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A way for those interested in the PCT to gather and share information. An open community for discussion of the PCT, with a focus on the HYOH and LNT philosophies.

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2023.02.03 06:26 New_Parking_9881 CHB in Minecraft [pjo]

CHB in Minecraft [pjo]
I’m sure this subreddit has seen a lot of these - haven’t bothered to check because I don’t want them to influence my creative decisions- but this week, I (M21) got pretty bored, after record frozen temperatures in my home state forced me to stay home from work. Out of a hunger for more Riordanverse content before TSATS, I found this stretch of land in my creative building world and thought I’d build an intimate, natural, TV show inspired Camp Half Blood. I’ve tried to follow the layout of the official maps as exactly as I can, and while this is still very unfinished, by zooming you can see the planned layout for the cabins, amphitheater, lake, arts and crafts building, etc - which I will try and build as book accurate as possible. I know this may be viewed as somewhat silly, but as an older-ish fan who grew up with both PJO and Minecraft, it’s been really fun and nostalgic to study the books and the game so far, and come up with cool ideas like in game capture the flag, or turning the lava climbing wall into redstone parkour, complete with pistons, and dispensers firing arrows. If there’s any interest, I can keep posting updates!
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2023.02.03 06:21 GUNKBALL [Hiring] Looking For Artist For Studio Ghibli Style Poster

Hi all,
Let me know if anyone would be interested/have time for this project. Looking to get it done by beginning of April.
I understand the project may be large, so I am willing to pay around $300-$400, but am willing to negotiate.

I am looking for a studio Ghibli-esc art style and almost a movie poster look.
I would like a picture of a nice looking house on a hill. It is a bit large, and coming out of the windows are different things which represent different characters. I would not actually like any people in the shot though. I want it to represent a poster. This is a somewhat fantasy world.

Here are the different specifics that I'm looking for:

Window 1:
A room with different college dorm things. A pendant, maybe a graduation cap, and also a backpack full of excavation stuff (a pickaxe, a map). The college colors are burgundy and gold.
Window 2:
A room with a crazy amount of vines and green plants sprouting out out of it with some birds sitting on the windowsill.
Window 3:
The kitchen, with a couple of bowls of noodles inside, and a wonderful smell coming out of the window.
Window 4:
A window that looks like it was modified in some way by an inventor. I would like a little workshop inside with tools on a tool bench.
Window 5:
A window with some daggers on a table, and the outside of the window to look like it might've sustained some burns from fire or something.
Window 6:
A room that looks like your average little girls room (10-12), but with a ton of GIANT weapons in it as well.
More about the house:
he house has a nice cobblestone walkway leading up to it, and an apple tree with a swing on the right side of it.

If possible, I would love if you could write
"The Lion And The Mouse", similar to a movie title, somewhere on the image, if you can't, that is ok.
Let me know if you have any more questions!
I plan to print these out as posters that I will frame as gifts for my Dungeons and Dragons group. Each window represents their characters room. Will not be selling them.
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2023.02.03 05:51 bjcoolio27 Fire Emblem 6 HM Ironman Pick My Units Update #1 - Lycia

[See previous post here]
Hello all! I recently finished the first part of Fire Emblem 6 (Ch.1-8x) and wanted to provide an update.
The good news is that I made it through Chapter 7! The bad news is that I lost Treck (meh), Wolt (RIP) and Zealot (which means I can't get the true ending). I experimented with a few different strategies after finishing the chapter (using save states to preserve my OG run) and struggled to come up with a way to cleanly get through the chapter without potentially huge casualties so I'll chalk things up as a win, all things considered.
Unit Breakdown (click name for imgur):
Roy - Solid unit this time around. Blessed in STR, DEF and RES. Fed him the Angelic Robe to help him serve as a fighting unit in Ch. 7.
Marcus - Good old Marcus served me well, especially in the earliest chapters. He deserves a long rest - enjoy the bench, sir.
Wolt (u/InvincibleWeasel) (u/Plinfilore)- Died in Chapter 7 (a sneaky Cavalier managed to slip in and take him out). To be honest, he was struggling A LOT, gaining only HP on multiple level-ups. He got me through the early game so I'm not too bummed but it's always sad to lose a unit. RIP buddy.
Merlinus - He's doing convoy stuff, nothing to see here.
Dieck (discord - Sad Map Bad) - Absolute chad (not the thief). Decided to give him the first Hero Crest but it was a close call between him and Lot.
Wade (u/MinecraftDude761) - Basically Lot's support buddy and nothing more. He's sticking around for the ride at this point but he may not last through the Western Isles...we'll see.
Lot (discord - epic gamer) - Damn! Lot is really impressing me this run. I gave him the Secret Book to patch up his SKL. He's definitely getting the second Hero Crest if possible.
Chad - He's doing thief stuff, nothing to see here.
Clarine (u/AWDnForce) - I've certainly had worse Clarines before. Debating on whether to give her or Lilina the first Guiding Ring.
Lilina (discord - Oswin Fan & Enjoyer 2008) - Lilina is always fun to use and she's turning out pretty well this time around.
Overall I'd say the run is going fairly smoothly (aside from losing Zealot...) I'll provide another update after I finish up the Western Isles. Thanks all!
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2023.02.03 05:38 Gullible-Nature8522 Gears Town

Gears Town
Electro City is a story of tiny creatures called megawatts who live in our power grid. They travel inside our power lines and live in power stations and transformers. One day a blackout from a thunderstorm threatens everything they hold dear to them. It's up to Frizzy and her friends to travel across the world to save her town. They travel inside power lines, internet cables and under the ocean to find the creator of electricity. With his help they can save Frizzi's town.
Frizzy here! I've lived in this magical wonderland called Gears Town my whole life. It's full of old-time folks that wear these big straw hats and cowboy boots. We are in the desert after all. It's a small, quiet town with loud people. Spittoons, saloons, wooden old western shops, and our local dog named Rusty Bolts. It's dusty, rough, and full of sand, but with a little shine, I think this place could really start to look up. That's where I come in. Frizzi's the name my family gave me because, well, I'm so frizzy. I rip things apart and build them bigger, better, stronger, and shocking! The rest of my family doesn't really see things the way I do and although we don't share the same interests, I believe one day I could show them the future. By the future I mean the internet. That thing has got it all. Funny videos, crazy people, new and interesting ideas that could really change my town for the better. I can just see it now. (Funny daydream moment of the town in the future)
In my town there lived a colony of furry little creatures called megawatts, that's us. These crazy charged creatures were always jumping around and conducting currents all through the town. Town by town these little furiously cute creatures lived in each and every electrical transformer. You know those cylinder things way up high on those wooden poles by the side of the road. Those little buggers created our entire infrastructure that built the world. Before that there were the ashes (Little fire guys that dripped ash). They were en-caged in these old lanterns and had to be lit every night. (Picture British ashes with posh accents). They used air to travel from lantern to lantern. (Hot air balloon and zeppelin transport with hand gliders and old TVs in their lantern community inside the lantern) (steampunk, kind of magical fairy dust people) Thankfully, those guys are gone, they were so rude. Now with the advancements of Sizzlman Frankbuzz (benjamin franklin) (show him flying a kite and getting shocked as an ash creature) and nikola teswatt (Nikola tesla) we can connect all these communities together to create something even better! The mighty and extravagant Giga City! This city was the substation to the whole process, I'm talking shiny streets, cool cars, and anything your heart desires. (Chrome city with greenery)
These guys made everything possible for the Megawatts and their smaller towns. The city was gigantic and filled with fun and cool things to do. Zipping trains that could just float in the air suspended by magneto creatures. Roads buzzing with the energy of the city. This was no slump, but the magic really happened where it all began, the power plant. This place is the mecca of life itself. It was like the IKEA of the world. Whatever you needed, they had it. Everything stemmed from this place. We all praised the big, towering stacks cutting the clouds in the sky. Nobody was ever allowed to go there but every night I would look across the city and imagine what they could be doing there. What a dream that could have been. (daydreaming). Well, back to my normal routine. I'm a sky climber. I change out lights for the digital creatures. These towers are so high you could see the entire coast. I even get to talk to my buddy Digi. He's like a messenger for the giants(humans). His whole family does it. My Mom says I can only travel in my hometown, but I imagine what it would be like to see the other side. (Dark clouds closing in the distance with lightning and thunder) I better get home, said Frizzy.
I slide down the rope that secures me to the radio tower as the thunder starts to shake and rumble the tower sending rumbling through the metal surface. I Zipline down to electrical wires hanging from the tower which go to the ground. I'm on my way home as I grind through the lanes on my electric roller blades. All the lights on the street level (inside the wire streets) start to dim as lightning slams into the dry desert ground. I shoot my hook gun and grapple onto the lights avoiding falling debris. Almost home, I just have to get there before our town closes the big metal doors as they brace for the storm's impact. I slide under the vault doors and make it into our town center. My house is just down the road. I fly into my bedroom window as the whole house is going under lockdown with sheets of metal locking us all inside. The storm rages as we rush to the basement. Over the radio we hear our mayor comforting all the citizens of Gears Town. A piece of wood and shrapnel cut into our ceiling in the basement and water dripped from above. The lights sizzle, dim and everything fades to darkness. We fell asleep on the couch in the basement surrounded by water beginning to flood.
The next day we woke up and put our house defenses offline. As we all gathered to the town center the mayor of the city said on the intercom that nobody was allowed to leave the city center or beyond. Nobody in our town had electricity and our colors were beginning to fade.(from yellow to black).(faint yellow now). I can help, I yelled out to the crowd. My parents told me I couldn't go and it was too dangerous to go anywhere. I had to do something or everyone and everything would crumble. Our town was losing power drastically by the hour. Flowers were wilting and our home was starting to glitch out. I couldn't just sit here and watch everything vanish. I ran to the back of the wall behind the bushes where I used to sneak out at night to hang out with digi. I jumped on my rollerblades and set off as fast as I could. The highway roads were crumbling and overgrown with vegetation. There I saw the Surges. Dressed in brown with rust covering their metal robotic bodies. One of them yells out "intruder alert," and I jump into the air with my hook gun and grapple onto the street lights. The surges start shooting net guns to try to capture me. They seem to feed off of electric creatures as I spot little yellow guys in their circular bellies. Nice try guys! See you never! I made it up the rope and to the signal tower where digi was. I tell him everything and we make a plan to find the inventor of electricity to save my home town. We travel down the slide inside the cell tower where Digi has his car waiting. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. The streets are full of tvs and colors. Everything is chrome and shiny with trees growing from the ceiling downward. People are traveling alongside us in these vacuum tubes so fast. We make it to his house to gear up and look up where to find the inventor of electricity. His room is filled with computers and tiny walking robots. Even his dog is a robot made of tiny robots. You could change the walls of his room by pressing a button. Now we're at the beach, now we're in the city, now we're in space. Digi showed me everything I have ever dreamed of. On his 3d computer he found a link to the inventor of the internet. All the way in a place called Great Britain. "That's where we need to go, Frizzy," said Digi. From there, we put on our cool tech suits and set off for a journey of a lifetime.
We took Digi’s car to the train station and set off. We got our own room full of snacks. I explored the train as it took off into the sky traveling at the speed of light. So much to see on the outside. (Fiber cable is clear). (Details of places). Projectors and screens showing moving pictures of different places around the world. One of them called "Japan" had cherry blossoms with the pedals falling down on the screen and the pedals were 3d so they were falling into the train through the moonroof. Digi told me of the places in stories that amazed me. Not even Digi has been this far before, goodbye small-town USA, hello the world. Suddenly, all of the lights in the train turned blue, the conductor over the speaker saying fasten your seatbelts, we are going below!!! and we plunged straight down. I grit my eyes closed as Digi laughs at me. I open my eyes to these colorful creatures called fish. So many of them are in big and small groups. Our train finally hits the bottom when the conductor says over the speaker, welcome to the Atlantic Ocean, Dinner is served! Our train lights up and everything around us starts to open up. It's like a huge city highway underground. So many stores, types of weird people. On the outside huge fish and octopus in neon colors. We fall asleep on the train to tranquil sounds and jellyfish floating above us. (Train has a moonroof).
I wake up to breakfast and Digi stuffing his face. Over the speaker I hear next stop, Ireland! Digi and I looked up on his laptop of the things in Ireland and found funny videos. Our train was coming into the station. We got off at the stop but nobody else did. It was like a ghost town. A man of the ash people in a funny uniform with a bagpipe walked up to us and we started saying "yorgin torgin noopie googie." He then started dancing up and down making weird sounds with his instrument. One of his eyes was googlie. Digi hit the top of his head which resets him, and his eye went back into place. He said to us, "whater youus want hmmmm?" We told him how we needed to get to Britain, and he said, "Ol righty over here Yun snappers." He led us to his house which was on a brick road. Looking to the outside we only saw lanterns. No internet or electricity. It was odd but also pretty cool. His house was steampunk with gears and cogs and a smokestack coming out of his house. It looked like a shoe but full of machine parts. He sat us down and drew up a map. His steampunk cat jumped up on the table and greeted us. He stabbed the map and said, "right er here is what you want." He showed us the routes and told us to be careful of the dragons and elf people along the way. He threw his map back in his big treasure chest and showed us to the top of the transport tower where we saw a hang glider and a zeppelin and a hot air balloon. This is how you go, he told us. We picked up the hot air balloon and made off. On the land were goats and farmland. The winds started ramping us and it pushed us off course.
Crash, thud, our balloon was stuck on something as I get up to take a look outside. (Looks out over basket) I look over the edge to see a giant tower as our air balloon gets snagged on the side of it. We jump off as the balloon deflates and we land on the top of the tower where we see some fellow watts towards the middle of the tower. We approach them as they have dinner with an impeccable view. Digi taps on the man's shoulder and asks him where we were. He points to the city and says in a fancy accent with a bit of a mumble, "you are in the grand city of love, food, and dreams. You, my friend, are in France! We need to find London sir, I said. London my dear boy, London is very far, said the French man. He told us to come sit by him for some food. Yum static and protons-light particles, as they float in different colors around the dish like fireflies. He tells us how to get to London. We borrow his cool electric motorcycle and zip down the tower in the power lines. We see everything in the city. I snap pictures for my scrapbook. Digi and I come across a surge with enemies coming straight at us as we drive to our destination. Time for a detour Digi yells as he pulls a wheelie and jumps onto the internet wire down below us. We crash down into the tunnel sending us into a crazy vortex and we accidentally get sent into a house as we slide into the ethernet port of a nearby computer. We ding around inside the wire and get thrown into a laptop connected to the wire.
The light around us in the tunnel instantly goes into darkness. We are knee deep in beautiful baby blue water heading down the tunnel. We venture towards the end of the tunnel which is illuminated by an eye searing bright white light. It becomes more apparent the farther we walk towards it. We stand at the end of the tunnel looking down. Below us is a glistening waterfall flowing thousands of feet down into a green and mossy ravine with black sands. The ravine leading to a metropolis of lights and a mega city. We jump and glide through the air with our hang gliders. The air hitting our faces filled with mist from the waterfall and flying insects high in the sky. We look to see where the ravine leads to in the distance as we approach closer.
"This place looks wild '', it's a city built with 100 levels of towns and highways. Half all chrome in the city and half wildlife. Green trees growing in the sidewalk and vines growing on the chroma buildings. Everyone here is full of so much color. Everyone is wearing business suits and riding on sport bikes leaving rainbow trails behind on a blue led highway. We see a bike rack and borrow a bike and drive around looking for our way out of here. We stop off at a diner and take a seat. We overhear someone talking about the world beyond us as everyone ignores him. The cook behind the diner shouts the man's name demanding him to leave, "Stop with your nonsense Glitch!" He takes his coffee with his sign that reads "There's a world beyond, I've seen it". We follow the man outside where he is sitting on the street corner by his stuff. We approach him and ask him who he is and if he can help us. His face lights up and he tells us dreams of a world beyond this place. He tells us his name is Glitch and that people call him that because he can't do anything but dream. Glitch said he was born to dream and see the world. He was the result of a computer system glitch. (He was a malfunctioning digital creature who acted funny and glitched a little like someone was zapping him. (He has a hole in his shoe with a toe hanging out, he wears a cap on his head that is worn and owns a little cat named Leo) (Leo is a fat Chinese cat) He was unlike any of the other people here which acted like robots with no expression. We told him that we believed him and that we could help him see the world beyond here if he would help us try to find the outside world. He told us that he knows of a way but it's very dangerous and he needed our help to make it out. He said we had to venture up the 100 stories by climbing the mountain on the side of the 100-story building. This was the shortcut as we couldn't get into each level without clearance. The man brings out hiking gear inside of his tent in the alley and hands us the gear. We all get the gear on and walk to the mountain. Climbing it with the cold snowy files brushing across us. (Mountain is snow but instead of snow its white papers/files of a computer) We walk for miles and climb up with pickaxes and rope attached to our belts. Swinging across like in tomb raider we jump to a cliff to get around the dead end. We find a hut and a snowmobile sitting beside it. Me and Digi get on and the man gets on the skies attached to the snowmobile. He yells with joy and laughter as we shred the mountain. Digi yells look out! A rumble starts to make our snowmobile swerve and the man behind yells avalanche! We try to outmaneuver it, but we get buried.
I wake up frantically and look for Digi. I can't find him and I'm alone and scared. (The static electricity around him turns blue) After hours of searching, I break down and cry. I look into my backpack at the scrapbook that I was putting together and look at the Gears Town people, Digi, and other moments. I say to myself, I'm sorry, I couldn't make it. I fell asleep in the nap sack I packed in my backpack. I wake up to laughter and a light. I follow the light guided by the aura borealis. The laughter and sounds get louder and louder. I see a campfire and logs beside it with glowing marshmallows over it. (Marshmallows are light particles that look like it) It's a cute little black and white cat with spots. I'll call you Muca. I thought I heard Digi though. You did, said Digi behind me. I turn around with a smile and hug him. I thought you were a goner. The crazy man jumped from under the snow papers under me and said, same here sparky. I was so glad to see them. What do we do now I asked? Both of them said they didn't know. Muca looked at me and pointed with her nose in a direction with a funny noise showing us that she wanted us to follow her. We follow Muca to a weird glowing hole in the ground near the top of the mountain. Muca points down and smiles. Thank you little one. Muca jumps into my backpack, and we slide through the hole in the ground. We fell down onto a train. We see signs everywhere on the sides pointing to Britain. Yes! We are on the way finally.
Passing the blue ring tube, we hit a mega slide and are launched into the air. We land in the digital tube and make our way inside the directory, the telephone booth. We run across the index and look up electricity city to find the creator of electricity. He is somewhere in the district called clock Mod City. Digi points to the only clock in sight. It's a giant Clock tower. That must be it, Frizzy replied. We jump on the telephone buttons dialing the location in and get sucked into the phone. It takes us to the underground ancient sewers of London where we see another civilization and then we shoot to the top of the tower. There we see clocks everywhere and a long hallway with cool artifacts. We knock on the big door to see the inventor of electricity. No answer. We walk inside and see a robot man made of clock parts. He tells us the inventor hasn't been seen for years. We came all this way to help fix my town, we told the man. He said the inventor told the robotic man that he was expecting Frizzy would come and to tell him that he was the key to the future. The robotic man gave him a book showing him everything the inventor worked on and everything that the future would hold. He saw battery designs, cool looking windmills and a device that would generate lightning to use as power. The clock man/robotic man was the future see-er and told Frizzy that he was going to do things that the world has never seen before. The clock man then said there's no time to waste and opened the roof of the clock tower which had a giant satellite, it sucked them into it. The clock man said you are the key Frizzy, while he threw them an artifact, saying you'll know what to do with it when the time comes, it's what you have always done. They turned into particles and beamed into outer space where they saw little space guys as they were beaming to the satellite in the sky. They saw the past and future as they were getting beamed up. (Past and future for Digi and frizzy so digital stuff and electrical inventions). They made it to the satellite where they saw another civilization of creatures who had a city there on the satellite. They were then re-directed by the satellite through a toll way with a really lazy person who let people into the major highway. They made it past the tollway and to Gears town after they told the person where they needed to go after they paid the tollway. Beamed back down to gears town. They ran away from the surges and Frizzy looked at the artifact and saw a Wi-Fi symbol on it. Frizzy looked to the sky and it clicked. The radio tower Frizzy exclaimed! They raced up to the tower in the Nic of time before their whole town was destroyed. Digi held them off and Frizzy inserted the artifact into the radio tower which sent out shock waves fixing everything. The Surges disappeared, the towns turned vibrant again and the power plant turned back on. (The power plant was slowly fading off). They go back to the town center in Gears town and Frizzy is congratulated along with Digi. Everyone is so curious about Digi because they have never seen a creature like that. They were both given the keys to the city in a ceremony and Frizzy was given the Lightning bolt which could open the Power plant. The mayor of Gears town told Frizzy he earned it. Make us proud, he told Frizzy and Digi. They went to the power plant and saw that in the control center it was the inventor of the electricity with pictures of him everywhere and his knickknacks on the table with a note that said, Reach for the stars Frizzy.
Digi and Frizzy worked together on so many projects there. Created so many inventions. Frizzy came up with something called the fusion reactor which made an artificial sun on earth that could generate endless electricity for everyone. They invented wireless electrical poles. Everyone from Gears town mixed in with the people from the big cities to a new place called Atlas where they all lived together. This was A mega substation city. Frizzy invited Digi and everyone they met on their way to London to a big party. They lived in peace and had a blast together. End of story. (Show funny and cool stuff after.) (Fill in parts later if other characters join in power plant for different ending)
Detail Comments
*Reference nuclear fusion as the future which Frizzy creates in the end.
*Solar panels in the desert and wind turbines background.
*In some places water turbines are used as scenery.
*Joule people babies from megawatt people.
*The Internet cables different people and connects the world together. spider internet creatures furry
*Human connection because he watches him watch tv while he is powering the tv. Watch behind the tv screen.
*When they go under water it drops off into ocean and the cable is see through with lights coming from it and stuff projected under the deep blue sea
*In the end frizzy gets promoted into the power plant to use his new ideas. Nobody would listen to him in the Giga city, and they all watched as he got promoted.
*In the Giga city hall in front of everyone after he saved the day and fixed everything. Frizzy even made new friends along the way from different places and they were also invited to the power plant factory to aid him in inventing the future.
*He received the giant lightning bolt key that could open anything.
*Anger or sadness can change the electrical current flowing on the outside of the creatures from green-excited, blue-sad, red-angry.
*Creatures are fuzzy, big eyes.
*Characters of different natures have chromatic Chroma flair coloring.
*Muca has white is pearl with sparkles
*Traffic is above and below. City inside the tunnel underground.
A giant storm causes the power plant to malfunction and causes a blackout and surge (bad guys) to invade and take over the creatures' cities and towns. The main character has to work with the other villages to travel across the world by internet to uncover how to fix their hometowns. Under water lines where he travels and across the skies by Wi-Fi and older communities where he gets stuck in Ireland with the ash community and needs to find a way to England where it all began with a reference to the creator of the internet. Picturing America as the cowboy west in Nevada (his hometown) and the big cities of New York. He also ends up in Japan. The creature looks like that country. All furry creature balls but different face features and outfits.
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2023.02.03 05:25 I_am_unique6435 Is there a mod that let's enemy attack when you defend a position?

I am tired of having 15 min gameplay of me standing in shield formation until the enemy crossbow men have fired their last shots.This is especially stupid when it's holy war and you are tasked with DEFENDING a position.Either give me real walls (why did I build this palisades?) or make the enemy not just stand there and shot at me. Yes I can shield wall 10 rounds, probably loose one bro and watch the whole enemy team shield wall for 15 min minutes... OR i could play the game.This is just so time consuming. A lot of things in this game are.
There is a simple solution to that: Give the side that attacked on the map a time limit when the enemy has to be defeated. Let's say 15 rounds or 20. After that they get a debuff.
I sadly haven't found anything that works on Nexus. At this point I'd just accept a mod that lets the enemy attack automatically. Even if that's kinda cheating.

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2023.02.03 05:17 Hotel_Earth Jargon, shaming and tripwires - from the perspective of a newcomer (to this subreddit, not to polyamory)

Hi mods, I’ve gone over the following with a fine-toothed comb, and I feel confident that it falls well within both the spirit and letter of the sub rules. It is critical and very long, but offered with the best of intentions - I hope you’ll let it through.
TL;DR hidden subreddit norms and highly specified language are causing some problems, especially for newcomers to the subreddit; I talk about these at preposterous length. Some subreddit drama is rehashed in a way that I hope is both constructive and more broadly relevant, but if this sounds tedious to you, consider skipping this post.
Happy Thursday everyone! The following is directed primarily towards curious or distressed people who might land here in the future, and the many posters who generously provide the benefit of their experience to others. If you are new to polyamory and find yourself startled by the apparent ubiquity of some fairly extreme viewpoints on this subreddit, I hope you will find my perspective both helpful and encouraging. I have little hope of changing any minds among the more hard-line contingent, but if any of you happen to have woken up on the right side of the bed this morning, I encourage you to read on.
This subreddit is, of course, composed of many thousands of people, who inhabit a wide range of viewpoints. Many of these people are considerate, and much of their advice is good, or at least well-intended. In a more archival mode, this sub can be a treasure trove of good ideas and useful perspectives. There is, however, a marked culture, one that often creates a minefield around certain topics. One needn't look far in order to encounter an appalling degree of vitriolic shaming, often triggered when new posters unfamiliar with specific tripwires unwittingly stumble across them. It is news to no one that some people are jerks, and that some people are bigger jerks on the internet than they might be in other contexts; at best, careful moderation can calm the waters, nudging discussions back on course when they begin to founder.
Here, the opposite effect is apparent: piety, condescension and a highly specified pseudo-academic lexicon converge to convey the impression that the norms found here are monolithic and widely accepted, when many of them in fact bear little resemblance to those of broader poly contexts. It’s a big world, and this subreddit is a bubble: despite its prominence in search results (many of you, I imagine, will have found your way here in the same manner I did) and the appearance of a fairly authoritative consensus on many topics, this sub contains its share of blind spots. While there are plenty of common poly pitfalls, especially for beginners, and many more wrong answers than right ones, there are also many more right answers than the fairly narrow window of tolerance within this subreddit will often indicate. If you and your partners are happy, secure and communicating well most of the time, you are not doing it wrong.
On the topic of security, I’m certainly not the only one to have found the almost total lack of regard displayed here for the virtues of devotion, loyalty and commitment surprising. While it is true that relationships can only change over time, and with new partners, one could be forgiven for concluding based on the contents of this subreddit that this change can only be one of fracturing, growing apart and letting go - and perhaps that one should not only feel bad about their part in this, but also feel bad about feeling bad about it. This terribly sad, lonely perspective serves to elevate a certain brand of detached avoidance to the status of some sort of fundamental poly axiom, encompassing none of the deep security that foundations of years, built on trust accumulated over time, can provide. Perhaps a little known secret to those less experienced: much of the time, polyamory is kind of easy among partners who communicate well. These are underrepresented here: I imagine many of them are simply living their lives rather than posting, for reasons I am beginning to understand very well.
Don’t let a person deep in the chaos of their own disorganized attachments bully you into doubting your own perceptions because they don’t like the way that their encounters with secure attachment perturb their own self-image! The jargon often runs deep here, and while highly specified language can certainly add clarity and facilitate concision, it is too often employed to the opposite purpose. Notice the rhetorical gymnastics on display. Wherever you encounter an idea that could have been communicated effectively in a plain sentence or two, but which instead inhabits an entire jargon-laced paragraph, you will often find a personal preference disguised as a norm. ‘I don’t like it when couples are too couple-y’ doesn’t sound nearly as authoritative as ‘the unexamined couple privilege on display here is very problematic, and a clear example of mononormative ideology infiltrating poly spaces and implicitly devaluing queerplatonic relationship paradigms.’
The exact same behavior will just as often be lauded or condemned, based only on the terminology employed to describe it. Observe the convolutions: to avoid labeling anything a rule or a hierarchy, even when its function is by any sane definition indistinguishable from one. To cast absolutely everything in the mold of some idealized free-agent autonomy, even in cases where basic tenets of simple decency - often of the sort that pass unremarked between casual acquaintances, let alone lovers - are clearly being violated. Consider that many of the people best-versed in this jargon use it primarily as a tool of manipulation, coercion and abuse - and pass unnoticed - while others who are simply trying to navigate a complex topic openly, in public, become instant pariahs. There often seems to be a sort of lexical ninja task force, waiting in the rafters for a chance to descend in full force upon any likely punching bag at the slightest provocation.
This pseudo-academic jargon serves as a barrier to entry, but also as a movable fortress for those best able to wield it. When operated in alignment with the veiled ideological tides I’ve described, it becomes a source of shifting, infinitely replenishable moral high ground for those in the know, like a force field of smug contempt from behind which they can rain vitriol down upon the uninitiated. It is of course natural for any community to develop its own norms, but some of these ones are toxic, unexamined and unexaminable, or at least needlessly proscriptive. After all, people will be much more likely to let you deconstruct their beliefs and motivations if you can first convince them that they are operating from a place of unexamined privilege!
The selective emphasis on certain types of privilege, and even the axis along which privilege is tabulated, deserve closer scrutiny as well. I find the emphasis on couple privilege particularly myopic, in that many of these so-called privileges are in fact a matter of necessity and even survival for many. If you or a partner haven’t experienced severe illness or injury, immigration difficulties, or threats to your basic safety, that is a very lucky thing. To claim that marriage, for instance, is inherently unethical in a poly context because only one partner can marry, or to suggest that these considerations should even be on the table when a partner’s citizenship, home, safety or access to medical care might be at stake, is to have truly lost the thread. Especially in queer, trans and immigrant circles, these are among the only tools on hand to navigate an often overtly hostile culture and apparatus of state; the true privilege is to not have to worry about these things.
It also strikes me as odd that, at least within this subreddit, those at the furthest extreme of the personal autonomy axis - and I’m primarily referring to self-labeled relationship anarchists here - are often the most vocal in their attempts to restrict the behavior or shame the preferences of others. The tired refrain ‘it’s not my job to educate you’ serves as a poor substitute for coherent argumentation, often bookending some absurd blanket edict (‘there are no couples in polyamory’), delivered without any context or support. I want to be clear that I have nothing at all against relationship anarchy, and have found much there to be of value, both in the literature and in conversation. I am bewildered, however, by the extent to which some among this sub’s RA contingent, who value autonomy so highly for themselves, seem inclined to grant other people so little of it.
The degree to which some of the louder voices in this crowd mistake their own preferences for some kind of universal moral truth is truly surprising: they should be among the least likely to make such a mistake. One suspects a great many relationship objectivists or neoreactionaries, if there can be such a thing, hiding among these self-labeled anarchists. There is a deep irony here: nominally anarchist politics eventuate in effectively authoritarian aims and practices, complete with an eager avant-cop goon squad to enforce them. This doesn’t really look like anarchism to me; the anarchism I know has a whole lot more to do with solidarity, mutual aid and community. My previous entry on this topic was described as ‘pseudo-intellectual ranting’ by a moderator, but I’m genuinely curious: in what sense is this doctrine of total self-reliance anarchist?
In any case, it’s revealing that such uncompromising relational ethics within one subset of interaction can fail so utterly to translate to others: many of these people seem plainly eager for any opportunity to dole out beatings under the guise of tough love. I wonder how many poly novices, having been so badly burnt on this subreddit for crossing an invisible tripwire in a moment of vulnerability, end up turning back to the mainstream again for years, or for good? How many more have at least internalized the careless, toxic ramblings of some overeager poly keyboard cop? That number is certainly not zero; there is real harm being done here.
I am glad to have many friends in the wild, both mono and poly, who when faced with discomfort around other people’s ideas are reasonably capable of producing ‘that’s definitely not for me, but knock yourself out’ as a plausible alternative hypothesis to ‘this person is clearly evil and needs to be punished immediately.’ I wish the same were more often the case here. Instead, the pattern is often that of a purity spiral, or a struggle session. Controversial topics quickly become impossible to discuss. A wire gets tripped, and the subreddit immune system activates: if either total submission or the right lexical credentials are not immediately produced by the offender, the worst possible intentions are assumed. Labels are thrown out until one of them sticks, the public shaming commences, and the conversation is effectively over, regardless of its contents: the heretics are ritually burned, and the community once again made safe.
After all, no one wants to be problematic, or unethical; those are bad things! Why would anyone need to question the terms, unless they’re up to no good? The result is a fractured epistemology, one in which much of the foundational terminology admits of no easy definition, but also brooks no examination. This is an impossible basis for any kind of open discourse.
On the topic of thorny, ambiguous terms, and at the risk of totally derailing this conversation: let’s talk about unicorns, autonomy, and an interesting pattern of reactions I’ve noticed on this sub over the past few days.
To provide a little context: I (a somewhat masc andro AMAB nonbinary) posted my Feeld profile for review a few days ago. I received a number of very sweet comments, a good deal of constructive criticism, some harsh but helpful advice, and a couple of nasty comments which I ignored. (That post is still up; if you’re curious, you can see it here: https://www.reddit.com/polyamory/comments/10ohzpb/34nb_feeld_profile_review_be_brutally_honest/).
My spouse and anchor partner Claire (a femme AFAB nonbinary), who I’m currently staying with, was so excited about how much helpful feedback I got that they asked me to post their Feeld profile, too (they don’t have a reddit account, and after the ensuing fiasco that seems likely to remain a permanent state of affairs). I can’t link to that post, because it was removed by the moderators, but although Claire’s post was very similar to mine, the reaction couldn’t have been more different. With the exception of a few constructive entries, the comments were overwhelmingly harsh from the beginning.
We had both written in our profiles that we were open to dating together or separately, and that we were open to being unicorns for other queer couples. This didn’t really make any waves in my profile review thread, but for some reason Claire’s set people off right away. The thread really caught on fire when Claire used the word ‘throuple’ in a comment (Claire speaks excellent english, among four other languages, but it is not their first language, and highly specific context-dependent terminology can sometimes be a little foggy - can you see another mode of gatekeeping at work here?).
It was clear from the post and our comments that we both have separate long term poly relationships with people of various genders, some of which relationships have endured from well before we met each other, and that dating people separately was in no way new to us. Nonetheless, things continued to heat up. I was criticized for responding, rather than just taking the beating (a favorite tactic of bullies everywhere), and once the label ‘unicorn hunter’ started flying around, there was no containing the flames - the post was quickly removed by the moderators.
I was initially hesitant to dig into this topic, but upon examining some past posts on this sub, I became aware of the likelihood that if I didn’t address it I would likely be written off as a salty unicorn hunter; I don’t want to make it quite that easy. I’m not interested in re-litigating the exact arguments from that post, but I think their outline is a useful lens through which to examine the dynamic I’ve outlined above. There are some terms I want to unpack here, because there are multiple conflicting definitions operating concurrently, and watching while Claire and I were publicly shamed - after being herded into the gap between a narrow, explicit definition and a much wider operational one - was extremely illuminating.
I’ll start with the narrow, explicit definition: that one’s easy, because the criteria are outlined in both the subreddit rules and some of the linked literature.
From the sub rules:
“Personal ads and the like are not allowed. If you post asking for people in your area, or anything looking like a personals ad, it will be removed. Same with commenting anywhere attempting to do the same.
This includes asking [how to find "a third", “a unicorn”, or multiple women to date only you and maybe each other.”
OK! That’s looking pretty good; everything about this seems very sensible. But wait, there’s another link! Maybe this will describe unicorn hunters in more detail? Once again, we’re in luck:
“If you don't know what a "unicorn hunter" is, that's simply an established couple, a heterosexual man and bisexual woman, that's searching for a bisexual woman\* that is open to a relationship with both the man and the woman in the existing relationship (but no one else), who will love them both equally, and agree to the rules that the couple has already decided are healthy for their relationship. She is expected to fit in to their relationship without changing the existing relationship with the couple, and if they feel that she's not following any rule, she's out, to protect The Couple.”
Great! This is looking good too. We’re going to take the asterisk into account and assume this describes any potential triad, regardless of gender and orientation. Obligation to date both of us? Nope. Exclusivity? Nope. Expectations of equal feelings? Rules new partners have to follow? Noooope. Expectations that our relationship won’t change? Rules or veto power from within the couple? No, and no.
Alright - looking good! We aren’t unicorn hunters, by any accepted definition that anyone can point to. We’re interested in dating or playing with someone new together, which we haven’t done much of, and also enjoy playing unicorn with other couples, separately. Anyone who cares to look can easily see that we’ve both been poly and happily partnered in a number of concurrent relationships for many years, even though we’re not up to speed on the subreddit-specific jargon. This should go pretty well, right?
About the strongest reasonable claim anyone made was that any premeditated desire to date another person together was a recipe for heartbreak. While it can certainly go that way, that hasn’t been the majority of my experience with other couples. But I get it - lots of people have been burnt by shitty couples - fair enough. There was a bunch of criticism from people who could tell that we were a couple and didn’t like that - kind of tangential, but under the same umbrella - ok, sure.
The bulk of the vitriol, though, was in regard to unicorn hunting. This is interesting, because by any reading of the narrow, explicit definition above, neither Claire or I are unicorn hunters. None of this should be controversial. What’s going on here?
It seems that there is another, hidden definition of unicorn hunting that comes into play when the unspoken norms of the sub are questioned. This definition is not explicit, and I can only trace its outline by examining the tripwires I triggered around it, but I have a hunch it might look something like this: ‘unicorn hunting is when people I might want to date if they were single or solo are in a couple, and they are talking about dating people together.’ I’m not pulling this out of thin air - most of the more energetic negative comments, especially on Claire’s posts, followed roughly the format: ‘I would totally swipe right if [X], but I’ll pass / you suck / byeeeee because [Y].’
While the impact of our preferences on others' self-conception was a noteworthy feature of those comments, it seemed central to another theme that surfaced later on. Near the end of that thread’s short, messy life, Claire and I received another healthy round of shaming, for saying that we both enjoy playing, solo, with other couples, as self-identified unicorns. Particularly distressing was the implication that a sexually confident femme could not meaningfully determine their own boundaries or needs; that either of us unicorning at all was (from the perspective of the unicorn!) definitionally unethical. I find this deeply troubling. Some of the comments I encountered on this topic seemed to point toward what I can only describe as some kind of victimless breach of an undefined and unspoken sexual code of poly ethics.
Unspoken, and highly resistant to questioning: this line of inquiry led more or less directly to the post’s removal. The proscription of victimless ‘unethical’ behavior doesn’t protect anyone, and indeed can only exist as an instrument of normative enforcement - after all, if no one is harmed by a behavior, who can its prohibition possibly hope to protect? This position seems strangely puritanical, for a poly subreddit: I’m reminded, bleakly, of extremist Christian prohibitions on masturbation as ‘self-rape.’ To anticipate any possible retort that unicorn-hunting couples harm people all the time, I want to emphasize that it was claimed that we were harming ourselves, in some manner we were not aware of, by unicorning with other couples - and that my attempts to point this concern trolling out led directly to the post being removed.
Is discomfort harm? Who, exactly, is being protected here? What are they being protected from? What is it about confident, self-assured unicorns that certain poly identities find so existentially threatening? Why does a community founded on the principles of negotiation and mutual agreement adopt a posture that can be accurately described as ‘do what we say, or else, no questions!’ when certain of its unwritten rules are challenged? The answers to these questions are left as an exercise for the reader.
I expect this kind of reactive posturing from the straight world; it’s disappointing to find it here, too. My experience above is only a single case, but even a cursory inventory of this sub’s contents will demonstrate that the underlying principle generalizes. There are too many examples here of shaming, of vitriol aimed at newcomers over perfectly understandable difficulties. Vitriol delivered with such piety, as though the ultimate poly goal is to burn all interdependence away at the altar of total autonomy. This is a shame. One doesn’t need to completely dismantle the basic machinery of attachment (as though such a thing is even possible) in order to practice ethical polyamory. There is a lot of good to be found in lifelong commitment for those who seek it, even in poly relationships.
It is possible to be married and ethically poly. Don’t mistake the gospel of avoidance from those who are triggered by secure attachment for some bitter but necessary pill to swallow. That is total bullshit. If you truly believe that you can exist alongside other people - let alone in relationship with other people - without anyone ever owing anyone else anything - you are delusional. At best, this mentality is indicative of a thoroughly unexamined lack of personal accountability; at worst, it is a direct instrument of manipulation and abuse. Sometimes pain is something to sit with alone; sometimes it’s a signal that support and co-regulation are needed; and sometimes it’s a sign that what you are doing is hurting you, and you should stop. All that matters, ultimately, is what works well for you and your partners.
I am not convinced that I am right on all counts, but I will offer that I am not anonymous here. I am willing to stand behind, defend and also re-examine my own beliefs. The same, you will find, is often not true of those most assiduously toeing the party line, although I am sure many will be eager to tell you differently. And there is a party line, enforced by group pressure and by unbalanced moderation served with a heaping tablespoon of condescension. An appeal to those I’ve spoken harshly of here: even from a perspective of self-interest, shaming people and tearing them down is not going to get the result you want. You certainly don’t owe anyone kindness, or any response at all, but at least have enough self-awareness to realize when you’re getting yourself off on some human punching bag kink - don’t think of it as helpful.
To those just starting out, or seeking some extra support in a difficult moment, please don’t be fooled by the funhouse mirror effect this subreddit can have, and please, please, please don’t let some internet strangers’ weird hangups prevent you from exploring anything safe, sane, consensual and fun. We’re all still in the early days of building a shared map for the territory of polyamory. I’m reminded of a thought from Brian Eno: “Avant-garde music is a sort of research music. You’re glad someone’s done it but you don’t necessarily want to listen to it. It’s similar to the way I’m very happy people have gone to the North Pole. It extends my concept of the planet to know it exists, but I don’t want to live there, or even go there actually. But it’s a boundary condition.”
The most uncompromising perspectives on personal autonomy are fascinating, but you don’t need to visit the outpost in order to benefit from the research. Polyamory, as a relational framework and social phenomenon, is still nascent. Our shared understandings around this topic are very much a work in progress, and anyone throwing down an extreme viewpoint with a surfeit of confidence is likely trying harder to convince themselves than you. Projection is rampant, especially when one’s own behavior is taken by others as a challenge to their own self-conception. If shame is the primary response you experience to someone’s ‘advice,’ the odds are good that they’re not really trying to help you. Take the best and ignore the rest.
Happily, much of the linked external literature recommended here is excellent, and not nearly so proscriptive or judgemental as you might imagine based on its disjunct and distorted parroting by many posters. I have found “Polysecure” by Jessica Fern particularly helpful, and return to it often. For my part, I am not sure whether I will be back here. It will be interesting to see the subreddit immune system in action, and I’m always ready for a pleasant surprise.
In the meantime, be kind to yourselves, take care of each other, and remember to drink plenty of water.
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2023.02.03 04:55 Slight_Garbage5622 The Complex (Ch1)

Post PoP, don't read if you care about spoilers
Molly caught herself on the rail with an audible thunk. The slippery coating of ice covering the staircase beneath her reflected the green hue of dumb energy she had surrounded herself with, just incase her slip had turned ìnto a tumble. She took a moment to steady her feet and glanced behind her. A snowy mountain range stretched out before her, an ocean of evergreen trees with no civilization in sight, save for the cold metal staircase she was climbing. In the sky, she spotted Darkstar's drone zooming back and forth between Molly and the compound, ready to alert her if any people were headed her way. She flashed it a quick thumbs up, gripped the straps of her backpack, took a deep breath, and continued her climb up the staircase.
It took nearly ten minutes for Molly to finally reach the end of the staircase. It should have taken her only 3 or 4, only she had kept slipping and nearing falling on the way up. She shivered at the thought of going back down, but she had a job to do. Boss was relying on her, after all. Molly looked up at the compound she had only ever seen in aerial photos from the drone. It was a massive thing, nearly eight stories tall and wide as a city block.
Only one road led to this remote part of Taiga country, a dirt road veering off the I-15 highway. That road was nearly a 3 hours drive and led straight to here, although all the maps said neither the road or the compound existed. It was stuffed full of security cameras and hidden checkpoints to warn the gray building ahead of any vehicles headed in.
It had been a lucky break to find the unused dirt trail that led to the back access stairs. Sylvie had been the one to make that discovery, about a week prior, figuring that there must've been at least some smokers among the 20000 workers in the very health conscious research complex. Giovanni had hoisted Sylvie up onto his shoulders and chanted celebrations, then, much to Sylvie's protest.
Molly smiled at the memory, before casting a silence bubble around herself and heading off to the gray building ahead.
"Okay Beartrap, guard patrol ahead. Looks like Major Nose Hair and Corporal Albino Dino." came Darkstar's voice from the headset.
"Thanks" Molly replied, heading into a bush for cover. Major Nose Hair and Corporal Albino Dino weren't their actual names. None of "Giovanni's Evil Organisation" (name still pending), plus Sylvie and Phoenica, knew any of the guards actual names. They had spent about two week cataloging every person and thing they could find through the drone and scouting missions, which had frustrated Giovanni in particular as he wanted to simply burst through the front door "Bulldozer Style!™". He had consoled himself by giving all the guards they spotted funny nicknames and insisted on using them in every strategy meeting. Sylvie hadn't approved but he was heavily outnumbered, given that about 8 of the 10 people in their group were either Giovanni's minions or Honorary minions. Molly thought the names were better than whatever they actually were anyways.
"Looks like they've gone past" Darkstar's voice called, pulling Molly out of her thoughts. She leaped from the bush and sprinted to the rusted back door as fast as she could, making sure to dumb the pressure of her feet down so as to not leave visible footprints.
"Employees Only!" The sign on the door read. Molly ignored it and poured Trixie and Rick's "Hacker" potion on the keycard reader. It sparked and fizzled for a few seconds before the door swung wide open.
"I'm in" Molly said into the earpiece, closing the door behind her. Now she just had to rendezvous with Boss and Trixie, who had already snuck their way in.
"Great job, Beartrap" said the man himself, "Me and Shortstacks are loitering in a staff break room right now"
"Just say 'in a', why'd you add loitering? I feel, like, soooo uncool now" said Trixie.
"Loitering IS cool!"
Molly felt she could almost hear Trixie's eye roll through the headset.
"Oi, the radio is for vital communications only. Cut the chatter" Sylvie's garbled voice interrupted.
"Radio? This is a phone call" Phoenica pointed out. Sylvie grumbled slightly, but seemed to accept the correction.
"Nerd" Giovanni muttered. Whether this was directed at Sylvie or Phoenica, Molly couldn't tell. Maybe it was both. She shook her head and turned on a makeshift bodycam feed for Darkstar's benefit.
The hallway was the same sterile gray as the outside of the building, though it was clearly made of drywall or plastic rather than the hard bricks and cement of the exterior. Harsh fluorescent lights blared above. Molly found it difficult to believe that people worked here, let alone did mentally intensive science here. Maybe the offices were nicer? She shook her head again, it didn't matter. She reached into her backpack and pulled out the crude map of what they thought the facility looked like. They hadn't ever been inside yet, and so were forced to try to extrapolate the interior by peeking in through windows form the outside. The map had many question marks on it.
"Which staff room?" She asked. Twenty thousand people worked here after all, it was so remote and secretive that some even lived here. It must've have had tons of staff rooms, the map alone had 4 marked.
"Second floor, it's next to a staircase marked B5- wha- hey! No, no, no Shortstacks! You're doing it wrong. Ya don't reach into vending machine from the bottom! That never works. Step aside, I'll break the glass" Giovanni replied. A thud sounded "Ow".
B5… Molly glanced around, a fire exit sign hung over the door she had just come from, but she saw no staircases. She gripped the straps of her backpack tighter and headed down the hall.
Door after door passed by. The map was already proving to be less than accurate. According to the crayon marking, Molly should have been standing in front of a storage closet right now, instead, she was standing in front of a conference room with giant windows! How did the two get mixed up? And wasn't there supposed to be a T-section to the left? That hallway led to a lobby- Wait… a lobby? A Lobby!
Molly froze, Darkstar's video delayed gasp followed. This had been a key point in all the strategy meetings. Lobbies meant people, people meant phones, phones meant guards. She had to get out of here. Molly zipped around a corner before anyone could see and doubled her silence bubble. She stood stock still, listening for any indication that she was spotted.
Nothing, she was in the clear. Molly let out a big sigh, then a groan. This was going to be a long day.
Sylvie mentally kicked himself. It had been his idea for everyone to go into the compound one by one, rather than as a group. He'd pitched it as a way to make it easier to hide from the guard patrols outside the building, but really it was self preservation. He was a hundred percent sure one of Giovanni's cretins "minions" were gonna screw up and he didn't want to be nearby when that happened. Now he was really regretting it. He hadn't accounted for how difficult it would be to regroup once they were actually inside. Now Molly was, according to the panicked directions from Darkstar, god only knows where in there and in 15 minutes it was his turn to go up. He hadn't expected the maps to be that bad!
He watched mutely as Fred (he refuses to address the criminals by their fake names) scampered up the staircase. Something about his worry must have shown on his face because Phoenica was prodding him.
"You, uh, look a little stressed" she said. For once her bells weren't jingling with her, they were lying on the snow. Stealth was the name of the game here, and her unnatural ability to sneak up on people would undoubtedly be helpful. Sylvie considered her for a moment. He remembered the day when he had first met Molly's other friends, Phoenica had immediately bombarded him with questions regarding his sheep summons and making soup opera-like imitations of "flirting". Then the twenty-something, who Sylvie had initially mistaken for a cardboard cutout due to thus unchanging smile, had asked to be his friend in the most threatening manner possible. In the present, Rick was trying to understand the concept of an evergreen tree while he waited his turn. Apparently Ocean country had no trees at all, and it had taken him a lot to understand seasonal trees. Sylvie remembered he hadn't responded and quickly sprung to life.
"Huh- oh yeah, yeah. I'm, uh. I'm good"
"Do not lie. Lying is bad!"
"You spent the last two weeks plotting to break and enter into a private research facility, you can't use morality as an argument"
"Yes, I can! Those are bad guys planning to do bad things. So I. am. justified" Phoenica puffed, then sighed. She tried a line her mother did to her, once. "You really don't want to tell me what's wrong?"
Sylvie looked down at his feet. He knew that tone, and that line. Those were the words of someone who wasn't going to let it go.
"It's just- something is going to seriously wrong, and its going to be my fault." He paused, trying to find the right words "Groups are inherently more stable than long individuals. They can react to situations with a wide tool set, cover each others weaknesses, splitting up like this-". He looked up, nervously tapping his finger against his leg. "It was my idea to split up, what if that-"
"Are you a seer?" Phoenica interjected
"Huh?" Where did that come from?
"Are you a seer?" She repeated
"Um, no?"
"Then how do you know something is going to go wrong?"
"Well, I-"
"It's going to be fine" She said, decisively. There was no real argument, no logical reasoning, just a declaration. It was enough. Sylvie nodded. Yeah. It's going to be fine
"A seer, you say?" Rick said suddenly. It seems he had finally internalized the concept of evergreens, or at least that they didn't taste good. "Did I hear that correctly good friend, you are a seer of prophecy?"
Sylvie opened his mouth to correct him, then paused. "Yes" he lied. "Partially". Phoenica gasped at the lie but said nothing.
"Wonderful!" Rick barked an unsettling laugh, something between a sinister cackle and his trademark cannon fire laugh. Black lightning danced through the air, and he rose his hands like a priest in the middle of an emotional Sermon "I Declare Befunuthemdul will lose the mayoral election!"
"I didn't think there was a Befunuthemdul running for mayor this term" Sylvie questioned
"Oh no, not this term. He hasn't even been born yet"
"So… when?" Phoenica tilted her head
"I don't know! My seer powers are only partial, you know"
Sylvie chuckled and glanced at his watch. Eight minutes. He steeled himself.
"Car crash, stay down. Two dudes and a dude-ette to your right" crackled the headset. Molly was internally panicking, she needed to find either boss or Rick soon or the plan was ruined.
The plan was fairly simple; Sylvie was supposed to make his way to the ventilation system, where he would spread his sleep powder across the entire facility while everyone else would shelter around Rick or Giovanni's Demon Aura Energy while Molly dumbed down the alarm.
Testing (which had consisted of slingshotting moldy garlic onto the rooftop) showed that the vents reached everywhere in the building relatively quickly. Workers and guards quickly leaving the building were complaining about "that horrible smell" within five minutes that day. The problem was, that test had added an extra route to the guards patrol route, with guards taking a detour to the ventilation to make sure no other nasty smelling objects lodged themselves in. That meant that once Sylve made his way up there, he had to enact his part immediately and couldn't wait for anyone.
Molly had crumpled up the map and stuffed it into her bag, it wasn't much use anyway. She was getting deeply frustrated at the lack of any signs or directional markings. Apparently this place expected you to memorize its layout. She must've passed dozens of hallways by now and still couldn't find a staircase. At the very least the walls were no longer that drab gray color. She must've wandered into a different section of the building. Oddly, she found that these hallways occasionally had benches on the side. They were the only thing that had an accent of a different color, splotches of blue over an ocean of white. She took a seat in one of them to catch her breath.
Footsteps rang out. Molly bolted up, her heart hammering as the footsteps drew nearer. She searched for any place to hide, the doors all needed keywords to enter and she only had three "Hacker" potions. Whoever was coming would have noticed the damaged keyword reader anyway. She definitely didn't have time to hide behind a corner, this hallway was far too long.
Deciding that standing was no longer an option, she slid underneath the bench and pulled her hood up, so her colorful and bright marshmallow hair was obscured (as well as the "glow in the dark' phytoplankton she harbored in exchange for a government paycheck). Her stomach churned as a pair of leather shoes came into view, lab coat trailing behind. She meekly held up a hand, ready to knock them out with a wave of dumb energy at the first sign she was spotted.
The shoes kept walking until it turned a corner and disappeared from view.
Molly let out a breath she hadn't known she was holding and slid out from under the bench.
"You alright Beartrap?" Darkstar's voice sounded. Oh right, the body cam would have only had a view of the floor that whole time. Molly nodded reassuringly, before realizing the camera couldn't see that either
"Yeah" Came her own meek voice. She winced at how breathless it sounded.
"I'm in" Car Crash called out. Good, at least everyone else was on schedule. Molly started to feel guilty, she was dragging everyone down again. She stood up, she had a job to do. Everyone else was doing there part so she had to do hers. Molly continued walking the halls.
This is a fanfic rough draft I wanted to get out there before I second guess myself and delete it permanently. Any advice on how to improve my, frankly, awful attempt at characterization would be much appreciated
submitted by Slight_Garbage5622 to Epithet_Erased [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:40 Anzalia Damage Hero Concept: Haunt

Hero Description

Hero Name: Haunt
Real Name: Dr. Malcom Haunt
Age: 59
Gender: Male
Role: Damage
Nationality: British, English
Affiliation: Alderbridge Academy (previous), Talon (current)
Dr. Malcom Haunt was a leading figure in biotics at Alderbridge Academy for many decades whos advances in medical research helped develop technology used all around the globe, including by Overwatch agents Ana Amari and Angela Ziegler.
His obsession for improvement, however, would prove to be his undoing when one afternoon an experiment tragically backfired, leaving him horribly disfigured and his personality corrupted. The healing solution he was aiming to perfect took on opposing properties, resulting in the creation of an incredibly potent toxin.
The incident resulted in his dismissal and his name stricken from the record from all of his previous accolades, leaving him distraught and consumed by rage. Opportunity presented itself months later when he was approached by an enigmatic Talon scientist who showed keen interest in his expertise and his ability to manufacture deadly substances.

Hero Kit

Primary Fire (LMB): Dispenser Rifle
Haunt's modified hunting rifle fires projectile darts that damage enemies and generate poison stacks. When enough stacks are applied they become posioned for a short duration, slowly receiving damage over time.
- Mid ranged, single shot projectile weapon
- 3 poison stacks inflict poisoning with body shots applying 1 and critical shots applying 2
- Poisoning can be cleansed by abilities and health packs
- 12 rounds of ammunition
Secondary Fire (RMB): Miasma
Haunt cracks open an experimental canister and expels a stream of potent gas that drains the health of enemies within range and continuously applies poison stacks under exposure.
- Channeled, short ranged ability
- Can be self-interrupted to cancel the ability early
- Blocked by barriers
- Applies one stack of poison for every second of exposure
- 3.5 second duration and 12 second cooldown
Ability 1 (E): Sap Grenade
Haunt throws a grenade that bounces off surfaces that explodes shortly after, damaging nearby enemies and inflicting them with a slowing effect that decreases attack speed by half for a short time.
- Rolls and bounces off environmental surfaces before exploding 2 seconds after it's thrown
- Initial explosion deals minor damage
- Attack speed debuff lasts 4 seconds
- 15 second cooldown
Ability 2 (Shift): Smokescreen
Haunt projects a ring of smoke around his position that turns himself and his allies invisible for a few seconds.
- Taking damage, attacking or using an ability will reveal an invisible ally
- Cleanses Haunt's debuffs
- 18 second cooldown
Passive Ability: Infector
Targets weakened by Haunt's poisons have their locations and health status revealed to him.
- Poisoned enemies in critical condition have their low health indicators revealed to Haunt
Ultimate Ability (Q): Chokehold
Haunt releases his special concoction into his surroundings, a powerful nerve toxin that wreaks havoc upon the immune systems of those unfortunate enough to inhale it. Enemies are immediately poisoned and all healing received is converted into damage whilst they remain within the toxic cloud.
- Creates a zone around Haunt that lingers on the map for 6 seconds
- Received healing is instead converted into damage for targets affected
- Appears purple for allies and red for enemies
- Ultimate is transparent while active on the field
- Ultimate voice lines are: "Choke on this!" (friendly) and "Breathe in despair!" (hostile)

Creator's Notes:
- Haunt's main playstyle is eliminating his targets by stacking poison and utilizing the various ranges his kit offers, whether it's close up or from a distance
- Miasma is used as a deterrent for enemies nearby who are punished more the longer they remain close to him
- Sap Grenade is incredibly powerful and can be bounced around closed corners, however skill and anticipation is required to predict the explosion which is determined by the 2 second timer
- Smokescreen is a multi-functional ability that can be used as an escape or a means to flank enemies for himself and his team mates whilst also doubling as a self-cleanse
- Infector rewards Haunt for applying poison onto the enemy team as it allows him to scout out their positions and determine low health targets
- Chokehold is a powerful zoning Ultimate that creates a trap for those who are trying to pounce on Haunt's team, deterring them with deadly status effects that will punish those who don't immediately leave the area
- Quite literally a mad scientist in his current role at Talon, I wanted existing healing abilities to be the base of his kit but with the twist that they have been modified by Haunt to spread his poisonous substances
- Haunt's Dispenser Rifle is based on the weapon used by Ana but lacks a scope
- Miasma canisters are a modified version of Roadhog's "Take a Breather"
- Chokehold's poison distribution is designed around Baptiste's "Regenerative Burst"
- Moira was the Talon agent who approached Haunt for his services in his past
submitted by Anzalia to OverwatchHeroConcepts [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:16 Fickle-Exchange2017 Arc 1, Ep 18, Recap

Where we last left off on PARTY ROLL...

Holy shitballs, the party is in a real pickle at the moment. Having made it to Echo Wave Cave on multiple quests from, saving an employers kin, to a quest towards finding a wooden pipe for a dragon, our brave adventurers find the dead body of Gendren's brother! Delving deeper into the caves, they cross the path of a gooie Ochre Jelly and a battle ensues. Our party, victorious, make their way up into this cave like castle, where nothing but trouble seems to be behind every door. Currently a lonesome Grik stands motionless at the door, looking back at a Drow, to scared to move, to brave to run, waiting for the fate of perhaps a dice roll...
Party roll to beat = 18
Matt 3 Steven 8 Cory 11 Dusty 17
*DUSTY OLD MAN SNEEZES FOR A PARTY ROLL +1 and GET'S TO PARTY!! Steven heads to his car while the other guys get to party
Back to the action we go!
The Drow looks and see a young dwarf and rolls his eyes and calls for the young lad and his party to join him in the room.
Grik, roll persuasion, to convince the Drow he got a map from the tourist guy outside 11 The drow looks at him and says, "that's adorable"
The group cautiously listens on as the enthusiastic Drow seems unshocked to see them. He's actually been forewarned by Glass Staff himself! Regardless he offers them a deal; Head to the forge and get him something, something called "the forge of souls". They parley and agree to the quest on the condition that the Drow gives back Gendren's other brother alive. They are given amnesty and naturally head straight to the goblin barracks, sift out a plan with the 5 bugbears in there. Bugbears not speaka good common, more slow two word talk at time sometimes. They explain that behind a barricaded door, they point and explain that behind it is, "skull fire that kills all".
Wiz ard, roll deception check to convince Bugbears to join their party fight 10
Seth Roghan roll deception check to convince Bugbears to join their party fight 21
With Seth just nodding quietly, gently says, "bosses order brah", so rico sauve. They join the party
They take down the barricade and enter the room . . . .
Grik walks in and sees a blast furnace, a canal that's dried up and a giant wheel that once powered this place. Several ancient dead dwarfs lay

Grik, roll perception to see how many dead bodies are in the room. 20, unnatural 12 dead bodies are there
Seth, roll perception on the room 16 the bodies are laid out deliberity. The center one looks to have a human skull.
Seth Roghan walks into the room and instantly gets bad vibes from the skull thats just sitting there
Seth Roghan readies arrow and shoots arrow Roll arrow attack, with advantage, sneak attack. NAT 20!!! HIT!! *Cory has to do a lot of math and struggles like a real man* 33 dmg
A green flaming skull rises up to a shriek and 8 of the Dwarven Corpses begin to Michael Jackson Thriller it.
Wiz ard who had a fire bolt readied, takes aim at the skull Roll for fire bolt attack 16, Hit! The firebolt hits the skull but gets consumed by the flames. The skull has fire immunity. No damage.

Wiz ard 16 Seth Roghan 8 Techno Viking 10 Grik 8

A gout of flame erupts from the skulls mouth towards Grik 9, Miss! Grik drives outta the way
Second flaming skull attack, this time at Techno Viking 11, Miss! Techno Viking jives his way outta that jive turkey flame.

*Mark gave Seth and Wiz ard a surprise round, but didn't give them their proper order in the 1st rd of battle so....
Techno Viking's turn, Roll to knee zombie in the crotch 23 Hit! 7 dmg
Second attack 23, Hit! 5 dmg
Grik's Turn Grik, heads over to the flaming skull and says, "Time foa a headache" Roll Melee axe attack 18. Hit! 10 dmg ...A different noise is made as the axe comes down hitting this skull compared to the arrow...
Action Surge, Grik, pulls it out, drinks it down Roll for Another Axe attack 24, Hit!!! 15 dmg

Seth Roghan's turn Roll for bow and arrow attack 19, Hit! 13 dmg \The arrow makes the same sound as the fire bolt, it starts to make gross chattering sounds, the fire swirls up and crashes down into non existence,* ENEMY DOWN!!
Bugbear's turn as a free action says that the dead bodies that are killed will come back in an hour..

Wiz ard's turn, Shoots a firebolt at the zombie 18. Hit !! 5 dmg
All the bugbears run forward and start slashing at the zombies. Two miss horribly, the other three bugbears manage to hit. They do two d8+2, but their damage isn't said.
With the flaming skull gonzo, Zombie time!
Zombies turn, Roll for brains....BRAINS!!!! Lunges forwards to Techno Viking 17, HIT ! 5 dmg
Two other zombies go after the bugbears, but miss, The other 5 or so zombies hits Eric the bugbear for 5dmg. Sheb, Tom Fabian and the rest take heavy damage as the Zombie crits and hits sinks their dead claws into their skin.
-Mark is annoyed at this part in the campaign, as the group managed to beeline it to the big bad guy without much effort. Half the blame is given to Mark giving a map of the caves to the guys.
- They say Cory's last name A LOT to the point they add the train horn in this episode as a gag rather than cut it out.

- Eric, Sheb, Fabian, Tom, Do-not are the names of some of the bugbears.
-Lots of shoutouts are in this episode, so if youre an OG fan, give'r a listen
- Mark drove his car to this episode, meaning if the antics of last episode soundboard were to happen, he'd really just walk out and rage leave IF he wanted too. LOL
- The guys usually call themselves by their last name. That's how Matt met Steven actually.
- I think this episode has the most puns of all in season 1 that I couldn't fit them all into the quote section.

"It was more of a servants house rather than a barn, Dad didn't want kids in the main place, it's cool, whatever" - Steven

"Let's make this brief... " - A cool Wiz ard towards a drow
"He said there was just one that kept playing with his nutsack, what the fuck was that about" -The Drow on hearing about Glass Staff's imprisonment with the group that one time.
"Diplomatic plates mother fucker" -Steven to the group as they have amnesty in the caves
"The wheel in the creek keeps on turning" - Dusty having a singing moment
"Is that where they get Canal oil from?" -Steven, pun
"Michigan summers are very fair" - Steven "Just like unfiltered milk" - Dusty
"I will have my friend do simple addition for me" - Steven
"I thought we were calling him Chef Roghan now" - Matt
"A cat-sket" - Dusty
"Hey I'm just gunna go ahead and change to the Paladin Class" - Steven
"I'm Cler-ard" - Steven, trying to switch to a Cleric class mid game to kill undead. "Claire-Rick, I was named after my mother and father" - Steven on upping his own name creations
"Go up to it and say, 'I think you KNEE these" - Steven to Dusty on what he should do to the skull
"You think this is a fucking game?!" - an annoyed Matt knowin he has to edit out all the Cory last name slips
"I need to go up and sign up for Obamacare" - Zombie Steven
"Marks a naughty boy too and gunna get a spanking later" - Steven on Mark forgetting to roll his damage dice
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2023.02.03 03:46 BLUEBEASTMODE This top 5 is worth 274 dollars now at the time I post this

This top 5 is worth 274 dollars now at the time I post this

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2023.02.03 03:30 Brotonio Dead Space review (Hey it's good go play it.)

Hello again, it's me, your resident survival horror narc, with Part 2 of 3 of my "Why are so many survival-horror games coming out at once" review series.
Last time we were here, Callisto Protocol was too busy sucking and it made me sad. Luckily, Dead Space Remake has been out almost a week and is probably my favorite survival horror game right now. I like it even better than Resident Evil 2 Remake, and maybe even more than RE4 OG.
The gunplay is just as good as Dead Space has ever been, with the bonus of many weapons getting better alt-fires (Pulse Rifle just got a grenade launche mine from DS2, Force Gun has a fucking black hole, etc.), and so you get a rare case of every gun being fun and viable to use. (Note: The bosses will prefer you shoot them from a distance, so there's that, just keep the Cutter on you at all times.) Further special unlocks means you get to be creative on subsequent playthroughs, although most are locked behind the Security Door system, so you'll have to wait.
The remake lifts the Kinesis and Zero-G from Dead Space 2, and it makes Kinesis more viable in fights (without being too OP) and Zero-G areas more fun. Several parts of the ship are entirely overhauled thanks to Zero-G, including the turret section. Some just get changed up to mess with returning players. In general, I like most of the remixes to areas they changed. I just wished they kept a couple Node doors around for the Node Boyz out here.
It's a very pretty game to look at. It also did not tone down any of the violence: that Force Gun being described as a deglover by Pat is no exaggeration. It will turn Necro's and babies into skeletons and it's almost hilarious how gruesome it is. That Peeling system they implemented really helps contextualize how much damage an enemy took without guesswork. The Suits all look great, I just wish that you could select which level suit you want later on for looks.
One slight criticism of the game is in regards to the map: it is objectively better, yes. However, it doesn't allow you to set your own waypoint, which can be annoying if you're trying to backtrack to a locked door you just got access to. The waypoint also doesn't let you cycle to the nearest shop/bench: it's nitpicky, but it would have been nice.
The story is fantastic. First things first, Issac speaking was the absolute best way to go. Gunner does a great job interacting with the rest of the cast, and it improves the story overall. Every character ranges from either "better than the OG game" to "as good as the OG game". Nicole especially has an improvement, with sidequests expanding on her role greatly, and the expanded backstory between Nicole and Issac makes you care more about both. Mercer is also an asshole as usual and I love it. (I just hate that he doesn't get his crazy sacrifice scene like the first game) The writing has some genuinely emotional parts a couple of times in the game, and everyone gives a solid performance.
New Game + has the same goodies as the OG had (LVL 6 Valor Suit, money, Nodes, etc.), but also adds a couple new new things, too:
Things like this are cool, and adds to the replay value. That being said, I wouldn't attempt an Impossible Run just yet (only one save slot, death ends your run). There are several bugs in this game I encountered, some are harmless (enemy gets stuck in the ceiling, or their body freaks out on death), some are a little annoying (the camera will get stuck when loading in, so Issac can still move but you can't see shit), and one in particular I can see being a soft-lock if it happens to you and you have no spare save (the game will load in, but Issac is invisible, and has zero items on him, including guns. My THEORY is that this has to do with the first save point available in the ship lobby, so I'd avoid saving there on your Impossible run until it's fixed.)
Overall, I'd give this game an objective 9/10, but a personal 10/10. It just fits my brain and scratches that itch of what I like in a way few games can. If you can buy it, do it; you won't regret it. (Unless it turns out one version is real fucked up like the old PC port, but I haven't looked into the Xbox or PC versions). Resident Evil 4 Remake is next once it comes out, so I'm excited to see where that compares to this game.
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2023.02.03 02:36 Emilydahuman The problem with splatfests (please read)

Splatfests are a huge problem, here is why. No its not tricolor its the teams itself. A recent theme I and many others are seing is one team having 60% of the playe base on one team, and end up winning due to the large amount of popularity that team has. While winning popularity, they will also most likely win conch shells because BIG SUPRISE the more members on a team, the more conch shells will be earned. Now, this team only has to win one category to win the splatfest. This is a huge problem. Nintendo needs to A: Make the amount of points given out from popularity less or B: make the teams more even. While popularity is some important. The main focus should be which team is actually more talented. The grass vrs fire vrs water splatfest was amazing! The teams were balanced. While water ended up sweeping, it was deserved. They had the best players skill wise. Splatfests just arent fun anymore. This and the fact that it is just turf war (besides tricolor) and all of the ranked modes are locked! It is essentialy a gate keeping us from playing the game we spent 60$ on. The community aspect is nice, but Nintendo needs to treat splatfests like a actual EVENT with new modes, maps and gear. Sorry for this long rant but it just needed to be said. Tell me your opinion in the comments!
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2023.02.03 02:34 Important_Buddy9162 FREE FIRE https://youtube.com/shorts/jW-9GERNXJU?feature=share

FREE FIRE https://youtube.com/shorts/jW-9GERNXJU?feature=share
Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game developed by Garena International. It was released in 2017 and is available on both Android and iOS platforms. In Free Fire, up to 50 players land on an island and fight to be the last person standing. The game features fast-paced, 10-minute rounds, and a shrinking map that forces players to engage in close-quarters combat.
Players can choose from a variety of characters, each with unique abilities, and collect weapons and equipment scattered throughout the map. Vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, are also available for players to navigate the map and escape the shrinking play zone. Free Fire offers various in-game events and modes, such as Ranked Matches, Brawl Modes, and the popular Ranked Mode. Players can also purchase cosmetic items and in-game currency using real money.
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2023.02.03 02:03 ArthurPeabody 'Mountain rain'

Joe tells of his father, a beloved professor, dying in hospital. Joe sees a horrific crash on the street. His father pulls out his IVs and wires. Joe goes to fetch a nurse, finds her copulating with a patient. He hears his phone ring, goes back to his father's room: it's his wife, Darlene (note Darlene was his wife in 'Prison songs', the hostess in 'Obsessions'), angry about missed alimony payments. Joe prays for his father, after which he dies.
5:30: At the funeral a few days later, Joe's mother goes to the coffin, wails, falls dead. They put her in the coffin. A thunderstorm washed out the road to the cemetery, so they take an alternate route and get lost. A bridge collapses under the cortege. The cemetery floods, coffins and skeletons float away. Lightning strikes the church, setting it and the people inside on fire. A traffic helicopter crashes into a mausoleum. 2 shabbily-dressed girls emerge from the underbrush, throw stones at Joe, call him a Jew bastard. Joe decides the universe is malignant.
11:20: Joe has a powerful dream of an angel. Then he starts seeing her everywhere, becomes obsessed with her.
15:10: Joe sees her in a neighborhood restaurant. They spend the evening together: a walk, a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, a jazz club, a cabaret, shopping at the drug store. She goes home in a cab that leaves before she gives Joe her phone number.
19:00: Joe recalls being at a resort when a child. His parents were dancing, in love, stylish. After it starts to rain, everyone else flees, but his parents continue to dance. 'It was the happiest most memorable and most deeply moving time in my life; it was the only time I felt truly at peace.'
26:30: Joe recounts a dream, seeing a 'Sicilian Loni Anderson' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loni_Anderson) at a restaurant. They leave together in a cab while Joe's girlfriend, Justine (also his girlfriend in 'Justine' and 'The sacred'), leaves in another. His cabbie has to wait to pick up another passenger, a pony. Joe can't wait because he has to get to Justine's, so he gets out, hails another cab, ends up in a bus. Joe sees the woman in the street, on a ladder, breasts exposed, squirting milk.
28:30: Joe recalls when he was about 19. He meets a 29-year-old woman in a club. He goes home with her. They make love.
32:20: Joe recounts his expedition to climb K2. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K2) Joe recruits a team of completely-unprepared people. They carry the wrong equipment. They don't prepare. They get out of shape. They forgo maps. They bring a marching band. They take LSD and get drunk. Many die. They never climb the mountain but like to think they did. They get together annually to remember the expedition.
Closing credits: 'This is Joe Frank. You've been listening to "Somewhere out there". This program was created in collaboration with Arthur Miller and David Rapkin; recorded, edited, mixed, and music looping by Bob Carlson, with special guest vocalist Judith Owen and sax player David Brown. Thanks also to Jennifer Ferro, Carly Eiseman and Esmé Gregson. "Somewhere out there" will return next week at the same time.'
The music for the opening segments, Judith Owen and David Brown improvising over an excerpt from Rachid Taha's 'Valencia', is my favorite piece of Joe's music.
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2023.02.03 02:02 Shonendo Since you guys may be some of the few to actually appreciate this (not netflix nonsense here)

Since you guys may be some of the few to actually appreciate this (not netflix nonsense here) submitted by Shonendo to witcher [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 02:00 BlueArchiveMod Daily Questions Megathread February 03, 2023

Please use this thread to ask any questions you have about the game. Please search though the comments section as your question may have been answered already or through the search bar.

General Resources

REMINDER: Bind your account!

Please remember to bind your accounts and take note of your UID, member code, server location, and any information related to your account (e.g. amount spent, student roster, etc). If anything happens to your account (e.g. losing access, unauthorized access), you will need to provide as much info as you can to Nexon's customer support email. Guest accounts that are unbound will be extremely difficult to recover, perhaps impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

[01] When does the server reset?
For global, dailies reset at 19:00 UTC and weeklies reset on Sunday.
[02] Should I re-roll this account?
This will depend on your priorities with PvE, PvP, or both, but you can generally see the “ideal” units as Iori, Hibiki, and Tsubaki for most content, while Shun and Haruna are great for PvP.
[03] Who should I spend my elephs on? Who should I mystic unlock?
At the start, prioritize spending your blank elephs on getting Serina to 2-star for the increased healing stat, Tsubaki to 3-star for the extra tankiness when she is reloading. It is generally advised not to spend your elephs on increasing characters to 4-star and 5-star ratings, since there is only a stat increase and the amount of elephs needed is quite high.
[04] What do my support students’ stats do?
Aside from increasing the stats of their own skills, support students will provide additional stat boosts to your striker team. The specific increase(s) can be viewed by clicking on “Support” on the right side of the team formation screen.
[05] What should I buy in the shop?
[06] What does the “leader” position do?
This is purely cosmetic, as it changes which student’s chibi shows up on the map.
[07] What benefits are there to joining a club?
  1. Students assigned to assist with TA cannot also be selected to assist with JFD.
  2. 20 credits are rewarded every minute by setting assistants.
  3. The specific unit that is borrowed can be only used once a day.
  4. There's a fee of 40,000 credits, when borrowing a assistant student.
  5. The donor receives 50,000 credits instead; even though the fee is 40,000 credits.
  6. The fee can only be received 20 times a day.
[08] How does the pity system work?
You need to pull, at a minimum, 200 times in order to get 200 recruitment points that are redeemed for the character you want. The recruitment point system does not carry over from banner to banner, it is only shared between banners that are concurrently running.
[09] Why can’t I find my friend’s club?
While the servers’ updates are separated from JP and global, the global servers are separated further into smaller divisions. You need to be on the same server as your friend, which you can check from the home screen: top-right menu button > account > version info. The server must be the same.
[10] When is X banner coming? Should I save for X student?
We never know for sure, due to the fact that global servers are on an accelerated schedule compared to JP. Please refer to this guide for some more info.
[11] Should I use Pyroxenes to refill my AP?
If you want to prioritize progression, the first three daily refills are decently valuable, this is because the Pyroxene cost of refilling will increase for every three refills. If you are focused on character collection or future banners, you should be saving your Pyroxenes.
[12] Why can’t I buy X student’s eleph in the shop?
You can only buy elephs of students you own.
[13] What should I craft?
At the start, prioritize crafting cafe furniture until your comfort is maxed out, then students’ gifts, then whichever upgrade materials you need. The crafting system is the only way to get furniture and gifts at the moment.
[14] What is the “Anniversary” in account settings?
This is your birthday, used for characters to wish you happy birthday.
[15] When will the beginner guide missions for Nonomi end?
This is a permanent addition, so feel free to take your time with the tasks.
[16] What is the best place to farm EXP?
You can run any map to farm EXP, as the EXP gain is equal to the amount of AP spent (i.e. 10 AP spent = 10 EXP gained). You should be looking at the stages that drop the equipment upgrade materials that you need.
[17] What is the “Secret Tech Sheet” in the Total Assault shop?
This is used to upgrade a student’s (non-EX) skill to level 10.
[18] Is it worth doing a raid if I can’t pass X difficulty level?
It is always more efficient to clear the highest difficulty you can finish instead of failing/forfeiting a higher difficulty.
[19] Can I claim the Limited Students through exchanging Expert Permits? How often does the Expert Permit shop resets?
You cannot get the limited students via this method. You will still need to pull for them. There's no specific mentioned but it's expected to be monthly.

OthePast Megathreads

Please have patience with other members of the community and be as polite as possible. Everyone has to start somewhere!
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2023.02.03 00:53 Kemizty Why does my game have micro stutters ONLY when using mnk ONLY BR maps? Controller is completely smooth with no stutters.

So basically for almost a year now I’ve been experiencing micro stutters ONLY on mouse and keyboard, ONLY on BR maps. Doesn’t matter what my frame rate is, it just feels terrible. My FPS will be locked at 120 but it feels and looks worse than 60.
Arenas and firing range are perfectly smooth but as soon as I get into a match on Olympus, World’s Edge, etc I get random stutters in random parts of the maps. It makes it really difficult to superglide, tap strafe, or even just aim. For some reason controller is completely smooth in Firing Range, Arenas, and BR maps. I’m basically forced to switch from my preferred input due to this.
I’ve done some testing and research and I think the stutter might be due to inconsistent frame times caused by Nvidia Reflex, but I’m not 100% sure. If it really was because of Reflex then I would stutter in Arenas and Firing Range too and not just BR.
Anyways, here’s a link to my other post comparing the frame time between the Nvidia Driver without Nvidia Reflex, and the latest driver at the time of that post. REMEMBER, look at the frame time graph in the top left. You won’t see anything by just looking at the gameplay.
I’ve tried uninstalling GeForce Experience, lowering my mouse polling rate to 500hz and below, trying different mice, etc and nothing has worked. Obviously I’ve tried turning off Reflex in game but it makes no difference. The launch command to turn off Reflex doesn’t even work anymore either. At this point I need someone at Respawn or Nvidia to look into the issue because it’s literally impossible to fix myself. It’s not my PC of course since this is the only game I experience this on.
One thing I’ve noticed is that turning off “Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling” in Windows settings seems to reduce the stutters but it’s still far from acceptable.
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2023.02.03 00:40 Td01241 FF16 Trailer

Things we know
- This is SE tag line for the entire game. I do believe its a double entendre but this is the know section.- The game will largely be about something called the war of the Eikons- We have currently seen and confirmed they will be Ifrit, Shiva, Phoenix, Garuda, Odin, Bahamat, Titan, Ramuh- We know who the kingdoms each rely on a crystal for ether with two sharing one which is what is all likely to kick off the assassination's of the duke of Rosaria two of our three main trio the Father and Ward keeper of Joshua, Clive, and Jennifer- We know this is an inside man, and we know this is the first time Clive brings forth Ifrit it is unknown but could be likely said Joshua dies at least for now- Jill is taken and captured by another warring factions fighting Titans eikons country forced to fight against her will, this is the huge Shiva Titan youve seen a ton- Eventually our main party will consist of Clive (Ifrit and only main controllable, Cid who is Rama, Jill who is Shiva, and the cute doggie.- We know the Holy Brick of Simpire began this war on Rosaria and their crown prince is Eikon of Bahaumat
- Barnabas Tharmr - The Dominant of Odin from the eastern continent of Walid along with Garudas dominant. Barnabas Tharmr arrived on the shores of Ash as a wanderer - with not land or title of his own. It was his skill with a blade that won him a kingdom.
We know the game will have not one but two time skips Clive as a 14/15, Mid to late 20s. and 30 something.- We can say with 95% certainty the death of the duke happens swiftly possibly killing Joshua (who is the phoenix big hints) and spreading the other siblings Jill and Clive far and wide
Some Speculation
- First it has been noticed quite often there are 2 versions of each Eikon one with red and blue fire? What could it be?- We known Clive can fight other dominants in sort of demi human form and also Use powers gifted to him via Eikons think a skill tree with unlimited amount of wipes and re allocation to allow experimentation- So, this leads me to believe the Story will more or less be this; Clive will go about trying to gather the Eikons as it were to take revenge on an entity so powerful it could be a god of this world or something "bigger" which also means he'd likely go so far in his revenge he would just destroy all of it. I think SE wants to leave the "Crystal" concept behind here so we may get two endings one where we achieve the goal and just wipe it all away, and two we are put down by our former allies and brother and sister. I mean the trailer ends with what seems blue meteors falling down with Clive saying it all dies today
So talk about whatever? Ask anything. I will post some pics below that are SWEET get some cool gameplay stills and shots of the main 4 party

FF16 Revenge

Imo this is 30s Clive and he has been touched up big time

![img](z8doy509qufa1 " Our main for from behind approaching something? Most likely one of the crystal ")

Very likely Clive first becoming IFrit

![img](69n6l1cmqufa1 " Our main party minus Rama guy Cid so Clive Wolfo and Jill likely looking out over the Northern Fallen Territories where Jill is born but how she became a Ward to their dad ")
Odin Clashing with Bahamut

This is super interesting. It shows a close up of Clive 1v1 wirh an enemy named Sleepnir. We can see he has three eikons very very akin to Ghost of Tshushima stances but each change moveset. Here he has Titan, Garadua, idk the red one. The blue bars below health im assuming is this version of ATB
Here we have Clive doing an AEO in Garuda mode i think Rama and idk who else is on his 3 plate. It gives you an idea of how numbers and enemies on field will be.

Okay here it shows your ally Ramahs dominant off screen doing lightning storm. You can see Rama is equipped Shiva and at a loss for 3 Midgar Zolum maybe. His yellow bars under health may indicate special ally attack up

Clive as Ifrit vs Garuda and yes we will be playing all these out

This includes information about how players can enhance Clive’s abilities, the companions players will meet throughout the game, and how the special “Summon” actions will function. [Thanks, Famitsu!]
As a Dominant, Clive will be able to channel various abilities attributed to specific summons, called Eikons in the game. Players will be able to switch between each of these “Summons” in real time and make use of their specific abilities and attacks on the fly. Players will also be fighting these iconic Final Fantasy summons in game as well, through large scale battles. More information on this will appear sometime in the future.
Alongside general combat details, Square Enix further extrapolated on the “Story” and more “Action” focused modes players can choose from in Final Fantasy XVI. The story mode will also allow for summon augmented attacks to be executed with ease, and and to automatically avoid attacks with some of these accessories. Additionally, players will be able to level up various abilities associated with Clive’s weapons and the abilities associated with the various Dominants.
Torgal, Clive’s wolf-do web page at bottom g, will function as a companion throughout the game. Players can instruct Torgal to attack, and to even engage enemies together. Additionally, Clive will be joined by other characters which will function as AI controlled companions. This includes Cid and Jill.
web page at bottom where ive pulled snipits of the following from, you will wanna see it all.

![img](uwibqbelrufa1 " The third-person action of Final Fantasy XVI is real-time and reactive to your input, most similar to Devil May Cry. This is telegraphed in the trailer by the use of Clive’s numerous different attacks while only having a singular attack button. These attacks could change based on your directional input, as well as whether you are on the ground, aerial, tapping the button or holding it. ")
Enemies and bosses alike also have an additional staggered state that you can build up with attacks. After you stagger them, enemies can go into a crumpled state where you can exploit them into a highly-damaging combo.

![img](q7y7k80rrufa1 " [quote]Eikons can be likened to a skill loadout that you will be able to actively switch between mid-combat. If you possess more than one Eikon, you can switch them with L2. Eikons give you a different set of four skills that you can use that possess some kind of elemental potency. Having Phoenix equipped gives you access to a default elemental cast, such as Fire, in addition to having two unique moves. ")
These are specific moves that can be used when using a modifier button such as R2, then pressing triangle or square. These moves can be used on a cooldown, as we see them grey out after usage. The way these controls are mapped makes this quite similar to how Dragon's Dogma is controlled - and these games of course share a lead combat designer.
Eikon Skills and their elemental casts could be used to enhance damage on certain enemy types, and could also affect their stagger gauge. This is marked on the HUD with a color of damage in addition to a multiplier that appears after your attack.
Finally, each Eikon will also give you access to a unique skill that can be used with the circle button. This is likely to spend a portion of the yellow meter that you see underneath your health bar and can be built up by attacking enemies. Garuda’s Deadly Embrace will pull the enemy toward you, or could even trigger a toppled state, as we saw when Clive used it to topple a Coeurl, which allowed him to chain into a flurry of additional attacks on the helpless enemy.
They go so fucking deep down into the mechanics of each and every eikon and skill set and moves and more ill post a bit then the web page.

 By examining the trailer closely and carefully frame-by-frame analysing the user interface, we can transcribe move names and pull out the move sets of several of these beasts, seeing how they augment Clive's fighting style. 

![img](v7f1oma0sufa1 " Elemental Cast: Fire Eikon Ability: Phoenix Shift Eikon Skill: Scarlet Cyclone Eikon Skill: Rising Flames Phoenix appears to be the default Eikon that you’ll kick off with in Final Fantasy XVI, as we see Clive accessing Phoenix’s skills without the multi-Eikon symbol in the top-left corner of the screen. This gives him access to Rising Flames, a launcher attack that uppercuts your enemies into the air. This can be followed up with Scarlet Cyclone, an aerial barrage of attacks. We have not yet seen exactly what Phoenix Shift does, but judging by the name, it could be some form of dodge or parry. ")

![img](so9m14v2sufa1 " Elemental Cast: Dark Eikon Ability: Arm of Darkness Eikon Skill: Heaven’s Cloud Eikon Skill: Gungnir ")
quote:We see Clive use Gungnir in the latest trailer, which is a ground-based flurry of attacks. Heaven’s Cloud could also potentially be an aerial area-of-effect attack or launcher based on the icon, but we’ve yet to see it in action. This is the same for Arm of Darkness, which could potentially be a form of command grab or high-stagger skill.
They do one of those for Titan Shiva and Garuda too then opine on who else is gonna make an appearance.
quote:We’ve yet to see Eikons such as Bahamut or Ifrit playable in-game, and there are potentially more of them that we have yet to see, further widening the numerous skills and playstyles that you will be able to utilise. If we're following the traditionally present elements in Final Fantasy, notably missing are the Water and Holy-type Eikons.Leviathan seems like the obvious, slightly boring choice for a Water element Eikon, but we could also see Bismark or Famfrit make a return if they really want to get into the weeds with it. The Holy or Light-based Eikon could also potentially be Ultima, Alexander, or Madeen. The Ivalice summons like Famfrit or Madeen could be an incredibly unique appearance from Summons that we have never seen in a mainline Final Fantasy title.

Processing img d5fig2k7sufa1...

![img](1e8dne89sufa1 " As we see Clive use Odin’s skills, we see a gauge build up to the left of the screen. It is possible that when the gauge fills, you are able to summon the Eikon who will do an attack for a healthy dose of extra damage. The team could be developing the system and gauge in a similar way to the way that ranks are built up in Devil May Cry V. ")
Since there are so many similarities to Devil May Cry, it could also be a form-change, where Clive could partially transform into that Eikon in a similar way to how the Devil Trigger works. We actually see this in the trailer as Hugo Kopka faces off against Clive in a partially Titan-like form.
On this topic, also look to the key artwork of Clive - where he has one arm partially ablaze and covered in spiky appendages. Could this be a hint of the power of Ifrit within him, something the Dominance trailer's stinger also appears to wink towards?
Article i pulled combat stuff

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2023.02.03 00:29 mathfem [EXPANSION] North Shore of Kuma Bay

When messengers from the Kuma Bay Cossacks rode West to get aid from the Kuban, only the South Shore of the bay was in Caucasian hands. However, the Caucasian National Army did not stop advancing. Soon, they crossed the Kuma River and swung round to the North shore of the bay.
It was there, on the North Shore of the Bay that the Kuma Bay Cossacks would make their stand. While the Caucasians had been rounding the bay, the remaining Cossacks who wished to fight gathered in the small fishing village of Druzhinka. The village was on a promontory sticking out into the bay, and a ditch would be dug across the promontory, making a makeshift moat. By the time the Caucasian army arrived, a rough wooden barricade made mostly of old tractors and boats dragged up on the beach had been erected between the ditch and the village.
The Caucasians were not experienced with siege warfare. They had had little recent combat experience, and the first few months of this year's campaign had been spent fighting off Cossack raids in open country. The army doctrine of the Caucasians had barely been update in the past hundred years.
Thus the first actions of the Caucasians was to launch an artillery barrage aimed at the barricade, followed by a bayonet charge over the water-filled ditch. The Caucasian engineers had been busy building a makeshift bridge to be pushed off of the back of a truck to cross the ditch. However, as soon as the Caucasians were over the ditch, a machine gun opened up fire, tearing into the unarmoured infantry. Many would duck to take cover, hiding amongst the wreckage of the barricade. While incendiary grenades would be tossed over the barricade at the Cossacks, the Caucasians would prove unable to hang on to the far side of the ditch, and would be forced to retreat back across.
Over the next week, the Caucasians would try to cross the ditch five more times. Each time, they would be repelled by machine gun fire. The Cossack defenders would be tougher than expected. Things would only change when scouts would arrive at the Caucasian camp brining news of a great column of jeeps headed their way, the Kuban Cossacks had arrived.
It was only then that the Caucasian army commander would give in. He could not handle this on his own. A quick call would be made to the nearest air base, and planes would enter the sky above Druzhinka. A salvo of bombs would be dropped on the column of jeeps. Shards of metal and rubber would fly through the sky as the remaining Kuban Cossacks would turn their tails and run. The next salvo would be dropped on the village itself, turning it into a smoking crater. The air force would have to take the credit for this one.
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2023.02.03 00:17 StardustFromReinmuth [EXPANSION] Almost There

The March to Sáratov continues, as vast expanses of land falls behind the rolling tracks of the Legion's advancing landships. Vast expanses of land with an almost eerily lack of people. The various towns and villages that dotted the abandoned factories and the large subsistent farms for the most part have no desire for greater political participation, and for the most part welcome the Legion's control over them, restoring security over the bandit-filled countryside.
The advancing 4.Legie reached the borders of the powers that be in Sáratov, and the first power that commanded certain respect from the Legion, the fire-breathing Dragon of Sáratov, who commands over a rumoured army of charred soldiers who wields rifles of flame bullets. A plan of approach would have to be formulated, as so far, the Dragon seemed insistent on a fight.
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2023.02.03 00:06 Impstar2 33 Tips for Surviving the War from the commander of Vostok battallion of DPR, Aleksander Khodakovsky

An IT assistant of Khodakovsky’s posted his list of tips for Russian enlisted and junior officers on his blog, at a site I can’t link to on this site. I was very fascinated with the contents, and translated this myself, with some help from google translate, trying to preserve the writing style of the original.
This is part 1, "On Defense"; I can post part 2, "On Offense", if people like this list.

  1. You must always wear armor and a helmet! On the front line you may only remove armor when in a dugout. Shells can hit you even far in the rear. If the shelling of your position is already a routine for the enemy (that is, they marked it on the map and plink it every day), then urgently move / change the positions. The weapon must be with you at all times (not hanging on a tree or lying in a dugout). The enemy can appear in your trench very suddenly!
  2. Learn to dig trenches according to military science, from the simplest shell scrapes to real underground strongholds. Make fox holes, multiple exits from dugouts in different directions, false positions with pipes from potbelly stoves. In one dugout - a maximum of 6 people so that a single HIMARS does not get everyone. Be sure to get the necessary tools (shovels, pickaxe, crowbar, saw, axe).
  3. Be sure to get acquainted with the guys from other units around you. Communicate / cooperate / be friends with neighboring units, barter with them for something. Personal acquaintances with our neighbors on the front really saves lives. Know the nearby units to communicate and interact with. Sometimes, due to poor communications, information about mines near our positions does not reach everyone, but the neighbors may know. You need to find out who your neighbors are on the left and right. Establish interaction, communications as a matter of course. Explain what you’re short on. If you only have small arms and there is no way to defeat armored vehicles, then ask them to share with you the means of defeating armored vehicles. If the enemy breaks through your position, then your neighbors will not be able to resist either. If communication with your commanders is lost, or some kind of super strange situation arises, first of all ask for advice from the commander of the neighboring unit, and only then go to to your superior’s superior to find out why there is no communication with your commanders. If your spot is broken through, it will be bad for all the neighbors, so it is beneficial for the neighbors to help you whenever possible (at least with advice).
  4. HIMARS can fly into the deep rear up to 70 km, and level an entire barracks full of soldiers to the ground. There is no “green zone” anywhere near the SVO. This means no bunching people together anywhere. It is advisable to PROHIBIT any large crowds of people and it must be ordered to place personnel exclusively according to crews or squads (at a maximum !!!), except when underground, if the front line is within the reach of HIMARS (70 km). Try not to show yourself as much as possible even in the deep rear; change the location from time to time, hide equipment from NATO satellites and enemy agents. Enemy agents in the deep rear can comm the coordinates of the location of the military objects (barracks, gathering places). Look for the most protected places for garrisoning, if there is no possibility to be located underground (Abandoned factory floors, for example, will be a better protection than a super old panel-built residential house).
  5. Make mine maps (using paper and pen, for sketching landmarks). Learn how to read mine maps, and at least make an understandable drawing on the terrain where the mines are located, noting landmarks with ranges. Pre-aim squad weapons at the folds of the terrain, where the enemy can approach. If it is not possible, place mines, or at least signal flares.
  6. Definitely require thermal imagers (at least 2 thermal imagers per platoon) for night security, in case of a night attack by enemy infiltrators. Security must be done to the “T”. Change watches extra quietly at night, always carry weapons, watch for newbies losing their weapons due to panic during shelling.
  7. When occupying enemy positions, do not shift or take anything. Yank everything with hooks and ropes. Each squad must have at least one set! Do not rush to loot the captured positions of the enemy and the stiffs, even if they have beautiful equipment - what if there are mines / claymores nearby?
  8. Don't kick anything! Look carefully at your feet. Defuse mines as carefully as possible and it is advisable not to do it yourself, but to entrust it to a sapper, people get seriously injured because of negligence when clearing mines, it happened!
  9. Scout tubes (when your position is being stormed or shelled, you can look through them, detect the enemy and repel the attack) and the mine clearance probes are super useful. Enemy pros storm positions under cover from artillery, a scout tube can save you from being broken through.
  10. Walk only where the sappers have already checked, do not leave the marked tracks. Drive on proven roads only, there are many mines nearby.
  11. Disperse the equipment, do not bunch up, we need a gap of at least 20 meters between vehicles so that an artillery hit does not destroy all the cars together. If possible, put all transport vehicles further back from the frontline positions, mask them with camo nets. Transport vehicles should be prepared to move right away, turned the right direction, prepare all equipment to pull out in advance in case you have to urgently scoot. Stop any cars 1.5 km back from the positions, camo them as much as possible so as not to show their positions, then hoof to the location. If you have something heavy – drive up, load or unload, and drive off. Don’t make it look like a mall car park.
  12. Identify vulnerable areas for defense of our positions and closely monitor them from copters.
  13. IMPORTANT: If an order or intelligence has been received that your position or a temporary deployment point has been marked by the enemy as a planned target, you need to move as soon as possible! There were cases when the commanders ignored the change of position orders and ate missiles such as HIMARS. Take note of any received intelligence.
  14. Do not walk in crowds, hits on a crowd are a disaster. Opponents are actively posting after-action videos such as t.me/razvedos_video/97?comment=34. Always keep a distance between yourselves (they can get hit with a machine gun, with a mortar, with artillery, small arms can kill everyone, if someone steps on a mine, everyone will die). Do not crowd. Now it is easy to be detected from a copter and get hit with a mortar, and almost everyone has drones. You need to move covertly, keep a distance on the march between military personnel up to 50 meters!
  15. Run across open spaces, the enemy can watch for us and hit us with pre-sighted weapons.
  16. It is advisable not to get out of the dugout at all, to organize maximum comfort there. Have several emergency exits in different directions, just in case you need to leave if the shit hits the fan.
  17. Do not draw Z on the top of the vehicles, so that the enemies do not fire from their copters (this is controversial advice, our guys will not recognize their own either, but it seems that the ukros have more copters).
  18. If it so happens that you are not at your usual site: the shelter where you cover should ideally have a 360-degree view and preferably different exits in different directions. For example, if you are in a basement, you need to come up with something for the view and the security. There are proven approaches for those in military science. It must be done according to science, it’s described in military literature for literally anyone. In one building, a maximum of 5 people, try to be located in the cellar or in the basement, or dig a cellar. It would be ideal to build a dugout under the foundation, this is the best protection against HIMARS.
  19. When the positions are prepared, they must be masked with camo, branches, screened from thermal imagers. Use fine green mesh for the latter. Place observers under canopies so that it would be difficult for enemy copters to find them, including copters with thermal imagers. Disguise transport and the troop positions, do not burn your position with scattered garbage (do not scatter garbage! This must become a habit), it is advisable to locate the toilet close to dugout (it happened that guys did not have time to reach the dugout during shelling).
  20. To everyone who plans to go to the SVO as officers, Khodakovsky is offering to show how he organized everything (communications, security, etc.), to make it easier for novice officers to adapt to the war.
  21. Conduct exercises, in case the enemy suddenly, secretly approaches your position and tries to attack it. Come up with a keyword for all personnel to rush to repel an attack. For example: "Plan Fortress". At the “Plan Fortress” command, all personnel who are not already in positions get equipment, grab weapons, and advance to positions previously designated to them to defend their sectors. Do not run to where everyone is running, or to where it seems interesting, but to the place indicated!
  22. Conduct vehicle movement exercises. Everyone must know his place and where he dismounts in case of an ambush. The squad must not swap or change places while driving, unless driving in someone else's car or infantry fighting vehicle.
  23. This thought of the commander of the Vostok battalion of the DPR, Alexander Khodakovsky, is going to be controversial. Good senior officers do not risk their lives on the front line, the soldiers should be sympathetic and understand this. Khodakovsky said that if he loses a deputy, it will be a disaster, he simply will not find a replacement. Good officers are super valuable, and a good senior officer can save many lives in defense, with his competent instructions from cover, by saving himself (avoiding dangers, sitting in a safe dugout). For this, they need good connectivity, a solid wireless unit, with a wired unit for backup. Sladkov's video shows what Khodakovsky's hideout looks like. In the NATO troops, only the sergeants are on the spot, on the ground, and they have more authority than our sergeants. Good officers are super valuable, and there are very few of them in the army. These good officers should make our army better every day, gradually displacing bad officers from their posts.
  24. By the way, about movement at night. You can be fired upon at night by your own side. Like, “it seemed to us that this was an enemy”. So, that might await you. It is imperative to get to know who comes to your position and, if possible, get to know everyone who is standing guard. Be known by your equipment and by your voice, so they could recognize you at night. There are a lot of frightened people on the front line, someone points weapons at you right away, some even just shoot. Therefore, you need to become familiar there, so that as many people as possible recognize you.
  25. Guard changes should be done at dusk, and after that it’s recommended to reduce activity. The guard change can be arranged for the moment when it just gets dark. In winter, it is already 6 o’clock, that is, when the dark comes. Do not roam at night. If you have not been given a task of going somewhere, I do not recommend going outside your positions.
  26. Explore as much as possible all the trails between strong points. If you don’t know where to go, it’s very easy to get lost in a fight. As a result, there will be problems with the evacuation of the wounded and saving their lives. The careful study of routes is not only walking distance, nearby, but also to adjacent units and armored groups.
  27. You need to clearly know which unit you are from, and who your superior officer is. Otherwise, you can easily appear to be a lost enemy. There were many such cases. Someone meets a traveler who cannot answer questions, does not know anything, they get taken prisoner. Then his commander has to run around and search, asking “where is my idiot” and describing how he looks.
  28. If you are, for example, a UAV crew and come to work at night to positions you don’t know, this applies doubly. You need to find cover and work there, as you can get fired on, you can run and break your legs, or break your neck. Nights do not forgive mistakes.
  29. Keep your things in one place (backpack or bag)! Live in such a way that at any moment you are ready to grab a backpack or bag on command and go, and commanders must demand this from subordinates, otherwise, they command to perform a maneuver, and people run around their positions collecting their clothes instead. If you are going on a raid, then only take the bare necessities and as little as possible in your backpack, or your armored personnel carrier can be knocked out and everything will burn.
  30. Dig secure places for storing ammunition so that the whole pile of reloads for RPGs and missiles for ATGMs does not go off from a stray enemy shot. Otherwise, you’re sitting in a dugout without the ability to control the situation, because you have freaking fireworks going off under your nose. It is also advisable not to store ATGMs at the firing position itself, otherwise something may also fly into it and it will suddenly go BOOM and the rockets will fly whichever way they want. This was the case with me and my colleague during artillery shelling of positions, we fled to our dugout, and the ATGM in the firing pit lit up and went BOOM after getting its rocket hit with a fragment from a mortar, thank God not in our direction. (Bro, if you're reading this, you'll remember it wasn't very funny back then).
  31. Extremely important for officers, you shouldn’t think that if you are a duty officer (sergeant) in a position at night, it means that you take the issued Azart radio, lie down in your dugout and sleepily answer “all quiet, 555” to your superior. Or that you give the radio to the closest enlisted, while you climb into a warm sleeping bag and fall asleep. You have to go and check your subordinates at the posts, check how they know the password and the response, how they react to commands, ask them what they observed, what they heard, etc. (if the soldiers of my unit read this, they will remember how I did it all the time every night, sometimes they told me that I annoyed them, but I was confident in our surveillance system, security and defense plan, and, accordingly, the unit’s safety).
  32. Do not underestimate the enemy, we have not had such a strong enemy since the Great Patriotic War. Personally inspect the area around the fortifications from a copter, have scout pipes in order to keep watch during enemy shelling, guard and monitor positions according to modern military science. This is what happened if you don’t set guards and observation while in position - the enemies took one of our trenches without a fight, 10 prisoners, threw grenades into the dugouts. Even if this video is a lie and made up, it illustrates the importance of a properly built defense system: t.me/razvedos_video/96
  33. I think every soldier should be shown some videos and this list of tips, read each tip with explanations and answers to questions, let the newcomers have a printed list of tips in their hands. It is necessary to show each mobilized personnel a video of how Ukrainian soldiers tortured captured Russian soldiers (these Ukrainian soldiers themselves uploaded terrible videos to intimidate), videos how some soldiers of the AFU shot our captives (in the comments under this post t.me/razvedos_video/96 there is info on this topic), video showing how the AFU units take trenches without a fight (t.me/razvedos_video/96). Let them search Yandex for videos of Russian soldiers being tortured by sadists in Ukraine - let them see the atrocities (shooting kneecaps and other tortures, shooting prisoners in the back of the head, what they did at Malaya Rogan, etc) - t.me/ombudsmanrf/1951. Let them remember that only some of the most repulsive Ukrainian sadists post videos of their crimes, then how many terrible atrocities have been committed without video recording? Some people just don’t understand what kind of people can take them prisoner, it is necessary to explain to newcomers what kind of war they are going to and that it is desirable to minimize the chances of being captured by performing all defense actions according to the rules of modern military science.
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2023.02.03 00:03 Fredbujj I never build a base

I'm pretty much always roaming around, building temporary shelters and basic fires if I need to, and I almost never use light at night. Seems like a good way to play, since I rarely come across enemies, and I explore the map super fast. Obviously I don't play PvP. Anyone else likes that way of playing ?
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