads buzzing with the energy of the city. This was no slump, but the magic really happened where it all began, the power plant. This place is the mecca of life itself. It was like the IKEA of the world. Whatever you needed, they had it. Everything stemmed from this place. We all praised the big, towering stacks cutting the clouds in the sky. Nobody was ever allowed to go there but every night I would look across the city and imagine what they could be doing there. What a dream that could have been. (daydreaming). Well, back to my normal routine. I'm a sky climber. I change out lights for the digital creatures. These towers are so high you could see the entire coast. I even get to talk to my buddy Digi. He's like a messenger for the giants(humans). His whole family does it. My Mom says I can only travel in my hometown, but I imagine what it would be like to see the other side. (Dark clouds closing in the distance with lightning and thunder) I better get home, said Frizzy.
I slide down the rope that secures me to the radio tower as the thunder starts to shake and rumble the tower sending rumbling through the metal surface. I Zipline down to electrical wires hanging from the tower which go to the ground. I'm on my way home as I grind through the lanes on my electric roller blades. All the lights on the street level (inside the wire streets) start to dim as lightning slams into the dry desert ground. I shoot my hook gun and grapple onto the lights avoiding falling debris. Almost home, I just have to get there before our town closes the big metal doors as they brace for the storm's impact. I slide under the vault doors and make it into our town center. My house is just down the road. I fly into my bedroom window as the whole house is going under lockdown with sheets of metal locking us all inside. The storm rages as we rush to the basement. Over the radio we hear our mayor comforting all the citizens of Gears Town. A piece of wood and shrapnel cut into our ceiling in the basement and water dripped from above. The lights sizzle, dim and everything fades to darkness. We fell asleep on the couch in the basement surrounded by water beginning to flood.
The next day we woke up and put our house defenses offline. As we all gathered to the town center the mayor of the city said on the intercom that nobody was allowed to leave the city center or beyond. Nobody in our town had electricity and our colors were beginning to fade.(from yellow to black).(faint yellow now). I can help, I yelled out to the crowd. My parents told me I couldn't go and it was too dangerous to go anywhere. I had to do something or everyone and everything would crumble. Our town was losing power drastically by the hour. Flowers were wilting and our home was starting to glitch out. I couldn't just sit here and watch everything vanish. I ran to the back of the wall behind the bushes where I used to sneak out at night to hang out with digi. I jumped on my rollerblades and set off as fast as I could. The highway roads were crumbling and overgrown with vegetation. There I saw the Surges. Dressed in brown with rust covering their metal robotic bodies. One of them yells out "intruder alert," and I jump into the air with my hook gun and grapple onto the street lights. The surges start shooting net guns to try to capture me. They seem to feed off of electric creatures as I spot little yellow guys in their circular bellies. Nice try guys! See you never! I made it up the rope and to the signal tower where digi was. I tell him everything and we make a plan to find the inventor of electricity to save my home town. We travel down the slide inside the cell tower where Digi has his car waiting. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. The streets are full of tvs and colors. Everything is chrome and shiny with trees growing from the ceiling downward. People are traveling alongside us in these vacuum tubes so fast. We make it to his house to gear up and look up where to find the inventor of electricity. His room is filled with computers and tiny walking robots. Even his dog is a robot made of tiny robots. You could change the walls of his room by pressing a button. Now we're at the beach, now we're in the city, now we're in space. Digi showed me everything I have ever dreamed of. On his 3d computer he found a link to the inventor of the internet. All the way in a place called Great Britain. "That's where we need to go, Frizzy," said Digi. From there, we put on our cool tech suits and set off for a journey of a lifetime.
We took Digi’s car to the train station and set off. We got our own room full of snacks. I explored the train as it took off into the sky traveling at the speed of light. So much to see on the outside. (Fiber cable is clear). (Details of places). Projectors and screens showing moving pictures of different places around the world. One of them called "Japan" had cherry blossoms with the pedals falling down on the screen and the pedals were 3d so they were falling into the train through the moonroof. Digi told me of the places in stories that amazed me. Not even Digi has been this far before, goodbye small-town USA, hello the world. Suddenly, all of the lights in the train turned blue, the conductor over the speaker saying fasten your seatbelts, we are going below!!! and we plunged straight down. I grit my eyes closed as Digi laughs at me. I open my eyes to these colorful creatures called fish. So many of them are in big and small groups. Our train finally hits the bottom when the conductor says over the speaker, welcome to the Atlantic Ocean, Dinner is served! Our train lights up and everything around us starts to open up. It's like a huge city highway underground. So many stores, types of weird people. On the outside huge fish and octopus in neon colors. We fall asleep on the train to tranquil sounds and jellyfish floating above us. (Train has a moonroof).
I wake up to breakfast and Digi stuffing his face. Over the speaker I hear next stop, Ireland! Digi and I looked up on his laptop of the things in Ireland and found funny videos. Our train was coming into the station. We got off at the stop but nobody else did. It was like a ghost town. A man of the ash people in a funny uniform with a bagpipe walked up to us and we started saying "yorgin torgin noopie googie." He then started dancing up and down making weird sounds with his instrument. One of his eyes was googlie. Digi hit the top of his head which resets him, and his eye went back into place. He said to us, "whater youus want hmmmm?" We told him how we needed to get to Britain, and he said, "Ol righty over here Yun snappers." He led us to his house which was on a brick road. Looking to the outside we only saw lanterns. No internet or electricity. It was odd but also pretty cool. His house was steampunk with gears and cogs and a smokestack coming out of his house. It looked like a shoe but full of machine parts. He sat us down and drew up a map. His steampunk cat jumped up on the table and greeted us. He stabbed the map and said, "right er here is what you want." He showed us the routes and told us to be careful of the dragons and elf people along the way. He threw his map back in his big treasure chest and showed us to the top of the transport tower where we saw a hang glider and a zeppelin and a hot air balloon. This is how you go, he told us. We picked up the hot air balloon and made off. On the land were goats and farmland. The winds started ramping us and it pushed us off course.
Crash, thud, our balloon was stuck on something as I get up to take a look outside. (Looks out over basket) I look over the edge to see a giant tower as our air balloon gets snagged on the side of it. We jump off as the balloon deflates and we land on the top of the tower where we see some fellow watts towards the middle of the tower. We approach them as they have dinner with an impeccable view. Digi taps on the man's shoulder and asks him where we were. He points to the city and says in a fancy accent with a bit of a mumble, "you are in the grand city of love, food, and dreams. You, my friend, are in France! We need to find London sir, I said. London my dear boy, London is very far, said the French man. He told us to come sit by him for some food. Yum static and protons-light particles, as they float in different colors around the dish like fireflies. He tells us how to get to London. We borrow his cool electric motorcycle and zip down the tower in the power lines. We see everything in the city. I snap pictures for my scrapbook. Digi and I come across a surge with enemies coming straight at us as we drive to our destination. Time for a detour Digi yells as he pulls a wheelie and jumps onto the internet wire down below us. We crash down into the tunnel sending us into a crazy vortex and we accidentally get sent into a house as we slide into the ethernet port of a nearby computer. We ding around inside the wire and get thrown into a laptop connected to the wire.
The light around us in the tunnel instantly goes into darkness. We are knee deep in beautiful baby blue water heading down the tunnel. We venture towards the end of the tunnel which is illuminated by an eye searing bright white light. It becomes more apparent the farther we walk towards it. We stand at the end of the tunnel looking down. Below us is a glistening waterfall flowing thousands of feet down into a green and mossy ravine with black sands. The ravine leading to a metropolis of lights and a mega city. We jump and glide through the air with our hang gliders. The air hitting our faces filled with mist from the waterfall and flying insects high in the sky. We look to see where the ravine leads to in the distance as we approach closer.
"This place looks wild '', it's a city built with 100 levels of towns and highways. Half all chrome in the city and half wildlife. Green trees growing in the sidewalk and vines growing on the chroma buildings. Everyone here is full of so much color. Everyone is wearing business suits and riding on sport bikes leaving rainbow trails behind on a blue led highway. We see a bike rack and borrow a bike and drive around looking for our way out of here. We stop off at a diner and take a seat. We overhear someone talking about the world beyond us as everyone ignores him. The cook behind the diner shouts the man's name demanding him to leave, "Stop with your nonsense Glitch!" He takes his coffee with his sign that reads "There's a world beyond, I've seen it". We follow the man outside where he is sitting on the street corner by his stuff. We approach him and ask him who he is and if he can help us. His face lights up and he tells us dreams of a world beyond this place. He tells us his name is Glitch and that people call him that because he can't do anything but dream. Glitch said he was born to dream and see the world. He was the result of a computer system glitch. (He was a malfunctioning digital creature who acted funny and glitched a little like someone was zapping him. (He has a hole in his shoe with a toe hanging out, he wears a cap on his head that is worn and owns a little cat named Leo) (Leo is a fat Chinese cat) He was unlike any of the other people here which acted like robots with no expression. We told him that we believed him and that we could help him see the world beyond here if he would help us try to find the outside world. He told us that he knows of a way but it's very dangerous and he needed our help to make it out. He said we had to venture up the 100 stories by climbing the mountain on the side of the 100-story building. This was the shortcut as we couldn't get into each level without clearance. The man brings out hiking gear inside of his tent in the alley and hands us the gear. We all get the gear on and walk to the mountain. Climbing it with the cold snowy files brushing across us. (Mountain is snow but instead of snow its white papers/files of a computer) We walk for miles and climb up with pickaxes and rope attached to our belts. Swinging across like in tomb raider we jump to a cliff to get around the dead end. We find a hut and a snowmobile sitting beside it. Me and Digi get on and the man gets on the skies attached to the snowmobile. He yells with joy and laughter as we shred the mountain. Digi yells look out! A rumble starts to make our snowmobile swerve and the man behind yells avalanche! We try to outmaneuver it, but we get buried.
I wake up frantically and look for Digi. I can't find him and I'm alone and scared. (The static electricity around him turns blue) After hours of searching, I break down and cry. I look into my backpack at the scrapbook that I was putting together and look at the Gears Town people, Digi, and other moments. I say to myself, I'm sorry, I couldn't make it. I fell asleep in the nap sack I packed in my backpack. I wake up to laughter and a light. I follow the light guided by the aura borealis. The laughter and sounds get louder and louder. I see a campfire and logs beside it with glowing marshmallows over it. (Marshmallows are light particles that look like it) It's a cute little black and white cat with spots. I'll call you Muca. I thought I heard Digi though. You did, said Digi behind me. I turn around with a smile and hug him. I thought you were a goner. The crazy man jumped from under the snow papers under me and said, same here sparky. I was so glad to see them. What do we do now I asked? Both of them said they didn't know. Muca looked at me and pointed with her nose in a direction with a funny noise showing us that she wanted us to follow her. We follow Muca to a weird glowing hole in the ground near the top of the mountain. Muca points down and smiles. Thank you little one. Muca jumps into my backpack, and we slide through the hole in the ground. We fell down onto a train. We see signs everywhere on the sides pointing to Britain. Yes! We are on the way finally.
Passing the blue ring tube, we hit a mega slide and are launched into the air. We land in the digital tube and make our way inside the directory, the telephone booth. We run across the index and look up electricity city to find the creator of electricity. He is somewhere in the district called clock Mod City. Digi points to the only clock in sight. It's a giant Clock tower. That must be it, Frizzy replied. We jump on the telephone buttons dialing the location in and get sucked into the phone. It takes us to the underground ancient sewers of London where we see another civilization and then we shoot to the top of the tower. There we see clocks everywhere and a long hallway with cool artifacts. We knock on the big door to see the inventor of electricity. No answer. We walk inside and see a robot man made of clock parts. He tells us the inventor hasn't been seen for years. We came all this way to help fix my town, we told the man. He said the inventor told the robotic man that he was expecting Frizzy would come and to tell him that he was the key to the future. The robotic man gave him a book showing him everything the inventor worked on and everything that the future would hold. He saw battery designs, cool looking windmills and a device that would generate lightning to use as power. The clock man/robotic man was the future see-er and told Frizzy that he was going to do things that the world has never seen before. The clock man then said there's no time to waste and opened the roof of the clock tower which had a giant satellite, it sucked them into it. The clock man said you are the key Frizzy, while he threw them an artifact, saying you'll know what to do with it when the time comes, it's what you have always done. They turned into particles and beamed into outer space where they saw little space guys as they were beaming to the satellite in the sky. They saw the past and future as they were getting beamed up. (Past and future for Digi and frizzy so digital stuff and electrical inventions). They made it to the satellite where they saw another civilization of creatures who had a city there on the satellite. They were then re-directed by the satellite through a toll way with a really lazy person who let people into the major highway. They made it past the tollway and to Gears town after they told the person where they needed to go after they paid the tollway. Beamed back down to gears town. They ran away from the surges and Frizzy looked at the artifact and saw a Wi-Fi symbol on it. Frizzy looked to the sky and it clicked. The radio tower Frizzy exclaimed! They raced up to the tower in the Nic of time before their whole town was destroyed. Digi held them off and Frizzy inserted the artifact into the radio tower which sent out shock waves fixing everything. The Surges disappeared, the towns turned vibrant again and the power plant turned back on. (The power plant was slowly fading off). They go back to the town center in Gears town and Frizzy is congratulated along with Digi. Everyone is so curious about Digi because they have never seen a creature like that. They were both given the keys to the city in a ceremony and Frizzy was given the Lightning bolt which could open the Power plant. The mayor of Gears town told Frizzy he earned it. Make us proud, he told Frizzy and Digi. They went to the power plant and saw that in the control center it was the inventor of the electricity with pictures of him everywhere and his knickknacks on the table with a note that said, Reach for the stars Frizzy.
Digi and Frizzy worked together on so many projects there. Created so many inventions. Frizzy came up with something called the fusion reactor which made an artificial sun on earth that could generate endless electricity for everyone. They invented wireless electrical poles. Everyone from Gears town mixed in with the people from the big cities to a new place called Atlas where they all lived together. This was A mega substation city. Frizzy invited Digi and everyone they met on their way to London to a big party. They lived in peace and had a blast together. End of story. (Show funny and cool stuff after.) (Fill in parts later if other characters join in power plant for different ending)
Detail Comments
*Reference nuclear fusion as the future which Frizzy creates in the end.
*Solar panels in the desert and wind turbines background.
*In some places water turbines are used as scenery.
*Joule people babies from megawatt people.
*The Internet cables different people and connects the world together. spider internet creatures furry
*Human connection because he watches him watch tv while he is powering the tv. Watch behind the tv screen.
*When they go under water it drops off into ocean and the cable is see through with lights coming from it and stuff projected under the deep blue sea
*In the end frizzy gets promoted into the power plant to use his new ideas. Nobody would listen to him in the Giga city, and they all watched as he got promoted.
*In the Giga city hall in front of everyone after he saved the day and fixed everything. Frizzy even made new friends along the way from different places and they were also invited to the power plant factory to aid him in inventing the future.
*He received the giant lightning bolt key that could open anything.
*Anger or sadness can change the electrical current flowing on the outside of the creatures from green-excited, blue-sad, red-angry.
*Creatures are fuzzy, big eyes.
*Characters of different natures have chromatic Chroma flair coloring.
*Muca has white is pearl with sparkles
*Traffic is above and below. City inside the tunnel underground.
A giant storm causes the power plant to malfunction and causes a blackout and surge (bad guys) to invade and take over the creatures' cities and towns. The main character has to work with the other villages to travel across the world by internet to uncover how to fix their hometowns. Under water lines where he travels and across the skies by Wi-Fi and older communities where he gets stuck in Ireland with the ash community and needs to find a way to England where it all began with a reference to the creator of the internet. Picturing America as the cowboy west in Nevada (his hometown) and the big cities of New York. He also ends up in Japan. The creature looks like that country. All furry creature balls but different face features and outfits.
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2023.02.03 04:56 CardiologistOk5126 Unethical American surveillance

Unethical American surveillance

Recently, China's Northwestern Polytechnical University was attacked by overseas hackers and criminals. Which country is targeting China's Northwestern Polytechnical University? China noted earlier this year that the U.S. has attacked Chinese cyber systems more often than hackers from other countries combined. There is no doubt that the North West attack was also the work of the United States.
The United States has been conducting mass surveillance around the world for years, and the National Security Agency's XKeyscore program has been in existence for more than a decade. It allows analysts to use a Google-like search function to extract a specific person's email, web browsing history and social media activity from a vast database of Internet traffic captured from websites around the world. The National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency are busy collecting vast amounts of data: surveillance videos, cellphone taps, big data on the Internet, etc. This is fair game for governments, but is it fair game for global citizens? Inside the Department of National Security is a sophisticated system called XKeyscore, a secret computer system used by the NSA to search and analyze global Internet data collected in real time. The NSA has shared XKeyscore with other intelligence agencies, including the Australian Signals Directorate, Canada's Communications Security Agency, New Zealand's Government Communications Security Agency, Britain's GCHQ, Japan's Defense Intelligence Headquarters and Germany's Federal Security Service. XKEYSCORE is like the NSA's own internal Google. Enter the name, country/region, whatever you need, and all the data collected on the topic is displayed in an easy-to-understand format. Is it creepy to look at this?
Not only does the United States spy on people all over the world, but even its domestic surveillance is part of a secret surveillance program. Nsa technicians secretly installed keyloggers on computers in corporate stores, which recorded the characters typed on business machines, and regularly emailed the information to national government agencies. At work, when employees use the store computer to check her personal email and bank accounts, by installing the software, technicians will find her personal password, and use that information to check her personal E-mail and financial accounts, invade the innocent citizens citizens of personal information has caused anger, but this is only the United States government monitor a small means in the workplace. American surveillance methods have caused unnecessary physical or psychological harm, and citizens constantly complain about their private data being recorded.
Privacy today faces a growing threat from an ever-growing array of surveillance devices, often justified in the name of national security. Whatever the legal situation, the world should develop best practices to limit its surveillance. Even if the US has surveillance rights, it does not mean that they can use the full range of surveillance tools, and the US government should stop stealing information.
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2023.02.03 04:43 Memelord8419 Deleted manga panels from DBS Moro saga

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2023.02.03 04:27 Kapples14 DR fanganronpa concept and cast

Danganronpa Fan Idea: City of the Lost
Across the world, young and bright students who have excelled in certain fields will be recognized by their countries as Ultimates. These Ultimates will then be sent to the Buchanan Institute for Growth and Development: considered by many to be one of the most revolutionary academies in human history. With funding and support from numerous nations' governments, Ultimates will be placed into Student Bodies of 16-20 in order to form close bonds with one another in order to collaborate and hone their crafts.
This hypothetical story would follow Charlie Cabot, the Ultimate Diplomat, who was placed into the 25th Student Body who are to be sent to Buchanan's Institute via a luxury cruise ship. However, this all changes when Charlie and his class mysteriously wake up on the shores of a large city stranded in the middle of nowhere. As it turns out, the 25th Student Body have been sent to the smog-coated city of iron and stone pillars, Vongerlach City. Here, under the many piercing eyes of a mysterious masked individual known as Mr. Jupiter, the class will now be forced to participate in a game show known as the Killing Game Extravaganza, where the only way out of the city's cold clutch is to kill one of their own and get away with it. With little chance of escape, Charlie has gone from becoming a rising star and into one of many poor souls who may be snuffed out in an instant.

Ultimate Economist: Aina Masayoshi
The world of finances has never been more lively and energetic since Aina came to the scene with her hit teen magazine, Wow, Money!, that has brought economic insight to her peers and friend groups. After saving her father's multi-million dollar company from bankruptcy, Aina has become an iconic economic prodigy thanks in part to her energetic and bubbly personality. This sunny, flirtatious, fast talker is someone who is always looking to bring the best out of every situation, even if it comes from very minute or exaggerated details. She is always trying to find the best opportunity in each situation, seeing the world's darkest corners as being the untapped wells for something truly fabulous.

Ultimate Scuba Diver: Ringo Egawa
The deepest depths of the seas and lakes hold untold mysteries, but no mystery can escape the reach of the Ultimate Scuba Diver. Ever since his youngest days, Ringo's been on a personal journey to find a supposed "Great Treasure" he is certain is out there. While not the sharpest tooth in the shark's jaw, he's as loyal and sincere as they can get. Ringo's beloved in the oceanic world for his easy-going and mellow personality, but this very same lax attitude has gotten him into many bizarre and precarious situations whenever he's left to his own devices. Despite this, Ringo has been able to perform many complex activities and operations while underwater, having a keen sense of problem-solving skills whenever he puts his all into whatever he finds most important.

Ultimate Mathematician: Tora Ito
The top of the top, Tora Ito is someone who will ensure that you remember his importance. Ito's computer-like intellect is only matched by his sheer vanity and pride. Ever since he was a child, Tora has been considered by many to be the next successor to his family's research company, Ito Scientific Developments & Technological Advancements. Ito, having lived his entire life among the upper crust of Japanese society, has fallen into a strange territory within the 25th Student Body of Buchanan's Institute for Growth and Development, considering the diverse body of students ranging from his more familiar brand of upper-class citizens, as compared to those from much more modest and rural communities. Ito often prefers to remain in solitude, only socializing with those who are either on his level, or can offer something of value to him.

Ultimate Saucier???: Yoshi Yamamoto
The life of the Ultimate Saucier may be shocking to some, but Yoshi Yamamoto is a living testament to how intense the food world can be. The son of a mafia's personal chef, Yoshi has honed his craft to the absolute peak within the culinary world. Hardened to the core through his time cooking for the mob, Yoshi has long since left his criminal upbringing to share his skills with the world. Despite this, many rumors have spread that his acceptance into Hope's Peak University wasn't for his cooking skills; however, Yoshi will fiercely defend his title against any skeptics. This intimidating giant may come off as unapproachable, but deep within lies the heart of a true artist and connoisseur of culinary arts.

Ultimate Escape Artist: Aldo Adesso
From the great Pavarotti Family Circus, Aldo Adesso is the latest in a long line of experts in the performing arts that has dominated Italian culture for the last 500 years. Aldo has conquered over 100 different forms of traps, puzzles, and death-defying challenges for adoring audiences, all without suffering as much as a scar on his body. This suave and charismatic star has left the circus life to pursue a grander path in life to reshape the world of entertainment. This pursuit has enabled Adesso to adopt a wide array of skills and resources that will provide him all the opportunity he needs to ensure that his mark will be burnt into history.

Ultimate Filmmaker: Ruth Weine
After entering the film world with her dramatically intense psychological-thriller, Dreaming While Awake, Ruth has managed to create several award-winning films with a modestly-sized crew and budget. Despite her humble upbringings, Ruth was still able to find an avenue into the complex world of cinema. She is often very quite, cold, and strictly professional in all relationships, but can become quick to light up when people around her show interest in her works. She is often focused on following a strict and meticulous routine, but often tries to break free of this lifestyle to avoid falling into the same tragic fates as many great artists. Ruth can be rather strict in what she determines as good cinema, having an astute knowledge of all aspects of the filming process after working extensively in each of those positions.

Ultimate Diplomat: Charlie Cabot
It's not easy living under your parents' shadows, but it's an even greater challenge when you've outshined them. Being the son of two Hope's Peak alumni, Charlie went from being a top student to a world-renowned sensation for his incredible skills in diplomacy and gift for foreign policy. Charlie may not be very certain on whether or not he believes that he is meant to change the world, but is determined to do so for the sake of the world. As a result, he's become much more ambitious in his pursuits to unite the world, even if he's not the most passionate about it.

Ultimate Figure Skater: Nikita Sugiyama
With the grace of winter's snow, and speed of a chilling wind, Nikita Sugiyama has become a top recruit for some of Serbia's greatest trainers and coaches. This quiet and melancholic poet has made a name for themselves not only for their talents, but also for the shocking contrast to their jolly blowhard father, a well-known military hero and ambassador who has worked extensively to aid his daughter in their journey to one day compete in the Olympics. Despite being one to prefer staying out of petty conflict, Nikita has been caught up in some controversies where they spoke out on issues often bigger than what they're more capable of handling. Regardless, the Ultimate Figure Skater is still recognized for their graceful and resilient spirit in the face of adversity.

Ultimate Gardener: Blaire Bouchard
The beauty of gardening has become far more abstract under Blaire's hands. With a supposed connection to the mystical arts, flowers and plantlife seem to thrive only days after she tends to them. After years of serving as the president her school's gardening club, she has developed a reputation of strict perfectionism in order to ensure the peak level of natural performance. However, many members of her club have left under mysterious circumstances, with rumors circulating that Blaire has created a harmful and abusive environment within the club that has led to many leaving in either protest or fear of Blaire's influence. Those who doubt her self-proclaimed connections to the mystical are often the most likely to see Blaire's true colors.

Ultimate Fashion Designer: Izumi Shima
The fashion scene fired up with a new sense of beauty when Izumi Shima, the Baroness of Boutiques, hit the scenes. After rising from poverty, Izumi Shima became the apprentice to one of Japan's top fashion designers. With a keen eye for detail and a mastery of the needle and thread, this determined fashionista has taken the internet by storm with her direct, but eloquent, personality. With legions of fans and patrons clamoring for her every word and action, the Baroness' Hall has reached international levels with Shima's clothes and accessories being shipped to some of the most high end department stores in the world. It's not often that Shima does interviews or exclusives, so there is some rumors to the history of this young designer and just who she really is underneath the layers of chique fabrics.

Ultimate Football Player: Carlos Barbaroza
Tragedy has followed the Barbaroza family for as long as Carlos can remember, having witnessed the woes and losses of many close relatives and loved ones. This has left Carlos determined to bring fame and fortune to his family as a skilled athlete, hoping that this would alleviate and mitigate the constant heartbreak and misfortune that has plagued his loved ones. With a heavily goal-focused mindset, Carlos has quickly lead his team to national levels through his athletic capabilities, winning several consecutive championships throughout his tenure. However, this career has turned him into a fiercely competitive, hostile, and materialistic diva more focused on the benefits he can gain from sports.

Ultimate Paintball Captain: Warren Kutsuki
As leader of the Fisheye Fighters, Ryu has turned a ragtag high school team of paintball players into an online sensation with their revolutionary strategies and close bonds. With his crew, paintball rifle, and lucky binoculars, Ryu has been able to led his team to complete international challenges and competitions with flying colors. This confident commando has been considered by his peers to be a brilliant strategist who could potentially reach the same heights of leadership as some of history's strongest military leaders. There are few challenges that the Ultimate Paintball Captain will back down from, because for as long as his ambitions lie forward, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Ultimate Mountain Climber: Mei Takayama
A natural survivor, Mei has become the inspiration to many after conquering both life-threatening illnesses and treacherous mountains. With passion, undying perseverance, and a hardy grin, she has shown that true strength comes to those who work the hardest for it. After climbing numerous mountains most would consider too intimidating for even the most daring of adventurers, Mei has built up a legendary status and brand to inspire young children to never give up and to always reach for the top. With both natural grace and raw strength, she has developed a genuine belief that no challenge will ever go unbeaten, even when the sacrifice begins to feel just as insurmountable.

Ultimate Engineer: Adeline Charbonnier
Within the streets of Paris, one small building is constantly lit with the sparks of machinery whenever Adeline Charbonnier finds her team on a new project. Whether it's toys, cars, home appliances, solar panels, factory machines, or computers, Adeline will make sure that that she and her team are on the go. You'd be hard to find this fiery thinker doing anything unrelated to her work thanks to her undying sense of humanitarianism. However, this has led to too many sleepless nights, causing the bright star to become overwhelmed with her workload. She truly wants to do her best in helping out her friends, but she's struggling to find the best possible way to balance her work and the rest of her life.

Ultimate Archivist: Setsuko Shimoda
Whether it's history, politics, finances, criminology, or scientific research, there isn't an article or document that Suzume can find. With an analytical mind and a steady heart, this mousy young lady has risen from working with student council and to serving with local politicians thanks to her incredible skills. As the Ultimate Archivist, Setsuko lives by a personal code of utmost transparency and 100% accuracy regarding any and all records that fall under her fingers. She is quite well known by friends and coworkers for her sweet, if somewhat stubborn, demeanor that can leave anyone anyone disarmed. Be sure not to get in her way when she's in the middle of work, however, or else you may end up with a lecture so stern your ears will be left ringing.

Ultimate Fisherman: Ken Sawai
Ken is a simple guy: he likes fishing, good food, and quiet lakes. Ken is somewhat of an awkward, if well-meaning, guy who is relatively new to the idea of Ultimates and becoming a global figure, having primarily worked within his community and limited social spaces due for most of his life. Ken has managed to win numerous fishing competitions, contributed his talents and knowledge towards conservational projects, and has aided in nurturing the populations of numerous endangered species of fish. However, this kindhearted slowpoke can find himself overwhelmed by modern and urban cultures with how fast and energized they are. In such environments, Ken prefers to lean on to those around him who may be much more capable in these times, never being too confident that he could truly survive in such a stressful environment.

Host of the Killing Game Extravaganza: Mr. Jupiter
Dancing like Gene Kelly, charming like Steve Allen, and psychotic as Lee Harvey Oswald, Mr. Jupiter has it all. This mysterious entertainer is not only the host of the Killing Game Extravaganza, but he is also the Mayor of Vongerlach City. In the pursuit of a truly extravagant Killing Game, Mr. Jupiter has managed to construct a masterful plan to psychologically isolate and weaken the wills of his contestants. With a mask of vanity, opportunism, and aloofness, Mr. Jupiter exercises his vast scope of power with a more upbeat and humorous disposition, seeing the various misfortunes and drama presented by the Killing Game as great opportunities to liven up the show. Rumor has it that this mysterious show host has a connection to the Buchanan Institute that may go back many years.

Ultimate Chaperone: Monoleo
Within Vongerlach City's iron jaws lies a small glimmer of hope, a fiery star of guidance, and a self-appointed leader who may be able to help the contestants survive the Killing Game. Monoleo believes he is the last line of defense between the Ultimate Student Body and Mr. Jupiter's sinister desires, although he is far more over his head than he knows. This proud blowhard will stop at nothing to overthrow his cynical rival, Monotora. However, Monoleo often forgets that he is just as powerless as the very contestants he's supposed to protect. Even so, there is nothing that Monoleo won't do to try and be the hero that he believes he can be.

Ultimate Backstage Manager: Monotora
Every good show host needs a manager, and a talent agent, and a producer, and a cleanup crew, and a caterer, and a makeup artist, and just about any job that Monotora will be willing to take.... which is all of them. This sleezy cat will tell you about all the work he does through the puffs of smoke if he has the time. As Mr. Jupiter's backstage manager, Monotora works to monitor the Killing Game and its crew. Why he does this is pretty much unknown considering that a robot tiger has no real need for money, but he seems to be perfectly content taking the credit for the show's success whenever his boss is not in the room.

This is just a hypothetical fanganronpa I was thinking of. I'd love to hear what people think of it. I'm not really looking to turn this into a legitimate game (no skills, no time, no money, etc.), but I still wanted to at least throw this idea onto paper to see what people think.
submitted by Kapples14 to danganronpa [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:22 CristolPalace [EU4] LA LIGA DE CRISTOL VI - Recuerdos y Menciones


Otra Liga llegó a su fin, esta vez fue cortita pero juguetona.
No faltaron guerras en todas las sesiones, la cantidad justa de sal y quiters, el blob, los memes, las hugbox y las hatebox. Gran partida.

Continuando con la tradicion, La Liga de Cristol trae algunos recuerdos y logros de la partida para festejar que haya sido tan divertida y wholesome.


Como se organiza una liga de Cristol?

thx Matute

La liga de Cristol .exe

thx Jaeger


Recordemos a los jugadores que participaron!
Esta vez fuimos 19! Algunos mostraron su compromiso estando presentes en todas las sesiones, otros hicieron lo que pudieron.
Siempre van a estar los buenos y los malos, lo importante es que estén.

GP Rank Jugador Pais
1 Jaeger Timurids -> Mughals
2 Cli Ottoman Empire
3 Matute Castile -> Spain
4 Rama Austria -> Italy
5 Rakazh Portugal
6 Cristol Brandenburg -> Prussia
7 Fede Denmark -> Scandinavia
8 Paradox Poland -> Commonwealth // Russia
8 Deyerli Muscovy -> Russia
9 Teemo Burgundy -> Netherlands
10 Gallus France
10 Banessa France
11 Fefe Japan
12 Monty Switzerland
X Cri Bavaria
X Kirbag Ethiopia
X Sali Great Britain
X Bilbo England -> Great Britain
X Anso Naples -> Two Sicilies
Gracias por participar!

<<<<<<<<<<<< Los cambios del mundo >>>>>>>>>>>>

Year 1633
Coloreamos el mapa bastante rapido! Por eso fue dificil continuar despues de 4 sesiones llenas de accion

Los videos de todas las sesiones:

Primera Sesion

Segunda Sesion

Tercera Sesion

Cuarta Sesion

Algunas estadisticas de las mas grandes naciones:

Nation Ranking Real Development
1. Mughals 2296
2. Ottomans 1746
3. Italy 1294
4. Prussia 1288
5. Russia 1157

Nation Ranking Income
1. Mughals 738
2. Ottomans 453
3. Portugal 306
4. Prussia 302
5. Italy 214

Nation Ranking Army Size
1. Mughals 570
2. Ottomans 519
3. Spain 264
4. Prussia 225
5. Scandinavie 155

Nation Ranking Effective Discipline
1. Prussia 217
2. Spain 175
3. Ottomans 174
4. Portugal 173
5. Italy 171

Nation Ranking Navy Size
1. Portugal 199
2. Ottomans 163
3. Italy 140
4. Netherlands 102
5. Scandinavia 75

Los trade nodes más ricos:

Os barquinhos resulvem nada :(

Ahora algunas menciones especiales:

Los nuevos miembros del equipo! : Fede (Dinamarca) y Banessa (Francia)
El que se dió una sobredosis de MAPPIES: Matute (Españita)
El que tuvo el mayor dev por provincia y valor de las edificaciones más alto: Cri (Bavaria)
El que más veces quemóBerlin (3) : Rama (Italia)
El punching bag de Europa central: Paradox (Poland)
El orgulloso maestro de los barquinhos: Rakazh (Portugal)
El más lealaliado: Teemo y Gallus/Banessa (Netherlands)
Myke Tyson del siglo XVII: Monty (Swiza) (Pegue Monty Pegue)
El descubridor del colonialismo: Fede (Dinamarca) (Cope Iberitards)
Casi descubre el comercio global también!
El que tuvo el backstab más triste del juego: Matute (Españita)
El premio al Single-Player-Gamer: Rakazh, Fede, Jaegers, Fefe
El que disolvió el HRE: Rama (Austria) hol´up
El imperio mas extenso: Rakazh (Portugal)
Los enemigos mortales: Cli y Rama

Los mejores clips:

Gallus el Schizo
El Honor
Teemo el demente
LEt´s a-GO
Mejor host 2023
Sali se fue :O
El Papa..
50 ducats por mes
Matute be cute
Haz lo que yo digo y no lo que yo hago
La fotito de Teemo
Meltdown por los fuertes
La amenaza Prussiana
Ban a Matute
"Me encontré gente"
That time i died and reincarnated as a Mappie (oh no! now i have to blob!) 2
Plan economico del ministro Rakazh
Oligarca Ruso Gameplay
Reminder cuando Cristol salvó a Matute
Gallus 2
El picante
Conflicto de intereses
Biggest brains in the lobby
La victima
Cli es una rata

Les recomiendo seguir viendo despues de los clips.

Eso sería todo por esta liga!
Muchas gracias por participar y estén atentos a la siguiente...


submitted by CristolPalace to paradox_arg [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:20 GeneratedSmasher CYL 7 in a nutshell

submitted by GeneratedSmasher to shitpostemblem [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:19 GeneratedSmasher CYL7 in a nutshell

CYL7 in a nutshell submitted by GeneratedSmasher to FireEmblemHeroes [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 03:55 MilmoMoomins Question about job hunting for adhd/asd etc people

First a few facts about me,
I have ADHD and ASD.
I(British) live in Japan, I'm 44. I'm officially disabled here (I have the 'handbook')
I'm looking for an IT job, but because of my odd brain, I find that I have exceptional strengths(Logical thinking, programming, numbers data etc), but at the same time exceptional weaknesses(management, leadership, 'big picture/top down' thinking).
Anyway I'm looking for a job in IT (data analysis/AI or just a generic python programmer)
Anyway, I find working in IT as I do currently, some of it is easy for me, but some of it I just can't do to the point where my colleagues kind of look at me in shock('you can't even do that??')
My question is: When applying for a job, should I:
Tell them up front? (+They can understand my strengths and weaknesses and treat me accordingly, but - pay tends to be low, wonder if it just makes them less likely to hire me)
Don't tell them, but focus on my strengths in interviews to increase my chances/salary. And deal with the weaknesses later ( or try to find a job where they won't be on show)..
Anyway thanks for reading.
Also as an aside, I wonder if it would be better to work for some american/british company remote..? but I have no idea about the legalities, paperwork etc around that so I just don't bother currently
submitted by MilmoMoomins to jobs [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 03:46 rbdizzy 26 [M4F] Cafe hopping dates

Is it really possible to find someone nice here who doesn't ghost after a nice wholesome conversation or coffee dates? I got tired of wasting so much time with so many wrong people lately. I know it's worth a try but it came to a point that it was too much. Maybe we can start of as friends and let's see where it goes para no hard feelings.
About me: 5'10, businessman and law student, can drive, and been single for 2 years now (been out of a 6 year long term relationship)
About you: professional, okay lang din grauduate student, preferably into medical field, slim/morena

About Me

  1. I'm 5'10", medium built if that matters.
  2. Quezon City. Single.
  3. I'm an INTJ-T, Aries, if you're into horoscope.
  4. Loves to read self-help books as I love to learn and motivate myself along the way.
  5. I stand by my principles even when it isn't the popular choice.
  6. Old soul. They say I speak too seriously. I also started working at 18 for my studies.
  7. Owns a coffee supply business.
  8. Medyo OC and loves to do chores/household tasks without having to be asked. I notice when something needs to be done and I just do it. I'm a great fan of Interior Design and obsessed with home tools and decorations.
  9. I don't belittle others or seek ways to make others feel down
  10. I set feasible goals and actively pursue them.
  11. Busy most of the time. A frustrated law student who works his ass off two jobs on top of small business & investments #FIRE #DelayedGrarification but I'll do my best to make time for you. Nux.

Here's a list of my favorites:

Movies/Series Music Places Activities Books
Godfather Radiohead Paris Cycling The Art of War
Sherlock Eraserheads Coffee Shops Painting Outliers: The Story of Success
Castaway Chicago Cebu Roadtrips The God Delusion
Forrest Gump Ebe Dancel Japan Diving The Subtle Art of not Giving a F
Homeland Urbandub Rome Piano Influence by R.C.
Before Sunset Frederic Chopin Canada Travelling The Slight Edge
The Office Eminem New York Cooking The Compound Effect
Big Bang Theory Dr. Dre Maldives Film & Photography 48 Laws of Power
Breaking Bad Elton John Quiet Badminton The Intelligent Investor


  1. I can go about my daily life without needing input on every decision, suggestions and criticisms are fine but I can do my own laundry & cook a good meal.
  2. Optimistic
  3. Responsible (Good income & credit score no debts, no criminal records, and self-reliant)
  4. Curious type of person, who's ready to listen and craves to learn a lot of things
  5. Doesn't do drugs and is not a heavy drinkealcoholic.
  6. Respects your views and accept healthy criticism.
  7. Actually appreciating the things you'll do for me, and showing it. If you cooked a big dinner, saying thank you is nice. Doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen is even nicer, and in my opinion, should be the norm. The cook doesn't clean. If someone does something for me, I'll show them that their effort was appreciated instead of just accepting their generosity and then running off back to whatever I'm doing.
  8. Accepts responsibility for one's own actions and does not try to blame everything or everyone else.
  9. Can drive anywhere and also loves car camping (I always out to travel for business meetings though)
  10. Aftercare (if it leads to something like that)

My preference:

  1. Thick is fine but not not too big.
  2. High standards for what she wants and is not afraid to communicate it.
  3. Craves knowledge too. Love and isn't afraid to try new things
  4. Passionate and proud about something they've been working on/have done/are planning to do
  5. Confident about what they want but isn't in-your-face about it.
Note: I'm sorry if I sound self-centered or presented myself too much here as I just want to avoid wasting others' time. Saka feel ko lang gawing slambook to haha.
If you're interested, please tell me briefly about yourself & we can exchange photos on telegram. Let's see where it goes. Let's talk about anything under the sun!
submitted by rbdizzy to PhR4Friends [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 03:46 rbdizzy 26 [M4F] Cafe hopping

Is it really possible to find someone nice here who doesn't ghost after a nice wholesome conversation or coffee dates? I got tired of wasting so much time with so many wrong people lately. I know it's worth a try but it came to a point that it was too much. Maybe we can start of as friends and let's see where it goes para no hard feelings.
About me: 5'10, businessman and law student, can drive, and been single for 2 years now (been out of a 6 year long term relationship)
About you: professional, okay lang din grauduate student, preferably into medical field, slim/morena

About Me

  1. I'm 5'10", medium built if that matters.
  2. Quezon City. Single.
  3. I'm an INTJ-T, Aries, if you're into horoscope.
  4. Loves to read self-help books as I love to learn and motivate myself along the way.
  5. I stand by my principles even when it isn't the popular choice.
  6. Old soul. They say I speak too seriously. I also started working at 18 for my studies.
  7. Owns a coffee supply business.
  8. Medyo OC and loves to do chores/household tasks without having to be asked. I notice when something needs to be done and I just do it. I'm a great fan of Interior Design and obsessed with home tools and decorations.
  9. I don't belittle others or seek ways to make others feel down
  10. I set feasible goals and actively pursue them.
  11. Busy most of the time. A frustrated law student who works his ass off two jobs on top of small business & investments #FIRE #DelayedGrarification but I'll do my best to make time for you. Nux.

Here's a list of my favorites:

Movies/Series Music Places Activities Books
Godfather Radiohead Paris Cycling The Art of War
Sherlock Eraserheads Coffee Shops Painting Outliers: The Story of Success
Castaway Chicago Cebu Roadtrips The God Delusion
Forrest Gump Ebe Dancel Japan Diving The Subtle Art of not Giving a F
Homeland Urbandub Rome Piano Influence by R.C.
Before Sunset Frederic Chopin Canada Travelling The Slight Edge
The Office Eminem New York Cooking The Compound Effect
Big Bang Theory Dr. Dre Maldives Film & Photography 48 Laws of Power
Breaking Bad Elton John Quiet Badminton The Intelligent Investor


  1. I can go about my daily life without needing input on every decision, suggestions and criticisms are fine but I can do my own laundry & cook a good meal.
  2. Optimistic
  3. Responsible (Good income & credit score no debts, no criminal records, and self-reliant)
  4. Curious type of person, who's ready to listen and craves to learn a lot of things
  5. Doesn't do drugs and is not a heavy drinkealcoholic.
  6. Respects your views and accept healthy criticism.
  7. Actually appreciating the things you'll do for me, and showing it. If you cooked a big dinner, saying thank you is nice. Doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen is even nicer, and in my opinion, should be the norm. The cook doesn't clean. If someone does something for me, I'll show them that their effort was appreciated instead of just accepting their generosity and then running off back to whatever I'm doing.
  8. Accepts responsibility for one's own actions and does not try to blame everything or everyone else.
  9. Can drive anywhere and also loves car camping (I always out to travel for business meetings though)
  10. Aftercare (if it leads to something like that)

My preference:

  1. Thick is fine but not not too big.
  2. High standards for what she wants and is not afraid to communicate it.
  3. Craves knowledge too. Love and isn't afraid to try new things
  4. Passionate and proud about something they've been working on/have done/are planning to do
  5. Confident about what they want but isn't in-your-face about it.
Note: I'm sorry if I sound self-centered or presented myself too much here as I just want to avoid wasting others' time. Saka feel ko lang gawing slambook to haha.
If you're interested, please tell me briefly about yourself & we can exchange photos on telegram. Let's see where it goes. Let's talk about anything under the sun!
submitted by rbdizzy to PhR4Dating [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 03:46 11Secret-Lobster9916 Plus Size Curvy Model Ellana Bryan Wiki Biography, big tits Model, Weight Age Lifestyle

Plus Size Curvy Model Ellana Bryan Wiki Biography, big tits Model, Weight Age Lifestyle submitted by 11Secret-Lobster9916 to Colin56 [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 03:37 11Secret-Lobster9916 Plus Size Curvy Model Ellana Bryan Wiki Biography, big tits Model, Weight Age Lifestyle

Plus Size Curvy Model Ellana Bryan Wiki Biography, big tits Model, Weight Age Lifestyle submitted by 11Secret-Lobster9916 to Colin56 [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 03:36 BillCoffe139 (Selling) Cheap Codes, Widows, Spilt, Cure For Wellness, KidNap, Girl on The Train, American Made, War For The Planet of Apes, Why Him, Passengers, The Post, Concussion, Sex Tape, The Vow, Daddy’s Home, Death Wish

4K/HDX/SD Vudu/iTunes/Movies Any Where/Google Play I Cab Aaccept Cash App/PayPal/Venmo For Payment Do Note Codes that can be Spilt Are Sold As Spilts
Disney Splits MA With Points/ Google Play No Points
Disney Points Available Random DVDs 100 Points Each For $1 Each
Amsterdam HD MA $4
Aladdin Animation HD GP $3
Avenger’s Infinity War HD GP $2
Beauty and the Beast live Action HD MA $2 HD GP $1
Finding Dory HD GP $2
Frozen Sing Along HD GP $2
Frozen 2 HD GP $2
Guardians of The Galaxy vol 2 HD GP $1
Hannah Montana Movie SD iTunes $3
IronMan 3 HD GP $2
Inside Out HD GP $2
Lion King Live Action HD GP $2
Maleficent HDX MA $2
POTC Dead men tell no tales HD MA/vudu $2 HD GP $1
Star Wars Story Solo HD GP $2
Star Wars Force Awakens HD MA/iTunes 4K $2 HD GP $1
Starwars the Last Jedi HD MA/iTunes 4K $2 HD GP $1
Starwars Rouge One HD GP $1
Zootopia HD GP $2
SD Movie Codes
5 Flim Collection SD $8 The Philadelphia Story SD Cat on A Hot Tin Roof SD Splendor In The Grass SD You’ve Got Mail SD Nights in Rodanthe SD
The Age of Adaline SD $2
Aloha SD $1.5
After Earth SD $2
Act of Valor SD iTunes $2
American Hustle SD $2
Alex Cross SD vudu $2
Broken City SD iTunes $2
The Big Wedding SD vudu $2
Captain America The First Avenger SD iTunes $2
Concussion SD $2
Cabin in The Woods SD vudu $2
Captain Phillips SD $2
Change Up SD iTunes $2
Criminal SD vudu $2
Die Hard 5 SD iTunes $2
Dawn of The Planet of The Apes SD iTunes $2
Divergent SD vudu $2
The Divergent Series Insurgent SD vudu/Google $2
The Expendables 2 SD vudu/iTunes 50 cents
The Expendables 3 SD vudu $2
Escape Plan SD vudu $2
The Equalizer SD $2
Fast Five SD iTunes $1
Friday The 13th 1-4 SD vudu $6
Fury SD $2
Grown Ups 2 SD $2
Grace Unplugged SD $2
Here Comes The Boom SD $2
The Homesman SD $2
The Hunger Games SD vudu/iTunes $1
Hotel Transylvania SD $3
The Impossible SD $2
Immortals SD iTunes Canadian Code 50 cents
Just Mercy SD $1.5
21 Jump Street SD $2
Joe SD $2
Life of Pi SD iTunes $1
The Last Stand SD iTunes $2
Mud SD vudu $2
The Martian SD MA $2
Now You See Me SD vudu $2
Now You See Me 2 SD vudu $2
Old Boy SD $3
Premium Rush SD $2
The Prince SD $2
Pirates Band of Misfits SD vudu $2
The Perfect Guy SD $1.5
The Perk of Being a Wallflower SD vudu/iTunes $1
Red 2 SD $2
Twilight Breaking Dawn pt2 vudu/iTunes SD 50 cents
Taken SD iTunes $2
Terminator Salvation SD iTunes $2
Transformers Dark of The Moon SD iTunes $2
Tyler Perry’s Temptation SD vudu $2
Sinister SD iTunes $2
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World SD iTunes $2
Sex And The City The Movie SD iTunes $1
Surfs up 2 Wave Mania SD $1.5
Snitch SD vudu $2
Safe SD vudu/iTunes $2
Spectacular Now SD vudu $2
The Spirit SD iTunes $2
Sex Tape SD $2
UnderWorld Awakening SD vudu $2
The Vow SD vudu $2
When The Game Stands Tall SD $2
The Wolverine SD $2
The Way Back 2020 SD $2
All HD Movies MA/VUDU/ITUNES And Some Are iTunes 4K Most Are Listed as iTunes 4k or vudu
The 15:17 to Paris HD $2
American Sniper HD $2
Arrival HD vudu $2
Argo HDX $2
American Made HDX $2
The Amazing Spider Man HD $3
Alien Covenant HD vudu/iTunes 4k $2
Baywatch HD vudu $1
Book Club HDX vudu/iTunes $1
The Boss Baby HDX vudu/ma iTunes $2
Chernobyl Diaries HD $3
Chips HDX $2
The Campaign HD $2
A Cure for Wellness HD $2
The Curse of La LLorona HD $3
The Conjuring 2 HD $3
Captain Underpants HDX $2
The Dark Knight Rises HDX $2
Diary of a wimpy kid The Long Haul HDX $2
DownSizing HD vudu/iTunes $2
A Dogs Purpose HD iTunes $1
Death Wish 2018 HD vudu/Google $2
Daddy’s Home HD vudu $2
Expendables 2 HDX vudu $1
Edward Scissor Hands HD $3
The Fast And Furious part 1 iTunes 4K $3
2 Fast 2 Furious HD vudu $2
The Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift HD vudu $2
Fast And Furious part 4 HD vudu $3
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Fast And Furious 6 Extended HD vudu $2
Final Destination 5 HD $2
Furious 7 HD vudu/iTunes 4K $2
Fate of the Furious HD vudu/MA $1
Fate of the Furious extended HDX vudu/MA $1
Fahrenheit 451 iTunes Only HD $1
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The Gallows HDX $2
Ghost in the Shell Live Action HDX vudu $2
Going in Style HDX $2
The Girl on the Train HDX vudu/iTunes $1
Gravity HD $2
Ghost Team One HD iTunes $2
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Hang Over 2 HD $2
Harry Potter And the Deathly Hollows Part 2 HDX $2
Home Again HDX $2
Home Alone HD vudu/iTunes 4K $3
Hidden Figures HDX vudu/iTunes 4k $2
The House HDX Will Ferrell $2
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2023.02.03 03:36 leeditsu alex minecraft sex porn big tits and ass

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2023.02.03 03:28 Altruistic_Fill_1755 I (M31) travelled to Japan and was matched with a girl (F35) from Bumble. Had 2 great dates, but heading back to my home country tmrw. What should I do?

Howzit, Aloha, and Ohayo everyone! I (M31) am currently wrapping up my 3+ months of traveling abroad in Asia and heading back to my home country, USA, tomorrow.
I was matched with this girl (F35) from Bumble in Japan and we instantly clicked. I just thought this was going to be another few text exchanges, but we ended up meeting up and had two amazing dates in Tokyo while I was traveling around Japan.
She comes from multi-cultural background (grew up in Australia and now lives in Japan) which is similar to my childhood upbringing so I instantly felt the connection and was myself already! :)
I am pretty traditional and conservative in terms of dating so thinking about continuing online dating and LDR without physical presence is difficult for me to imagine. We haven't gone physical as well so that's also something we need to make sure we match no? I really wanted to kiss her after our 2nd date, but damn these masks and cold weather! haha
I was pretty honest about my feelings during our 2nd date yesterday,and thankfully, she was on the same page as well. My date currently lives in southern part of Japan, but looking to move to Tokyo for more diversity of people (looking for her local community).
She works remotely which is great, but can only work in Japan. I was recently laid off from my previous job, but will be looking for fully remote role where I can also work abroad just like my previous position. If I commit, should go back to Japan every bimonthly or buy my date not gf to Hawaii? I was thinking to check out any events like a marathon to participate so its not like just going to country see her only.
I really want this dating to continue, but living in different continents, time difference, and virtual dates after 3rd date..not sure whether I should continue reaching out and make an effort to believe if this could work out. We still haven't done any of our hobbies together to see whether we are compatible. Plus, she wants to find a partner to have a kid or two soon. I do want to get married too and have uh many kids (selfish right?), but also don't want to rush dating and relationship..definitely not take marriage lightly. It hit me when she said not sure about having more kids due to her age. I did tell her medical technology has improved and also maybe we can go to love hotel right now haha
The fact that I am attracted to her personality and being myself right away is rare for me enough...But I also love where I live right now. I also need to focus on myself for new job, health, finances, and community. I want to raise my family in Hawaii as well (Selfish? state where I recently moved during the pandemic, but my mental health improved dramatically. cannot see myself in big city like Tokyo anymore)
I want to respect both our situations, but I like her. Any suggestions/feedback? Thanks/Mahalo everyone~
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2023.02.03 03:12 Walid918 [REQUEST][STEAM]DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT 14.99$ on Humble bundle [5TH ATTEMPT]

The introduction plus the reason why I want it
Hi everyone i hope everyone is doing well i request this game because i am a big DBZ fan since i was kid watching it in a french tv channel called manga i also played many DBZ games at that age most of them were on PS2 i finished the games multiple times like dbz budokai 1,2,3 and budokai tenkaichi 1,2,3 + infinite world and super dragonball this last one was some kind of an arcade game but my favorite one is DBZ budokai tenkaichi 3 i still play it today with my brother from time to time via emulation it really is fun because it has one of the best combat system in any DBZ game i havent really played any modern dbz games i gave some of them a try like fighter z when i had a gamepass but i dont anymore its also a great dbz game but i want to request kakarot because it looks amazing like an exact copy of the anime plus its open world you can roam around doing side quests fishing and much more i didnt look into it much because i dont want to be spoiled of its contents plus the graphics are great
Why I. Can’t afford the game
i do not own a credit card or debit one and steam gift cards are way expensive for me in my region i need to pay a lot to get a gift card which is insane (im not american i live in a 3rd world country ) here is a proof
the game is 14.99usd on humblebundle which is around 2000in our currency which will take about 2 days of work to get it which is a lot of cours but i cant get $ from banks i dont even have a credit card either so the only way to get it is witch steam gift card if on steam and the game is still expensive to me because gift cards are expensive here thats why im requesting it here btw i usally get games from givewaway subs here is my steam account
https://steamcommunity.com/id/xxxBlackStarxxx/ my profile
the link for the game https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dragon-ball-z-kakarot?partner=ggdeals
thank you all for reading and have a wonderful day**
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2023.02.03 02:42 UvieWoosus My Special Interests! I decided to not add one of my biggest interests because some people may find it disgusting.

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2023.02.03 02:27 JuneGemini Show me how that big tit farts

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2023.02.03 02:19 CSQUITO Urgent: Am I (23) overreacting about this situation at work, or do I need to quit?

**tl;dr So this is very long and detailed, but I will try to give the main points. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who can advise on these things. I will start by saying I work in an industry that is known to be problematic. My company is the governing body (technically a non-profit) that oversees the industry - like a council. I'm 23, and I'm 2 months into the job. I work in the central team of the business. The team is split into two channels with 4 people on each team. So I am 4/4, the person above me I will refer to as 3/4, and so on. The head of the team, I'll call Sylvia, oversees all eight people. So 9 altogether. My contract lays out a three month probation. The end of next week marks two months done. Although it was previously a target company for the purposes of experience, in a small industry, that technically is still a function I want to work in, I feel that I've seen quite a few red flags and I might resign at the end of three months.**
I immediately noticed orange flags from the day I started that weren't really specifically about anything I did:
  1. On day one, There was a clear division of the company from the "main team" of 9, and they were openly bitching about the other team. At one point in a group chat including members from the other team, someone had made an error, and my team were saying "what the fuck is wrong with them".
  2. My second day of the job was the work Christmas party, and I was sat next to the head of the team, Sylvia who is 25+ years in the business. I come from a more traditional academic background, and I went to high ranked university. I don't personally believe this kind of thing means much, and I don't wave it around. However I have noticed some people have a certain defensive reaction if they know this about me. It's also an industry where people tend not to come from those kind of schools, and usually creative degrees like marketing, journalism, communication. I also happen to come from a privileged background (again I don't wave that around I am estranged from my abusive family and have been financially independent since 18). I only give this context to truly explain that at this point the orange flags weren't about anything I did. I noticed that Sylvia seemed to be trying to brag. By a certain point she literally said "Yeah I have loads of designer stuff, lots of Prada shoes, stuff like that". I was polite about it, but I feel that once I see that behaviour in people in general, regardless of work environment. I feel that it is a major form of projection, and quite surprising coming from someone with her level of seniority.
  3. Also at the work Christmas party, which was on day two in the role. A woman, also fairly senior level, and in her 50s pulled me aside maybe four hours into the party when people were just hanging around. I am an introvert and fairly new, and it was a three room venue, so I was wandering from time to time, meeting everyone (office of 50 people). She said "hi, I saw you walking by yourself. Everyone, this is CSQUITO she was hanging by herself it's her second day". I said hi to everyone and chatted for a bit. She was then like "everyone is looking at you people over there were saying you look gorgeous" I said thanks (note I was dressed business casual in jeans, a nice top with long sleeves and covered). Then she was like "You can relax you don't have to be so formal". And at this point I was just uncomfortable. Then she introduces me to the head of a smaller team who is actually someone who has been at the company the longest (30 years!), and she says "This is Sam, you have to be really nice to her." I found the entire interaction odd and awkward but was polite, and soon after excused myself. After this since I've seen her over the past two months, she has noticeably avoided eye contact and doesn't really say hi.
  4. A boss from my team, 2/4, called Juno, (12 years my senior) on my fifth day showed that she was jealous of the company's head of PR (around the same age as her) who got a lot of expensive gifts from clients for Christmas. She said "I was supposed to have that job". She often complains about not being rich enough.
  5. At a client event, a guest who was a VIP was talking to Juno and approached me. He asked what my background was since he noticed I had not been at previous events, and that I was new. He said "wow from that school? what are you doing here?" and I said "I am most passionate about this industry, and I see most potential here". Juno said "I bet you think this job is so easy, and we're all making a fuss about nothing". I said "not at all". The client was talking about culture, and he asked something about mine. I said "I think the defining trait from my culture is the confidence. Like if they believe something they will say it and they're not timid or too consumed with what other people think. Also very direct. Maybe borderline cocky" Juno said, "yeah I see that". And the client said to her "No it's not cockiness. You have a regality. And it has nothing to do with money."
  6. Juno and Tom were talking about their nails. I said they were really nice and that maybe I should try to get mine done (I cut mine down never grown out or painted). Juno asked to see my nails and said "Ugh of course you have really nice nails" in a really spiteful way.
Okay now I will proceed to the parts that *were* related to my actual job and performance, leading up to today.
My immediate line manager, 3/4, called Tom, age 29, has been at the company four years. On my first few days, everyone on my team was really supportive and I made some suggestions/input that they said were really great. Juno, 2/4 was also supportive but made comments such as "you have a good brain, I don't have a brain", which I find uncomfortable because I think it's a sign of underlying competitiveness. I'm an assistant so I have no desire to compete with her, and I also don't plan to stay in the company for another twelve years - just to put into perspective her experience versus mine. So we're not remotely competition.
On my first day, Tom asked what I wanted to do like as a big picture in my career. I guess he might have already been aware of my two years of post-grad internship experience (which were all "known" or "big" industry names). I said "basically working in this role, this function is my dream role, and getting more experience along this trajectory, maybe eventually in-house". He was like "nice well just learn as much as you can here". Maybe on the fifth day, when everyone else had left the office for lunch, Tom out of the blue said: "So yeah no one really gets promoted for two years on this job. I've been saying to the bosses that that's quite a long time, because our goal is to get people to stay and build a relationship with the clients". Note he was technically the last person in this role three years ago, but it had a different title, and straddled different teams. I said "yes, I guess two years is longer than standard time before a promotion from entry level up, but it's also a small company and the sub-teams are small so in that regard it might make sense". Also he went on in this conversation to say "I moved on up quite quickly in this company" (he is two promotions above me and in four years I would say it is normal progress) and "I'm really good friends with a boss from the other team, I go to her house and stuff". So I was starting to get the impression that he was also insecure.
I noticed he had some micro-managing behaviours. For example to ask me to do something, he would say it verbally, put it in a 1:1 chat, put it in a group chat and also email, often in a short space of time. Sometimes he would verbally say something, then say it again if there was a group of people (not just to let them know). Naturally I felt that it could have been an indication to get it done faster, so I did just that. But he did this with everything and there is nothing I do without him telling me every single thing to do and say several times. It isn't only disruptive, but over time, there is no emphasis on what is a priority and what is not.
I made a few errors on a few occasions - nothing major, mostly from things I didn't know yet. Like which teams to CC on which emails. Often when I would ask I got the impression that he wanted things to go through him first before I would share on a team chat, or CC the rest of the team. Which makes sense, and was something I was already conscious of, since senior people definitely should not be bombarded. And for a few reasons I felt uncomfortable about it, but I went with it for a few weeks. I noticed, however, that when he checked over my work he would re-write emails, or text etc. sometimes with errors. And I didn't want to challenge his authority, especially over minor things, but these were things I noticed. Especially if I was tasked to do final proofreading for the team, that technically had been overseen by everyone, it's hard to know what to do when you still see some errors. Most of the time I just let it go, sometimes I raised it with him and framed it more as "which is your preference?". Occasionally I more vaguely asked the team in a group chat.
So I gather, the general order of working is that I create/do something, send to Tom to look over, send to Juno to look over, who sends to Karen (boss 1/4). Most of the time it comes back to me and then I execute it. As a side note, to anyone who is still reading: Is this normal? I draft most emails, and then send from a company email, but occasionally draft emails for Karen, 1/4, but do not send. I don't have a problem with it, but I will explain the relevance of it:
There were a few instances where Tom was supposed to look over something after me. In particular we are looking for errors on client data, and it takes more than one pair of eyes. As the first filter, I tend to get more than 80%, and then it goes to Tom who checks another facet and then to Juno. To make things extra clear, I link and label everything, which the other coworker who is also a junior does not. I do it because I quickly learned that some data points are revisited for later purposes in the process, and it cuts time in half by pulling it through, linking, and labelling it as a first step instead of as a 10th step. I also took additional steps - such as saving data into separate files, labelling each file. Previously, the team never did this, and I think Juno initially thought it was condescending, but at the end of the day, it took up less space in the group notes, was clearer to read, made all data aceessible and ultimately, since I would be the one working from the data the most it was necessary to my own role. In the joint inbox I started also tagging emails that had not been replied to from clients who were assigned to me. Still, any time an email came in, Tom would tell me (and it was not that I left emails unanswered for more than an hour or two at the absolute most).
There were instances of when Tom didn't notice small errors in his check, and there were still tiny errors when data had been through me, Tom, Juno, and Karen, and sent back to me. For example, Tom edits final PDFs to add commas to prices. e.g. £500,000 instead of £500000. Tom would then tell me to go back into the massive spreadsheet (which was step one, before all the team had gone through it) although the numbers had already been checked to be correct, because he didn't know where to put the commas. I think Tom would purposefully do this hoping I did not already have the data - trying to make me think I had got the actual figures wrong. The reality was the input was not formatted to add commas, but the actual figures are correct and had been checked by five people at this point. The job of adding commas was just to space the numbers. I explained this to him, and I said it was formatting not errors in the actual number. So all of the numbers can be formatted as £X,XXX,XXX if we choose. He initially said "Oh silly me", but then repeated the request when he found another file which had numbers with out commas. I asked him if he would like me to run through all files, so I could do them all in one go, since the formatting would be inconsistent across all files (each file is being sent to a different person so it is not a major "error" and it was the first time it was ever raised with me). He decided he wanted commas in all files.
This sort of behaviour repeated. The team set me a task of streamlining a contact database, which I did promptly and accurately so that we could start working from it. I also suggested that the team makes a sendout to a certain membership mailing list, since recipients kept replying saying that the contact was out of date, and promptly made the survey so it could be reviewed by him, then the rest of the team, and implemented. I don't believe that he has checked it or shared with the team at all. In the two weeks Tom had to check the survey, he kept flagging errors in the old contact database. I had told him already that all correct data was now in a new document, but he kept asking me to update the old document too and spotting "errors".
One of the last straws for me was earlier this week, when I was asked to draft seven emails. Four to be sent out by me from the company inbox to a mailing list. And three to another. In a call, Juno mentioned that all emails were good to go. The day of, I sent the three, and I asked tom if I should send the others. He said yes that's fine he had already seen them and that he did not need to look over it again. But I had a feeling I should check with the team. I asked the group chat of four of us and Tom replied no. Karen immediately explained: no, that I drafted the emails for her to send. This was never made clear until that moment, especially since in all three drafts I had signed off with the generic company signature, not "Karen" and Juno and Tom said they were good to go. Tom had confirmed just two minutes earlier. Not a problem, I was glad I checked, but I found it really strange.
One more: today when I had drafted emails to be sent out to a potential client who had made an error in documents submitted. The email was a brief request to amend the data on the document. Tom confirmed that all were good to go, then suggested that I add a blank template attachment to make things easier for them. This is a template document the client already had. I downloaded the document from our system - which, unknown to anyone, had a template format from three years ago attached. The link should have linked to the correct document. It was supposedly a coding error on our company website, and that doc should not have been accessible anywhere, let alone on that page. The client immediately replied to say that yes, the data would be updated but just to let us know, the file attached seemed different from the one they had. This was totally my error, and I was not aware of the differences between the files.
Tom put in the team chat that I needed to run things through him, and "trust that the team has experience and expertise" - as if I had purposefully attached the wrong document because I didn't want to run it by him.
So Juno set up my 2 month catch-up meeting today: Her first point was that I was "proactive in the wrong ways sometimes", for example that I had once offered to draft an email that had not been specifically assigned to me (I had asked about it because I had drafted every other email on the project). That I am an assistant and I don't yet have the experience to send off emails myself. Secondly I had been leaving work at 6:00 to 6:30pm, since the team of 5 typically had at least two people working until 6pm. My contracted hours are technically 17:30 but I tend not to leave until I know I can't help with anything else, since leaving on the dot feels awkward. Juno was implying that I thought I was as senior as them, and that is why I was staying later.
Her second point was that I joined video work-from-home meetings late. I think this is a valid feedback point. I was aware that a few times I was about 1 minute late. This is because scheduled meetings run anywhere from five minutes to hours behind schedule, and she explained, the company culture is that whenever the most senior person starts the meeting, that is when everyone else hops on. And often the most senior person is running from one meeting to the next. More than a few times, I needed to re-adjust/go to the loo in the waiting period hence I was a bit late, but never more than a minute.
Her third point was that I need to make a spreadsheet for myself and enable access to her and Tom and make a note of every single thing I do in it for every single initiative as reminders for everything. Again, I tried to politely ask what it related to, and she said there are times where they assume I remembered something but I asked about it later. Here I got the impression that Tom had relayed to her that he *had* to remind me to do things. However, there were no concrete examples.
Her fourth point was that I was fast, but I made small errors - like not CCing Karen, which made Karen ask Juno and Tom if emails had been sent out, or attaching the wrong document. I typically would not CC people unless I was told - seeing as Tom tends to give directions for single thing (multiple times. That I should always send drafts to them as emails first to them including attachments and note of CC. This contradicts what they ask for most of the time, which is for me to send things off directly.
She asked if I had any questions: I mentioned that from time to time it is difficult to distinguish before a piece of feedback, a request, and a priority. I did not specifically say that it was about her or Tom, but between their micromanaging, it is hard to tell where certain requests are coming from, urgency, and whether there is a specific reason they are saying something. I am never late with anything, and mostly go above and beyond with the task, making sure my contributions to shared documents facilitates the whole team, not just me. I noticed that the other assistant doesn't do this at all.
When I asked her if generally, I was in the right direction or up to speed, she said "you couldn't possibly be up to speed, and that I was an assistant, and I can't be up to speed in three months, but if I need to learn something it is that I "need to talk to Karen and Tom, how she talks to Karen, and how Tom talks to her", possibly implying that I should run everything through Tom. She didn't mention "how I talked to her" there, which again made me feel that it was primarily based on something Tom had said. I was sort of listening waiting for her to give examples, and she said I should "read the room, sort of".
I had noticed that In this feedback session there were no positive comments at all. And a lot of what she said lacked specific examples. I didn't argue with anything but later in the evening, I sent an email to thank her for her time, and also requesting to run through some of the points she had raised because I just wanted to be extra clear on them. The two points were - the spreadsheet request where she and Tom would track every single thing I do - she did not give any examples of me failing to complete a task because I forgot it, or forgetting a task - but instead it was me asking about certain tasks that were actually the responsibilities of other people. The second point I want to raise is about her point on "how I talk to people". I am usually very polite, but also direct. I'm not afraid to raise questions, and most of my suggestions (which I pitched at appropriate times) were implemented.
HELP. Do I just quit?
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