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2023.02.03 06:31 kimshall [TOMT] [MOVIE] I've seen this movie as an ad on Instagram

Hi All!
I'm looking for a movie/tv show that I don't know much about. It was an ad on Instagram about some novel? But it's not connected.
There is a blonde guy there and a young girl. It's only like four scenes...
One is when a guy is cooking, there are eggs around him, so let's say an omelette and it seems like a pregnant? girl comes in.
The second scene is when both of them are smiling and looking at other couple holding a baby.
In the next one they're kissing in the kitchen and cookies are falling out of guy's plate (lol).
Last is when they're in the car, pouring rain is seen behind rear window. I think both of them are crying actually. Girl is covering her face. Then the guy wants to calm her down and leave the vehicle?
I have no idea what it might be. The genre is probably drama. I don't recognize any actors.

Here is the link to screenshots
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2023.02.03 06:31 Dr-Edward-Poe How do vampires deal with True Faith?

Pretty much the title.
My understanding of it is that someone with True Faith would touch a vampire, and the vampire would burn. OK, just don't get close to someone with True Faith; shouldn't be hard, especially for us Haqimi or Tremere. Another ability granted by True Faith is that the users can resist some mind-control disciplines such as Dominate. There are work arounds for that as well; people have loved ones. It would be a shame if something were to happen to one of them. True Faith also allows them to brandish holy symbols and, by doing so, ward off vampires; specifically, the vampire has to step back. The numder of steps is equal to the True Faith user's number of successes; again, there are work arounds. I don't have to be next to you to hurt you. I can use guns, knives, flamethrowers, and this little thing called BLOOD SORCERY.
Then, there's this:

How do you fight this shit? I get the mechanical aspect of it in gameplay, but that's not what I mean. I'm referring to the lore of it. Suppose that a super old vampire rolls up and decides to take on a guy who has this ability, how can said vampire counter it? What if an Antediluvian shows up? Does this affect them as well? Or are they too powerful? Can I simply blast some SUPER loud music, so I don't hear the person's voice, thereby rendering their ability useless?
Then, there's the whole thing with Fatima al-Faqadi. For those of you who don't know, she's a member of my clan, an old one at that. She fought on the muslims' side during the first Crusade. She is one of those super faithful, muslim Haqimis who left when Ur-Shulgi showed up and started the whole, "You should worship Haqim. Who the fuck is this Allah dude?!" Fatima tried to go to Makeh, as a form of pilgrim; however, she couldn't get very close because of this whole True Faith thing. Instead, she stayed in a cave, near the city. How does this part work? Does True Faith prevent access to places as well? Is it similar to how the Tremere can prevent access to places? Or does it work differently? Can it be broken like a spell?
Interesting side note: Out of character time, the prophet Mohammad used to pray in a cave near Makeh, and that's where he was first contacted by Allah via Gabriel. I wonder if the whole Fatima going to a cave thing is an accident or on purpose. I can't really tell. WoD tends to fuck up a lot when it comes to the Middle East stuff, so it can be an accident, but it's way too specific to be an accident.
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2023.02.03 06:29 tyricgaius Mushoku Tensei Jumpchain Version 0.2 Build

Mushoku Tensei Jumpchain Build
  1. Battle Aura/Magic System (Free)
  2. Laplace Factor (Free)
  3. Hidden Existence (Free)
  4. Language Comprehension (Free)
  5. Peak Performance (100 CP)
  6. Bafflingly Likeable (100 CP)
  7. Natural Attractiveness (100 CP)
  8. Impossible Dedication (200CP)
  9. Lessons Learned (200 CP)
  10. Precognitive Instinct (200 CP)
  11. Unique Magic (400 CP): Spatial Magic
  1. Master Artisan (100 CP)
  2. Unified Specialty (200 CP)
  1. Saint-Rank Magician (Free)
  2. Silent-Casting (100 CP)
  3. Different Mask (100 CP)
  4. Team Tactics (200 CP)
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2023.02.03 06:28 LibrarianRettic [HIRING] Cover Commissions for Desert Fantasy

Seeking an artist to design and illustrate multiple covers for my self-pubbed fantasy series which will be releasing over the course of this year and beyond. This will be primarily through Amazon’s KDP, in formats for e-books, paper-back and hardcover. As part of this I would need full rights transfer of the work, along with (if possible) individual assets/layers that are contained in it for use on social media for promotion etc.
I’ve already had work done previous with an artist I connected with through this sub and loved it, (you can see it here if you like: ) however we’ve had to part ways as they’ve found a full-time role and it looks like they won’t have the time for it. Hoping to keep the artstyle fairly similar, but I’d primarily looking for works of this style for the first cover I have in mind as seen here.
This would be a cover depicting an enormous steampunk-ish walking fortress striding across a desert of deep orange/red dunes in the midst of a sandstorm, with a character standing on a clifftop in the foreground/lower ¼ of frame looking out towards it. This scene would cross the spine of the book and continue onto the back cover, where elements of the previous work would be present.
In future covers I’d be looking at things along the lines of sci-fi city ruins heavily buried in desert sands, or even arcane and unnatural phenomena such as frozen lightning, otherworldly monoliths or bodiless shadows.
Here’s a rough sketch of the composition to show what I had in mind, but because I’m better with the words than a pencil I feel the point of view is a bit off (too high, I think) and I forgot to leave room in the composition for the title. I’m hoping this is something we’ll be able to sort out once we get into the nuts and bolts of it.
I’d be looking at working closely with you and getting an understanding or even (if possible) a look in at your process of creation, providing feedback along the way but also hearing your vision for the work and what you think would really take it up a notch.
I’m looking to have this turned around in 8 weeks from contract start, but if it’s possible to do it in 6 that would be awesome too. I’ll be releasing the aforementioned novella at the beginning of March and would be looking to follow up with this novel shortly after, and would then look to contract more work from you for the next novel that would release approximately 3-4 months after that, with more following in that pattern.
As these are for full hardcopy covers that might require a bit of finagling and formatting, I expect they’ll be a decent bit of effort put into it, so I’ve budgeted around $1000USD or more depending on the scope of work we can outline and the rates you’d generally work at.
As mentioned in the timeline section, I’ve got multiple novels on the backburner waiting for covers to be slapped onto them and I’m producing more everyday. I’m taking a good tilt at being a fulltime self-pubber in the fantasy genre so I’ll be looking to spit out a novel every 3-4 months depending on how fast I can get it through the production stages, and I’ve already got two that are nearly ready to go. This means that I’d like to be working with an artist long term to keep a consistent style and understand the overall vision I have for the world.
I’ve got a website this time around so you can read about it there and look at a picture of me looking all scrubbed up for my wedding from last October: About — Jonathan Weiss
I’d love to see your portfolio, with an emphasis on works or concept arts set in deserts, apocalyptic settings, rust-punk type machinery, book covers you’ve previously worked on, or long term projects you’ve had experience with. Bonus if you’ve got any funky weapons concepts or character work you like(non-anime/manga style, sorry folks!)
I’ll make sure to consider and look over all that post here, because I’m always amazed and almost overwhelmed by the amount of talent, passion and skill that is on show. I will also note that I’m an Australian, so time zones are going to be a touch wonky at times. Anyway, thank you for reading this far! Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your portfolio.
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2023.02.03 06:25 Wanderingghost12 [TOMT][Movie] Is "The Invitation" (2022) a plot from something else?

I swear I'm having deja Vu. Maybe a spoiler? My partner is watching the 2022 "The Invitation" and I swear I have seen a TV show episode or a movie recently where a poorer person takes a DNA test and connects with people that they assume are family through some chat feature, but when they meet up they seem to love her and jump at the opportunity to invite them to a "family function" but it's basically just kidnapping. It doesn't have anything to do with vampires (like the new movie), but I think if I remember correctly there is a potential murder involved. WHAT AM I THINKING OF. I swear I'm having deja Vu. And no it's not Our Father, though maybe my brain is combining it with something else....
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2023.02.03 06:23 Zercon-Flagpole Don Quixote translation by Edith Grossman

Hey everyone. I've recently decided to start on Don Quixote soon. I like to listen to audiobooks while I read and so novels that have originated in other languages can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to finding the right audio. Does anyone happen to know if there is a popular audiobook derived from this translation?
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2023.02.03 06:14 snoofling Channing Tatum and Roxane Gay are writing a "fun and sexy" romance novel together
“She has almost a roughed-out outline of a story that we both love,” he told Vanity Fair. “We just got to find time to do it. She’s the busiest, she’s way busier than I am.”
Even better: Gay told Vanity Fair that Tatum “went out of his way to ensure they were paid equally” for the project. “For whatever reason, he is intimately aware of his privilege,” Gay said. “He doesn’t apologize for it, which is, frankly, refreshing. Like, you’re an absurdly attractive famous wealthy white man. Please don’t pretend that isn’t great. But he treats people well.”
We stan our woke Charming Tater
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2023.02.03 06:08 midknifex [US][SELLING] Love Me Love Me Not, Magical Girl Apocalypse, Devils Line, High School of the Dead, Ubel Blatt 0, Vagabond 37, Made in Abyss, Chibi Vampire, Vampire Knight and some freebies with any purchase!!
Manga For Sale
Love Me Love Me Not vol 1-5 - $55 shipped
Magical Girl Apocalypse vol 1-10,12,13 - $130 shipped
Devils Line vol 1-13 - $110 shipped
High School of The Dead (SEALED) vol 1-7 - $300 shipped and insured thru priority mail
Ubel Blatt vol 0 - $10 shipped
Vagabond vol 37 - $130 shipped
Made in Abyss vol 3-8 - $100 shipped
Chibi Vampire vol 1-14 - $100 shipped
Vampire Knight vol 16 - $30 shipped
Freebies with any purchase
First come first serve comment which vol you want
Sugar Sugar Rune vol 1
Fairy Tail 100 years quest vol 1
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2023.02.03 06:06 ChronicallyIllBadAss (F4A) vampire falls in love with a chronically ill human

(F4A) vampire falls in love with a chronically ill human
Hi, so a little bit about me. I am 20, and would like you to be at least 18 or older. This is more story than sex. It is also long term. I prefer discord and write in 3rd person pov only. I also write many paragraphs to a paragraph per response and expect the same. These will both be long term.
Role: M/c is a new student at y/c’s high school or collage. They start to get along when y/c becomes curious about the human who smells like a hospital. Having cystic fibrosis means m/c uses an oxygen tank and many others ways to treat her illness. Which is were her smell comes in. This also causes her to stick out to people her own age. Which in turn they avoid like the plague. As time goes on our characters start to become friends. Y/c secret still just that, a secret. Until m/c’s health gets worse which causes the first of many fights about letting y/c change m/c The fight leads to m/c admitting she loves y/c and always has. This only complicates things as m/c health gets worse over time leaving her in need of new lungs or immortality. Though it isn’t until she is told new lungs aren’t coming that she agrees to be changed but only after asking why it matters so much to you.
Role #2 Y/c has been in Love with m/c for years. A century even. Everytime m/c dies y/c goes on a journy to find her again hoping she remembers something of their lives and love. So imagine his surprise when he finds her again only to realize she is dying. While trying to convince her to love him she finds a photo album. It’s full of pictures of y/c and a woman. She is different every time. Though only to the rest of the world. Now he has to explain his secret and that he has been dating different recantations of her. Now he has to choose change her or search for her again?
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2023.02.03 06:05 Dogman005 Who Is Fredbear and How FNAF World Connects to FNAF 3 and 4 (Theory)

Who Is Fredbear and How FNAF World Connects to FNAF 3 and 4 (Theory)

I’ve been rewatching a lot of theory videos and I think I’ve come up with some conclusions that may help people with their theories and maybe help me make sense with some things I’m still struggling trying to figure out with the timeline.
I feel a big chunk of the game’s story can be revealed in 3 games: FNAF 3, FNAF 4, and FNAF World. These three games are heavily connected and with the logbook it reveals so much about what’s happening not only in these games but the other games as well.
A lot of theories I’ve seen have pointed out the clock ending in FNAF World where Fredbear glitches out and sends the player on another quest to “leave breadcrumbs for him, to help him find his way.” Many people, including me, believe this to be the key to how we free the crying child in FNAF 3, but there’s more.
The dialogue given to you at the beginning and end of FNAF World is the same thing said at the end of Night 6 in FNAF 4, so it would be safe to assume the speaker is the Fredbear plush talking as he is the one saying this in FNAF 4.
But something we missed in FNAF World is that there are two people talking to us just like in FNAF 4.
The hex code for FNAF 4’s Fredbear plush changes from yellow before Nights 1-5 to a cream color after Night 6.
Once I saw the dialogue in FNAF World was mimicking the one FNAF 4 I went back and looked at all the conversations with Glitched Fredbear and I realized there’s a clear difference in attitude between who’s speaking during the gameplay and who’s speaking at the beginning and end.
When Fredbear speaks to us in World, I wouldn’t say he’s mean but he’s kinda harsh and brutally honest to what’s going on and he’s always telling you what you should do next. These characteristics of Glitched Fredbear are the same characteristics the Fredbear plush has when he talks to the crying child in the minigames of FNAF 4 (before the bite).
The eyes in the dark starting FNAF World are reminiscent of the dark void the crying child and the plushies were in at the end of the 4th game. And the person talking has the same text and protective nature in its dialogue.
Two people are trying to help The Crying Child. One is more protective, and the other is aggressive.
Let’s talk about the identity of the Fredbear plush.
I think there’s a spirt in possession of the plush and there’s another that’s “pulling the strings” as Glitched Fredbear would put it. Fredbear is possessed by Cassidy, however the one speaking at the end of Night 6 and at the very beginning and end of FNAF World is Charlotte.
The plush is essentially Golden Freddy from what we know from UCN’s Golden Freddy Easter Egg connecting to Fredbear, the ending cutscene with Golden Freddy twitching in the darkness connects to The One You Should Not Have Killed, the security logbook’s faded text is the 5th victim, and it just makes logical sense from a design standpoint that the golden plush that can teleport is the golden animatronic that can teleport. It also watches you, transforms, and talks to the crying child without even being in the room, which are all things Golden Freddy could do. And Charlie undeniably has a role to play because of The Happiest Day and her role as a character.
With that being said, I also believe Golden Freddy was the one at the window in Midnight Motorist.
It can’t be a normal animatronic because it was raining during the minigame so anything else would breakdown in the rain, including Afton in a springlock suit. Plus, the footprints are stationary, so whatever was there seemed to have disappeared in its tracks. Shadow Freddy is another likely option, but I feel Golden Freddy makes more sense in relation to The Crying Child particularly.
This would mean the Missing Children Incident had to have taken place before FNAF 4, and a lot of evidence shows it too.
(A lot of people believe it to take place in 1985 because it shows up in the novel trilogy and Fazbear’s Frights, but I believe that’s because, unlike the games, there aren’t two incidents with dead kids like in the books, so Scott combined the two into one incident. Plus 85 is evenly in the middle between 83 and 87. Idk, this part is personal interpretation)
Pigtail girl telling us the rumor of the animatronics coming to life at night and The Crying Child is traumatized by something he saw regarding the springlock suits.
But I think the most important evidence is that The Crying Child also talks of his friends being the other animatronic plushes in his room.
I believe they are representations of his friends that were taken by William and stuffed in the suits. We see it repeated at the end of Night 6, again in FNAF World, and we even see them freed with the Crying Child in the Happiest Day.
Think about the fact that we can’t save The Crying Child until we save the other four kids so they can come to the party. The biggest evidence for the MCI occurring around the time of The Crying Child’s birthday is the very fact that the pieces themselves are pieces of the missing children’s incident.
Balloon Boy (Most likely at the first Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza since he can be considered canon in FNAF 4)
The order of deaths of the four children possessing Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy (evidence for this comes from the layout in Give Gifts, Give Life and FNAF AR combined with Susie being confirmed to be first, Pizza Party in FNAF VR being Gabriel’s death, and the rest of the order is confirmed on a board in Security Breach
4 Cupcakes for 4 of the missing children (the 5th appears in the Chica’s Party minigame following you)
The hex code for purple reversed (“Reversing” what the Purple Guy had done)
“Shadow Freddy” or in this case, Spring Bonnie lurking in the shadows and in the safe room
From what we see in those minigames in FNAF 3 it looks like the kids are within the Crying Child’s memories as the stages from the minigames look similar to the locations in FNAF 4’s gameplay and minigames, including Happiest Day.
The Happiest Day is a reverse of Fredbear's
Carlton with The Missing Children in The Fourth Closet graphic novel
In the third FNAF novel The Fourth Closet Carlton is injected with remnant and is able to go into the MCI kid’s’ memories and is able to manipulate them into helping the spirits fight back William. Same thing happens with Jake within the Stitchwraith in Fazbear’s Frights. I think it’s trying to tell us what’s happening here.
In Sister Location, Michael is scooped and Ennard takes his body. We know Michael from that point forward was infused with remnant and he ended up possessing his own body. Because of the remnant Michael could have experienced some of the missing kid’s memories along with The Crying Child’s like we see with Carlton and Larson in the books. It would explain the Security Logbook, how Michael could help set up the Happiest Day in FNAF 3, and why he has reoccurring nightmares.
In the logbook there’s official art that’s mostly Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza themed but some Circus Baby stuff too. For every night that shows Foxy in what looks like the FNAF 3 office or a location similar to it and Foxy on night one is shown reading a magazine that’s referenced in Sister Location.
Throughout the book you have Mike in red ink draw doodles of many things but the two most important as Nightmare Fredbear and the eggsotic butters. From this we know at this point he’s seen the Nightmares and Sister Location has already happened.
I think FNAF World’s clock ending story takes place shortly before or during FNAF 3 based on Foxy being in FNAF 3’s office is most likely being a parallel to Michael in FNAF 3. I think it’s placed here because within the logbook Cassidy (faded text) is asking The Crying Child (altered text) questions about his past and what he sees and hears in the state that he’s in.
If you put the minigames and the memories in context, because of the remnant injection from Sister Location, Michael is able to see the past events of FNAF through the minigames. In FNAF 3’s Follow Me minigames the “pieces” were given to us in the hallway near Foxy’s Pirate Cove. The same pieces you put into place in FNAF World to free The Crying Child and the other kids’ souls.
Cassidy plays a different role but is a huge part in this too. We know now that Cassidy wants to torment William beyond death, so her vengefulness could explain why she’s not shown in The Happiest Day as she is not looking to move on (although she might be present through the kids in the Mediocre Melodies masks). She might not have been friends with The Crying Child and the others before she died (similar to Andrew and Jake) which may explain why she’s not included in The Happiest Day but she still apart of the missing five.
Something else I’ve noticed in my research is just how similar FNAF World and Ultimate Custom Night is. The inclusion and connection of Old Man Consequences, the various FNAF World characters that show up on your desk, the character roster, and the 8-Bit Freddy Trophy you earn in FNAF World from what you do in UCN makes me think both games are creations of Cassidy’s (TOYSNHK) for entirely different purposes.

Top: OMC in FNAF World, Bottom: OMC in UCN
FNAF World Characters that can appear on your desk in UCN
Whatever realm FNAF World and UCN are set in, it can be affected by the outside world (the real world).
The spirits can’t affect anything from where they are, so with Michael connected with remnant he can manipulate the outside world in FNAF 3 to free The Crying Child and the missing children.
This was a huge theory and I have other theories on the timeline I’ve been think about for months so let me know what your thoughts are.
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2023.02.03 06:05 Due-Honey4650 The joy of experiencing the truth of the old statement of how being "overqualified" is near enough as bad as "under"

I'm a licensed teacher. Postgraduate professional licensure.
Two Master's degrees:
My first thesis an excerpt of a novel that ended up being represented and requested for consideration for publication by HarperCollins Children and three imprints of Penguin Random House. Despite the rejections that followed, having written something that editors at imprints of the biggest publishing conglomerate in the world would consider worthy enough to take the time to read is still an accomplishment (I'm working on editing based on their feedback and trying again, btw).
My second Master's thesis was formulated on a theory I created that impressed my department so much that it is now being used as teaching material for a number of classes at my alma mater.
I spent two years as an Adjunct English Professor.
The rest of my history basically affirms to me how I was antiwork before I even knew what antiwork was. I went to undergraduate and studied Creative Writing because it was what I enjoyed. I never had the mindset that university was for qualifying for a particular career that would yield a job right after where I would plant myself and stay forever because that's just what good, dutiful drones do.
I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated. And that was fine. I just spent the following years pursuing what I loved, which was education, in general. The field was fascinating to me and I wanted to have many different experiences and just learn....for me, learning wasn't just something one does to get skills to make a career and a job and an income. It was just a lifetime passion.
As such, I went after these experiences. I spent seven years in early childhood settings. I often chose places where the kids were underserved and troubled; as such, these environments weren't what really anyone can sustain long-term, so I moved around as I saw fit because I always felt that I was entitled to do so; when a situation no longer worked for me, or the working conditions or posturing of the administration proved to be unsatisfactory, I simply chose to move on.
And I got my Master's degrees. I decided to do the adjunct thing, because I enjoyed it. The happiest time was when I was a preschool teacher during the day, and a professor at night. However, the time came when the low wages, lack of security, benefits, and the overall exploitative nature of it became problematic for me, I decided to make a change again.
For a while, I decided to stay home and raise my children. I created my own early learning curriculum based on a number of approaches combined and ran a cottage school from my home.
Eventually, due to having a family to help support and the unstable nature of the pay for both early childhood and adjuncting, I decided it was time to go ahead and get my license and teach middle or high school.
I did this for three years, and I enjoyed it, until Fall of 2021 and everyone came back from the pandemic and the kids were herded back into school way too quickly and everything was absolute chaos to the point that it gave me a severe mental breakdown and I had to withdraw.
I immediately went to work as a virtual teacher from home through a third party company and I've done that ever since.
I've decided that I am ready to go back to in-person and.... fuck my life.
I get tons of interviews, but few offers. I mean I'll get a cold call based on an application from several years prior for a position I didn't apply for that isn't even listed but even then, nothing. For one, I'm expensive as you're given additional $$$ for advanced degrees and years of experience; a candidate with no experience and a bachelor's degree is infinitely cheaper. And for two... well, I'm fucked because I didn't just get a degree and commit myself to some place long term bc... the overlords want that shit.
It is just fucked because... I've worked hard, I'm highly qualified, I'm about to start working toward a Ph.D within the year....but somehow, someone else beats me in whatever pool of applicants I'm contending with and I don't understand how in the hell.
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2023.02.03 06:02 kgt9573 Sarah Michelle Gellar Confirms That Dolly Parton Was A Secret Producer Of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’

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2023.02.03 06:02 MrBigShrimp Random Plot Ideas

Random Plot Ideas that I have been trying to get out of my head and onto paper:
- For the Hero Story: The Hero has been in a coma/fallen asleep for at least 300 years. After the Demon King was killed, the threat dissipated and peace returned to the land. His companions all fell in combat as they sought to destroy the remnants of the Demon Kings generals and forces. They were all buried in tombs scattered around the country, wherever they happened to fall in battle. (This is a culturally unique trait to the people of this country). Just like him, they were all brought back to life. However, his friends all became corrupted and threaten the peace of the country they gave their lives to. This corruption is a result of the revival magic that was cast on them by [BBEG, idea needs some work]. This [bbeg] will have a connection to the Demon King, but I am not yet sure what that is. I do want a big reveal to be the revival magic, and that this magic did not corrupt Hero because of his otherworldly blood/origins.
Main course of story will involve him having to kill/cleanse his old companions to keep civilians/peace of the country safe and stable. Each friend he kill/puts to rest requires him to take on their corruption, slowly transforming him into the new Demon King, thus fulfilling a prophecy (that I still need to work out).
Important subplots could include traveling companions, corrupted officials trying to mislead or trap them, Race relations complicating his travels, wars with other countries, other reincarnated travelers trying to steal the glory. I think at the beginning the Hero would probably get sold into slavery as a gladiator, forced to fight for survival. This will strongly challenge him, as he will be unable to recognize the values and lives of the country and people he fought for.

- For a Star Wars idea: A kid is living with their family/village on some junkyard/scrap planet (Raxus Prime?) The family makes new things out of the old, refurbishing junk ships, finding ways to reuse parts, etc. He dreams of going to school for ship design and engineering. One day, he finds a super old ship (clone wars era) that still had its main computer intact, not scavenged for parts or broken. He is able to boot it up, but only is able to acquire coordinates to some place he has never heard of. It was a distress call, and it was the last one this ship had received. He keeps it, curious. It gets lost in a large hard drive he has. Fast forward a few years, and he is in his teen years. He has gotten better at building and programming, and has almost finished a droid that will serve as his entrance exam to become an apprentive at the Kuwait Drive Yards. As he is out one day gathering supplies from the junkyard, he sees tie fighters fly overhead and a landing craft follow them. he books it home on his home built speeder. His village is being destoyred and the Empire (or First Order?) is kidnapping children and slaughtering the rest. He tries to join the futile resistance, but gets knocked out. Unconscious, he escapes being taken by the E/FO. Having no home to keep him any longer, he goes to the Drive Yards.
I have more to that, but I think that will do for now. The imagery in my head would make for a good comic book or visual novel, maybe I can find an artist?
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2023.02.03 06:01 Existing_Bar1665 What is the staff of worms level cap?

Dead thrall works on people level 40 and under unless you are a necromage vampire then it’s boosted to 50. ive Looked through 3 wikis and cannot find anything about the staff of worms level cap. Does it not have one or is it the exact same as the dead thrall spell? I assume it’s like the dead thrall scroll And is slightly weaker than the spell itself but I have no confirmation of this. Any info is appreciate!
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2023.02.03 05:58 GinoKenji ChatGPT starts forgetting original commands and also, what's with the violation of content flag?

My apologies if this has been discussed before. I have not been up-to-date with any new changes. I usually get chatGPT to help me summarise texts that I've read. It has been doing a fairly decent job and since I limit each chat to just one specific content, I often just paste one chunk of text after another and it would just pick up where it left off. However, in the past few days, I notice that it basically forget what the previous text is, and for example, if I paste the text that is part of a novel i've been reading, for every chunk of text, it will just re-introduce the characters as if they appear for the first time and it also stops summarising in relating to the previous text. And today, I starts receiving flags for violation of content. The novel I read does have some violent elements and for the first few chunks of text, it behaves more or less as per usual. At my 3rd or 4th chunk, it starts to flag the content. I tried it a few times with different passages from the book and it seems like it starts to forget the initial instruction after awhile?
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2023.02.03 05:57 sorrynameused Crash on transforming into werewolf, not sure what to make of the crashlog
Here is my crash log, I was hoping someone might be able to help me make sense of this. Crash occurs after speaking with Skorj in the Underforge, participating in the ceremony. The screen goes black, and after a loadscreen, the screen is black again while I can hear a nearby npc and some dogs bark, then after a few seconds it crashes, presumably as something was trying to load in.
Relevant mods might be Bloodmoon Rising, Better Vampires/Sacrosanct. Additionally transformation into a vampire lord was a bit buggy and crashed randomly so I quickly ended the transformation when doing the vampire quest and just... played on and ignored the issue! Another issue I experience is the console getting spammed with "Warning: access to non-existing object with id 0x5 (5)" but other than these issues, I have not experienced any instability/crashes/bugs. I do have a mod called Humanoid Vampires which makes vampires use normal faces, perhaps this is somehow the culprit? Any guidance, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated, currently I'm trying a mod to bypass becoming a werewolf so I can just ignore this issue and play on. I don't like transforming into vampire lords/werewolves anyway so I'm happy if the rest of my gameplay is stable!
Also any advice on cleaning away orphaned scripts would be nice, I tried reSaver but I wasn't comfortable making a lot of changes.
I am playing the FUS modlist with a bunch of extra mods added on top btw.
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2023.02.03 05:54 JWHY1975 Praise for Parable of the Sower by Octavia E Butler

I have read at least a dozen distopian novels and this is the most realistic. Set in the very near future, Butler paints a desolate America with little hope and less compassion. Told from the perspective of a young woman this nightmare reality has a passive, casual tone which makes it even more horrifying. A gripping lesson.
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2023.02.03 05:51 TexasSon [TOMT][BOOK][SCI-FI][1980's or 90's] Sci-fi war novel where the artillery batteries were named after dog breeds

I read this book when I was a kid, the plot revolved around an army that was fighting on a planet and focused on several different characters in the different branches. Pilots, artillerymen, infantry and such. It was well written and seemed like it should have been part of a series of novels. The main point that has stuck with me is that the artillery batteries were all named after dog breeds because of the quote "Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of War!" and the pieces were called Havoc batteries. Any help would he greatly appreciated
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2023.02.03 05:48 Bibliophile_Aman Books read in 2023!

So far, I read three books in 2023:
  1. India 2030: Rise of a Rajasic Nation by Gautam Chikerkane: This book is all about how India would look like in 2030. The author has composed 20 essays from different authors related to the economic, political, foreign policy, healthcare and energy. It's a highly recommended book if you want how these 20 influential people want India to grow in 2030.
  2. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood: This is one of the few books I liked after 1984.
The way Margaret told about the stories of the Handmaid's, how their life in a blink of eyes, how their happy life changed and how they just became a thing for sex!
What would the world look like if the army on some day wants to take control of your life, wants to control what you're going to wear, what you're going to eat, with whom you're going to live, with whom you're going to make love.
This book is all about if something just changes overnight and when you wake up in the morning you don't have any control over your life, and how miserable your life is going to turn into.
  1. The Testaments by Margaret Atwood: Handmaid's Tale was a classic one, the way Margaret wrote that book, the characters everything was on the right spot, but The Testaments which is the 2nd book of that classic novel, disappoints in every way.
I didn't really get what the purpose of writing this book was, there is no link between the first and the second book, she didn't even answer some of the basic questions which arose out of the first book.
The characters, the way of telling the story everything was horrible and a big disappointment. I didn't able to link between the characters, there were three different type of characters, this book is bearable may be because of Aunt Lydia story but apart from that Agnes and Baby Nicole story is just utterly disappointed.
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2023.02.03 05:46 lokuGT Are there any translations of the G-Saviour novel?

Are there any translations of the G-Saviour novel? I heard the movie was bad so I'm wondering if the Japanese novel adaptation is any good.
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2023.02.03 05:45 TS_SI_TK_ORCON Trying to Find Music Video. Starts off in a diner and a vampire looking dude driving a Ferrari or some sort of sports car. There are two versions of the song, one with another group/band. Takes place at night.

The guy driving the sports car has an 80's feel to it. When he was into the diner, I think the lights go out, and the patrons shoot the guy to no effect, he saves the girl and I think drives off with her.
I can't think of anything else, but it's driving me nuts.
The videos are (or were) on youtube.
Anybody have any idea what song/music video I'm talking about? I'm been searching everywhere with all the keywords of things I can remember but I can't seem to find it.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Sorry for the clumsiness this is my first time posting here.
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2023.02.03 05:45 WardenGrey94 [spoilers all] One quirk about Blood Magic is how it might, perhaps, affect the number of classes in DA Dreadwolf.

Many wonder why Blood Mage is not a DAI specialization. Most argue that it wouldn't look right for the role of the Inquisitor. I understand that argument but I've never really bought it (after all we can make a Qunari necromancer that negates Andraste and the Maker, and that's almost as bad as a ``normal'' blood mage).
However, reading an interview by Gaider (the trilogy's lead writer) provides the answer to this. And the problem was the excessive reactivity in Blood Mage that would overwhelm the other specializations.
The nature of the specializations is that they really don't need to dominate - think that that's why we decided not to do the blood mage in terms of it seemed that blood mage was a weird outlier that magic exists in the lore. It sort of demanded a lot of reactivity, so at the end of the day, when we finally looked at it, we went "Can we provide the reactivity that it requires?" and if the answer was no, maybe we shouldn't do it. And that's why we looked at those things. We wanted the reactivity, but we didn't want one specialization out of 9 to sort of dominate the amount of content required to do it properly. In previous games, we always had blood magic and always intended to have reactivity, but because it was one that required so much, eventually it's like once we start the cutting process, it's like well...what can we do? What can't we do? Well, we can't give it what we intended. So, it ended, it doesn't have what it kind of means. I think if we ever do blood magic properly, it will require an approach from maybe a different standpoint than just a specialization. Like maybe a class of its own...or I don't even know. A story I think is what that that calls the context of Dragon Age, anyway.
ladyinsanity davidgaider interview gaymerx
We're heading to the Tevinter Imperium, mother of Thedas current blood magic. And apparently Blood Mage is expected to be an available specialization.
Gaider is no longer with Bioware these days but perhaps what he said back then still applies.
I don't like the idea of ​​Blood Mage being a separate class. I prefer it to be a specialization as usual. But let's try to put yourself in the role of DEVs. Even a game taking place in Tevinter I believe that Blood Mage, as a specialization, would still take a lot more resources for itself than the other specializations.
So I think it's worth saying that there is a possibility that Blood Mage will come as a unique class instead of a specialization. And, that being the case, DAD would have 4 classes instead of the traditional 3: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Blood Mage. For this to work in an interesting way I believe that the Blood Mage itself should have totally different trees than a conventional Mage.
I was thinking of something like:
Mage skills tree:
Blood Mage skills tree:
For Blood Mage specializations I thought of 3: Necromancer, Ritualist and Warlock
I think it would be a new and interesting idea.
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