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NOP: An Unconventional Rescue (Part 9/?)

2023.02.03 04:38 Huge-Judgment7404 NOP: An Unconventional Rescue (Part 9/?)

Memory Transcription Subject: Jonah Ahab, Human Civilian
Date [standardized human time]: 14 February 2137
The ride to the base was, so far, pretty silent. I knew that Viath liked it that way, and it allowed me time to ruminate on what I’ve experienced recently.
Something about my silence must have perturbed the arxur, who gently prodded me with the backside of his claw.
“You’re, uh… a bit quieter than usual.”
This surprised me for just a moment, but I just kinda slowly nodded and returned to leaning on the door of the modified jeep.
…This, apparently, did not sit well with him.
“…I… suppose you’re not quite ready to… talk about that.”
…Well, he was right.
“…You can guess that I… never really had to… talk to anyone about this-“
“It’s fine, it’s… it’s fine.”
“…That’s… more to say that I… worry that I might say the wrong thing, and that would… make you- or, make me say- Oh, I’m… really having to think about what I’m saying as I’m saying it.”
“Please, take your time.”
“…Was this… your first?”
“…My first real fight?”
“I mean, there was what you called a ‘fight club,’ but-“
“It… was the first time I really had to… you know, defend my life… overtly.”
“I… I don’t like how I can’t really… help in that sense. It’s basically been that my whole life. Working through someone just going through it for the first time, it’s… not something I’ve had addressed… comfortingly.”
“…If it’s any consolation, I don’t think you’re doing a bad job.”
I saw Viath looking left and right briefly in his reflection on the windshield before he brought the car to the side of the road, parking. I looked around, seeing if there was anything here that would have caused him to park. I turned to him and to my surprise, he brought himself upon me, wrapping his arms around me. That moment still fresh in my memory, I panicked a little, scrambling my arms around, which seemed to be enough to signal him to stop and release me.
“Woah, woah, Jonah, Jonah, easy, easy!”
“Wha-?! I-?! Y-?”
“Argh, sorry, sorry! That was dumb of me.”
“Y- …You were… trying to hug me…”
“Again, I should have remembered part of that was him grabbing you-“
My breathing was becoming heavier and heavier beyond my control. I dove my face into his shoulder and grabbed onto him as I began to weep. Viath brought his arms back together behind me as I rocked side to side in his embrace. I continued to unload my emotions to him in that car as he started scratching the back of my head.
“I’m… I’m- Am I… doing this ‘consoling’ thing right? I-“
“Just… just give me a bit, please.”
“…Of course.”
I pressed myself further into him, letting out a great scream muffled by his scaly musculature. He held me tight, tighter, yet tighter, as I let all of it burst forth, tears smearing between my skin and his.
Eventually, I felt that the bulk of it had come and gone. I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear-view mirror, my eyes greatly bloodshot and my nose runny. I pulled out a mini-pack of tissues from my coat pocket, blowing as hard as I could out one side, then the other. I looked around the vehicle for a place to put this, giving the tissue a brief glimpse of the humongous loogie I had just expelled. Eventually, I just settled on the cupholder, promising to myself that I’d remember to throw it out later.
“Are you feeling better?”
“Yes… thank you, Viath.”
“Any time. …Are you… ready to meet up with Behe-em?”
“…Is there a… a bathroom near us? I… I probably don’t want to show up all… bloodshot and all.”
“Oh, yeah, there should be a…”
Viath looked around the area he parked in before landing on something.
“Oh, the Waffle House… Geez, considering how close it was to the city, you’d think it’d look worse for wear. There’s, like, maybe a crack in the ‘W’ on the sign-“
“Wait a minute…”
I shot back up to look at the Waffle House sign, looking around for the crack, finding it quickly.
“…I distinctly remember there being two cracks there?”
“Yeah, there’s always been two cracks there! And they sure as s&^t didn’t fix it!”
“…When do you remember there being two cracks?”
“Like, I went there the week before the bombing, those cracks were there!”
“You mean to tell me that the only damage this building suffered was the loss of a crack?!”
“Hey, man, Waffle House after the bars close is another beast entirely. That fight club was one thing, do not f%$k around with that, that’s when the druggies show up.”
“…The… druggies…?”
“Yeah, crackheads and the sort. Hell, the employees actually are required to be able to hold their own against a belligerent opponent.”
“You are funny little ape people, you know that, right?”
“Yee! …But, yeah, in this state, probably not Waffle House… Oh, how about that taco shop?”
“You want me to come with, or-?”
“…Very well.”
“Thank you~!”
I opened the door and slunk myself off of the seat, feet landing onto the concrete below.
- - - - -
…So, turns out, checking the address Behe-em gave us, it was an exact match for this taco shop. What a coinkydink. Given my current state, I tried to make for the bathroom without him noticing. I was a little less than successful.
“Jonah, there you are! I-“
“Hi, Behe-em! Sorry, I just really need to use the bathroom real quick.”
“Gotcha, I’ll be here.”
With that, I swooced right into the bathroom, locking the door behind me and making for the sink. I dove one hand to the faucet and one to the soap dispenser and went to work washing hands first, then cupping some water in my hands to wash my face. Looking back at myself in the mirror, the blood vessels in my eyes seemed to have already started contracting. …And since I was in the bathroom already, might as well-
- - - - -
I exited the bathroom, turning the corner to meet back up with Viath, Behe-em and-
“Oh, Taras! How nice of you to join us!”
“Oh, yeah-! …Are you alright? Your eyes seem-“
“Bloodshot, yeah, it’s good. I just… y’know, kind of still… processing earlier-“
The three arxur made space for me to sit down next to Viath.
“Oh, yeah, Jörmun told me about those two. Apparently someone else got Gyg, and-“
“Yeah, yeah, I… Sorry, I don’t really want to talk about that right now.”
“Understood. You have a chance to look at the menu?”
“…Wait, basically all the meat here is cooked and seasoned? I thought you guys were obligate carnivores?”
Behe-em raised a claw to interrupt.
“Well, we are, but we can process some plant matter.”
“Like – okay, so as some of my recreation, I researched some of your planet’s ecology. Apparently, some of your obligate carnivores eat some amount of plant matter, too. Like cats, for example –“
Viath interrupted quickly.
“Wait, which ones were those again? The ones always following humans around?”
“No, no, they’re the smaller, more solitary but still kinda social ones.”
“Oh, right.”
“Anyway, like, those are obligate carnivores, too, and sometimes they eat certain plants like grass, too. It’s apparently a vitamin nutrient thing, or it soothes their throats, or they do it for sensory purposes or something.”
I was, admittedly, taken aback at this, but I soon cheerily shrugged.
“…You know what? I guess that makes sense. And honestly, good! I was almost worried that so many of our kind’s culinary traditions would be lost on the entire rest of the galaxy!”
Taras chuckled a bit at that comment.
“Oh, believe me, being stationed here has been some of the best eating I’ve ever had! The chili here is divine!”
I glanced at the menu he’s read a few dozen times before, just to see if anything in particular caught his eye.
“Well, shame to say that I didn’t quite realize we’d be meeting at a restaurant, I’d’ve brought more of an appetite with me! I’ll probably go and order their chorizo burrito at some point later. In the meantime, though, I sorta got the impression that you, Behe-em, wanted to discuss something in particular?”
“…Well… Okay, I suppose this is a bit of an awkward discussion. I mean, we know about you and Viath, Taras will have talked a bit about she and I.”
“So… with this newfound ‘freedom,’ we’re, admittedly, kind of… unsure of how some things used to go.”
“So I’ll cut to the chase: we wanted to ask about the possibility of a foursome.”
The table was dead quiet, as were, seemingly, the tables immediately adjacent to our own. Viath and I were quite unsure as to how to proceed with this conversation, but what made it worse was that Behe-em and Taras were waiting for an answer.
“…What do you think, Viath?”
“I mean, I’ve known these two for basically all my life. Pretty familiar with them, all things said.”
“…I mean, I guess… ‘building up to it’ hasn’t really been a thing with you guys, has it?”
“Oh, sorry, is this too sudden? We can-“
“No, no, it’s fine, just… Sorry, do you mind if I get myself into that headspace for a bit?”
Now was Behe-em and Taras’ time to be confused at my response.
“…Um… Sure, yeah. Taras, that’s okay with you, right?”
“Why are you asking me as if I would know?”
Having been given the go-ahead, I started contemplating the potential imminent sexual dynamics at play here, one some guy he choked out over a month ago in front of his peers and low-key established dominance over, another a fun colleague and fellow appreciator of the arts… yeah…
“So your place or ours?”
- - - - -
My NOP Headcanon: Literally every Waffle House in every blast's radius survived basically unscathed, they all are just resting on top of pillars of dirt in the middle of the craters like in the cartoons. They are like the cockroaches of the fast food franchise world.
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2023.02.03 04:36 EmbodiedUncleMother ADVICE PLZ: My motel housekeepers are now refusing to knock on motel doors

TLDR: my housekeeping team is now refusing to knock on motel doors, they want the rooms to be confirmed vacant before they enter because the youngest (16) has walked in on naked people 3 times.

Am I going crazy?
I run a 10-room motel in the mountains. My housekeeping team is a family, Mom and two daughters (ages 18 & 16).
Our checkout time is 10am, which is a little early by industry standards. Because of this, people aren't always out on time as they didn't realize our checkout time is 10 instead of the standard 11.
We are entirely contactless, much like an AirBnB, guests make reservations and their room numbers and key codes are texted to them the day of their arrival. They don't have to do anything to formally check in or out. Since we are so small, we can usually tell who is in their rooms based on the cars in front. Everyone just parks in front of their rooms.
They have been working for me for about 8 months and over that time, the youngest daughter has walked in on naked people about 3 times. The mother is extremely mama-bear and the girls are very sheltered... I actually only ever hired one of the daughters and the mom took it on as like a whole-family job LOL which is great. One of those 3 times that the young daughter walked in on people, it turned into a big blow-out where I had to come down to the room and force them to leave because they were extremely disgruntled at realizing they didn't have an extra hour and being walked in on by a teenager during sexy time. The mom got down to the room before me and they actually slammed the door in her face, breaking our door.
The morning of New Years Eve, my assistant manager on duty arrived at check-out time to help the ladies start pulling bed sheets since we were full back-to-back. She just wanted to be helpful because she was new. The housekeeping team saw this act as my assistant manager arriving at check-out to make sure that everyone left on time so my housekeepers wouldn't be delayed.
Since this, the mom has approached me and said that I should be doing that every single day (not just busy days, I asked). She wants me to knock on all the doors and tell people it's time to leave, and they will enter once the guests are 100% gone.
She posits that it is my job to do that because they are housekeepers and should not be responsible for guest interactions. I told her that the girls need to KNOCK ON THE DOORS LOUDER AND ENTER SLOWLY if they think someone might still be there! I said it's certainly not their job to deal with disgruntled guests who are refusing to leave on time... but yeah, it is their job to knock on doors and go in when they are ready to start cleaning. I said if guests were mistaken about check-out time, the way that they know it's time to go is because housekeeping comes around to clean. It is too abrasive to have the manager going around evicting people at check out time, since I'm obviously not a housekeeper... it seems weird and jarring and uncomfortable for me to do that.
PLEASE tell me your thoughts on this, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!!!!
P.S. I have since purchased red door handle signs that say CHECKED OUT, which I will make clear as a new check-out protocol for guests... please hang the checked out door tag on your outside handle when you leave. Easy peasy. However, I'm sure some will forget or ignore that, what am I supposed to do about these housekeepers refusing to knock on doors now? We are a small town and it is REALLY hard to find good help.
Give me all your feedback!!!!
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2023.02.03 04:36 drti16 Looking for second opinions/advice/insight

Got my Juvenile ball about 6 weeks ago. For the first few weeks he/she loved to explore and came out often. About three weeks ago he/she started to simply stay in 1 of the 2 hides, for the past 2 weeks hasnt left the same hide. I have always physically checked on my ball daily. Every few days I would hold he/she very briefly just to check for anything out of the ordinary. My last physical was 2-3 days ago and just now I checked and found this on my balls belly. No inidcation of any of this 2-3 days ago.
I will add about a week ago I noticed slightly cloudy eyes and figured, okay he/she is in blue and will shed soon.
Well today is the first sign of these marking on the belly, and small sections of shed coming off.
This is a suprise to me because I have been really successful at keeping a 75 degree cool side, 92ish degree warm side, with at least 75 degrees throughout at night time. I have also been successful at keeping 70-80% humidity the entire time I have had my ball.
I do use a glass enclosure with screen top. I have the top covered in foil. I have a CHE i run 24/7 and a basking bulb during the day on the opposite side. This is how i have been able to regulate heat. They are on a thermostat. I corner pour periodically to maintain humidity and mist daily to help maintain the humidity.
I have learned this is not ideal so last week i ordered a pvc enclosure with glass doors and solid top. Im going to be switching to a radiant heat panel from pro heat when i get that set up, also to include a t5 light source for day time. It arrives tomorrow.
I just dont understand the very active snake i had the first few weeks to going instantly into completely hiding, and now this belly issue and shedding in little pieces. When, i feel i have done everything I can to make it right on a daily basis?
Lastly, my ball had eaten every single week 15% of his/her weight, without issue. Within a few seconds my balls takes the food I give. So there hasnt been anything out of the ordinary there.
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2023.02.03 04:16 Fickle-Exchange2017 Arc 1, Ep 18, Recap

Where we last left off on PARTY ROLL...

Holy shitballs, the party is in a real pickle at the moment. Having made it to Echo Wave Cave on multiple quests from, saving an employers kin, to a quest towards finding a wooden pipe for a dragon, our brave adventurers find the dead body of Gendren's brother! Delving deeper into the caves, they cross the path of a gooie Ochre Jelly and a battle ensues. Our party, victorious, make their way up into this cave like castle, where nothing but trouble seems to be behind every door. Currently a lonesome Grik stands motionless at the door, looking back at a Drow, to scared to move, to brave to run, waiting for the fate of perhaps a dice roll...
Party roll to beat = 18
Matt 3 Steven 8 Cory 11 Dusty 17
*DUSTY OLD MAN SNEEZES FOR A PARTY ROLL +1 and GET'S TO PARTY!! Steven heads to his car while the other guys get to party
Back to the action we go!
The Drow looks and see a young dwarf and rolls his eyes and calls for the young lad and his party to join him in the room.
Grik, roll persuasion, to convince the Drow he got a map from the tourist guy outside 11 The drow looks at him and says, "that's adorable"
The group cautiously listens on as the enthusiastic Drow seems unshocked to see them. He's actually been forewarned by Glass Staff himself! Regardless he offers them a deal; Head to the forge and get him something, something called "the forge of souls". They parley and agree to the quest on the condition that the Drow gives back Gendren's other brother alive. They are given amnesty and naturally head straight to the goblin barracks, sift out a plan with the 5 bugbears in there. Bugbears not speaka good common, more slow two word talk at time sometimes. They explain that behind a barricaded door, they point and explain that behind it is, "skull fire that kills all".
Wiz ard, roll deception check to convince Bugbears to join their party fight 10
Seth Roghan roll deception check to convince Bugbears to join their party fight 21
With Seth just nodding quietly, gently says, "bosses order brah", so rico sauve. They join the party
They take down the barricade and enter the room . . . .
Grik walks in and sees a blast furnace, a canal that's dried up and a giant wheel that once powered this place. Several ancient dead dwarfs lay

Grik, roll perception to see how many dead bodies are in the room. 20, unnatural 12 dead bodies are there
Seth, roll perception on the room 16 the bodies are laid out deliberity. The center one looks to have a human skull.
Seth Roghan walks into the room and instantly gets bad vibes from the skull thats just sitting there
Seth Roghan readies arrow and shoots arrow Roll arrow attack, with advantage, sneak attack. NAT 20!!! HIT!! *Cory has to do a lot of math and struggles like a real man* 33 dmg
A green flaming skull rises up to a shriek and 8 of the Dwarven Corpses begin to Michael Jackson Thriller it.
Wiz ard who had a fire bolt readied, takes aim at the skull Roll for fire bolt attack 16, Hit! The firebolt hits the skull but gets consumed by the flames. The skull has fire immunity. No damage.

Wiz ard 16 Seth Roghan 8 Techno Viking 10 Grik 8

A gout of flame erupts from the skulls mouth towards Grik 9, Miss! Grik drives outta the way
Second flaming skull attack, this time at Techno Viking 11, Miss! Techno Viking jives his way outta that jive turkey flame.

*Mark gave Seth and Wiz ard a surprise round, but didn't give them their proper order in the 1st rd of battle so....
Techno Viking's turn, Roll to knee zombie in the crotch 23 Hit! 7 dmg
Second attack 23, Hit! 5 dmg
Grik's Turn Grik, heads over to the flaming skull and says, "Time foa a headache" Roll Melee axe attack 18. Hit! 10 dmg ...A different noise is made as the axe comes down hitting this skull compared to the arrow...
Action Surge, Grik, pulls it out, drinks it down Roll for Another Axe attack 24, Hit!!! 15 dmg

Seth Roghan's turn Roll for bow and arrow attack 19, Hit! 13 dmg \The arrow makes the same sound as the fire bolt, it starts to make gross chattering sounds, the fire swirls up and crashes down into non existence,* ENEMY DOWN!!
Bugbear's turn as a free action says that the dead bodies that are killed will come back in an hour..

Wiz ard's turn, Shoots a firebolt at the zombie 18. Hit !! 5 dmg
All the bugbears run forward and start slashing at the zombies. Two miss horribly, the other three bugbears manage to hit. They do two d8+2, but their damage isn't said.
With the flaming skull gonzo, Zombie time!
Zombies turn, Roll for brains....BRAINS!!!! Lunges forwards to Techno Viking 17, HIT ! 5 dmg
Two other zombies go after the bugbears, but miss, The other 5 or so zombies hits Eric the bugbear for 5dmg. Sheb, Tom Fabian and the rest take heavy damage as the Zombie crits and hits sinks their dead claws into their skin.
-Mark is annoyed at this part in the campaign, as the group managed to beeline it to the big bad guy without much effort. Half the blame is given to Mark giving a map of the caves to the guys.
- They say Cory's last name A LOT to the point they add the train horn in this episode as a gag rather than cut it out.

- Eric, Sheb, Fabian, Tom, Do-not are the names of some of the bugbears.
-Lots of shoutouts are in this episode, so if youre an OG fan, give'r a listen
- Mark drove his car to this episode, meaning if the antics of last episode soundboard were to happen, he'd really just walk out and rage leave IF he wanted too. LOL
- The guys usually call themselves by their last name. That's how Matt met Steven actually.
- I think this episode has the most puns of all in season 1 that I couldn't fit them all into the quote section.

"It was more of a servants house rather than a barn, Dad didn't want kids in the main place, it's cool, whatever" - Steven

"Let's make this brief... " - A cool Wiz ard towards a drow
"He said there was just one that kept playing with his nutsack, what the fuck was that about" -The Drow on hearing about Glass Staff's imprisonment with the group that one time.
"Diplomatic plates mother fucker" -Steven to the group as they have amnesty in the caves
"The wheel in the creek keeps on turning" - Dusty having a singing moment
"Is that where they get Canal oil from?" -Steven, pun
"Michigan summers are very fair" - Steven "Just like unfiltered milk" - Dusty
"I will have my friend do simple addition for me" - Steven
"I thought we were calling him Chef Roghan now" - Matt
"A cat-sket" - Dusty
"Hey I'm just gunna go ahead and change to the Paladin Class" - Steven
"I'm Cler-ard" - Steven, trying to switch to a Cleric class mid game to kill undead. "Claire-Rick, I was named after my mother and father" - Steven on upping his own name creations
"Go up to it and say, 'I think you KNEE these" - Steven to Dusty on what he should do to the skull
"You think this is a fucking game?!" - an annoyed Matt knowin he has to edit out all the Cory last name slips
"I need to go up and sign up for Obamacare" - Zombie Steven
"Marks a naughty boy too and gunna get a spanking later" - Steven on Mark forgetting to roll his damage dice
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2023.02.03 04:14 Top-Comfortable3437 Did anyone else have Diabetes Canada come to the door asking to sign up for donations?

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2023.02.03 03:58 idfkandidfcwtf "love at first sight" or whatever you want to call it - in one of the worst possible situations

Please excuse the RomCom-vibe of the heading, even though it perfectly describes how the situation feels to me at times.
Also, this is going to be long and probably boring to ost of you but i really need to get this off my chest.
anyway, i (35F) have been single for around a year now and was quite content with that. I've never been much of a romantic and have enough to do (that also fulfils me, mostly) anyway. And I was definitely not the kind of person who thought you could actually FEEL anything for someone you just met. deciding if they are attractive, of course. Lust, possible, i guess, but feelings? ha, no.
Now last week, upon seeing a man for the first time, it felt like my body immediately decided "this is YOUR person. THIS one." I only saw him for a few seconds as he was just heading down a small corridor to another room(I've never been to this place before).
The terrible part - this happened in the office of my new psychiatrist. When I saw before mentioned person at first, i was sure he must be an assistant of some sort, since I thought he looks too young to have his own psychiatric practice. Well, turns out, he isn't.
The following consultationwas very superficial since it was only the first one, and he basically treats me like a medical doctor and not a therapist. Nevertheless, it was terrible. I was way too nervous to even look at him, lost my train of thought mid sentence several times and was confused about very simple questions.
I had to go back to his office just to sign a form with his secretary a few days later, and we saw each other again shortly on the corridor, but excpet for a shy hello (from both sides), there was nothing to say and other patients for him to attend to. But here's the funniest bit (at least for me): while walking past (and looking at) me to talk to his secretary he missed the door and stumbled into a wall - i told you we're in romcom territory here. He generally seemed very unstable on his feet for a moment and seemed flustered, which i hadn't noticed about him before, especially not when talking to other people.
I was very glad to be sitting down in this moment because i experienced every "you're madly in love"-symptom you can think of, in an intensity i have never felt before.
It's been a week since a first met him and yet i still can't stop thinking about him. It keeps me up at night, he's my very first thought in the morning and i catch myself day-dreaming about him literally dozens of times each day.

Obviously, I need to be transfered to another doctor, since there's no way I'll be able to properly talk about the way I feel. my next appointment is in a month and I'm already terrified I'll just blurt out "looking at you makes me happy inside and I never felt this way before so I have no fucking clue if the meds are working, sorry".
Not the best move, I would say.
Because of him acting, let's say weird, in front of me that other time I can't deny that I do have the slightest hope I'll have the chance to get to know him privately once he's officially not my doctor anymore.
Anyone got any idea how to make that happen? or any thoughts in general?
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2023.02.03 03:37 jpiecka99 Letters From Federal Prison: Post #2

The Crime
10 years ago, to say I was a different person is a massive understatement. I was living in the suburbs of Michigan with 2 young kids and was in a very bad marriage. My wife at the time and I were just 2 personalities that clashed more than got along. One of the most consistent clashes was about me needing to make more money NOW. Were the bills paid? Yes, but there seemed to always be a need for something--newer car, upgrades to the house, better house in better city, etc. I was a manager at a Bank and desperate for a solution to save something that should have just been allowed to end naturally.
In Justin Papperny's book Lessons from Prison, he talks about The Fraud Triangle.
The first prong in The Fraud Triangle is pressure. I felt tremendous pressure to instantly make more money so my wife would be happy and proud of me. Pressure--Check!!
The second prong is opportunity. As bank managers, we would often keep an eye out for accounts with larger balances in checking and savings accounts to use as warm leads to hand to our in-house Financial Advisors. I came across an account that had a good size balance in the checking account. The notes on the account said the customer had been deceased for years. There were no beneficiaries listed and the U.S. Government continued to deposit Social Security into the account every month. This was the definition of "Clerical Error". Opportunity---Check!!
The third prong of The Fraud Triangle, and in my opinion the most dangerous, is rationalization. The money in the account was not being missed by anyone. I would never steal from a family or organization/charity that deserved this money and MAYBE the government would never even notice!!! Rationalization--CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!
To be clear, nobody ever even hinted at me to do something illegal to save my marriage. Also, to be as clear as possible, I stole that money from that account. I stole from the account multiple times telling my wife I received bonuses at work. Eventually when we did get divorced (shocker!!) and I was no longer at the Bank (I hated the job and went into Sales), I again felt pressure to provide more than required by the courts because I did not think it was fair for my kids lives to change drastically just because their parents were not together anymore. Therefore, I gave my paychecks to my x-wife and I used the other account to pay my bills (used car payment, cheap 1 bedroom apartment, food, utilities). I never used the money for anything but necessities.
Eventually, I met the love of my life (my wife to this day) and moved away from the stolen account. For several years my life was fantastic!! Until a normal Tuesday morning in May 2021 between 6 and 7 am when my wife woke me up and said someone was pounding on the front door. As soon as I opened the door and saw the crowd that was waiting, I knew they were there for me and I knew a new phase of my life was about to begin.
Conclusion--PLEASE---Recognize the signs of The Fraud Triangle and do not let IT lead down the wrong path...
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2023.02.03 03:15 trigunner3 light em up!

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2023.02.03 03:11 tallycastle WIBTB if I reported my neighbour’s cameras and weird actions to the police?

I live with my mum at the end of a terrace with 4 houses, with a big stretch of space behind them all which could fit multiple cars. There is our house, then our neighbour who I’ll call G, then a family, then the last house (currently empty) with a little alley to drive around the back next to that.
G has lived next door for over a decade, and we always got on well. We gave him meals multiple times a week, all the normal neighbourly things, even had him round for Christmas every year.
He has a bit of a reputation in our area for having a temper. He’s had at least 1 run-in with the police for assault among other incidents.
My main concern is what happened with his old neighbour, before the new family moved in. He and the guy started arguing over parking and noise and it got way out of hand. G put 2 cameras in his front window, and they had a bad argument one day. G claimed the guy had been waving a wrench or something at him during. It got so bad he and his family moved out, but the cameras stayed in the window.
My uncle came over a lot to do jobs (parking his car at the back) which G was fine with. Uncle has helped him plenty of times with his car etc and they got on. Then a few months ago, G badmouthed Uncle to other neighbours (who told us) and parked behind Uncle’s car that night. G has his own parking space at the back he chose not to use. Uncle just walked home thinking it was an accident. The next morning, G chose to take a different car to work and left Uncle blocked in.
This happened a few times so mum confronted him a month ago and said he was doing it purposely and they argued. I shut it down. Since, he has left a car parked at the back to block our car access to our back door. We have a document saying we have legal right of access since we’re the end house. G knows this and even put signs up for us so the new family wouldn’t block it.
A few days ago Mum asked what his problem was. All of a sudden started ranting about things he’s never had a problem with, (our washing line being too close to ‘his land’, my car being here while I was at uni etc) and mentioned my uncle pulling cars around the back and washing them, as he wasn’t happy about the water from it. Thing is, uncle did this while G was at work, meaning he must now have a camera pointed at the back watching us. One of them has gone from his front window.
And tonight, he has moved our bench that’s been there years, put his bins right next to our back door, and parked the car he never uses on top of the hole we use for our washing line. We know he doesn’t intend to move it, Mum showed him the access document during their last argument and he just told her to get a lawyer. We don’t know how the space is legally divided.
We want to make a record with the police as we feel this is getting ridiculous and he’s been violent with others before, but it feels a bit extreme. Would we be going too far?
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2023.02.03 03:08 gbgbgbgb2108 Is Amazon Merch on Demand a realistic income opportunity? Alternatives for earning supplemental income from home?

TL;DR - is Amazon Merch on Demand an attainable source of income for just any random person? Or any alternatives that would be similar, or fairly low-risk options to make supplemental income online? Trying to avoid working 2 physical jobs if I can help it!
Hello - Im a 24F with a mortgage, car payment, 3 pets and all the bills that go along with that. I was recently layed off from a decent paying job very unexpectedly ($26/hour, 50hours/week minimum), and I'm currently scrambling to find 2 jobs to make up for it. I was able to get hired pretty quickly at another full time position, but at a pay cut ($20/hour, 40hours/week). So I'm looking both for a better paying full time job or a secondary job I can do on evenings/weekends.
I came across some old posts about becoming an Amazon Merch on Demand partner (for those who aren't familiar, you basically just upload digital designs you've created and Amazon will print them onto clothing for sale, allowing you to make a cut of each sale without having to handle any physical product or customer relations). But is this still attainable for just anyone to sign up for? I was looking into it and it seems it might be a bit difficult to be accepted, and if you're declined, you can never apply again apparently.
If this isn't an option, are there other ways to get into e-commerce that are pretty low-risk? I don't have much built up for savings to really take any big risks. I do have some basic graphic design skills which is why I was hoping the Amazon thing would be an option, and I also understand that I would likely need a second job for a while regardless until I'd be able to build up enough sales.
With the difference in pay between my old job and my current one, I'll be about $300/week short until I find something better or additional income (at least I think, I'm terrible at math). I'm applying to be a DoorDash driver as well, but my car isn't the best on fuel and I live in a fairly spread-out area so I'm not entirely sure how that will pan out.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.02.03 03:08 MidnightStandard7675 Best and Worst Songs On Every Album(My opinion)

Awakening My Inner Beast
Best-Welp! Worst-Wrist Work
Beast Mode
Best-Qs and Ps Worst-Heartbreak-14
Rock The World Trippie
Best-Its OK Worst-Lone WareWolf
White Room Project
Best- Long Way Home From Mars Worst-Triple Double
A Love Letter To You
Best-It Takes Time Worst-No smoke No smoke
Angels and Demons
Best-N A DAZE Worst-Gave Her Soul Away
A Love Letter To You 2
Best-Hellboy Worst-Back Back Back
Life´s A Trip
Best-Bird Shit Worst-Oomps Revenge(it's still really good though)
A Love Letter To You 3
Best-Fire Starter Worst-Emani Interlude
Best-Snake Skin Worst-Signing Off
A Love Letter To You 4
Best- Hate me Worst- All for me
Spooky Sounds
Best- Door + Laugh Worst- Breathes
Best- Kid That Didd Worst- Spaceships
Hate Is Dead
Best- Fire In My Heart Worst- Throw It Up
Trip At Knight
Best- Demon Time Worst-iPhone
Mansion Musik
Best- Free Rio Worst- Witchcraft
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2023.02.03 03:00 Justme-again Rent A Wife: Purrfect Disaster, Chapter 2

The only reason she ever asked us to come to her office was when she had a new job to assign. Not that I didn't want another job. The last one was only a week assignment.
He was as cuddly as they came too, with a Labrador and all. Please let the next guy be a control freak, which would be right up my comfort zone. Those types usually were as irrationally terrified of germs and touching as I was. I smiled at the thought. Could I be so lucky?
Hopefully this new assignment would be a bit longer too, so I could save up more money for my dream car. Which of course, would be after I paid off my already late car payment, which would be after paying off last month and this months rent, which is right after I save up enough for moms surgery. The list was endless, but doable.
I really needed this next job. It was the requirements of the job's I didn't particularly care for. Especially, if hand holding and hugging in public was involved. I shuddered at the thought.
Entering her office, my eyes immediately strayed to the donuts she had scattered on her desk. Oh my goodness! She didn't use a napkin or plate. Doesn't she realized how many species of bacteria could be scattered across her glass desk? How many people, especially the kids, that may have gone through this very office, touching that desk with their slimy sticky hands?
I took a few deep breaths and forced a smile at my boss. I am not here to inspect her desk, deep breaths, I am not here to inspect her desk. My mantra was not helping.
I was not there to inspect her desk but gosh it was hard to keep my eyes from wandering over to the many crumbs that littered their way towards me. Like little fingers on giant, crumb like vines, that wanted to snake their crumbly arms around me and suck me into the debts of bacteria haven. I gulped down the bile that threatened to overflow at the thought.
"You wanted to see me?" I asked, forcing a smile.
She gestured towards her office chair and I forced myself to take a seat. Keeping close to the edge as possible so as not to let my bare legs touch the leather upholstery. Another welcoming playground for germs. A shiver threatened its way up my spine but I managed to tamper it down.
"I have a new contract for you. A Mr. Luke Taylor. Age twenty-three. Single. No kids. One cat. Needs a fill-in wife for five weeks. Out-of-country trip included."
"Out of country?" My eyes shot up from the desk to stare at her, crumbs forgotten.
"Yes, looks like a round trip to England. All expenses paid of course as well as your salary for the job."
"I'll take it," I smiled.
Cat forgotten as well. "When do I start?"
"Immediately. This was an emergency request and I knew you were perfect for the job." Her smile was contagious.
Oh yeah, I definitely wanted this job. She gathered a few sheets from her desk, some smeared in what appeared to be raspberry jelly and handed them my way. I knew there was a reason I always packed three sanitizers.
After all the paperwork was signed and sent over to the client by email, she handed me the address and wished me luck.
Something in her eyes told me I was going to need it, but I couldn't understand why. Then again, she knew me too well. This year marks the fifth year I've been at Rent A Wife. I had first applied when I overheard a couple of girls on the subway talking about it. Then one look at the first paycheck, and I was sold.
I can still replay the video ad they showed me in my mind, word for word. "Are you looking for the convenience of having a 'wife' without the commitment? Are you considering marriage, but wish you could test it out first? Do you wish to be an experienced husband before actually finding the right woman? Then I'm the wife for you!"
It made me laugh when I first heard it, because such an idea sounded ridiculous. Who would even do that? Hire a fake wife? But then the the fine print drew me in. "All services are strictly platonic, with the exception of public displays of affection within the contract rules."
"Some services we offer for a basic fee include:
I will cook those wonderful homemade meals for you and have them ready when you arrive home from work.
I will pick your socks and underwear up off the floor by the edge of the bed and have them nicely washed, folded and put away.
I will keep your home immaculate at all times in case you want to entertain guests at a moment’s notice.
I will keep your refrigerator and shelves stocked with all your favorites food items.
I will cook all your favorite meals and nothing new unless requested.
I will be sure to pay all your bills for you (with your money of course) on time so you will continue to have an excellent credit rating.
I will tend to your yard making sure it is weed free, properly pruned and immaculately landscaped.
I will call your mother once a week and fill her in on how well you're doing and how wonderful you are.
I will be sure to tell you daily how wonderful you are and how lucky I am to be your wife.
I will boast to all my girlfriends what a wonderful guy you are. How you shower me with praises and gifts.
I will shop for gifts for your parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, boss, secretary or anyone else you have forgotten to purchase a gift for (with your money of course). I will also include a lovely handwritten expression in each and every gift card."
We also had extra services available to ensure that their experiences were real. These services are available for a premium fee. Thankfully, most of my clients so far have wanted the basic package. This next client though wants it all, the whole experience.
Arriving at my new client's place, I had to do a double take. The apartment number indicated I had the right address, yet it was not exactly a building I would consider a potential client living in. Actually, he was already a client. Yikes, I had already signed my next five weeks away. Taking a deep breath, I knocked lightly, and hoped I didn't peel away any more paint from the door in the process. It wasn't exactly a bad part of town. It was just run down.
Old. Cozy. Not me.
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2023.02.03 02:57 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $12.49 Welcome Sign Front Door Decoration, Home Decor

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2023.02.03 02:50 Able_Opportunity_655 Thanks Amazon. We’ve marked our business as a business in amazon, put in that it needs to be dropped off with reception, and put signs on the back doors to not leave it there… I don’t know what else to do at this point

Thanks Amazon. We’ve marked our business as a business in amazon, put in that it needs to be dropped off with reception, and put signs on the back doors to not leave it there… I don’t know what else to do at this point submitted by Able_Opportunity_655 to mildlyinfuriating [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 02:39 Grown_Princess1996 I'm about to kick myself out

I live with my grandparents and have since birth, my mom's in prison and Idk my dad. I'm in my 20's and as I've grown up I've realized how toxic my grandparents both are, and how I'm struggling in life because of having no support or guidance for anything. Everything I don't know I get belittled for, everytime I try something or try to accomplish something they always make it impossible. I recently lost my car and it's been the worst thing that's happened to me, leaving this house has been my only escape, of course I have no where else to go financially, but leaving to go walk in the park or go to an event gives me dopamine and the focus and happiness I've always wanted to feel.. once I get back home I'm completely dead inside. I also don't work, because my grandma put me on SSI when I was a minor due to showing signs of depression and having suicidal thoughts, as much as I've appreciated the income I've noticed I haven't even tried to get a job recently because of this, because I'm able to just sit here and receive money for being sad. Thing is I am actually depressed and suffer from anxiety as well, I have tried to get a job in the past but I was only able to show up the first day or the second before I started panicking and also insecurities were embarrassingly overpowering. I've sat just being okay and making it with SSI, but this can't be my life, it cannot be my life. My uncle who is their son also has mental illness but his is far worse, he suffers from schizophrenia and is self harming and even taking it out on my grandparents he's abused and threatened them. I cannot live here. Since I have no car now is worse, because I've just now started to get a boost of motivation out of nowhere and a cleaner mind but now I'm in a hole. This always seems to happen to me when when I lose something I have this reach finally to go do better but I'm always in a muck. I told my grandparents I wanted to find work and they're like you have no car, you can use ours but you can't work the schedule that I want and the hours I want, all that's available is something they're complaining about. They also want to choose the job and the location, I get it it's their car but they don't even use it, they go days without using it They constantly blame me for not having the life I want, when they never cared to show me the roads. They right away made me feel I was worthless and useless by putting me on SSI. I don't know what to do, lately I've been wanting to just walk out the door and live under a bridge. Maybe I was meant to live like dirt, if that's the case I rather at least be happy in dirt. I do pay rent here, I do have EBT that I share with them. I just don't know what to do, I feel worthless and lazy, because it just seems everytime I do try I'm stuck like I said.. I just need some advice on what you would do in this situation, if you've been in something like this yourself, it just seems I don't relate to anybody because usually they have friends or other support I don't have anything. I sometimes wish my grandma never took me in, and left me for adoption I could've been with a family who cares. She would always brag how her family like her sisters all wanted to take me in, like yeah I wish you would've let them! Why brag when I'm like this because of you.
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2023.02.03 02:32 santanfromthevvxaj Trouble creating an account

Hey guys, I live in Canada but don’t have a Canadian number (I have a French one) and am trying to sign up to DoorDash. They don’t have French phone numbers as an option, does anyone know if there’s any way I can still create an account or is it impossible without a phone number they accept?
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2023.02.03 02:25 Symone_a95 I (27F) gave a guy my number ... indirectly.

I went to my chiropractor today and there was a really cute guy sitting in the waiting room. I sat diagonally across from him and had totally been checking him out out of the corner of my eye and I think he was doing the same with me. The receptionist was kind of scatter brained and was kind of running everywhere and talking about everything and nothing all at the same time. She had ran out back and whejbsye did we made eye contact and chuckled about her. From there we made small talk. We mostly just talked going to the chiropractor. He mentioned it was his first time back to the chiropractor in many years. At one point..he sat up a little bit in his seat which I took as a sign that he was interested in the conversation. Out of this very small talk we told each other our ages and occupations. He also snuck in there that he's a body builder which I didn't know if he was just saying or his that was suppose to be like a flirty flaunt.
He eventually was called back first The whole time I was waiting be called back.. I was trying to decide if I should give him my number. I've never done anything like that before. Eventually I get called back as well. The back of the office is pretty open. You don't go back into a room more of just an open area with several adjustment tables spaced out. I walked by him as he was being a adjusted and I remembered it's his first visit so he'll be here for a bit. I've been coming for a while so my visit is a quick maintenance adjustment. I decided at that moment that I was going to give him my number. I quickly wrote my number down on a piece of advertisement they had on a table where you can place your belongings.
10 or so minutes later I was finished my adjustment and his was still going on like I figured. I grabbed my belongings.. said bye to the chiropractor and walked out of the area. As I passed by him..I left the piece of paper right next to his phone that was a on a chair right across from him. He was still facing head down on the table so he didn’t see me do it. I proceeded to run out the door once in the waiting room.
He hasn't contacted me and even if he doesn't... I'm still really happy I did that. Very proud of myself.
Update: He texted me!
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2023.02.03 02:14 BISMARCK19871871 Recollections from my times at Fazbear’s [Part 1]

The last few months had been quite troubled… Dropping out of college seemed a good idea at first, but only at first. It is necessary to stress that. The fact is that ever since mother divorced from father things had been difficult, mainly due to income. I was partially to blame, for the divorce I mean, but there are some things better left unaddressed for now at least. It was among these circumstances I, then jobless and desperate, found an ad offering a nightshift security guard position at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. You see, that name ringed a lot of bells. My family was deeply intertwined with the establishment, more specifically with its foundation, so at least familiarity was on my side. However, with familiarity comes past experiences I would rather not like to remember, past experiences, though, not strong enough to keep me from assuming the post. Mother was already very overworked. I’m sure she wouldn’t have fancied me taking the job, but I never got around to telling her any details anyway, so it worked out. At around 11 pm of the same day, I was reporting for duty. A guy was there to receive me, wearing a gray uniform I distinctly recalled being purple.
“You are the new guy, right?” he asked, pointing at me.
“Yeah, that’s me.”
“Great. Let me show you around. Your shift starts at 12 am and goes all the way to 6 am. It was already on the ad, but there’s no harm in saying it again, right?”
He finished the line with a chuckle, almost as if trying to dissipate tension and trigger a response, but I didn’t answer. After opening the doors and guiding me into the building, the man resumed his introduction:
“So, you know, the job is pretty simple. You just need to look at the cameras and make sure nobody breaks in. It can get quite boring, but you can’t sleep on the job. We will know if you do, okay? Now, let’s take a look at the office.”
The building had a very musty and unpleasant smell. It was hot and damp, the floor covered by black and white tiles, impregnated by filth. We passed through a short hall and then by a main stage containing three animatronics: a brown bear by the name of Freddy Fazbear (the main character), a blue rabbit by the name of Bonnie and a yellow chicken by the name of Chica. I didn’t get a good look at them, but, from my brief glimpse, I noticed they were quite run down, very different from how I remembered them from all those years ago… Left of the main stage was a door that read “Kitchen” and an extension leading to bathroom stalls. Right of the main stage was a steel door that read “Parts and Service” and, not far from it, a smaller platform concealed by violet curtains glistering with silver dots and stars. Next to it, a dark hallway extending into the pizzeria: the way to the office. The room was dimly lit by a hanging, orange lamp, from which emanated a considerable amount of heat.
“Right, so this is it. Your workplace! Not too luxurious I know, but it will do. Since inside here can get quite steamy, you can turn on that fan, but just remember to conserve your power.”
“What?” I asked, not really understanding what he meant by that.
“You see, the restaurant is not doing quite well. Keeping it afloat has been quite a challenge, especially after previous incidents…” he coughed as if trying to withdraw the statement and continued on: “Consequently, in order to relieve the electricity bills, you have a limited power supply. I mean, it shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s good to keep in mind. Another thing: you see this door?”
It was only then I noticed a large, sliding, steel door.
“It was added due to some complaints, from people who worked here before you. You likely won’t need to use it, but, in case you do, you just press this button to close it. No big deal. Now, your main work will be directed to this monitor. Here, you will watch the cameras and be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. That’s it. Piece of cake, ain’t it?”
I just nodded while taking a look at the cubicle-like space. Hanging on the walls were some posters of the animatronics and also children’s drawings, all of them crudely made with what seemed like crayons. A soda cup stood on the table with the monitor, along with a grimy phone and a pink, rubber cupcake, equipped with eyes and a candle, likely another mascot of the place.
“Another thing, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza provides you with a uniform. You don’t need to wear it, since there is no here right now, but, in case you want to look more professional, it’s there for you,” he talked while opening the tall metal locker located opposite of the office table and showing the uniforms, all of them grey except for a very dusty and torn purple one, a true relic.
The man looked at the office one final time and extended his hand. I shook it with lacking conviction.
“My name is Jeremy by the way,” he finished off after clearing his throat.
“Mike, Mike Schmidt.”
“Nice to meet you, Mike. Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, where fantasy and fun come to life!”
Jeremy waved and walked away. Just as he did so, I plummeted into the chair, which squeaked greatly in protest. Popping my fingers and speaking to myself, I said:
“What a promising career, Mike. What a promising career…”
Looking at my watch, it was 11:15 pm still. 45 minutes to go before the start of my shift. With time to spare, I opened the two office’s drawers. The first one contained a flashlight and a small spider, scurrying into the gloom as the light swept its home. The second one was a bit fuller. There were some newspapers and a small handbook. The cover was blank and, curious, I started scrolling through its pages. It seemed quite old, the paper was yellowish and full of holes, likely the result of silverfish. Most of its pages were blank, but some of them contained basic information, such as which areas were observed by which cameras, how to operate the monitor and so on. At the end of it, however, things took a sudden turn. Instead of blank pages or ones printed with instructions, there were drawings. Some of them were hard to be interpreted, but the majority seemed to show shadowy figures and some even nightmarish, ghoul-like versions of the animatronics. Creeped out, I closed the book and put it back in the drawer, under the newspapers where it originally was. The digital clock beside the cupcake announced 12 am. It was time to finally start checking on the cameras.
Like everything else, they were remarkably low quality and presumably old. The images got transmitted with a terrible static that, sometimes, made it outright impossible to see. Naturally, first I looked at the entrance: nothing. Honestly, it would have been surprising for someone to break into the restaurant in the first place, seeing as nothing of much value could be possibly robbed. Then, I focused on the main stage, containing the three aforementioned animatronic characters. Observing them more calmly, I was able to notice how poorly conserved they were. Their fur was incredibly dirty, to the point the original colors were partially lost. Their rubber faces, harboring the soulless, dead eyes, were also quite deteriorated, with some patches of paint peeling off. Given the bad cameras, one can easily conclude how bad the robots’ state truly was. Moving on to the halls, several posters and children’s drawings, both similar to the ones adorning the office, were glued to the walls. These, in turn, were covered not only by grime whose origin can only be imagined, but also by black, extensive mold. No wonder the place was having a hard time with revenue. It baffled me the pizzeria hadn’t closed down due to health concerns, but oh well…
As the night went on, I became, as could be expected, incredibly bored. Not wanting to pick up the book once again, I would just look around the office, check the cameras, watch my power go slowly, but steadily down and gaze occasionally at the clock, the minutes passing by like hours. It was during one of my camera checks I noticed the first of the many unusual events surrounding my experiences with Fazbear and associates. The purple, glimmering curtain surrounding the smaller stage had been slightly pulled back and, from inside, a single eye beamed through the darkness. I was sure that, when I had arrived, the curtain was completely closed shut, so, instantly, a shiver went down my spine. Only then too did I notice a small sign sitting close to the stage that read: “Sorry! Out of order”. At that moment I remembered Foxy, the pirate fox, a character I had some backstory with, so to speak. Either way, I decided to look at some other cameras, since maybe someone had gotten in and had messed with the curtain. However, from what I could see, there were no signs of forced entry. Going back to the main stage, I lunged backwards when I noticed one of the animatronics, Bonnie, was missing. I squeezed my eyes, opened and closed them, even pinched myself, but, indeed, Bonnie wasn’t there anymore. Two options: either the robots were moving by themselves or someone was inside the building. I considered the second one and grabbed the flashlight. It was time for some investigating.
\This story is based on the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise created by Scott Cawthon.*
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2023.02.03 02:10 Lemonberry7616 Am I overreacting?

My son is 16 months old going on 17m. His pediatrician says these are all normal toddler things and I’m not one to compare my kid to other kids, but something feels off. He doesn’t cry, he screams like at the top of his lungs…with all his might. Constantly… especially when he’s angry. He’s started screaming when he wants something (he knows sign language for many things he just stopped using it). He bangs his head to fall asleep, or some times when he’s upset (against walls, pillows, doors, car seat, you name it). He bangs his head hard while screaming though when it’s abt him being upset. He had a vocabulary going good, now he will only say about 5 things. Mama, dad, baba, teeth, and ball. He just won’t say anything else anymore and if I try to get him to he just ignores me like I’m not even there. He used to respond to his name and now, nothing he won’t respond he just keeps on abt what he’s doing. He won’t play with me anymore, he gets mad if I try to touch his toys or play with him and he will full on growl at me. Should I push his pediatrician to listen to me more or is this actually just normal toddler things? I’ve been around many toddlers but I just feel off and worried about this.
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2023.02.03 02:04 PapaFrankthe3rd Xbox Lorian

Someone help me kill this jackass, place sign at lorian boss door, password is BBQ
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2023.02.03 01:57 Icy-Research7159 scared for my life: batch from hell!!

scared for my life: batch from hell!!
I blind swiped an order because it was $50, only to find out it was a double order, and that the second address was one hour away. I wanted to cancel so bad, but my cancellation rate is 9%, and so I decided that I might as well enjoy the long drive.
I shopped and dropped off the first order no problem.
As I drove to the second house, all signs of life became to slowly fade away. Soon, all my radio stations were not working, and then my cell and wifi were down. There were no houses, just trees and snow.
The GPS on the phone was still working (although not connected to the Internet), and 10 minutes from arriving, it told me to take a small road. This is winter, of course, and the road was covered in snow, but recently plowed. I took the road, thinking it would connect eventually a large one. However, I became more worried as time passed by, as it just kept going and going. Finally, I knew something was very wrong, and looked for a place to do a 3 point turn, but there was none, as the road was so narrow, and there were never any empty spaces on the side of the road to turn. I finally decided to stop in the middle of nowhere, and try to to multiple 3 point turns, to gradually turn the car around. However, the tires got stuck after a ferw turns, and I was in the middle of nowhere.
I began to panic as it was getting dark, and where I live, New Brunswick Canada, there is going to be an incredibly cold Arctic front coming down, bringing down the temperature to a low of below -30 degrees Celcius (-22 F). I was literally in the middle of nowhere. I knew I should wait in the car for help, but I panicked and ran back down the road. I kept going for almost 30 minutes, running and running. All I could think of was the young family who got stuck in snow by taking a wrong road. The husband went looking for help, and died.
I remember seeing a number sign on the side of the road. I was sure it was a house, and so I thought I could go up and bang on the door, and ask for help. I was so relieved and happy to finally see it! There on the side of the road was a blue sign, with the number 22. However, my heart sank. It read: 22 KM. I began to run faster and faster. I had a bottle of water with me, and took gulps now and then to quench my thirst.
Finally after in full panic mode, I saw a snowmobile approaching. I stood and waved my arms. It turned out to be two snomobiles, a young couple. They were very friendly and the guy knew what he was doing. He broke off some branches and put them umder my rear wheels (it's rear wheel drive). He then told his girlfrined to drive and turn, while we pushed the rear end sideways to spin it around.
After 15 minutes we finally got it out. I was SO grateful!
I wanted to go home so bad, but I felt bad for the customer, so I went to a gas station nearby, asked for their wifi, and got the delivery info from the app again (it was not showing up due to no connection). The phone GPS would not work properly, so I used my Garmin, and delivered to the address. They were elderly couple, very nice.
The drive home was harrowing, as there was a snowstorm. And of course, even the Garmin GPS told me to take some small road. I was not stupid enough to take it, and was able to make it home safely.
After being 20 minutes from my house, and seeing signs of civilization, I knew I was safe, and was incredibly relieved.
I reported the incident to Instacart, and said that the address was extremely dangerous, and that somone will eventually fnd themselves in trouble, especially during a snowstorm. There is no way to contact help because there is no cell or internet service. The GPS will take you to take a very small road meant for snowmobiles, and in the winter during a snowstorm, there is no way the average car can make it through the terrain in such a remote location with tiny dirt roads.
I feel bad for the couple if Instacart does remove them from the delivery list, but I definitely think that no one should be delivering to such a dangerous and remote location in the winter.
Anway, I am so happy to be home safe. Lessons I learned; -Don't hesitate to cancel a batch if your gut tells you to. It's not worth risking your life or safety.
-Be very careful delivering to bad weather, especially remote locations with bad roads
-NEVER trust the GPS! If it tells you to take a small unpaved road in a remote location, DON'T! You could get stuck and stranded. In bad weather, it could be deadly.
-Always have a backup GPS that uses satellite in case there is no reception

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2023.02.03 01:54 -en- @AP: The average long-term U.S. mortgage rate declined for the fourth week in a row, a sign of relative stability that could potentially open the door for some prospective homebuyers to get back in the market. https://t.co/ovpykQgjj3

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