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Eat 'em With Cheese

2013.09.17 08:55 BumbleBitch Eat 'em With Cheese

If you don't eat Grits at least 4 times a week, then you ~~probably~~ definitely need to change your dietary habits.

2012.11.20 04:16 t3hcyclops Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow.

Hey dol merry dol

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2023.02.03 04:53 AkemiHoshi532 I Call Upon Thee...

I Call Upon Thee...
✨🌟 The reveal of my finished PNGTuber concept is out! We've only JUST uncovered the tip of me boots and I ask you, any of you lovelies to SLAP that like or retweet button into OUTER SPACE so I can step away from living in the ethereal plane and into reality.
Your reality. I'll be waiting. 🕰️
~Akemi Hoshi 💌💕

And now... to throw in some shameless plugs here ↓ ↓ ↓
🔵 Blue Bird App:
🟥 Red Play Button App:
📸 Instant Grams:
📙 Tapas:
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2023.02.03 04:38 rockingwing Welcome to Trackmania - A Beginner's Guide

Hi and welcome to Trackmania!
You've just downloaded the game for the first time and now you're wondering how to get started, where to get all those fancy overlays your favorite streamers have on their screen, how to play Bingo or generally just how to become good at the game? Then this guide is for you!
Let's take things slow and start with the basics...
How to get started in Trackmania
Trackmania is available on Steam, Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store and soon available on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series consoles and Amazon Luna.
Once you're booted into the game and selected your region, you want to head into the Play section of the main menu and go to the Training campaign. This special campaign consists of 25 rather basic tracks that are meant to introduce you to the different surfaces and special effect blocks you'll come across in this game. Try to aim for the Gold medal on most of these tracks, that should provide a good challenge for any newcomer. Note: The Training campaign has not been updated since the launch of the game back in July 2020 and some of the tracks in it aren't representative of how certain surfaces actually get used in maps these days. They also do not explain the Plastic surface or interactions with Water. Those got introduced to the game in July 2021.
After you're done with the Training campaign, jump into the Seasonal Campaign (at the time of writing this is Winter 2023) and try to aim for Gold or Author medals on all tracks. If you're a complete beginner to the Trackmania series, going for all Author medals in your first campaign is probably a bit too ambitious, but it doesn't hurt to try.
Wait, what's an Author medal?
Excellent question! Trackmania has 4 different medals that prove your mastery of a track: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Author. The Author medal is set by the track authomapper after they're done building the track. Once you get into community-created tracks, Author times are generally more difficult than in campaign tracks, especially when it comes to tracksthat get featured as Track of the Day.
Okay, I got all Gold/AT medals. What next?
If you haven't already, you should consider buying one of the paid access tiers. Standard Access is the cheapest out of the available options and gives you access to 99% of the content the game has to offer. More on that later. You should also redeem the VIP keys from here and enable the settings option "Always Display Records" from the HUD category to be able to watch streamers'/pro players' ghosts in the seasonal campaign and copying/learning from the lines they take.
With that out of the way, it's time to introduce you to the main attraction of the game, Online Multiplayer.
Trackmania features several game modes for Online Multiplayer, of which the free-to-play (demo) Starter Access can only access a limited subset.
First off we have Ranked Matchmaking, which until Gold rank features the current Seasonal Campaign tracks of varying difficulty (Bronze: White and Green difficulties, Silver: Blue to Black). At the time of writing this is still played in a 3 versus 3 team based format, however this will soon be changed to 2 versus 2. In the Ranked Teams mode, players all start at the same time and depending on how fast they finish, their team gets points. All those points get tallied up and the team with the higher amount of points wins the round. If your team wins enough rounds to win the match, you get Matchmaking Rating (MMR) points based on how well you performed within your team. Bonus points go to the highest scoring player in the match (MVP).
Second, you have Royal, which is a wacky and fun gamemode featuring a team based battle royale style game mode similar to Fall Guys. Tracks in Royal behave different from all the other tracks you'll encounter in Trackmania, they're split up into five stages. The faster your team finishes stages, the higher your team ranks and the longer you will survive. These stages get progressively harder the further you get, so mastery of the car and the game's numerous mechanics is recommended if you want to make it far consistently or even want to be crowned the Royal Champion.
Third, there's Track of the Day and the thrice daily Knockout event held on that track - Cup of the Day. Note: This feature requires Standard or Club Access. These tracks are built by the community and chosen after being reviewed in the Map Review server of the game. A new Track of the Day releases every day at 7PM CET (CEST from like March to October) and the Cup of the Day starts at the same time with two re-runs of the event happening 8 and 16 hours later respectively. In Cup of the Day, you have 15 minutes to get familiar with the track, while trying to improve your time. Based on the time driven within those 15 minutes, you will be assigned to a division of 64 players each against which you will then face in a Knockout event. Try to survive as long as possible to be eventually crowned the Cup of the Day winner for your division.
Last but not least, there's the Arcade servers. Note: This feature requires Standard or Club Access for unlimited access. Free-to-play (Starter access) has access to a rotation of Arcade servers and the official Seasonal Campaign server. This is regular online portion of the game that many players that might have played previous Trackmania titles are very familiar with. Here you will find a multitude of servers with playlists of tracks curated by the community. Some even feature so called server controllers with additional features like server records, a track voting system to show how populagood a track is, etc.
Okay, cool, but how can I build my own map?
Welcome to what makes Trackmania so great - the map editor.
In the Main Menu, clicking on Create lets you jump into the Map Editor, of which there are several variants.
There's the Basic and Advanced Mouse + Keyboard editors and the Gamepad editors. For ultimate track building freedom, I recommend the Advanced Keyboard + Mouse editor. Note: The Advanced KB/M editor currently requires Standard or Club Access. This restriction will be lifted with the launch of the console versions.
Since Mapping is a very subjective and creative process, I won't delve into what you should and shouldn't build. Just remember to add exactly one start, numerous checkpoints along your route and one or several finish blocks at the end of your route.
Got it, now how can I get all those overlays, Medal windows, play RMC/RMS or Bingo?
May I introduce you to Openplanet? Openplanet is THE modding platform for Trackmania games. Created by the talented Miss, Openplanet has been around since 2016 and has since become a staple in pretty much every regular Trackmania player's must haves. It lets you easily install plugins that add quality of life features and additional functionality to the game.
Couple suggestions for plugins, in no particular order: Ultimate Medals, Dashboard, ManiaExchange, Tweaker.
For more information, check Openplanet's website and join their Discord server.
Can you explain the payment model of the game to me? I'm confused with all these access tiers and subscription costs. Do I have to pay monthly for the game?
First of all, no, the subscription costs are not monthly. They're an upfront cost for 1 year or 3 years and support the ongoing development of this game. If there were no subscriptions, we'd probably have a Trackmania 2022 or Trackmania 2023 by now. And no, the game will not feature microtransactions for the foreseeable future, the developers have been very clear on this. Now, here's a breakdown of the features of Starter, Standard and Club access in a concise manner.
Starter Access Free version of the game. Gives you access to the Training and current Seasonal campaigns, the rotating Arcade server, Matchmaking, Royal and the Simple Editor. No access to other custom maps, public servers, in-game chat, skins, in-game ghosts, club features (e.g. hosting your own rooms) or the Advanced Editor.
Standard Access 10€/year or regional equivalent. Gives you access to custom maps and public servers (incl. TOTD and COTD and previous campaigns). Unlocks the Advanced Editor. No access to skins, leaderboard ghosts or club features (e.g. hosting your own rooms).
Club Access 30€/year or regional equivalent. Gives you full access to all of the game's features including skins, leaderboard ghosts, club features (hosting your own rooms, organizing events, creating campaigns, uploading skins, and much more).
My question wasn't answered here/I'm still confused.
Don't fret! Trackmania's community is rather helpful and welcoming to new players, we get a ton of questions all the time and are always happy to help. If you still have specific questions, feel free to post them as response to this thread or join the Official Trackmania Discord where you can interact with the community and answer as many questions as you want. The Discord server also has a community-run support section that is targeted towards people having very specific questions or technical difficulties.
Thanks for reading and see you on the track - welcome to the club!
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2023.02.03 04:17 lain327 B450M Steel Legend M.2 NVMe Not Detected

i recently bought a B450m steel legend, it went well the first boot after i installed windows 10, i updated the drivers and all. then a blue screen with WHEA_uncorrectable_error, after rebooting the pc just rebooted to bios and is not detecting my m.2. also note that i only have the m.2 drive no other drives.
cpu: ryzen 3 pro 4350G
gpu: nvidia gt 1030
ram: Adata xpg spectrix d50 16gb 2x8gb 3200mhz
storage: kingston NV2 PCIe 4.0 M.2 NVMe SNV2S/1000G
psu: Seasonic S12III 550w 80+ bronze power supply
bios version: 4.60
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2023.02.03 04:16 toonaliceangel1016 according to ai this is what miu iruma looking like irl is this accurate

according to ai this is what miu iruma looking like irl is this accurate submitted by toonaliceangel1016 to danganronpa [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 03:23 Stella_Dorado_01 The Man in the Striped Sweater, Watching

Maybe my posting this is selfish, to gain some sort of closure over what happened. After all, I wasn’t really hurt. To the public’s knowledge, I had no part in it: in the papers, I am an anonymous employee, and the reporters were vague about who exactly complained to the boss about the strange man that always peered in through the windows, never entering the building. So maybe it’s selfish for me to air out what happened, I hope someone else out there has some explanation, or at least comforting words. Maybe it's selfish that I need comfort, because in all of the confusion, the dead-end research, and tragedy involved, there is one thing I know for certain: he was after me, and he didn’t get what he wanted.
If you’ve ever worked a customer service job, you already know how bizarre it feels to be watched by customers. Behind a counter or behind the store windows, people will stop and watch you work, and as much as you try to mind your own business, it can be near impossible to shake the feeling of being watched.
It’s like being an animal in a zoo, like being deli meat behind the glass case, or an actor on a stage. The worst of it, for me, at least, was when I worked at a coffee shop. People would stop by and watch through the windows, sometimes deciding to come in, sometimes not. It was almost supernatural, the way I could feel eyes on me, and though I tried to ignore it, I couldn’t always hold it in: I had to look up, acknowledge that I was aware of their presence.
That was usually okay. When I made eye contact with the people looking in through the windows of the coffee shop, they would be the ones to look away first, walking away and minding their own business in the little shops and restaurants that lined the streets of my town. Until one of them didn’t look away.
He watched from across the street, standing in front of the dumpster of a little mom-and-pop pub. It was hard to make out exact facial details, but I could at least tell what he was wearing. A red sweater with horizontal blue and yellow stripes. Tattered blue jeans and black loafers. His hair was short, but not well-kept, like he cut it by himself at home, and greasy. I couldn’t make out an eye color at the time, nor any specifics on what his face really looked like. However, those were the details I relayed to my boss at the time, after two days of that man watching us through the window.
He never came in, never looked away. Sometimes he would move a few feet up or down the street, but I never caught him walking, only looking. My boss acknowledged my concerns, but told me that he couldn’t do anything: the streets are public property, and as long as he wasn’t on the coffee shop’s premises, there was nothing that we could do. He was unsettling, and it only dawned on me recently how bizarre he really was. Here in Michigan, the winter weather easily reached well below freezing temperatures, yet he never shivered, paced for warmth, or wore anything other than that sweater, for hours on end. I tried ignoring him, but I couldn’t always stop myself from looking up.
Still, it persisted. He wasn’t there every day, but I always noticed when he was. I would be making a latte or cleaning the tables in the café, and feel that instinctual urge to look up, my mind telling me, someone is watching you. Without fail, I was right. The same red sweater and stripes every time, the same stare from across the street, his facial expression imperceptible at that distance. I soon grew afraid of working the closing shift, and changed my availability so that I would never have to walk home at night, but I still had two weeks left of those shifts before I would start working in the mornings.
I complained to my manager again, and he said he would try to see if there was anything the police could do, but I knew, even with my limited knowledge of the law, there was no crime being committed. I had done a lot of Googling, and all of the anecdotes and case files confirmed one thing: stalking is notoriously difficult to prosecute. After all, there was no way I could even claim that his gaze was directed at me, as he only appeared when my coworkers were around. For all I knew, he was stalking one of our regular customers that sat in the café all day long, or another one of my coworkers.
I went home one night, and started cooking dinner, relieved to be back in my apartment. Walking home was scarier than looking up and seeing that man, because at least at work, there were always people nearby. I alternated between being too afraid to look behind me, afraid of what I might see, or being unable to stop looking behind me, scared that he was tailing me. If he was there, I don’t know if I could even run far, I might slip on the ice and that moment of weakness would give him everything he needed.
But I was able to relax in the safety of my apartment, behind several locked doors that only residents had the keys to. The first door into the mailroom. The second door into the halls. Several flights of stairs, another door. Finally, my apartment, warm and comfortable in contrast to the freezing temperatures and poorly-heated halls of the complex.
I got out of my work clothes and poured myself a glass of wine to enjoy while cooking dinner, and I played a podcast as I began chopping veggies and adding them to the stir fry. The vegetables sizzled in the pan with olive oil and garlic, drowning out the sound of the podcast hosts, so I turned up the volume on my phone a little bit, took another sip of wine, and went into the fridge to get the tofu.
As I closed the fridge, I got the feeling again. This time, it felt visceral, charged, like the moment before a full-body shiver takes over.
It’s just paranoia, I told myself. Paranoia caused by that man’s gaze, the way that he never seemed to move, even for a second. His image flashed in my mind, and I shook my head, trying to stop thinking about it. He hadn’t followed me, I knew that much- today was one of the days I felt brave enough to throw an occasional glance over my shoulder, and he wasn’t there.
I drank some more wine, hoping to calm my nerves, and tossed the vegetables in the pan, then cleared the ends of the carrots and onion skins off the cutting board so I could begin to slice the tofu.
I used the blade of the knife to scrape the scraps into the trashcan. As I did so, I looked down into the alley below my apartment’s window, and the fear I felt, that he might have been watching me through the window, made that action almost physically painful.
Relief flooded my system as I saw nothing. Just the empty alley, a few corrugated metal trashcans, fast food wrappers and other miscellaneous garbage, murky grey snow piles, and the recycling bin and dumpster. I looked down into my own trash can, wondering if I’d need to take it out this week, or if I could put it off until the next garbage day. I decided to put it off, looking out at the near-overflowing mountain of trash bags, and that’s when I saw him, peering out from behind the dumpster. Looking right at me.
I stared. He waved.
I stumbled back, away from the window, and slid to the floor against the cool metal door of the refrigerator. My knees to my chest, I gripped my own shoulders, hugging myself in order to keep somewhat collected. My heart was beating so quickly, I thought it might stop at any moment, and after the initial jolt of fear subsided, I leapt to my feet, running around my apartment, closing every single curtain and shutter. I didn’t even think to call the police until about half an hour later, as I shut off the stove and scraped the charred remains of my stir fry into the trash. He was gone. I called the police, they said they would do a drive-by, but of course, they found nothing.
The next morning, I called into work, and looked at my bank account to see if I could afford a security camera or something to keep my apartment safe. I ordered one, deciding to wait another couple of paychecks to buy that new gaming computer I really wanted. The next day, I went to work again at about 10 AM. He wasn’t there, as I expected. Maybe the fright he gave me was all that he wanted, but that thought was quickly dismissed by my paranoia: if he was willing to find me where I lived, he wasn’t just in it to scare me.
It was dark outside, and I was helping to close up shop by sweeping the floors. I would always work methodically, mentally sectioning off a part of the floor before sweeping around the perimeter of that space, then doing the middle part. I started near the back of the store, making my way towards the front window, trying to avoid looking outside- hoping that the man wouldn’t show up again. Flashes of terror plagued me, remembering how it felt to realize that he was there, and the last hour of my shift was filled with the ghost of the sensation of being watched, but never the full-fledged, near-shivering awareness of it. Sweeping under some of the tables right next to the window, the feeling descended upon me again. I didn’t want to look, my heart couldn’t handle another fright like that again, but of course, that instinctual fear, the deep, evolutionary response to the feeling of being watched, took over.
I glanced up, and he was across the street. Looking at me. I stared, ready to go beg my coworkers for a ride home or call an Uber, telling the closing manager that I was suddenly feeling very unwell, that my sickness from yesterday must be coming back, and that I needed to go now. I rationalized. Finish my job, don’t take my eyes off of him, and he won’t be able to hurt me. I stared, awkwardly sweeping while looking right at him, and he never moved, never took his eyes off me, either.
Finishing up sweeping, I just needed to brush all of the dust and empty sugar packets and muffin crumbs into the dustpan. I tried, but glanced down for only a moment, to make sure that I was getting all of the dirt off the floor. I had only looked down for only a moment, but when I looked back up to return to the staring contest, he was right in front of the window, mere inches from my face, separated by a thin pane of glass.
I felt frozen, and in the brief time I got a close look at him, I realized he was far beyond human. Bulging eyes, as though he hadn’t blinked for hours. His skin was pallid, anemic, looked moist, and beads of sweat glittered on his brow beneath the streetlights. That expression, the facial details that I had never been able to discern before, was crystal clear now. A gleeful grin, like this was all a game to him, the grin that a child wears when they realize that they won this round of checkers or tic-tac-toe.
Startled, I dropped the dustpan, sending the crumbs and dirt flying. I ran into the backroom of the café, sobbing to the closing manager, but she went outside, searched the parking lot behind the store, looked down and up the street, and saw nothing.
“There’s nothing out there.” she said, handing me a cup of tea. “Whoever you saw, he’s gone now. Just try to calm down.”
I sipped on the chamomile and lavender tea, unsettled, but trying to calm my nerves. I felt crazy, that I might have been experiencing some sort of psychotic episode. No, that wasn’t right, because my boss told me that he saw the man, too, just that there was nothing that could be done legally. But maybe it was deeper than that: maybe my broken mind was fixated on some random person who just stood there waiting for the bus or something, and I had concocted the idea that they were stalking me, simply because they stood out there across the street from my workplace so frequently. Maybe the person stalking me was a real person, a normal person, and I had invented the rest.
The manager was kind enough to drive me home that night, and I thought about quitting right there, but then remembered that tomorrow was my first opening shift. It would kind of be a dick move to quit on them, because it’s so difficult to find someone to cover an opening shift. I decided to go anyways, and realized that it wouldn’t matter if I quit or not: he still knew where I lived.
I went in the next morning, jumping at every shadow on the walk to work, but none of them were him. Maybe it’d be better working in the morning, and I headed into the store with a tinge of optimism, walking into the back of the store to put my backpack and jacket away before I started working.
I didn’t make it into the breakroom.
The hallway to the breakroom passes by the punch clock and the safe where we kept all of the cash for the day, and as I rounded the corner to the punch clock, I saw my manager, laying on the ground, covered in blood.
I immediately fell to my knees by his side, whipping off my apron and pressing it against his throat, which appeared to have been entirely torn out. Muscles and tendons, his windpipe and Adam’s apple, exposed in a garbled mess of red, red, red.
The apron, once cotton-candy blue, was instantly soaked red. I don’t remember what I said to my boss, maybe I tried to tell him that everything was going to be okay, but what I do remember is his terrified eyes, the way they met my gaze as I tried to call 911, blubbering a response when the operator said, “911, what is your emergency?”, my phone screen smeared with rusty fingerprints. I squeezed his hand, and he could barely squeeze back. His eyes, staring up at me, then glancing away, towards the door that led to the break room.
A pair of legs, clad in black loafers and tattered blue jeans, stepped into the doorway.
I didn’t need to look at its face. I dropped my manager’s hand, and I ran. I felt like a coward, leaving him like that in his last moments, but I like to tell myself that he would have wanted me to run.
It gave chase, and I ran down the main street of my town, alone in the early hours of the morning. I knew that if I could just make it a few blocks, to the next café filled with other openers, I would be safe, at least for the day. I slipped on the ice, twisting my ankle in a nasty way, clambered to my feet, and kept running. Working in a small-business café, I abhorred Starbucks, but that didn’t stop me from bursting into their store, sobbing and screaming, and eventually calming down enough, when I realized he wasn’t following me, to explain. They had already called an ambulance and the police, sent them to my store, when I was able to tell them what happened. The work boot on my left foot was filled with blood. Apparently, I had broken my ankle by slipping on the ice, and all that additional running had stabbed my fractured bone repeatedly into the flesh of my lower calf. My socks and pants were ruined, but it healed up alright. I still have some feeling in my foot, and it’s still attached to my body, so I have no complaints. But my manager died.
And here come the selfish feelings again. I survived, he did not. I get to post this to random internet strangers for closure, and his family will never get any. I healed, he was buried. I have a scar, he has a headstone. So it goes. I guess.
I moved a few months later. I quit my job. However, I haven’t been able to forget what happened. The blood and gore, watching it step into the doorway in front of me. My left foot has almost no feeling, a daily reminder. I haven’t seen it since, but I’m always looking over my shoulder, I can hardly stomach looking at a mirror, much less a window.
As I sit typing this, the familiar feeling is overcoming me once more. I feel someone, or something, watching me, and I can see the window out of the corner of my eye. I’m resisting the urge to check, because, even despite all my precautions, there might be something more than the darkness and streetlights out there. I might look and see nothing but my own face reflected back at me, but on the off-chance that the man followed me here, I don’t want it to know that I know, I’m not going to give it the satisfaction.
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2023.02.03 03:19 tin_man6328 Is it possible to update to the next version of MacOS (12.6.1) instead of all the way to Ventura?

I used a boot drive to download (downgrade) to Monterey 12.3.1, because Ventura has proven absolute crap for Logic Pro X users.
In settings > software update it shows Ventura as the available update, but if I click the blue “Other Updates” or “More Updates” it loads a window listing the other updates with selected check boxes before each one. In this case, Monterey 12.6.1 and Safari, but Ventura is not one of these boxes. I don’t want Ventura (yet), but I’d like to update Monterey to the next version.
The last time I remember trying to do this, it went all the way to the latest OS update. Is it possible to avoid this?
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2023.02.03 03:15 s197chris Titanfall 2 Wont startup freezes

recently bought titanfall 2 due the interesting movement and such, tried booting it up multiple times and it keeps getting froze with the little blue dot in the corner then blue screens is there any fixes to this, could my reviOS operating system be the reason why? im losing my marbles trying to play this game
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2023.02.03 03:11 IvoryChalice My computer keeps giving me the bsod after taking out a SSD

Yesterday I encrypted a drive with bitlocker, it's not my boot drive but I can't seem to even access Windows anymore because of it. Everytime I boot up my computer, this blue screen pops up saying that a required device isn't connected or can't be accessed, and everytime I try to go into the recovery environment it just brings me to the same screen, same with Startup settings. I tried removing the hard drive but it makes no difference. The only thing I can think that has changed is the SSD I formatted and took out and replaced. Please help.
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2023.02.03 02:57 BobcatFew354 New pc won't boot from any device

Hello guys ! I just built my first pc ever, literally everything is ready apart from the OS, i can't boot from anything, i've tried : 2 different USB ( windows Iso, even Ubuntu) 2 different and new Ssd ( it had windows in it ) I've seen 100 tutorial videos, explaining the settings of my bios etc but nothing works. Let me describe my issue : anytime i try to boot, the windows logo appears and suddenly everything turn off ( mouse and keyboard ) and it freezes on the windows logo screen as if i took the boot device off sometimes i even get a blue screen sayin that it ran into a problem, and sometimes it says preparing automatic repair ( i've tried a thousand times ) please help
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2023.02.03 02:51 Robdd123 ER PVP/Invasions are an awful experience [Rant]

I've put off making a rant post about ER PVP for close to a year now; I debated whether it's even needed, many of the points I'm about to make have already been nearly beaten to death in other separate discussions. However, after a particularly shitty invasion session I feel the need to air this out. ER PVP is terrible; truly some of the worst, if not the worst, PVP of all the Souls games IMO.
Every time I decide to boot up ER I have this hope that I'll have a good, rewarding PVP experience; starry eyed, I start the game and hit the finger items looking for some invasion action. I queue up, enter the wide open world and spy with my little eye a gank camped out in the open. With eagle like precision, they spot my sorry red behind from a mile away and proceed to bum rush me. There are no enemies, no invaders coming to aid, no cover. There's no fun allowed here, they're coming with their bleed builds, their Noobveils, their waves of piss, their spell and ash spam, their madness and sleep statuses, their albinauric pots and fan daggers. Like a swift kick to the groin you come back down to solid ground and realize that this is the ER PVP experience. There really should be a message displayed on the menu that says, "Abandon all hope, invaders who enter."
To truly dissect the problems this game has we have to first look at level design. Since they added the wex dust option more than half of my invasions have been out in the open world. Unless you're at a very specific level bracket in a specific area it's really hard to hone in on certain locales to invade without a lot of waiting. Thus, you're funneled into hitting the search both near and far options if you want somewhat consistent activity. Very quickly you'll discover the open world was not designed with PVP in mind at all. Almost always you're isolated in a sea of rolling landscape that goes on and on. Bottle necks are few and far between and depending on where it is and what level the enemy mobs dotted across the map may not even cause a mild inconvenience. Not to mention you can very easily get caught on a bush or tree with your camera pointed at the squad chasing you. All of this feels like the Abyss Swamp from TRC; that was the worst place in DS3 to invade and in ER most of your invasions will be like this.
Then we have to wade through all of the balance issues the game has. L2 spam is still the go to strategy; ashes of war are so easy and free to spam and in a group it can be downright obnoxious avoiding the fireworks display. Bleed is still incredibly powerful and madness and sleep are busted with procing off of phantom hits. Powerstancing is incredibly powerful with very little downsides; most of the powerstanced moves are easily spamable. With backstabs being gutted jump attacks have very few checks; people will hop around like bunny rabbits fishing for it. Passive poise is brain dead, why worry about spacing when you can just tank through everything? Riposte damage pales in comparison to most Ashes so parrying is mostly for style points. Like I mentioned backstabs have been nerfed only in a PVP setting to the point where you can feign a backstab locking the opponent into the recovery animation to get your own backstab (I guess Fromsoft just hates people trying to get backstabs). Like spacing with passive poise, your general positioning in ER means very little because of this; your back being open due to an ash of war generally doesn't result in negative consequences.
We can't overlook the mechanics themselves either; no covenants and a 4 player world limit is a huge disappointment and a clear regression. There's no real incentive to try PVP or invasions either; it means less new players are trying the multiplayer for themselves which probably isn't going to be good for this game's activity long term.
The playerbase in ER might be the most egregious bunch I've ever seen. Hosts have no shame, even ones that are trying to progress through the level have a tendency to sit in one place camping which the game does nothing to dissuade. AFK farming is still a thing despite numerous patches to try and fix it (great job From). Gank squads can also turn taunters tongue off the minute you invade and slap on the blue cypher ring guaranteeing them a 3v1. The game also does nothing to stop camping in the over world; this is abused by gankers who set up shop in the First Steps, Frozen Lake, and practically all of Liurnia. Having wex dust also provides gankers with the opportunity to gank in small isolated areas like the cave prior to Rykard or the small space before Radagon. Fogwall cheesing is still in the game and once again hosts have no shame in abusing it. DS3 had this level of pettiness but that was after 4-5 years; ER had this from day one. What kind of state is the game going to be in a few years? I've also never seen so many people take the arena this seriously; in DS3 the arena was pretty relaxed.
It's so disappointing because the potential was there. I have given this game so many chances, have tried many different builds, I've even tried to just say screw it and do cosplays. However, there's no escaping all of this ER-ness. It plagues every single PVP interaction and it's hard to stomach. It's been almost a year from release and while the game has made many improvements there's still a mountain of issues; quite honestly I doubt DLCs are going to help that much. I'm willing to be surprised but right now I'm not confident. I think at this point I just need to make peace with the fact that ER PVP just isn't for me.
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2023.02.03 02:44 terminus10 Not sure which route to take

At the moment I have a mixed hive sitting at 46 bees, with Petal Wand/Coco geaGummy Mask/Saturator, all Science/MotheBlack/Spirit Bear quests done.
I have close to 100b honey, and enough tickets/mats to craft Gummy Boots, or...
I could buy the 47th hive slot and use a Star Egg on it to get either a gifted Spicy/Vector (my hive currently has all the other gifted bees in it), and spend 1,000 tickets to gift another event to unlock SSA, or...
Since I likely will go for a blue hive, use the Star Egg on my non-gifted Spicy Bee (I have no idea if using a Star Egg on a gifted bee will just give me the same bee). Then, spend 1,000 tickets to gift an event bee, and use the saved honey to get Petal Belt, Bubble Mask, Diamond Mask, and start rolling for a Pop SSA.
Obviously the non-gummy boot choices yields more items, but will set me back glue and blue extract, which will take quite some time to recoup. Also, not rolling a Pop amulet and not having a hive that can effectively utilize it will set things back too. However, unlocking SSA lets me fix my hive by putting back event bees and duplicate of useful bees.
On the other hand, Gummy Boots are just good regardless of hive, and will help get honey back quicker. However, I'm not sure if they're that good to forego all the other things for awhile longer.
Typing this out has me thinking the SSA/Blue Hive path is the way to go unless there's something I'm overlooking.
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2023.02.03 02:35 PM_ME_DUNCE_CAP_PICS Help with r620

Pretty new with this stuff, and am wondering if I was sold a dud. Can someone please tell me that i'm missing something small here, so I don't have to go through the process of returning this :)
Got an r620 (barebones with two processors) from ebay, filled it with ram, and tried booting.
When I plug it in:
  1. Immediate fans full blast without touching anything else
  2. Front panel has a solid blue light (sometimes, i've unplugged/replugged it and it seems to only come on 75% if the time)
  3. Front panel LCD does not show anything/nodisplay (I didnt even know it was supposed to until looking up troubleshooting)
  4. Power button doesn't seem to do anything at all. If I push it, nothing happens. If I hold it down, nothing happens.
  5. No vga output from either the front or back. Monitor stays asleep.
  6. No lights on the idrac or my switch when I plug in the cable.
The only indication I get that it has power is roaring fans, solid green internal board lights, and the blue light on the front (that works sometimes).
Before I contact the seller, I just want to make sure i'm not missing something small. If it was the ram i'd at least get some video output or some kind of message on the front LCD right?
submitted by PM_ME_DUNCE_CAP_PICS to homelab [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 02:30 KirbySmartGuy Agent Under Fire not booting with Blue Retro?

Just installed my internal blue retro from laserbear. I’ve found a strange quirk and I wanted to see if anyone has any idea what the problem could be.
When I turn on the GameCube with the main power with Agent under fire inserted, the game won’t boot unless I either hit the reset button, or if I go into the GameCube menu and select the game that way.
Every other game I’ve tried will boot like normal with no workarounds needed.
Some games I tried that boot normally were Zelda Collectors edition, splinter cell, megaman collection, American wasteland.
Any ideas? I’ve updated my firmware already.
submitted by KirbySmartGuy to Gamecube [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 02:29 middleoflidl A Little Town Called Woe

I had walked these cobbled streets before. I had climbed the poplar tree at the walled off park by the pharmacy and broken my ankle tripping over the dodgy step with the rickety slab on Stonemason Way. This place had been home to me once, so why did it feel so very foreign? Woe, with a capital W; A sad little name for a town. It seemed to me that suffering had been etched into the stone they had built the place with. We didn’t stand a chance, not here.
I walked with purpose towards my destination with unease tugging at my gut. The schoolhouse was in a lonely little street under the shadow of a great mountain called Ben Thagad. I crossed the threshold into the playground with apprehension.
The hop-scotch was faded and the chute was rusted orange. The vines that climbed up the red-brick walls were withered and now hung limp. The years had been unkind to my old school.
“Harry!” An oddly familiar voice came from the climbing frame. It belonged to a man dressed in a shoddy leather jacket. He was leant against the playground equipment with a rollup in-between his lips that smelt a little too pungent to be tobacco.
No - couldn’t be? “Been what - fifteen years - do you even remember me?”
With a sad realization I put a warmly familiar name to the unkempt individual.
“Bertie. You’ve grown a beard.” If the years had been unkind to the schoolyard, they had been ruthless with Robert Grieves, otherwise known as Bertie, my old best friend. He was skinny, gaunt and didn’t look like he’d shaved in a fortnight.
“I didn’t reckon you’d come, nobody did. How’s the big city fancy pants.” He slapped me on the shoulder as a brother might have to a sibling.
“It’s different, that’s for sure. In truth I didn’t come home for the reunion - I was in the area anyway to visit my mum in St Fry’s and thought I may as well pop over to see what this was all about - school reunions aren’t really my thing.” I spoke candidly, Bertie twitched and held out his spliff. I shook my head. I’d had my fair share of the devil’s lettuce at university and it gave me splitting migraines.
“All the crews here. Charlie, Cabbage, Wee Jimmy - the FBI.” Bertie chuckled.
The FBI, the crappy name of our little rag-tag group of misfits. We’d built tree-houses, climbed mountains and tried to solve -
“It’s weird Harry, I had a dream last night that she was here. Miss Salt - that she was going to turn up at the reunion. I thought it was real for a second. When I woke up all the hairs on my arms were standing up...” Bertie grimaced.
We entered the school hall and awkwardly shuffled around the gymnasium, socialising and bragging, Bertie didn’t do much of the latter. I saw a few familiar faces; teachers I recalled as young, were now prostrated by many years of the education system. We found Cabbage and Wee Jimmy - they worked together at the mechanic's on Main street.
Charlie was there too, he had a husband and three kids and Cabbage seemed uneasy around him for this very reason.
I caught up with Bethany Small too - she was a teacher at the school now, bright and happy. She was a walking miracle, when she was young she had leukaemia, it was terminal. Against all odds she made it. The locals like to brag it was the quality of the tap water.
When the night was nearly over I found Bertie again, stood at her old photo amidst a collection of many other teachers and principals. Dusty and lonely on the wall she sat; Miss Salt.
It takes a special sort of person to become etched into your mind so perfectly that you can still see their face clear as day twenty years later. Miss Salt had been beautiful with big rosy-pink cheeks and lips like rosebuds. She only ever wore red and even her hair had been a lovely rich auburn. She’d been everyone's first crush.
She was kind too. Do you know how rare that is? someone beautiful and kind. Every Friday morning she’d bring giant blueberry muffins into class and let us watch videos instead of equations.
Then one Friday she was gone and we never saw her again. She vanished from Woe as if she had never been here at all. We searched for her, Bertie and me most of all. We weren’t convinced she’d just left for another job, for surely she would have said goodbye first?
We formed the FBI to look for her. None of the adults would tell us where she went, and we got into our heads that they were holding her hostage somewhere as she had fed us too many blueberry muffins. Childhood antics - the sort bored young minds concoct in small boring towns.
“Remember that time we scoped out Mr Walker’s property cause we caught him digging a hole in his garden?” Bertie chuckled as he took a fistful of muffins he’d pinched from the buffet table out his pockets. He shovelled them into his mouth with ruthless proficiency.
“Poor plonker, it turned out he was digging a hole for his cat, not a body. Gave us a right good hit with that rake of his. Miss Salt's probably teaching at some private school now. Living it up." I sighed wistfully. I hoped she was; that she’d gotten out of this depressing pit of despair like I had.
"I know it can’t be easy for you to be back here after your dad.” Bertie said to me softly after a moment’s silence. “I’m glad you got out. Got free of this place, I mean. Do yourself a favour and don’t stay too long, or you’ll end up like me. High as a kite and no better place to be on a saturday than school - or like your - like your dad.”
I saw it again; blue feet dangling and the light fixture half-pulled out of the wall as the weight of a man, garrotted with rope pulled it down. I still don’t know why he did it.
“What do you say we go to the Fork and Sheep?” Bertie whispered to me, face squinted as he swirled a mouthful of cheap wine. “I want something stronger than this - this - echo falls shit.”
The Fork and Sheep was our local; the only pub in town. Outsiders and city-folk don't understand how important the local pub is. It’s a hub; a melting pot of personalities and gossip. Town halls sit empty while politics is poured into pint glasses and slot machines. We’d been drinking there since we’d been old enough to source fake IDs.
Bertie and I found a quiet booth in the corner, just beside the women’s toilets. The place stunk of stale ale and the floors, deep mahogany, were sticky and grimy.
“There’s something I never told you, Harry, I’ve been wanting to all night.” Bertie said, his voice was wavering and weary. I could taste the weed and lager on his breath from across the table. “It’s about Miss Salt.”
“Bertie, we were kids who missed our favourite teacher, bored out of our minds and desperate for something exciting to happen in our little dump of a town.” I leaned across the table. “Nothing happened to her. Get it out of your head alright? “
“You remember it, I know you do.” Bertie’s voice was low. He spoke with fluent paranoia only a stoner could muster. “You remember but you don’t want to, you’ve put it to the back of your head where you don’t have to find it everyday, that little niggle, that raw tug of instinctual dread. That night, Harry, you know the one, the night where all the adults went up the mountain.”
I see it now. An empty bed, my father’s jacket absent from it’s hook and the patio doors wide open. The imprint of my mother’s boots in the wet mud outside and the dim crowd of torchlight walking up the hill towards the mountain - towards Ben Thagad; a slow procession of trance-like light.
“So they went for a hike, what of it?” I grunted.
“In the cold of the night, every single one, without telling the kids? Shame they didn’t have the real FBI on it - just us silly kids. Bet Fox Mulder woulda had something to say.” Bertie looked around the pub suspiciously. He reached into his pocket and pulled it out, a journal so familiar to me I almost recoiled at the sight of it.
“I’m not doing this with you Bertie, not tonight. I wish you well but I’m not partaking in your delusions, not anymore. I grew up.” I stood up. The scraping of my chair brought all the eyes in the room to us and for the briefest of moments I felt as odd and as paranoid as Bertie.
“Just take it, read it. You’ll see it if you do - like I do. We were kids then, you’re right, we were too innocent to imagine.” He thrusted the book at me.
I felt too awkward to reject him so I departed from the Fork and Sheep and Bertie with the weighty journal in tow.
When I returned home that night, as midnight encroached I found that sleep eluded me. I found myself in my tired emptiness cleaving to those worn and aged pages.

Strand of red hair from firepit at the top of the mountain.
Red lipstick casing found in the burn with scorch marks
Mud sample from Harry’s dad’s shoe.
Cabbage’s mum’s scarf with speck of blood on it.
One adult molar tooth found by firepit (Probably a deer’s - Harry)
Miss Salt’s rosary beads taken from Bethany Small’s locker
Strange vibrating device found in Charlie’s mom’s bedside drawer

SUMMARY OF EVENTS OF 12/04/1980 - by Robert Grieves
Miss Salt leaves class early at 3pm and allows us to have free time until the school bell rings. She seems flustered and keeps looking over her shoulder. Bethany Small is very sick and is always upset, so Miss Salt gives her her rosary beads and a cuddle on the way out.
Bethaani Samll’s got a BALDY - CABBAGEEE - ROFL
Cabbage’s father fixes a lock onto his bedroom door on the outside. Harry’s dad comes home from work early and spends time in the garage. Charlie’s mum is groaning in her bedroom and is surprised when Charlie gets home from school early. My parents, are absent as usual. Wee Jimmy said that his dad was cutting firewood, and lots of it, even though it’s summer.
That night at approximately 2am, Cabbage hears his parents leave. He’s unable to follow them as his door has been locked. Wee Jimmy notes that his parents too were gone that night, but he was undisturbed by this, instead using their absence to eat butter straight out of the tub. Charlie slept through the night.
Harry’s account is most interesting. He wakes up and finds his parents gone as well as their coats - he goes outside and investigates. His house has a view up the mountain and he sees lots of adults walking up the mountain with torches. He says it must have been at least half the town.
Miss Salt is never seen again.

INTERVIEW WITH PRINCIPAL PHELPS - By Robert Grieves and Harry McBride.
RG : Where is Miss Salt Principal?
P: Get back to class
HM: She promised she’d give us feedback on our homework sir, do you know when she will be returning?
P: She isn’t returning. I will assess future assignments until a replacement is procured. Back to class.
RG: We know you were up the mountain two nights ago.
Principal Phelps looks uneasy and is silent.
P: Detention. Now!

Ben Thagadh roughly means “chosen mountain” in gaelic - is this important?
Miss Salt was from Oxfordshire - Was she killed because she is an outsider?
The buzzing device found in Charlie’s mums’ drawer stopped working after we played with it for a while and had sticky residue on it.
We saw Mr Jenkin’s burying something in his garden. Upon investigation we found it was his dog. He hit me with a rake. Mr Jenkins has a history of violent behaviour.
Everyone had pork broth for breakfast. Wee Jimmy says his tasted funny and had a bit of muscle in it.
Bethany Small’s hair has grown back and Principal Phelp’s bald patch has gone.
My mum gave me a cuddle, she never does this, she said she was sorry and regrets bringing me into such an awful world.
Charlie's mums shopping list we found in the rubbish bin that listed the following: Carrot's, Spuds, Lube, Butcher's twine, hair shaver, tweezers, duct tape, beef stock cube.
Harry’s dad dies. Wee Jimmy’s dad told him it was suicide, but Harry insists he died fighting a bear that broke in to their house.

I gulped and dropped the journal to my knees. I felt it. I felt that feeling of dread and disgust gathering at the back of my head- the gnawing tog that Bertie so eloquently relayed. I tried to push it down, to explain it away, but it wouldn’t go. It was part of me now. It was as Bertie described, an instinctive feeling, as primal as it was undeniable.
I kept reading. Bertie had been a prolific writer and the journal was packed full. There were drawings of Miss Salt and maps of the mountain and the town. As the journal went on the handwriting grew neater and the dates that ordered the pages grew more recent.
Talk of Charlie’s mother’s vibrator was abandoned and replaced with complex timelines of how Miss Salt went from teaching us to gone without a trace. There were long sprawling texts on mayan ritual sacrifice and UFO activity in the mountains of Scotland. There talk of shared mental delusions. ROANOKE had been scrawled, so harshly that the pages had been bent from the pressure applied by the mad scribe.
He had never stopped.
I had left for university and found a job in the bank. Charlie had come out the closet that had bound him for so long and found a husband and happiness. Wee Jimmy and Cabbage had fixed god knows how many cars and. through all of it - all those long empty years -Robert Grieves, my dear Bertie, had kept this journal.

Throught out history Woe has been host to Celts, pagans and picts. All but the Celts have a demonstrated proclivity towards human sacrifice. The Picts in particular are interesting to consider.
It is said that when the Roman empire came to Scotland to add it to its empire, the picts were the solitary reason for their inability to progress north. So frightened were they that they built a giant wall to keep them out of Roman lands.
Tall, red-headed and fierce warriors they were, but also deeply in touch with forces that the civilised Romans had long since abandoned for Papyrus and sewage systems.
Rowan McKintyre, author of Pictish Runes and Magical Systems, states that the "picts often consulted with the stars" and that they would often offer sacrifices on mountains and hills or "any high ground to maintain a close distance to the stars."
Cecilia Corday in her seminal work Pictish Architecture in the Highlands, states that there was indentation suggestive of a wooden temple on the top of Ben Thagad in Woe.

1862 - English author George Hancock on a visit to Woe states that he saw a a string of odd lights in the sky above Ben Thagad. Curious he hiked the mountain and found a strange stone with a Pictish rune on it. This was an interesting archaeological find and is now in the Kelvingrove Art museum.
1920 - There's an article in a local newspaper explaining the interaction between a woman named Heather Tipple and a strange light whilst hiking Thagad. She said it came towards her and danced around her head. (Fairy activity??)

The last entry was his magnum opus - a collation of all his theories and work - a case so well-presented it might have convinced even the most dubious of jury’s.

Woe is a sick town, in every way imaginable. Tragedy marks this land and the mountain we live under. Ben Thagadh - The Chosen Mountain - Chosen for what? A holy place? I don’t think so. There is nothing holy about that dreaded peak. You can still see it, the soft divet in the land from where the firepit was all those years ago, the firepit where she was cooked alive.
Miss Salt had felt uneasy for a while. She had felt the incessant stares on her back and noticed the whispering. She did not know just what she was in for - otherwise she would have surely fled - she ignored that feeling of raw unexplainable fear. I so very wish she hadn’t.
Perhaps it was suggested by Bethany Small’s mother. Bethany was terminally ill with almost no hope of survival. Desperation is a funny motivator. Maybe it was her father, or maybe it was Principal Phelps who wanted his hair back.
The townsfolk agreed, some grudgingly, others eagerly. None refused, perhaps fearful that they might be offered instead. They picked a date and a time and carried out their task with ruthless proficiency.
Perhaps it was Mr Jenkin’s that grabbed her that night, I don’t know, he was certainly strong enough. They all gathered and took her up that mountain. They weren’t careful enough. They left behind a tooth and a lipstick case, all that was left to mark her fleeting presence.
Some couldn’t live with themselves after the gory act. Harry’s father found refuge in the noose. Bethany Small’s mother is addicted to prescription painkillers and Mr Jenkins drinks enough to warrant a brewery in his name.
It’s strange, we all think we saw her for the last time at school. I do not believe that to be true. We saw her once more, we just didn’t know it was her.
We all had the same pork broth at breakfast that morning, but it was not pork, not really.
My grandma always said that there was nothing like a broth to get the sick feeling well again. Woe needed a lot of broth.
I worry that it will soon need more.
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2023.02.03 02:02 Kikoramapt Advice for short guys to appear taller

As a 5'3 (161cm) man here are some tips to look taller I've learned over the years
1. Workout / lose weight
Not only is great for your physical and mental health being skinny or putting in some muscle will give the illusion you are taller because your proportions become lanky, getting muscle also is great if you are doing to be aesthetic also having strong looking phsique makes people respect you more.
2. Wear Monochromatic clothing that also fit you perfectly
What this means is creating outfits that are 1 color, this means wearing black pants with a black shirt, and blue jeans + with a blue jacket - Wearing a Suit , you get the idea When you wear Outfits where the shirt and pants are different colors creates a contrast and this contrast can make especially your legs but also other proportions look small, wearing monochromatic clothes takes off this contrast or reduce by a lot makes you appear taller.
3. Get shoes with a bigger sole or get height increasing shoe insoles
This is the most common advice people give if you are insecure about your height, Some good options I would add are
Casual Style - Chelsea boots (pick one with a good heel but also not too obvious) my personal taste but there is other shoes of this style.
Streetwear Shoes - Can't go wrong with AirForce 1's , you can wear these and is also uncommon for people to call out for trying to appear taller when you wear them.
Ones to apply Insoles - Option 1 All stars is a good option because they can fit the insole pretty well and they also just come with a 2 cm increase by default, Option 2 Timberland boots also a good to apply insoles also have a heel that doesn't look too obvious
4. Style your hair
Style your hair to your advantage, if you got straight hair like me you are best off keeping it short or medium size so you can style it up so you can get a 1-2 cm extra, for black people hair, Afros and flat tops can give soo much height soo if you like those cuts theres alot of advantage to be taking there.
5. Posture
There are a lot of tall and average-height people who have bad posture, make sure you have good posture not only good for your back but also maximizes your current height, also looking slightly up can make you look more confident and taller, and when talking with tall people try not being too close to them as this will force them to look down at you keeping a good distance so you appear taller in their eyes.

Advice for girls - Wear high heels lol

in all seriousness hope this can be helpful, if you are short like me 5'3 (161 cm) using these you can look to people as if i'm were 5'7 - 5'8, If you are around 5'7(170cm) and aren't using these for your advantage pls consider using them as being taller will only make you more attractive and have people listen what you have to say and respect you.

Appreciate you reading all this through, have a good rest of your day
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2023.02.03 01:21 Alwaysaloneforever97 Did I make a mistake? how important is dram for an SSD?

So I have two machines one running Linux mint, one running windows and both of them are literally separate desktops.
To make things easier, I decided I'd just do a dual boot system. I use linux mostly for work stuff. Windows for gaming. By work stuff I mean programming.
Well I was drinking and looking to get 2 new ssds, as these systems both have a WD blue 1TB HDD that are years old.
Well I ended up getting the "good" mx500 from crucial 500gb for putting linux mint on and using for programming, awesome, I thought. Don't need a TB for Linux and no gaming.
But I couldn't afford a 1TB mx500 for my windows machine (I'll be cloning the HDDs to the SSDs) so I ended up getting the Bx500.....
Then I sobered up the next day, and started reading and was proud of my mx500 purchase. But.... well, I hear the bx500 is crap.
All over reddit "dude bx500 is so crap, it is dramless dude it's like having a dinosaur computer!!!!"
"Dude no dram? Might as well of stayed with an HDD!"
Is this just tribalism lol are these people serious?
Is it not better than having a HDD? A old... noisy, HDD? Lol. That's all I care about.
Is a dramless ssd, slower, than a old Western Digital HDD? Is it really? People were saying this lol.
My windows 10 machine is my gaming machine tbh, and I do college work on it. It's slow as f on the hdd but will it really be even slower on the bx500? I have 16GB of ram on it btw.
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2023.02.03 00:44 Spagedward The Bard

The Bard
This is my best work so far. Out of maybe 150 tries. Here was my prompt. Second picture is my original image. Most of the images I get are complete garbage. I am trying to make P.C portraits for my DND group but its not working out too well.

“A long blonde hair, blue eyed, female half-elf. Wearing red studded leather armor with black knee high boots. Holding a lute. By a lake in the summer. Made in high quality fantasy art style.”

I have tried a bunch a variations on that prompt, like

“An illustration of a long blonde hair, blue eyed, female half-elf with a very detailed face. Wearing red studded leather armor with black knee high boots. Holding a lute in her hands. By a forest lake in the summer. Made in dungeons and dragons style.”

and produce trash.
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2023.02.03 00:29 MammothCaptain9 FBE Carnage Tour IV - Night 4 FBE Television Championship Qualifier T.M Imran vs Fruit Gambino Match Write Up BANGER

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. This is FBE Carnage Tour 4. Night 4. We are bringing you an outstanding card to end the Carnage Tour of 2023
We start with a Television Championship Qualifier. The winner of this one will head into a showdown for the Television Championship. These 2 competitors are no strangers to each other & winning this match holds great value for these men. These are 2 of the top stars in FBE & they both returned back to the company on this Incredible Carnage Tour. First up, it's Fruit Gambino, a former Intercontinental, X Division & Tag Team Champion. But somehow the Television Championship is a Championship that has eluded Gambino from its glory. Is tonight the night where Gambino gets 1 step closer to the glory of the Television Champion. In the other corner we've T.M Imran, a former Television Champion in his own right. Imran won the Television Championship to start last year's Carnage Tour. Imran had a very rollercoaster year since forfeiting the Television Title. A rollercoaster that kept him out of action for several weeks on several occasions but can T.M Imran take control of this wild ride by ending this year's Carnage Tour with a shot at the Television Championship. The last time these 2 met Fruit Gambino walked away with the win but this time it's not the same rookie T.M Imran. It's more focused, more hungry and a much better T.M Imran. So can T.M Imran get back his win? We'll find out tonight
Electric Eye hits the speakers but the initial Guitar String plays for an extended period of time. The stage entrance part is blocked by blue smoke. Blue spotlights roam around the arena. T.M Imran sprints through the gorilla position onto the stage. He goes on the right side of the stage with his hands raised, index & middle fingers making the "V" sign, playing up to the crowd. Imran walks up to the left side of the stage to mimic the same. Blue spotlight follows Imran around. T.M Imran walks back to the center of the stage, looking dashing in his outfit
Wrestling Trousers in fitting going with Orange as the main color. Dark Blue Knee Pads specifically stitched into the Trousers. Left Knee Pad has "B" and Right has "1" in Golden Printed in it. Dark Blue Socks with Special Wrestling Edition Laceless Sneakers with main color as Light Blue and side colors of Orange & Dark Blue. Sleeveless Orange Vest (Inspired from Shield's Dean Ambrose) with "T.M" logo ingrained in Gold on the Heart Area (Inspired from Golu in Dragonball). Wristbands with Dark Blue as main color and "T.M" Logo in Golden over it (John Cena inspired) For the entrance a Dark Blue Jacket with Orange as a side color & "T.M" logo at the back. A Cap with Orange and Blue color scheme and "T.M" Logo in Golden (Steve Austin inspired)
T.M slowly brings his right hand up into the "V" sign & then transitions it into a single handed gun shot to bring the gun shot taunt down & pointing towards the ring. Pyros breaks out. T.M takes off his Cap & stands still for a few seconds to take in the cheers from the fans. He marches down the aisle way under the spotlight, while fist bumping some fans in the crowd. T.M slides in the ring, walks in circles to all 4 sides of the ring while his right hand is raised high in the "V" taunt. T.M takes off his Cap & slides it out of the ring, followed by his jacket. Then T.M puts his right arm on the top & left leg on the second rope to stand on his toe to raise his left hand in the "V" sign again. T.M steps back in the middle of the ring as his music slowly turns off. The fans are showing great appreciation for this newly risen star in the last year
Madeon Finale rocks the fans for one of their favorite FBE stars. The music plays for nearly 30 seconds but the crowd is anxious to see their favorite. Finally Fruit Gambino rushes out of the curtains and in excitement jumps high, right at the center of the stage. This initiates a series of pyros. Fruit throws up his arms to play up the crowd. He takes a 360 spin on the stage. Fruit is looking excited and absolutely classy in his attires
Fruit Gambino is dressed up all in yellow for tonight. Yellow Boots, yellow trunks, yellow elbow pads and a yellow headband
Gambino walks the aisle way High Fiving his fans but instead of entering the ring. Fruit takes a round around the ring, high fixing the entire front row. At one point Fruit leans over to the barricade, takes off his headband and throws over to a young kid in the crowd. Fruit slides back in the ring, throwing his arms up, shaking the energy of the crowd
T.M Imran gets back in the ring. Fruit & Imran squares off. The 2 have a near 10 seconds head to head staredown. They both simultaneously whisper to each other with respect: "Good Luck but I'm going to beat you and go onto win the Television Championship. Emphasizing the importance of this bout. A Referee comes between them, telling them to back off. The 2 men slowly walk into their respective corners. Referee signals for the bell to ring. The bell rings and the match is underway
Fruit Gambino and T.M Imran advances forward to close the distance between each other. The 2 start walking in circles in the middle of the ring. Imran and Gambino cautiously scout each other's movements to make the first move. Fruit is very cautious to make the first physical interaction with T.M since there's a good size difference between the 2. Fruit is 5.11 feet and 200 LBS while T.M is 6.4 Feet and 250 LBS. Imran makes the first move to attempt a COLLAR & ELBOW TIE UP but Fruit smartly and instantly rushes for a SINGLE LEG TAKEDOWN. T.M Imran is caught off guard, Fruit has grabbed the right leg of the former TV Champion. Fruit tries to spin T.M down on the mat but somehow T.M maintains his balance. T.M holds onto the nearby ropes and leans onto it back first. Fruit is refusing to let go of the leg. The ref comes to separate Gambino from T.M with his counts 1-2-3-4. Gambino reluctantly lets go of the leg and steps back in the middle of the ring. Fruit yells: "Come on T.M! Let's try that again." This time Imran more cautiously advances to Fruit. They circle each other again. It seems like a "DeJa Vu" of the entire sequence moments ago is about to happen again. T.M tries to go for the COLLAR AND ELBOW TIE UP. Fruit dodges the lock up for a second SINGLE LEG TAKEDOWN attempt but Imran has his feet planted in the mat very well. Fruit fails to move T.M even a bit. Imran with his free leg nails Fruit with a brutal KNEE STRIKE to the forehead. Fruit is stunned and staggers back into the corner. Imran neutralizes Fruit with several CORNER PUNCHES. Imran IRISH WHIPS Fruit into the opposite corner. T.M goes for a RUNNING CORNER ATTACK at Fruit but misses as Fruit instantly goes between the ropes onto the apron. T.M collides head first in the top turnbuckle. Fruit with OVER THE TOP TURNBUCKLE EMZIGURI stuns the former TV Champion. T.M wobbles back into the middle of the ring. Fruit climbs to the top rope. God's Favorite Athlete with a DIVING CROSSBODY takes down T.M for a cover. 1-2-NO. Imran rolls through with Gambino in his arms, back on his feet. Imran puts Fruit on his shoulders for his finisher WEAK END (ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT INTO A BRAINBUSTER) but Fruit sides back into a ROLL UP COVER. 1-2-NO. Imran pushes Fruit out of the school boy into a SUNSET FLIP COVER. 1-2-NO. Gambino kicks out while rolling backwards to get back up all in one motion. Fruit transitions into a JACKKNIFE COVER. 1-2-NO. Imran with the strength of his feet, stretches up in the JACKKNIFE on his toes. Imran rolls Fruit down into a POWERBOMB POSITION. Imran with Fruit up for a POWERBOMB but Fruit fights back with PUNCHES. T.M loses his grip and balance. Fruit counters the POWERBOMB into a beautiful HURRICANRANA, sending T.M out of the ring through the ropes but Imran hangs on the ropes and safely lands both feet first on the mat. Crowd pops loud for this amazing smooth sequence between the 2 fan favorites.. (3:59)
T.M Imran walks near the barricade to catch his breath. He may have gotten way better from a year ago but underestimating Fruit can be a big mistake for him. Before T.M could even plan his next move. Fruit has gathered momentum by running between the ropes a couple of times. Fruit at full speed hit T.M with a SUICIDE DIVE. T.M hits the barricade hard with his back taking all the painful impact. In agony, T.M walks away from Fruit to the other side of the ring, near the aisleway. Instead of following T.M Imran. Fruit slides back into the ring. Fruit with a second SUICIDE DIVE attempt. T.M Imran storms into the ring and cuts off Fruit in the middle of the ring with a brutal SPINNING BACK ELBOW STRIKE. The impact of the strike was so brutal that it turned Fruit inside out, landing him awkwardly on his neck on the mat. Imran rolls Fruit over, hooks the inside leg for the cover. 1-2-NO. Fruit Gambino barely kicks out. T.M Imran crawls into the nearby corner. He starts sizing up Gambino, who slowly comes back to his senses. Gambino starts getting back up. Imran throws the GUN SHOT taunt at Fruit. Imran with a TIGER'S KNEE (BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE) but Gambino cuts T.M halfway with a brutal JUMPING ENZIGURI. T.M is stunned but still on his feet. Fruit runs the ropes, he comes to hit T.M but T.M shoves him in the opposite ropes, Gambino rebounds at T.M but T.M sends him in the ropes again. Gambino rebounds again but this time T.M catches him with a powerful SPINNING KNIFE EDGE CHOP. Out of the brutal impact upon connecting with the chop, Fruit bounces off the mat and lands on his neck on the mat. T.M Imran falls into the cover. 1-2-NO. Fruit gets the shoulder up right at 2.75. T.M Imran gets up, he's measuring up Fruit already. Fruit gets back up. Imran picks up Fruit for a WEAK END. Fruit with ELBOWS to the jaw, slides behind. Fruit nails multiple KNEE STRIKES to the ribs of T.M. Fruit with his full strength delivers an EXPLODED SUPLEX to T.M in the corner. T.M back & shoulders hit hard in the turnbuckles. Fruit rolls T.M in the position. He rolls to the apron. Fruit flies with a FRUIT8FLY (SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS) but T.M rolls out of the way. Fruit Gambino lands on his feet, rolls through. Imran is using the ropes to pull himself back up. Fruit with a RUNNING ATTACK on Imran but Imran BACK BODY DROPS Fruit over the ropes. Fruit uses the ropes to hang on. Fruit lands on his feet and catches a breath. T.M Imran sees this as his opportunity. T.M runs off the ropes leaps over the top rope with a TOPE SENTON but Fruit moves out of the way. Fans go wild as Imran lands right on his own 2 feet. Fruit is shocked as well. T.M turns to Fruit. Goes for a LARIAT but Fruit ducks it. Fruit jumps on and off the barricade to deliver a SPRINGBOARD ENZIGURI to T.M on the outside. T.M is stunned and goes down to 1 knee. Fruit starts climbing on the top ropes from the outside. The Ref is counting towards 10. "1-2-3-4.. "COME ON FRUIT GET INSIDE." Fruit with a BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE ROTATION MOONSAULT to the outside drops T.M. The fans break out in loud cheers at the action that's going on. After the MOONSAULT, T.M immediately clutched onto his right shoulder as it took the impact first. The ref is counting. 5-6-7-8.. Fruit sides back in and out to break the count. Fruit powers T.M up and sends him back in the ring. Fruit sees the opportunity, Fruit climbs the top turnbuckle. Fruit with a DIVING ELBOW DROP but Imran rolls out for Fruit to hit the mat. Imran pulls Fruit up into a PURGE ALARM (DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT) roll through into COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION (ELEVATED DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT). T.M Imran covers. 1-2-NO. Just in the nick of time, Fruit gets his shoulder up before the 3. It was so close that it pissed T.M off. He crawls into the corner, still favoring his right arm. T.M sets up for a TIGER'S KNEE. Fruit is using the turnbuckles to pull himself up. T.M changes in with a TIGER'S KNEE but Fruit ducks and rolls through. T.M hits his KNEE hard in the top turnbuckle. As T.M turns around he walks into an ENZIGURI to the previously targeted arm. T.M instantly grabs his arm. Fruit hits T.M with a pictured perfect SUPERKICK. T.M falls through the ropes to the outside before Fruit could grab him for a pin. Fruit instantly regrets the miss but he hasn't lost his focus. Fruit waits for T.M to get in the position. Fruit runs the ropes, collecting serious momentum after 3 run ups. Fruit with a SUICIDE DIVE but Imran blocks it with a JUMPING TIGER'S KNEE to Fruit in between the ropes. A senseless Fruit Gambino falls into the ropes (619 Position) as T.M sits on the apron, still favoring his right arm. (4:31)
Seeing Fruit vulnerable, T.M decides to go crazy to end this match. Imran gets on the second rope from the outside. He aims at Fruit in the ropes on the apron. T.M Imran huts Fruit with a DIVING KNÈE DROP TO FRUIT'S NECK. Fruit rolls back in the ring with the agony. He's gasping for air, plus his neck has taken another big hit. T.M Imran comes into the ring, rolls Fruit over for the cover. 1-2-NO. In the closest fall of the match so far, Fruit kicks out. T.M Imran is annoyed yet thrilled with the action. Imran gets back up, grabs Fruit's right arm and leg, rolls through with Fruit Gambino over his shoulders. T.M sets up for a WEAK END but Fruit with ELBOWS to the jaw fights out and slips in front with the right wrist of T.M in his hand. Fruit twists the rest and nails a flurry of kicks to the right arm of THE BETTER ONE. As T.M is unable to fight the assault. Fruit drops down T.M into a painful CROSS ARMBAR. The agony is extreme on T.M but T.M isn't willing to give up. He tries to stand up in the ARMBAR but the pressure from Fruit brings down T.M on the mat. Fruit hits T.M in the chest with a flurry of STOMPS in the ARMBAR before locking the ARMBAR with twice the tight grip. Fans are split between T.M & Fruit. Half of them cheering for Fruit &, half for Imran. Finally with the backing of his fans. Imran gets up to his knees while still in the ARMBAR. Fruit converts the CROSS ARMBAR into an ARMBAR CHOKE. Imran pushes Fruit's shoulders in the mat for a cover. 1-2-NO. Fruit pops the shoulder up. Imran pushes Fruit in the mat again for the cover. 1-NO. Fruit pops the shoulder again. Imran manages to stand up in the hold. Imran starts giving Fruit light impacted ONE HANDED POWERBOMBS in the mat. These BOMBS are light and half heighted but the mounting damage on Fruit's neck isn't light. After 5 BOMBS Fruit losses the grip. He lets T.M go. Fruit is favoring his neck on the mat and T.M does the same for his right hand. Moments later Imran pulls himself to the apron. He makes a slow climb to the top rope. Fruit barely gets to his feet. Fruit pulls the top rope down. T.M loses his balance and falls on the top turnbuckle. Fruit meets T.M on the top rope. Fruit attempts a SUPERPLEX but Imran hangs on. Imran with his right arm tries to break Fruit's grip but the arm isn't that strong after so much damage. So Imran with a flurry of LEFT BLOWS to Fruit's ribs blocks the SUPERPLEX. T.M Imran on the top rope sets up Fruit for an AVALANCHE PAK BOMB (AVALANCHE POWERBOMB). T.M Imran nails the AVALANCHE PAK BOMB but couldn't make the cover out of fatigue. Fruit is turned over his neck out of the brutal impact. Fans go absolutely wild at the action they're witnessing. (4:29)
The True Megastar rolls to the corner. He measures up Fruit with the 1 Handed GUNSHOT taunt. Fruit gets back up. Imran runs with the TIGER'S KNEE but Fruit dodges. Fruit nails T.M with a JUMPING EMZIGURI to the back of the head of T.M. The True Megastar is stunned. Fruit tries a CORNER SPRINGBOARD ENZIGURI. T.M moves out. Fruit lands on his knees before he can do much. T.M Imran runs into the ropes and nails a kneeling Fruit Gambino with a TIGER'S KNEE STRIKE (BICYCLE KNEE STRIKE). Imran falls in the cover. 1-2-NO. Gambino kicks out just before the 3. It was so close that Imran couldn't believe it. He asks the referee, "WAS IT A 3." The referee's denial upsets T.M Imran. He sets up for the final blow. The WEAK END is coming. Fruit gets back up. T.M gets Fruit up for the finish but Fruit grabs the ropes. He slides onto the apron. Fruit with OVER THE ROPES ENZIGURI sends T.M away. T.M us staggering on his feet. Fruit attempts a SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE but Imran moves out. Fruit rolls through. T.M tries to catch Fruit with a TIGER'S KNEE but Fruit is quick to act. He tries to trap T.M into a ROLLING KNEEBAR but before the hold is applied T.M Imran from the ground beautifully pulls Fruit arm first into a CROSSFACE before the KNEEBAR was in effect. Fruit is suffering absolute pain. He's grounded into the hold by a stronger opponent. Fruit's hand is shivering in the pain. He's close to tapping out but Fruit manages to grab the weak hand of T.M Imran. Fruit manages to break the grip but Imran instantly shifts to Fruit's right side, Imran locks the CROSSFACE again with his left hand locking the CHOKE and right hand holding the choke and left hand together. Now Fruit can't reach the bad arm of T.M. He can't even crawl towards the ropes but Fruit hasn't given up. Fruit rolls over in the CROSSFACE until he closes the distance to the ropes. At last Fruit gets his foot on the bottom rope to cause a rope break. The Referee tells T.M to break the hold. T.M let's it go at a 1 count. Fruit rolls to the apron and T.M catches the break on the mat. Moments later, T.M goes to pull Fruit Gambino over the ropes but Gambino hits T.M with an OVER THE ROPE STUNNER. T.M staggers back in the ring. Fruit flies with a SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR CROSSBODY. Dropping a standing T.M into a cover. 1-2-NO. T.M Imran rolls through with Fruit in his arms, just like how it was earlier in the match. T.M Imran puts Gambino over his shoulders. He goes for a WEAK END (ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT INTO A BRAINBUSTER) but Fruit flips out, lands on his feet. Fruit Gambino SUPERKICKS T.M in the targeted shoulder. T.M clings onto his shoulder. Fruit Gambino drops Imran with a second SUPERKICK. T.M Imran is in a perfect position. Fruit Gambino steps into the apron. Fruit Gambino with a FRUITIFY (SHOOTING STAR PRESS) hits T.M but Fruit hits his own knees hard on the mat. Out of the impact Fruit collapses backwards over his knees. Giving T.M enough time to roll halfway across the ring from Fruit. As Gambino recovers he rolls back on the apron. He's favoring his neck and knees but he's running on pure adrenaline now. Imran is halfway across the ring from Fruit but God's Favorite Athlete loves challenges. Fruit Gambino flies with another FRUITIFLY (SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS). Fruit covers the distance but just as he's coming down on T.M. The True Megastar moves out of the way, just enough for Fruit to hit the mat and T.M Imran grabbing Fruit's arm. T.M Imran locks Fruit Gambino into a unique submission. T.M Imran locks Fruit Gambino in a CROSSFACE and DRAGON SLEEPER HYBRID. Fruit can't reach for Imran's weak arm anymore. He can't use his upper body to roll or crawl for the rope break. The ropes aren't far away but T.M Imran has smartly trapped Fruit Gambino. After a good bit of trying. Fruit Gambino passes out in the devastating hold to T.M Imran. The Referee calls for the bell. (6:30)
T.M Imran def. Fruit Gambino (19:29)
T.M Imran lets Fruit Gambino out as the announcement starts. The crowd cheers big time for such an incredible performance by these 2. T.M Imran is laying on the mat, with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. As he can feel the Television Championship being just 1 step away from him. A Championship that he never lost in the first place. T.M Imran gets back on his knees. He taps the mat a few times out of excitement. The Referee raises Imran's hands in the victory. Imran takes a loot at an unconscious Fruit Gambino. Who now is awake and pulling himself back up using the ropes. Fruit stumbles back into Imran. He turns around right into starring T.M Imran. With immense respect in his eyes Fruit Gambino offers Imran a handshake. Imran has come a long way from their last bout. T.M Imran accepts Fruit Gambino's handshake. Fruit raises Imran's hand and leaves as THE CLASS COMPETITOR he is. Gambino leaves to the back. Moments later, T.M Imran gets out of the ring and starts walking the aisle way while throwing his hand up for his fans. Imran gets to the stag, throws up a "V" sign and leaves to the back
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2023.02.03 00:21 Kaddynn Wildlife Collision Season 1: Dolphins - Episode 5 (Meetup)

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Wildlife Collision UHC Season 1. For those who don't know, Wildlife Collision is an ultrahardcore Recorded Round Organized by Kaddyn, nug17, and brinkwhy. In this season we will be doing a Rigged Team of 3 using the scenario Dolphin.
Dolphin: You will get Dolphins Grace Permanently when crafting leather books that won't ever break. Taking off the Leather boots will get rid of your grace and give you weakness 1, you can only eat fish plus gaps as well ,Plus a water-breathing turtle helm with permanent effects.
*Bold = Highlighted
Team Color
Team 1: Yellow
BlueSparkss Late
TheSlimeBrother Ep5
Blufferfish2009 Episode 5
Team 2: Light Gray
DogofKrondor Slain by Broccoliar
Kaimaxon Lost Footage
IdkKiller Late
Team 3: Blue
benidk Episode 5
Evzenitable Episode 4 and 5
fruitlogic Episode 5
Team 4: Dark Gray
broccoliar Episode 4
nug17 Full Footage
pkee Episode 5
Team 5: Orange
AlesandroDeMoor Lost Footage
Buildingbard300 Lost Footage
Forgot_N Battle on the Seas
Team 6: Lime
78Ford Episode 5
Kaddyn Episode 5
Flouzemaker at?
Team 7: Red
ArcticSeagull Late
CodeJoshua Abandon Ship
MinimanTurtle Lost Footage
1mmortal Ep 5 and 6 Combined
petdemon Full Footage at the end
Shakster Episode 5
Bornyo Late
Previous Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 :-:- IntroLink


Organization - Kaddyn, Nug17, and brinkwhy
Host/Coding - 78Ford
Intro - Codwhy
Renders - Brodator
Logo - BlueSparkss
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2023.02.02 23:21 Kicka14 PC freezing at startup when Windows spinning dots come up

Every time I boot my PC, it freezes when Windows tries to load (see video below).
I suspect that despite having auto windows update turned off, it maybe tried to do it anyway and ran into an error (I cant confirm though). I woke up yesterday morning after leaving my PC on all night, and the screen was just black with my RGB reset (meaning the PC probably restarted and since Windows didn't log in, my profiles havent applied)
I can get into BIOS fine, no issues
I cannot get into Safe Mode using the power off three times trick. It freezes at the same point
If the Automated Repair comes up, it again freezes at the spinning dots
I tried creating a Windows 10 bootable USB so I can run the repair tools, access cmd, reinstall windows if needed, etc. But it also freezes at the dots still.
I disabled my SSD in BIOS, changed boot options etc. so that it will boot straight to the usb.. same issue. Freezing dots.
SOMETIMES it will not freeze and just spin for 10 mins for which i am met with a blue screen saying Stop code: DRIVER_PNP_WATCHDOG
Any suggestions here? I feel like I have exhausted all my options.
Could it be the CPU? I figured if it's a motherboard issue that I wouldn't even be able to get into BIOS.
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2023.02.02 22:33 Mathishian29 Watched 150 Movies in 30 Days & Rated Them

Technically its 160 movies in 31 days, averaging about 5 movies a day for every day in January.
The Rating is based on my own enjoyment in a 1 to 10 scale, and a simple Good or Bad after.
A couple will be rated 0 with HATE, as a way to say I did not care to rate them because I hated the movie after I was done watching.
Jan 1st:
Extinction (2018) 5/10 Bad
Triangle (2009) 7/10 Good
Time Trap (2017) 6/10 Bad
ARQ (2016) 6/10 Bad
Pandorum (2009) 6/10 Bad
Jan 2nd:
Enter Nowhere (2011) 6/10 Bad
In the Tall Grass (2019) 4/10 Bad
Howl (2015) 4/10 Bad
Wrong Turn (2003) 4/10 Bad
Haunter (2013) 2/10 Bad
Jan 3rd:
Carriers (2009) 5/10 Good
Evil Dead (2013) 4/10 Bad
Wind Chill (2007) 5/10 Bad
Self/less (2015) 6/10 Good
The Thing (1982) 4/10 Bad
No One Lives (2012) 0/10 HATE
Jan 4th:
Haunt (2019) 5/10 Bad
Swiss Army Man (2016) 7/10 Good
Next (2007) 5/10 Bad
Peppermint (2018) 6/10 Bad
Dead Man's Shoes (2004) 6/10 Bad
The Brave One (2007) 5/10 Bad
Jan 5th:
Honest Thief (2020) 5/10 Bad
A Vigilante (2018) 2/10 Bad
Moon (2009) 5/10 Bad
The Last Days on Mars (2013) 4/10 Bad
I Spit on Your Grave (2010) 5/10 Bad
Jan 6th:
Eagle Eye (2008) 7/10 Good
Premium Rush (2012) 6/10 Bad
Cold Pursuit (2019) 8/10 Good
The Foreigner (2017) 5/10 Bad
The Drop (2014) 6/10 Good
Jan 7th:
The Menu (2022) 3/10 Bad
Us (2019) 4/10 Bad
The Nines (2007) 2/10 Bad
Faults (2014) 0/10 HATE
The Pale Blue Eye (2022) 5/10 Bad
Jan 8th:
Captain Fantastic (2016) 3/10 Good
No Escape Room (2018) 4/10 Bad
13 Sins (2014) 5/10 Good
Splinter (2008) 5/10 Bad
Love and Monsters (2020) 7/10 Bad
Jan 9th:
Underwater (2020) 6/10 Good
Truth or Dare 4/10 Bad
The Descent (2005) 4/10 Bad
The Hunter's Prayer (2017) 4/10 Bad
Odd Thomas (2013) 5/10 Good
Jan 10th:
The Salvation (2014) 5/10 Good
Gangster Squad (2013) 6/10 Good
Faster (2010) 6/10 Good
Revenge (2017) 5/10 Bad
Blood Father (2016) 6/10 Good
Jan 11th:
Point Blank (2019) 5/10 Bad
Standoff (2016) 5/10 Bad
Black and Blue (2019) 4/10 Bad
The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) 6/10 Good
Stir of Echoes (1999) 5/10 Good
Jan 12th:
On the Line (2022) 4/10 Bad
The Tournament (2009) 4/10 Bad
Whiteout (2009) 4/10 Bad
Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) 0/10 Hate
District 9 (2009) 7/10 Good
Jan 13th:
Green Room (2015) 7/10 Good
Devil (2010) 5/10 Bad
The Void (2016) 2/10 Bad
1922 (2017) 4/10 Good
Crawl (2019) 6/10 Bad
Jan 14th:
Lights Out (2016) 5/10 Bad
Insidious (2010) 4/10 Bad
Insidious: Chapter 2 5/10 Bad
The Conjuring (2013) 6/10 Good
The Conjuring 2 (2016) 5/10 Bad
Jan 15th:
Shadow in the Cloud (2020) 5/10 Bad
Mayhem (2017) 5/10 Bad
The Boy (2016) 4/10 Bad
Annabelle (2014) 4/10 Bad
Annabelle Comes Home (2019) 4/10 Bad
Jan 16th:
Orphan (2009) 4/10 Bad
Pet Sematary (2019) 4/10 Bad
127 Hours (2010) 4/10 Good
Overlord (2018) 4/10 Bad
Ouija (2014) 4/10 Bad
Jan 17th:
Puss in Boots: Last Wish (2022) 7/10 Good
Sick (2022) 3/10 Bad
The Vanished (2020) 6/10 Good
Spectral (2016) 5/10 Bad
Escape Room (2017) 0/10 Bad
Jan 18th:
Red Eye (2005) 4/10 Bad
Locke (2013) 5/10 Good
As Above, So Below (2014) 5/10 Bad
Acts of Vengeance (2017) 4/10 Bad
Assault on Wall Street (2013) 6/10 Bad
Jan 19th:
Gattaca (1997) 4/10 Bad
The Naked Gun (1988) 3/10 Bad
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) 4/10 Bad
The Martian (2015) 7/10 Good
Mortal Kombat (2021) 4/10 Bad
A Single Shot (2013) 3/10 Bad
Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) 4/10 Good
The Night House (2020) 6/10 Good
Child's Play (2019) 5/10 Bad
The Possession (2012) 4/10 Bad
Solace (2015) 6/10 Good
Thirteen Lives (2022) 7/10 Good
Deepwater Horizon (2016) 7/10 Good
Everest (2015) 7/10 Good
Bone Tomahawk (2015) 6/10 Good
The Finest Hours (2016) 6/10 Bad
San Andreas (2015) 6/10 Bad
The 33 (2015) 5/10 Bad
Only the Brave (2017) 6/10 Good
Geostorm (2017) 5/10 Bad
The Boondock Saints (1999) 7/10 Good
The Boondock Saints II (2009) 5/10 Bad
Arctic (2018) 2/10 Bad
Into the White (2012) 7/10 Good
Alpha (2018) 5/10 Bad
The Girl with All the Gifts (2016) 0/10 Hate
Predestination (2014) 8/10 Good
M3GAN 6/10 Good
Against the Sun (2014) 3/10 Bad
Kill Command (2016) 2/10 Bad
Dark Skies (2013) 3/10 Bad
The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014) 2/10 Bad
Paycheck (2003) 2/10 Bad
Still Alice (2014) 5/10 Good
Ex Machina (2014) 4/10 Bad
Scary Movie V (2013) 3/10 Bad
Mute (2018) 5/10 Bad
Murder Mystery (2019) 3/10 Bad
Life of Brian (1979) 3/10 Bad
Criminal (2016) 4/10 Bad
Togo (2019) 8/10 Good
Mr. Right (2015) 7/10 Good
The Call of the Wild (2020) 5/10 Bad
What They Had (2018) 5/10 Good
Killing Them Softly (2012) 3/10 Bad
Colombiana (2011) 5/10 Bad
Sully (2016) 7/10 Good
Kill Me Three Times (2014) 5/10 Bad
Krampus (2015) 5/10 Good
Danger Close (2019) 5/10 Good
Bloody Hell (2020) 7/10 Good
Palm Springs (2020) 6/10 Bad
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (2009) 4/10 Bad
Long Story Short (2021) 6/10 Good
Premonition (2007) 3/10 Bad
Hidden (2015) 3/10 Bad
Morgan (2016) 3/10 Bad
The One I Love (2014) 5/10 Good
Absolutely Anything (2015) 2/10 Bad
Race to Witch Mountain (2009) 4/10 Bad
Feast (2005) 5/10 Bad
Happy Death Day 2U (2019) 3/10 Bad
He Never Died (2015) 8/10 Good
She Never Died (2019) 4/10 Bad
Naked (2017) 5/10 Good
Meet Cute (2022) 5/10 Good
The Fare (2018) 5/10 Bad
The Final Girls (2015) 3/10 Bad
Final Words: Movies are still fun to watch
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2023.02.02 22:12 Isilnyor Finished My New Build

Finished My New Build
  • Case - Hyte Y60
  • Motherboard - MSI Z690 Edge WiFi DDR4
  • CPU - Intel i7-13700k
    • Cooler - Corsair H115i Platinum with 4 x Corsair ML140 RGB Elite in Push/Pull
  • GPU - MSI SUPRIM X GeForce RTX 4090
  • RAM - 4 x 16 GB Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB @ 3600Mhz
  • Storage
    • 1TB Samsung 980 as boot drive
    • 3 x 1TB Samsung 970 Evo running in RAID0 because I like having it all as one logical disk in Windows and I had the 970s laying around from other projects.
    • 2 x 1TB SanDisk Ultra SSD running in RAID0
    • 4TB Western Digital Blue HDD for document storage
  • Additional Cooling - 2 x Corsair QL140 intaking from the bottom. 2 x Corsair LL120 on the 4090's radiator with an additional LL120 as top exhaust to complete the 360mm of space up top.
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