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2023.02.03 06:21 Real_Sort_8453 2495 years ago my hometown was invaded , I was abducted and now I have become one of them

467 B.C. - The sun was setting upon “inkwi”, an island once located near the Caribbean …
I don’t remember the exact date as to when it all took place , but if I recall correctly I believe I was 7 years old and I was hunting with Araf , my father . We were out at sunrise hunting deer and small birds. My father was an expert in the art of hunting unlike me who ran aimlessly in hopes of catching a stupid bird . By the time dusk set in , we started to gather all our hunting equipment in order to return to our little cabin in the center of town . On our way back through the dense forest , filled with trees with orange and yellow leaves and small critters looking for their next meal , I looked straight up , and in the midst of all that orange , I could see black and purple dots scattered across the sky .
This went on for the next 5 years , each year the dots grew bigger in size and unlike my first encounter with them where they all seemed so distant from one another , with each passing day they seemed to unite with each other , their presence becoming stronger and more threatening .
468 B.C. - It wasn’t only the particles anymore , it was the soft heartbeat sounds that could be heard each time a particle grew larger in size or connected to another one. By this point , everyone was talking about the strange phenomenon that had invaded our little island and demanding answers from our town counselors such as my father . It didn’t take much longer until the fear and hatred started to consume my neighbors , as the particles had reached a point where parts of the sun were being completely blocked during parts of the day and there were still no answers . Many of our neighbors started throwing rocks at our windows and many of the town kids would beat me up whenever they saw me leave the house . It got to a point where enough was enough and my father called everyone in for a town meeting in which he stated the reality we were all facing and how at this rate we should prepare ourselves for the worst case scenario : total darkness.
After that day , we couldn’t manage to leave our house anymore , as the threat of our entire family being hanged or burned alive by our neighbors was always present.
470 B.C. - No one was getting sleep anymore , the noises kept intensifying and our biggest fears were starting to turn into a reality . The particles had now blocked nearly the entire
Sky and we could now clearly see the formation of a black hole surrounded in its entirety by a flashing purple glow. I was fascinated by the imposing behemoth and would spend hours just looking at it ,imagining all the possibilities as to what it may contain and why it came to visit our little town .
Little did I know that it wouldn’t take long until I found the answers to all my questions…
472 B.C. - I was sitting on the front porch of our little cabin when it all went down …
The black hole started spinning at a speed never seen before ! During this stage , a gust of wind ferociously attacked our side of town , yanking the branches off nearby trees and carrying all sorts of sharp debris along with it. I covered my face with my hands , trying to grab something to hold onto and then suddenly , a loud explosion could be heard from the “eye” of the void ! I screamed in terror and quickly jumped to my feet!
I yanked the door open and screamed for everyone to abandon the house immediately , my parents grabbed our siblings by the arms and rushed them out of the cabin. I looked to my sides and could see dozens of my neighbors exiting their homes , some were running to the mountains and others were trying to find a place to hide , but we went straight for the woods…
We ran for a long time while constantly hearing a hoard of footsteps trailing behind us , they were catching up . I knew we could only keep this up for so long until they would finally find us but I didn’t care . My mind was so concentrated on escaping that I was startled when I heard my mothers scream in the distance. I took a glance behind me but I couldn’t see anything. The only thing I could hear was a loud explosion nearby ,followed by a dreadful moment of silence . I stopped dead in my tracks as the realization that my family was gone hit me . I fell to the ground , ripped my shirt apart and started to cry inconsolably. I layed in the dirt for a long time until I heard the sound of footsteps quickly approaching…
I had been abducted by them…
I don’t know how much time had passed until I woke up , but when I did , I realized I was far from home , somewhere foreign. The terrain was purplish and very rocky and an odd smell emanated from something nearby. Once I stood up I found where it was coming from.
They were completely black , had purple glowing eyes and a ton of spikes from the top of their head all the way to their tails , they are known as the “Eliotropi”. They grabbed me by the arms and led me down a long trail filled with sharp alien rocks and gross parasites and alien bird-like creatures that inhabited the area . After a long and painful walk we finally made it to our destination …
A massive palace-like structure , black and purple were its colors . I looked to my sides and could see spaceships landing all around me . They opened their doors and I was shocked to see kids just like me, some looked younger, some looked older , but none of them were adults . The Eliotropi stopped me at the steps of the palace and I waited as the kids from the other spaceships arrived at the palace steps . When everyone had finally made it there , I took a glance behind me and I saw hundreds of kids piled up with one another , some were crying but most of them were in complete shock, not yet having processed the reality of their situation . We climbed up the stairs until I came face to face with a giant red metal door. When it opened I was completely blinded by the darkness of the room . All I could hear were the words of the Eliotropi :
Eliotropi 1 : “ General X, the invasion on Earth was a success ! We have bought what you have demanded of us.”
General X *laughs* “How delightful… Don’t waste anymore time and proceed to give them all to the people!”
Eliotropi 2 “ Finally , I've been hungry for a while ! ”
General X “ Yes , Yes , calm down! Before you leave, do me a favor and separate a couple of them from the group and bring them to me . I think it's about time …”
Suddenly two groups were made , most of the kids were piled into one group but I was placed into a much smaller group of about 20 kids . I looked to my left and my right in fear as I saw two doors emerge from the walls , they slowly opened , and we were taken in .
We walked down a long corridor until we came across another door . This one was completely golden and had purple cracks all around it . I went in and I was finally able to see him ! Sitting in the throne was General X , he wore a neo-samurai helmet and a tattered cape along his back . He got up from his throne and spoke :
The following is a dialogue between the Eliotropi and General X moments before the transformation:_____________________________________________________
Eliotropi 1 , 2 & 3 : “ These were the best we could find your honor!”
General X: “Perfect … After centuries of studying humanity these seem to be the perfect test subjects for the treiglad trials !”
Eliotropi 2 : “ B- but it’s too dangerous !”
Eliotropi 3: “ He’s completely right ! If something goes wrong our entire species runs the risk of becoming extinct !”
General X “ Well there’s only one way of finding out.”
Eliotropi 2&3 : “ BUT!!!”
General X “ Be quiet and get out!!!”
Moments later , I along with 2 other kids were separated from the rest of the group. We were forced to retrace our path until we finally came across a shiny grey metal door that I hadn’t taken notice of before . The soldier pushed us aside , grabbed a key out of his pocket and opened it . We walked down the stairs until we made it into a room that contained 3 giant glass chambers. I STARTED TO PANIC AT THAT MOMENT NOT KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THESE SAVAGES , I SCREAMED IN PROTEST TRYING TO LET MYSElF FREE FROM THE CHAINS I HAD TIED TO ME , but it was useless…
That was the last thing I could remember from that day . When I finally woke up , I could see I was still chained up and was floating in a sea of purple acid . I looked around me and that’s when I saw my reflection. I looked completely different , my skin was dark and its texture was rough , my eyes were glowing purple and spikes started to protrude from my arms , legs and back .
Moments later , 5 Eliotropi showed up , they unlocked my chamber and removed the chains I had tied up to me. I looked to my sides and saw that one of the two remaining chambers was also being unlocked . I watched in awe as the creature emerged from the chamber . It was massive and was covered with messy dark-silver fur that ran from the top of its head all the way to the bottom of its feet , it also had massive dark gray feathers like that of a “Lammergeier”. The real horror came when it started to flap its wings aggressively at the Eliotropi and opened its mouth , to reveal thousands of squirming worms in the place where teeth should have been , the Eliotropi acted quickly and injected it with a tranquilizer that made it fall to the ground , leaving it in a dormant state . Moments later I heard slow footsteps approaching the chamber , I looked behind me and caught sight of General X . He signaled me to follow him and I did , we exited the chamber and walked until we arrived at a spiral staircase leading into the palace’s balcony .
Once we had finally made it there , he made his way to the front of the balcony and addressed the Eliotropi :
GX : “Welcome everyone !
\The crowd cheers\**
GX: Yes , Yes , I know all of you are very happy now that you have filled your stomachs after centuries of awaiting your next meal , BUT THE PURPOSE OF THIS REUNION IS NOT TO CELEBRATE OUR VICTORY, BUT RATHER, TO WELCOME A NEW MEMBER TO OUR FAMILY!!
It was at this moment where the Eliotropi holding me back , finally let me go , I walked to the front of the balcony and proceeded to look down below me. I was shocked to see thousands of Eliotropi all gathered at around the palace steps. GX then proceeded to hand me a cape along with a helmet just like his and continued with his speech.
*Crowd cheers and applauds*
That was 2495 years ago,
After that day, I learned many things about the “Newel” kingdom, but out of all the teachings one stood out to me the most and that was the one relating to the invasion of planet earth. Here is what it stated :
“Every 2500 earth years, we serve the right and consider it to be our responsibility to invade earth in order to preserve all the life and order present in “Newel ”. 5 years before our arrival a “Nimbus” will form in the sky, it will progressively get stronger as the years go on, once it reaches its final stage a portal will form in the sky which will allow us to enter earth with ease. During the invasion, we will take with us as much of humanity as deemed necessary in order to preserve our population alive . ANY DISRUPTIONS TO OUR ACTIVITY WILL RESULT IN FATAL CONSEQUENCES TO THE INDIVIDUALS AND TO THE COSMOS AS WE KNOW IT. ”. You may choose to do what you wish with this information, regardless of your final decision just remember that time is running out, and for that -
“We are sorry”
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2023.02.03 06:21 GUNKBALL [Hiring] Looking For Artist For Studio Ghibli Style Poster

Hi all,
Let me know if anyone would be interested/have time for this project. Looking to get it done by beginning of April.
I understand the project may be large, so I am willing to pay around $300-$400, but am willing to negotiate.

I am looking for a studio Ghibli-esc art style and almost a movie poster look.
I would like a picture of a nice looking house on a hill. It is a bit large, and coming out of the windows are different things which represent different characters. I would not actually like any people in the shot though. I want it to represent a poster. This is a somewhat fantasy world.

Here are the different specifics that I'm looking for:

Window 1:
A room with different college dorm things. A pendant, maybe a graduation cap, and also a backpack full of excavation stuff (a pickaxe, a map). The college colors are burgundy and gold.
Window 2:
A room with a crazy amount of vines and green plants sprouting out out of it with some birds sitting on the windowsill.
Window 3:
The kitchen, with a couple of bowls of noodles inside, and a wonderful smell coming out of the window.
Window 4:
A window that looks like it was modified in some way by an inventor. I would like a little workshop inside with tools on a tool bench.
Window 5:
A window with some daggers on a table, and the outside of the window to look like it might've sustained some burns from fire or something.
Window 6:
A room that looks like your average little girls room (10-12), but with a ton of GIANT weapons in it as well.
More about the house:
he house has a nice cobblestone walkway leading up to it, and an apple tree with a swing on the right side of it.

If possible, I would love if you could write
"The Lion And The Mouse", similar to a movie title, somewhere on the image, if you can't, that is ok.
Let me know if you have any more questions!
I plan to print these out as posters that I will frame as gifts for my Dungeons and Dragons group. Each window represents their characters room. Will not be selling them.
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2023.02.03 06:13 Improbable_Primate I am tired of the alternative-elf debate and have decided to confuse matters.

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2023.02.03 06:11 ZakuLegion [WTS] HUGE lot - knives, lights, watches, and more!


Ok folks , lots to unpack here. Almost all of it is catch and release.
Some of these items are for the lol - while still being legitimately useful EDC items.
Some of this is a great value , some of it is clearly..... less so.
Sale Value -> All or Nothong , 220$ shipped
I feel comfortable there's a LOT here for what you pay!
Breakdown as follows :
Watches : All watches are B grade with signs of use but function flawlessly with only cosmetic wear.
Invicta pro diver 40mm automatic 30$ Timex Expedition scout with Indiglo and leather strap 20$ Timex ( model unknown ) two tone steel watch, quartz movement 20$
Pleather gloves - 2 pair - size L ( new, lol ) to protect yourself when you're playing with your new knives or going about your daily work.
Retail - 22$ sv 10$
Both luxpro are brand new in box , I personally own and use both models and they're outstanding.
1000 lumen 3 function hand held, 300 lumen + 6 function headlamp including red, green , high and low spot , flood, strobe.
Retail total 50$ SV - 30$
Bonus random alumn waterproof led light
Miscellaneous / for the lols yet actually useful
8 x 4GB flash drive bracelets. Sv - 20$ 2x sharpie pro dry/wet markers sc - 10$ (I want to turn more people on to these they're outstanding and I actually EDC one) Random caribiners from my desk- priceless ( and non load bearing )
Unknown catch and release multi tool 5$ Topeak multi driver 6pc tool + case 10$ Craftsman 6 foot Keychain tape - 2$ -> yes I EDC one of these as well, great habbit for many lines of work
Kobalt assisted bar lock + utility , both brand new - 10$
Sharp things ( knives! )
Para 2 and Para 3 G10/Bearing clones, 9crmov. - these are NOT made by spyderco. A condition, flawless blades and reasonable action - both have room for tuning but function fully. 40$
Buck 110 FRN + pouch a condition flawless blade and action - 20$
Smiths fixed blade - A+ brand new and flawless edge, dept store knife + actually decent leather sheathe I had. 20$ ( 25$ knife retail + 15$ sheath new )
Titan skinner with leather sheathe - 10$ (50% of Amazon list price)
SzCO 7.25 inch pakkawood skinner + sheath - 8$ (50% Amazon list price)
8 inch bone handled "damascus" knife - 10$ ( less than half Amazon price of 25$ )
Talen Skinner with leather pocket sheathe - 5$
Benchmark Backpscker + kydex sheath - 10$
I think I maybe got everything.
Yolo takes it let's gooooo
I have knife swap and EDC exchange references available well above and beyond my flairs.
Prefer venmo, will PayPal GS from established accounts only.
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2023.02.03 06:05 Dogman005 Who Is Fredbear and How FNAF World Connects to FNAF 3 and 4 (Theory)

Who Is Fredbear and How FNAF World Connects to FNAF 3 and 4 (Theory)

I’ve been rewatching a lot of theory videos and I think I’ve come up with some conclusions that may help people with their theories and maybe help me make sense with some things I’m still struggling trying to figure out with the timeline.
I feel a big chunk of the game’s story can be revealed in 3 games: FNAF 3, FNAF 4, and FNAF World. These three games are heavily connected and with the logbook it reveals so much about what’s happening not only in these games but the other games as well.
A lot of theories I’ve seen have pointed out the clock ending in FNAF World where Fredbear glitches out and sends the player on another quest to “leave breadcrumbs for him, to help him find his way.” Many people, including me, believe this to be the key to how we free the crying child in FNAF 3, but there’s more.
The dialogue given to you at the beginning and end of FNAF World is the same thing said at the end of Night 6 in FNAF 4, so it would be safe to assume the speaker is the Fredbear plush talking as he is the one saying this in FNAF 4.
But something we missed in FNAF World is that there are two people talking to us just like in FNAF 4.
The hex code for FNAF 4’s Fredbear plush changes from yellow before Nights 1-5 to a cream color after Night 6.
Once I saw the dialogue in FNAF World was mimicking the one FNAF 4 I went back and looked at all the conversations with Glitched Fredbear and I realized there’s a clear difference in attitude between who’s speaking during the gameplay and who’s speaking at the beginning and end.
When Fredbear speaks to us in World, I wouldn’t say he’s mean but he’s kinda harsh and brutally honest to what’s going on and he’s always telling you what you should do next. These characteristics of Glitched Fredbear are the same characteristics the Fredbear plush has when he talks to the crying child in the minigames of FNAF 4 (before the bite).
The eyes in the dark starting FNAF World are reminiscent of the dark void the crying child and the plushies were in at the end of the 4th game. And the person talking has the same text and protective nature in its dialogue.
Two people are trying to help The Crying Child. One is more protective, and the other is aggressive.
Let’s talk about the identity of the Fredbear plush.
I think there’s a spirt in possession of the plush and there’s another that’s “pulling the strings” as Glitched Fredbear would put it. Fredbear is possessed by Cassidy, however the one speaking at the end of Night 6 and at the very beginning and end of FNAF World is Charlotte.
The plush is essentially Golden Freddy from what we know from UCN’s Golden Freddy Easter Egg connecting to Fredbear, the ending cutscene with Golden Freddy twitching in the darkness connects to The One You Should Not Have Killed, the security logbook’s faded text is the 5th victim, and it just makes logical sense from a design standpoint that the golden plush that can teleport is the golden animatronic that can teleport. It also watches you, transforms, and talks to the crying child without even being in the room, which are all things Golden Freddy could do. And Charlie undeniably has a role to play because of The Happiest Day and her role as a character.
With that being said, I also believe Golden Freddy was the one at the window in Midnight Motorist.
It can’t be a normal animatronic because it was raining during the minigame so anything else would breakdown in the rain, including Afton in a springlock suit. Plus, the footprints are stationary, so whatever was there seemed to have disappeared in its tracks. Shadow Freddy is another likely option, but I feel Golden Freddy makes more sense in relation to The Crying Child particularly.
This would mean the Missing Children Incident had to have taken place before FNAF 4, and a lot of evidence shows it too.
(A lot of people believe it to take place in 1985 because it shows up in the novel trilogy and Fazbear’s Frights, but I believe that’s because, unlike the games, there aren’t two incidents with dead kids like in the books, so Scott combined the two into one incident. Plus 85 is evenly in the middle between 83 and 87. Idk, this part is personal interpretation)
Pigtail girl telling us the rumor of the animatronics coming to life at night and The Crying Child is traumatized by something he saw regarding the springlock suits.
But I think the most important evidence is that The Crying Child also talks of his friends being the other animatronic plushes in his room.
I believe they are representations of his friends that were taken by William and stuffed in the suits. We see it repeated at the end of Night 6, again in FNAF World, and we even see them freed with the Crying Child in the Happiest Day.
Think about the fact that we can’t save The Crying Child until we save the other four kids so they can come to the party. The biggest evidence for the MCI occurring around the time of The Crying Child’s birthday is the very fact that the pieces themselves are pieces of the missing children’s incident.
Balloon Boy (Most likely at the first Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza since he can be considered canon in FNAF 4)
The order of deaths of the four children possessing Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy (evidence for this comes from the layout in Give Gifts, Give Life and FNAF AR combined with Susie being confirmed to be first, Pizza Party in FNAF VR being Gabriel’s death, and the rest of the order is confirmed on a board in Security Breach
4 Cupcakes for 4 of the missing children (the 5th appears in the Chica’s Party minigame following you)
The hex code for purple reversed (“Reversing” what the Purple Guy had done)
“Shadow Freddy” or in this case, Spring Bonnie lurking in the shadows and in the safe room
From what we see in those minigames in FNAF 3 it looks like the kids are within the Crying Child’s memories as the stages from the minigames look similar to the locations in FNAF 4’s gameplay and minigames, including Happiest Day.
The Happiest Day is a reverse of Fredbear's
Carlton with The Missing Children in The Fourth Closet graphic novel
In the third FNAF novel The Fourth Closet Carlton is injected with remnant and is able to go into the MCI kid’s’ memories and is able to manipulate them into helping the spirits fight back William. Same thing happens with Jake within the Stitchwraith in Fazbear’s Frights. I think it’s trying to tell us what’s happening here.
In Sister Location, Michael is scooped and Ennard takes his body. We know Michael from that point forward was infused with remnant and he ended up possessing his own body. Because of the remnant Michael could have experienced some of the missing kid’s memories along with The Crying Child’s like we see with Carlton and Larson in the books. It would explain the Security Logbook, how Michael could help set up the Happiest Day in FNAF 3, and why he has reoccurring nightmares.
In the logbook there’s official art that’s mostly Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza themed but some Circus Baby stuff too. For every night that shows Foxy in what looks like the FNAF 3 office or a location similar to it and Foxy on night one is shown reading a magazine that’s referenced in Sister Location.
Throughout the book you have Mike in red ink draw doodles of many things but the two most important as Nightmare Fredbear and the eggsotic butters. From this we know at this point he’s seen the Nightmares and Sister Location has already happened.
I think FNAF World’s clock ending story takes place shortly before or during FNAF 3 based on Foxy being in FNAF 3’s office is most likely being a parallel to Michael in FNAF 3. I think it’s placed here because within the logbook Cassidy (faded text) is asking The Crying Child (altered text) questions about his past and what he sees and hears in the state that he’s in.
If you put the minigames and the memories in context, because of the remnant injection from Sister Location, Michael is able to see the past events of FNAF through the minigames. In FNAF 3’s Follow Me minigames the “pieces” were given to us in the hallway near Foxy’s Pirate Cove. The same pieces you put into place in FNAF World to free The Crying Child and the other kids’ souls.
Cassidy plays a different role but is a huge part in this too. We know now that Cassidy wants to torment William beyond death, so her vengefulness could explain why she’s not shown in The Happiest Day as she is not looking to move on (although she might be present through the kids in the Mediocre Melodies masks). She might not have been friends with The Crying Child and the others before she died (similar to Andrew and Jake) which may explain why she’s not included in The Happiest Day but she still apart of the missing five.
Something else I’ve noticed in my research is just how similar FNAF World and Ultimate Custom Night is. The inclusion and connection of Old Man Consequences, the various FNAF World characters that show up on your desk, the character roster, and the 8-Bit Freddy Trophy you earn in FNAF World from what you do in UCN makes me think both games are creations of Cassidy’s (TOYSNHK) for entirely different purposes.

Top: OMC in FNAF World, Bottom: OMC in UCN
FNAF World Characters that can appear on your desk in UCN
Whatever realm FNAF World and UCN are set in, it can be affected by the outside world (the real world).
The spirits can’t affect anything from where they are, so with Michael connected with remnant he can manipulate the outside world in FNAF 3 to free The Crying Child and the missing children.
This was a huge theory and I have other theories on the timeline I’ve been think about for months so let me know what your thoughts are.
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2023.02.03 05:58 SteveDeo (Selling) various blu ray codes

Accepting Cashapp, $3.99 each code!
for sale:
You Were Never Really Here
Green Room
Spring Breakers
Cabin In The Woods,
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2023.02.03 05:48 Stenv2 Filler Post: If Ruby was actually treated as a Protag.

I did think about doing some NFG stuff, but I dunno. Would you guys really want me to explain more of that insane world?

Volume 3

Ozpin: Okay so we're picking a maiden.
Glynda: Hmm. Ruby.
Qrow: Wot?
Ozpin: sure?
Glynda: Sir... to be brutally fucking honest, I am sure that's why you got her in this school. Her silver eyes are one thing, but she would still be a child. Surely you picked her because she has a noble heart? And would make a great maiden.
Ozpin:... I mean Silver Eyes go a long wa-
Qrow: Oz... Summer had silver eyes too.. and she died... what the hell man?
Ironwood: If I may. Ruby also proved herself during the breach, it was her investigation that led to it being foiled. Roman is being stubborn in being forthcoming about anything else that could be going on. But Ruby is reliable.
Ozpin: But if something goes wrong... not only would we lose a maiden, we would also lose one of the last silver-eyed warriors.
Glynda: Did you not make her a Huntress, because you believe in her?
Qrow: Who were you going to choose if not her? And was it because you thought they were qualified.. or because Ruby was too valuable?


In the lead-up to the Fall, Ruby was approached with the truth of the maidens, the world as it was. Her beliefs were shaken to their core, as her mentors and Uncle were different from the people she had come to know.
Desperate Ruby tried to think about who she could reasonably turn to. And while she couldn't tell the full truth to Penny, on some level she knew, and vowed to always be by Ruby's side.
So it was that Ironwood arranged things to take Penny out of the tournament, arranging for her to guard over Ruby Rose during the transfer ritual.
And thus Cinder instead of fighting the woefully undertrained Jaune fought the pinnacle of Atlesian Science, and one of the most human noble spirits.
Penny fought as hard as she could, and Ozpin assisted her. Cinder would've been overwhelmed but then she hacked Penny, using the schematics knowledge and her own magic, and though Ozpin was highly skilled, the sudden turn of the battle was enough to blindside even him, leaving him open to a coup de gras from Cinder, taking him out of the fight. But Ruby saw all this, and so... a Maiden fury is unleashed...


Ruby screamed the glass shattering around her, one eye burned with an orange flame of aura around it, the opposite eye to Cinder's own.
Cinder snarled, and snapped her fingers, commanding Penny, her once warm eyes now turned a crimson dead red, as she rushed toward Ruby, her blades spinning.
Ruby looked down at the floor of the bleeding Ozpin, stabbed through the spine. She barely reacted, adrenaline pumping through her veins, she could feel the rush of her semblance. But it was different somehow, Penny seemed to slow down, her blades moving as though they were sluggish through water.
She moved out of the way, noticing a faint orange glow behind Penny, an arrow that would pierce through Penny and her if she had been there a second ago, Ruby acted, pulling Penny out of the way, grunting due to Penny's immense weight.
Cinder was on her in a heartbeat, firing arrow after arrow. As Penny glowed with an orange hue, and slowly began to get faster.
"Heh, a shame you don't have much experience little rose. Your speed is no match against Magic. And I wonder are you willing to kill your friend, and will you still be able to stop me? Or are you worried about getting Ozpin out of here alive?" Cinder mocked, a vicious smile marring her otherwise beautiful face.
Ruby didn't respond, she knew the situation she was in. It was damn near impossible... but then she felt a warm hand on her shoulder.
It was her...
Ruby thought. The ghostly visage of the girl smiled.
Focus, you too possess magic, I will help as much as I am able to... But I won't be here for long... The dead don't belong in the world of the living.
Ruby exhaled, then she pulled out Crescent Rose in it's rifle form, rapidly putting in gravity dust ammunition, and she fired at Penny point blank, sending the girl soaring past Cinder, and she fired again before Cinder could react, Cinder was closing the gap in speed, but Ruby still possessed a slight edge, she was used to her speed. She fired off one more shot, using plant dust, to ensnare Penny and keep her out of the fight just a bit longer.
Cinder looked back as the Red Glow in Penny's eyes flickered back and forth between Green... and...
"Impossible how could you possibly...? Unless... Amber?" She sneered. "So you did have some fight left in you after all." She chuckled, as fire began to pool around her, the room heating up. "It won't matter though, you're already dead and Ruby will be too soon. And all her little friends too!" Cinder knocked back her arrow, as Ruby shifted Crescent Rose into its scythe mode, her aura flaring around her, rose petals swirling in the room.
Shifting into her stance, she exhaled slowly, remembering what Uncle Qrow taught her. Momentum, precision, and the right time to strike.
Then... Cinder loosed a potent arrow that soared with a high pitch, Ruby however leaped forward, closing the gap between her and Cinder, only for Cinder to leap in the air, smirking as she fired three more explosion arrows in rapid succession. Thinking she had Ruby where she wanted her, but Ruby smiled.
She pulled the trigger, and the head of Crescent Rose, fired out it's high caliber round, moving her to the side, and as fast as she could, she stuck the head into the ground, and then pulled the trigger again, holding the bottom pike end at the end of her scythe, as she launched herself and Crescent Rose at Cinder, stunning the maiden, as the hit connected, landing at Cinder's stomach, her aura flaring, but even then she coughed up blood as the impact broke several bones.
Eyes burning with hatred she snapped her bow, and the ends quickly reformed into blades, as she slashed at Ruby, but with roses still swirling around Ruby, she expertly spun around the pole of her scythe. Nimbly avoiding the blades, like a graceful dancer, her boots then slammed into Cinder's face, sending her flying up toward the ceiling. And notably away from the limping Ozpin, who made his way over to Penny, grabbing ahold of her, keeping her tied up in the vines.
Ruby... give her hell. He grunted, fighting to stay conscious as he hauled Penny over his shoulder, and slowly approached the elevator.
While Cinder crashed against the ceiling, Ruby fired another shot, catching up with Cinder, who snared, and then melted the ceiling around her, forming a giant pool of lava, which didn't harm her, but from which sprouted tendrils that lashed out at Ruby.
A quick shot of ice ammo solidified the tendrils, as Ruby stuck the pike into the ceiling wall to gain traction and Cresent Rose partially shifted midway between scythe mode and rifle mode, giving her a turret of sorts as she began unloading more bullets in Cinder's direction, preventing her from chasing Ozpin.
Cinder then got a wicked idea, her magic might have been struggling to overcome Amber's influence, but the coding in Penny. Yes... she could sense it.
"Penny... Head to the top of this tower, and self-destruct. Access Code, Sword of Damocles." Ruby's eyes widened in horror, Ozpin tried to thrust his cane through Penny's head to disable her for the moment, but Penny reacted too fast for the injured headmaster, her eyes shooting forth emerald lasers, making the elderly man scream as the skin of his chest burned. And she tossed him out of the elevator.
Ruby moved to go chase after her, but then Cinder teleported in front of her, grabbing her by the throat. "Ah ah ah, don't interrupt the girl~ That would be rather rude." She sneered, and Ruby grimaced thinking of her friend and then she headbutted Cinder hard, making the woman grunt in pain, her grip only loosening a bit, Ruby was desperate, and then.. looking down at Crescent Rose, and its mixed form, she knew then what she had to do... With a heavy heart, she overloaded Crescent Rose, starting a small-scale explosion that sent her and Cinder back, their clothes singed and their ears ringing.
Ruby soared to the elevator, grabbing Ozpin on the ground, green petals mixing with red petals, as she carried him up to the surface, calling for help from anyone and everyone, and leaving him outside, wrapping her cape around him in quick succession to stop the bleeding.
She was moving faster than she ever had before, panting, her lungs burning her aura being drained to it's limit as she climbed the tower's walls, desperately trying to keep up with Penny, wondering just how she was going to stop her.
She had sacrificed Cresent Rose, she had very little dust crystals, and she could feel Amber fading away as time kept pressing on... yet she couldn't stop moving, she had to save her. She couldn't let her die!
She tackled Penny, right before she entered the tower, causing them to soar past it.
"PENNY STOP!" Ruby shouted trying to get through to her.
"Error. Mission Objective must be completed." Penny said in a cold robotic voice. Devoid of friendliness and compassion.
"Penny I know you're in there! You can fight it! PLEASE!" Ruby struggled with Penny in the air, the wires of Penny's blades wrapped around her constricting tightly. Blood dripped through her clothes, as she punched Penny roughly, tearing off some artificial skin, as she struggled to keep the girl from flying back to the tower, but she was running out of time. "Penny I..." Ruby thought of how much everything meant to Penny, of all her own time at Beacon, her friends, her family... and Summer...
Ruby's breath intensified and then a flash of light blanketed the sky as her silver eyes ignited. And then she lost consciousness.
Ruby woke a few days later, in bed, noticing scars around her arms, from Penny's wires. "...Nn" She rasped, feeling like her throat was dried, and as though she was partially dead.
"Hello Ruby." She was shocked to see Ozpin, in a wheelchair, he looked relieved, but paler than usual. "You did good." He said.
"But Cinder... Amity..." Ruby groaned.
"Cinder got away yes. But you drove the Grimm back, and Miss Polendina is fine... but she had to go back to Atlas. Along with Weiss." Ozpin said somberly.
"...What about everyone else?" Ruby rasped.
"Your sister... was injured grievously and then... she vanished... taken by her mother. Raven Branwen. And Blake left." Ruby was stunned, she had fought so hard, tried to save everyone... had she failed... "Ruby... you saved so many people. The CCT still stands tall, you've prevented Cinder from gaining power. You've done well, but I have to ask what will you do next?" He asked, and Ruby was uncertain for once in her life.
Frightening isn't it?
Ruby felt a cold shiver down her spine, and in the corner of the eye she saw Cinder, smirking at her. She panicked backing away in her bed, terrified, Ozpin's words being drowned out, and she wondered why he couldn't see her at all but Cinder just kept smirking.
You and I are linked little Rose. And this story is only just beginning, and you will suffer greatly before the end. And I will have what's mine.

And that's all folks! Have a good day!

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2023.02.03 05:46 RagingCobraChicken Engaged - worried things are falling apart and failing

Hi people’s, (27M) engaged to a (25F)… so a bit of background we met a long time ago through highschool; her one of those everyone wanted to be her friend type of people, part of the music class, on the sports teams, in school plays etc. Myself quiet, in the art classes, yearbook, sports teams. Funny story how we actually first met (story for another time) anyways we ended up finding one another last year on a dating app, she needed a ride to her home town, ironically headed that way so I offered… ended up staying a week in a hotel with her as we were snowed in hwy’s being closed and all.
Fast forward a few months she moves in the same city as me and we start dating, couple more months go by and she has to work out of town… she says she misses me and can’t wait to come home after 2 weeks, last day there all loving then later in the day she says she wants to be alone (odd right?) now I had this plan I was going to a hopelessly romantic thing as it was going to be a super blood moon I wanted to propose at this hidden beach I had found with a beautiful view of the lake. Nothing from her what so ever after what she had said… a couple days later her ex passes away, she’s devastated. Later in the day I get a call at work and she’s crying and there’s shouting in the background so I leave work early, (siblings fighting, a hospital visit later with stitches)… take care of her for a week and back to being confused and angry with myself not knowing what I had done to be suddenly dropped like I was. Sleeping on the couch just because it didn’t feel right to be sleeping in bed without her. 12 am Canada Day, get a call from her she wants to talk… drive over she tells me she slept with her co worker (guy I met that said I had nothing to worry about - fucking prick coke head, in the literal sense), she had fallen for him emotionally the boyish charm and fun apparently… (me I’m introverted, I don’t drink, or smoke, I don’t like bars or parties, grew out of it and medical reasons aside) while talking she said it wasn’t fair and I’m sorry calling me by this ass hats name… (she’s drunk)
I go home and we don’t talk for a while, I said to her I hope you find happiness and he treats you better than I ever could, (hurting and broken) I bought a 40 of tequila, a 40 of whiskey to drown the voices and impulsive thoughts.. 3 am rolls by can’t sleep, phone flashes - I miss you, 7 minutes later front door opens up it’s her drunk and sit on my lap apologizing… next day we finally have a talk on what happened…
Her drunk, him sober (coked up) took her to see the blood moon and he kissed her and took advantage of her sadness (again from her ex passing) now internally pissed off, gritting my teeth try to work things out.. fast forward another couple months things are going well - I saved enough to finally get a beautiful 1.5 carat diamond infinity loop rose gold ring, bring her out to another beautiful spot to see the mountains and ask her the question and shot down she says she doesn’t believe in that stuff… another month or so having dinner and doing the dishes she says you know if that offer still stands then I do… (make it official) so fast forward to the last couple months.. what a shit show
2 months ago now her mom unfortunately passed very suddenly, 8pm in a coma, 10pm flown out, panicking packing whatever we need to make the 8 hour drive through a winter storm, 12am roll out, white out conditions, stop 3-4 hours later tired pull into her aunts, leave in the morning pick up her siblings 2 hours later - drive the final 2 hours hospital bound to say their good byes. Funeral and services family gatherings away from home for a month. Now in last month no job, due to the circumstances job searching every day, picked up some contracting work with my old land lord but that fell through due to differences. Now worried as all she wants to do is drink, and space, harping on me to get a job, and that she hates it here and has for the last 6 months… (side note she had gotten blackout drunk fought our roommate then wanted to have sex, then slapped the shit out of me because I left earlier due to an argument and as she was drunk I didn’t want to have sex with her in the state that she was… I leave the room and I hear her calling another one of her former coworkers to come over an have sex so I storm back and ask really you’re gonna do that to me and she Denys it and says here look at the conversation throwing her phone at me, telling her it’s not in text you said it on the phone, leaving the room again, let her fall asleep) in the morning I tell her she hit me and fought our roommate as she doesn’t remember. I didn’t tell her about the coworker thing as she won’t more than likely believe me.. now she wants to move back home to take care of her siblings which are mostly adults but have also been drinking due to the circumstances, I hate and despise this town as I’ve lived there and burned a lot of bridges and due to exes starting rumor mills slandered my name (small town problems) have told her I do not want to move to this town where there is no housing or really any jobs, but have been searching anyways because I love her and yet again sacrificing job Opportunities here, have a job lined up there now. She says she feels smothered because I don’t have a job, yet I did, paid for food, bills etc. that I can’t or don’t want to do a job without her (I want to get her out of the house and doing something because all she wants to do is drink) I worry and feel like I am supposed to tend to her while she’s grieving. She feels like we’re drifting apart and I do too, Ian starting to hate the person she becomes while drinking, she feels smothered and that I can’t hold the fort down if she’s ever this weak again… doesn’t feel like things are working out… I’ve started selling my stuff to get by and get her home to her family, now she wants me to stay behind for awhile while she goes back home after I secured this job that’s on a time limit to hold for me. I honestly don’t know what to do or say, drinking now and has been in affectionate all day, like I’m just annoying her…
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2023.02.03 05:45 EinfachNurFinn Story-driven game like FireWatch, with horror aspects and Mental-Health in the focus

Foreword: This is a really long text, and I dont expect anyone to take their time and read this. But I would really appreciate some Feedback/Ideas. I have written a short summary at the end, if you dont want to read this whole mess:⬇️
If you arent interested, thats okay. But I would really appreciate any input!
so I played some Hours Firewatch (Day 37) and as a unsuccessful GameDev I thought: I WANT THIS
So I thought to myself. What do I like about this game, which I want to implement into mine?
-You are given multiple choices (what you say and how you interact) which makes the game really immersive and makes you care for the protagonist! (Thats why I wanted to make the protagonist to deal with mental-health-problems)-I really liked the art-style. Im also a huge fan of the Synty-Assets and would love to make the game in this art-style-I liked the subtile horror (things that gives you the creep, but no jumpscares or stuff like this)
I want to make this clear. I dont want or would even be able to do a Firewatch-Clone! I just liked some mechanics (which are also used in other games)
So what is my question?
I have an Idea (maybe bad, maybe really bad) but definitley out of my league (but this is a problem for future me).
My Idea:Its about a student, with some problems. Panick-Atacks etc. These are implemented as an Quick-Time-Event. Everytime something bad happens a reaper-like-something appears.
For example: You wake up. Its too late. You could run down and catch the bus, or brush teeth and get the next. This opens 2 paths with kids making fun of you in school (too late/smell bad). Then the paths connect again, when you are heading to maths class. You are sitting there in the room, trying to solve some things. Then the Teacher asks you: "[Name] Do you want to present your solutions?" You are in a dark room, you are in the spotlights and you can see the teacher coming to you. You have like 3 seconds to answer.
  1. Admit you dont have anything
  2. 2. Improvise
To be honest it doesnt change a thing, because both just trigger the same quick-time-event where you have to smash some buttons but just stutter and stutter. The teacher comes to you, picks up your sheet, looks at it, laughs and tear it appart. Then cut. It was just another daydream, she repeats her question from the beginning in a super nice way. "[Name] Do you want to present your solutions?" and you realise it didnt happen, just an panick-attack.
The reaper appears in the back of the class, stares and you and goes right through the wall. And this would go on. After some time its not just imaginations. It starts to get real. Talking with friends, reaper appears. You are being chased by it through a forrest. (It just flies like a dementor from harry potter).
In the evening everything is always fine. The player will get to know, that your room is sort of your safe-space. You dont have this pressure, these panick-attacks. Just like in Firewatch the Tower. Everyday you come home in your house and you can go to your desk and then sleep.On like day 20, you are sitting at your desk doing homework, you look out of the window. And there he is, the reaper, starring at you. Starring right into your eyes.

Summary (for the lazy folks): Its about a student, with some mental-health-problems. Panick-Atacks etc. These are implemented as an Quick-Time-Event. Everytime something bad happens a reaper-like-something appears. This reaper stands metaphorically for the students problems. It has some action-sequences (unlike firewatch) and also delivers a subitle horror (with just a few jumpscares)
So, what do you think. Any recommendations, how this could go on? How I can deliver this feeling of a panick-attack? (Heart pounding sound and fov effect, red vignette). I would love to get any input! Is this a stupid Idea? How can you make the player feel and genuinley care for the protagonist? How can I make this world look and feel alive? I know this game is way out of my league, but I would love to make it. What do you think?
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2023.02.03 05:40 Hodgespodges500 What do you guys think, will these plants make it in darn near full shade in NC? Front faces pretty much due north with a tiny lean towards NW. They are starting next week once dries up a little.

What do you guys think, will these plants make it in darn near full shade in NC? Front faces pretty much due north with a tiny lean towards NW. They are starting next week once dries up a little. submitted by Hodgespodges500 to landscaping [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 05:38 Gullible-Nature8522 Gears Town

Gears Town
Electro City is a story of tiny creatures called megawatts who live in our power grid. They travel inside our power lines and live in power stations and transformers. One day a blackout from a thunderstorm threatens everything they hold dear to them. It's up to Frizzy and her friends to travel across the world to save her town. They travel inside power lines, internet cables and under the ocean to find the creator of electricity. With his help they can save Frizzi's town.
Frizzy here! I've lived in this magical wonderland called Gears Town my whole life. It's full of old-time folks that wear these big straw hats and cowboy boots. We are in the desert after all. It's a small, quiet town with loud people. Spittoons, saloons, wooden old western shops, and our local dog named Rusty Bolts. It's dusty, rough, and full of sand, but with a little shine, I think this place could really start to look up. That's where I come in. Frizzi's the name my family gave me because, well, I'm so frizzy. I rip things apart and build them bigger, better, stronger, and shocking! The rest of my family doesn't really see things the way I do and although we don't share the same interests, I believe one day I could show them the future. By the future I mean the internet. That thing has got it all. Funny videos, crazy people, new and interesting ideas that could really change my town for the better. I can just see it now. (Funny daydream moment of the town in the future)
In my town there lived a colony of furry little creatures called megawatts, that's us. These crazy charged creatures were always jumping around and conducting currents all through the town. Town by town these little furiously cute creatures lived in each and every electrical transformer. You know those cylinder things way up high on those wooden poles by the side of the road. Those little buggers created our entire infrastructure that built the world. Before that there were the ashes (Little fire guys that dripped ash). They were en-caged in these old lanterns and had to be lit every night. (Picture British ashes with posh accents). They used air to travel from lantern to lantern. (Hot air balloon and zeppelin transport with hand gliders and old TVs in their lantern community inside the lantern) (steampunk, kind of magical fairy dust people) Thankfully, those guys are gone, they were so rude. Now with the advancements of Sizzlman Frankbuzz (benjamin franklin) (show him flying a kite and getting shocked as an ash creature) and nikola teswatt (Nikola tesla) we can connect all these communities together to create something even better! The mighty and extravagant Giga City! This city was the substation to the whole process, I'm talking shiny streets, cool cars, and anything your heart desires. (Chrome city with greenery)
These guys made everything possible for the Megawatts and their smaller towns. The city was gigantic and filled with fun and cool things to do. Zipping trains that could just float in the air suspended by magneto creatures. Roads buzzing with the energy of the city. This was no slump, but the magic really happened where it all began, the power plant. This place is the mecca of life itself. It was like the IKEA of the world. Whatever you needed, they had it. Everything stemmed from this place. We all praised the big, towering stacks cutting the clouds in the sky. Nobody was ever allowed to go there but every night I would look across the city and imagine what they could be doing there. What a dream that could have been. (daydreaming). Well, back to my normal routine. I'm a sky climber. I change out lights for the digital creatures. These towers are so high you could see the entire coast. I even get to talk to my buddy Digi. He's like a messenger for the giants(humans). His whole family does it. My Mom says I can only travel in my hometown, but I imagine what it would be like to see the other side. (Dark clouds closing in the distance with lightning and thunder) I better get home, said Frizzy.
I slide down the rope that secures me to the radio tower as the thunder starts to shake and rumble the tower sending rumbling through the metal surface. I Zipline down to electrical wires hanging from the tower which go to the ground. I'm on my way home as I grind through the lanes on my electric roller blades. All the lights on the street level (inside the wire streets) start to dim as lightning slams into the dry desert ground. I shoot my hook gun and grapple onto the lights avoiding falling debris. Almost home, I just have to get there before our town closes the big metal doors as they brace for the storm's impact. I slide under the vault doors and make it into our town center. My house is just down the road. I fly into my bedroom window as the whole house is going under lockdown with sheets of metal locking us all inside. The storm rages as we rush to the basement. Over the radio we hear our mayor comforting all the citizens of Gears Town. A piece of wood and shrapnel cut into our ceiling in the basement and water dripped from above. The lights sizzle, dim and everything fades to darkness. We fell asleep on the couch in the basement surrounded by water beginning to flood.
The next day we woke up and put our house defenses offline. As we all gathered to the town center the mayor of the city said on the intercom that nobody was allowed to leave the city center or beyond. Nobody in our town had electricity and our colors were beginning to fade.(from yellow to black).(faint yellow now). I can help, I yelled out to the crowd. My parents told me I couldn't go and it was too dangerous to go anywhere. I had to do something or everyone and everything would crumble. Our town was losing power drastically by the hour. Flowers were wilting and our home was starting to glitch out. I couldn't just sit here and watch everything vanish. I ran to the back of the wall behind the bushes where I used to sneak out at night to hang out with digi. I jumped on my rollerblades and set off as fast as I could. The highway roads were crumbling and overgrown with vegetation. There I saw the Surges. Dressed in brown with rust covering their metal robotic bodies. One of them yells out "intruder alert," and I jump into the air with my hook gun and grapple onto the street lights. The surges start shooting net guns to try to capture me. They seem to feed off of electric creatures as I spot little yellow guys in their circular bellies. Nice try guys! See you never! I made it up the rope and to the signal tower where digi was. I tell him everything and we make a plan to find the inventor of electricity to save my home town. We travel down the slide inside the cell tower where Digi has his car waiting. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. The streets are full of tvs and colors. Everything is chrome and shiny with trees growing from the ceiling downward. People are traveling alongside us in these vacuum tubes so fast. We make it to his house to gear up and look up where to find the inventor of electricity. His room is filled with computers and tiny walking robots. Even his dog is a robot made of tiny robots. You could change the walls of his room by pressing a button. Now we're at the beach, now we're in the city, now we're in space. Digi showed me everything I have ever dreamed of. On his 3d computer he found a link to the inventor of the internet. All the way in a place called Great Britain. "That's where we need to go, Frizzy," said Digi. From there, we put on our cool tech suits and set off for a journey of a lifetime.
We took Digi’s car to the train station and set off. We got our own room full of snacks. I explored the train as it took off into the sky traveling at the speed of light. So much to see on the outside. (Fiber cable is clear). (Details of places). Projectors and screens showing moving pictures of different places around the world. One of them called "Japan" had cherry blossoms with the pedals falling down on the screen and the pedals were 3d so they were falling into the train through the moonroof. Digi told me of the places in stories that amazed me. Not even Digi has been this far before, goodbye small-town USA, hello the world. Suddenly, all of the lights in the train turned blue, the conductor over the speaker saying fasten your seatbelts, we are going below!!! and we plunged straight down. I grit my eyes closed as Digi laughs at me. I open my eyes to these colorful creatures called fish. So many of them are in big and small groups. Our train finally hits the bottom when the conductor says over the speaker, welcome to the Atlantic Ocean, Dinner is served! Our train lights up and everything around us starts to open up. It's like a huge city highway underground. So many stores, types of weird people. On the outside huge fish and octopus in neon colors. We fall asleep on the train to tranquil sounds and jellyfish floating above us. (Train has a moonroof).
I wake up to breakfast and Digi stuffing his face. Over the speaker I hear next stop, Ireland! Digi and I looked up on his laptop of the things in Ireland and found funny videos. Our train was coming into the station. We got off at the stop but nobody else did. It was like a ghost town. A man of the ash people in a funny uniform with a bagpipe walked up to us and we started saying "yorgin torgin noopie googie." He then started dancing up and down making weird sounds with his instrument. One of his eyes was googlie. Digi hit the top of his head which resets him, and his eye went back into place. He said to us, "whater youus want hmmmm?" We told him how we needed to get to Britain, and he said, "Ol righty over here Yun snappers." He led us to his house which was on a brick road. Looking to the outside we only saw lanterns. No internet or electricity. It was odd but also pretty cool. His house was steampunk with gears and cogs and a smokestack coming out of his house. It looked like a shoe but full of machine parts. He sat us down and drew up a map. His steampunk cat jumped up on the table and greeted us. He stabbed the map and said, "right er here is what you want." He showed us the routes and told us to be careful of the dragons and elf people along the way. He threw his map back in his big treasure chest and showed us to the top of the transport tower where we saw a hang glider and a zeppelin and a hot air balloon. This is how you go, he told us. We picked up the hot air balloon and made off. On the land were goats and farmland. The winds started ramping us and it pushed us off course.
Crash, thud, our balloon was stuck on something as I get up to take a look outside. (Looks out over basket) I look over the edge to see a giant tower as our air balloon gets snagged on the side of it. We jump off as the balloon deflates and we land on the top of the tower where we see some fellow watts towards the middle of the tower. We approach them as they have dinner with an impeccable view. Digi taps on the man's shoulder and asks him where we were. He points to the city and says in a fancy accent with a bit of a mumble, "you are in the grand city of love, food, and dreams. You, my friend, are in France! We need to find London sir, I said. London my dear boy, London is very far, said the French man. He told us to come sit by him for some food. Yum static and protons-light particles, as they float in different colors around the dish like fireflies. He tells us how to get to London. We borrow his cool electric motorcycle and zip down the tower in the power lines. We see everything in the city. I snap pictures for my scrapbook. Digi and I come across a surge with enemies coming straight at us as we drive to our destination. Time for a detour Digi yells as he pulls a wheelie and jumps onto the internet wire down below us. We crash down into the tunnel sending us into a crazy vortex and we accidentally get sent into a house as we slide into the ethernet port of a nearby computer. We ding around inside the wire and get thrown into a laptop connected to the wire.
The light around us in the tunnel instantly goes into darkness. We are knee deep in beautiful baby blue water heading down the tunnel. We venture towards the end of the tunnel which is illuminated by an eye searing bright white light. It becomes more apparent the farther we walk towards it. We stand at the end of the tunnel looking down. Below us is a glistening waterfall flowing thousands of feet down into a green and mossy ravine with black sands. The ravine leading to a metropolis of lights and a mega city. We jump and glide through the air with our hang gliders. The air hitting our faces filled with mist from the waterfall and flying insects high in the sky. We look to see where the ravine leads to in the distance as we approach closer.
"This place looks wild '', it's a city built with 100 levels of towns and highways. Half all chrome in the city and half wildlife. Green trees growing in the sidewalk and vines growing on the chroma buildings. Everyone here is full of so much color. Everyone is wearing business suits and riding on sport bikes leaving rainbow trails behind on a blue led highway. We see a bike rack and borrow a bike and drive around looking for our way out of here. We stop off at a diner and take a seat. We overhear someone talking about the world beyond us as everyone ignores him. The cook behind the diner shouts the man's name demanding him to leave, "Stop with your nonsense Glitch!" He takes his coffee with his sign that reads "There's a world beyond, I've seen it". We follow the man outside where he is sitting on the street corner by his stuff. We approach him and ask him who he is and if he can help us. His face lights up and he tells us dreams of a world beyond this place. He tells us his name is Glitch and that people call him that because he can't do anything but dream. Glitch said he was born to dream and see the world. He was the result of a computer system glitch. (He was a malfunctioning digital creature who acted funny and glitched a little like someone was zapping him. (He has a hole in his shoe with a toe hanging out, he wears a cap on his head that is worn and owns a little cat named Leo) (Leo is a fat Chinese cat) He was unlike any of the other people here which acted like robots with no expression. We told him that we believed him and that we could help him see the world beyond here if he would help us try to find the outside world. He told us that he knows of a way but it's very dangerous and he needed our help to make it out. He said we had to venture up the 100 stories by climbing the mountain on the side of the 100-story building. This was the shortcut as we couldn't get into each level without clearance. The man brings out hiking gear inside of his tent in the alley and hands us the gear. We all get the gear on and walk to the mountain. Climbing it with the cold snowy files brushing across us. (Mountain is snow but instead of snow its white papers/files of a computer) We walk for miles and climb up with pickaxes and rope attached to our belts. Swinging across like in tomb raider we jump to a cliff to get around the dead end. We find a hut and a snowmobile sitting beside it. Me and Digi get on and the man gets on the skies attached to the snowmobile. He yells with joy and laughter as we shred the mountain. Digi yells look out! A rumble starts to make our snowmobile swerve and the man behind yells avalanche! We try to outmaneuver it, but we get buried.
I wake up frantically and look for Digi. I can't find him and I'm alone and scared. (The static electricity around him turns blue) After hours of searching, I break down and cry. I look into my backpack at the scrapbook that I was putting together and look at the Gears Town people, Digi, and other moments. I say to myself, I'm sorry, I couldn't make it. I fell asleep in the nap sack I packed in my backpack. I wake up to laughter and a light. I follow the light guided by the aura borealis. The laughter and sounds get louder and louder. I see a campfire and logs beside it with glowing marshmallows over it. (Marshmallows are light particles that look like it) It's a cute little black and white cat with spots. I'll call you Muca. I thought I heard Digi though. You did, said Digi behind me. I turn around with a smile and hug him. I thought you were a goner. The crazy man jumped from under the snow papers under me and said, same here sparky. I was so glad to see them. What do we do now I asked? Both of them said they didn't know. Muca looked at me and pointed with her nose in a direction with a funny noise showing us that she wanted us to follow her. We follow Muca to a weird glowing hole in the ground near the top of the mountain. Muca points down and smiles. Thank you little one. Muca jumps into my backpack, and we slide through the hole in the ground. We fell down onto a train. We see signs everywhere on the sides pointing to Britain. Yes! We are on the way finally.
Passing the blue ring tube, we hit a mega slide and are launched into the air. We land in the digital tube and make our way inside the directory, the telephone booth. We run across the index and look up electricity city to find the creator of electricity. He is somewhere in the district called clock Mod City. Digi points to the only clock in sight. It's a giant Clock tower. That must be it, Frizzy replied. We jump on the telephone buttons dialing the location in and get sucked into the phone. It takes us to the underground ancient sewers of London where we see another civilization and then we shoot to the top of the tower. There we see clocks everywhere and a long hallway with cool artifacts. We knock on the big door to see the inventor of electricity. No answer. We walk inside and see a robot man made of clock parts. He tells us the inventor hasn't been seen for years. We came all this way to help fix my town, we told the man. He said the inventor told the robotic man that he was expecting Frizzy would come and to tell him that he was the key to the future. The robotic man gave him a book showing him everything the inventor worked on and everything that the future would hold. He saw battery designs, cool looking windmills and a device that would generate lightning to use as power. The clock man/robotic man was the future see-er and told Frizzy that he was going to do things that the world has never seen before. The clock man then said there's no time to waste and opened the roof of the clock tower which had a giant satellite, it sucked them into it. The clock man said you are the key Frizzy, while he threw them an artifact, saying you'll know what to do with it when the time comes, it's what you have always done. They turned into particles and beamed into outer space where they saw little space guys as they were beaming to the satellite in the sky. They saw the past and future as they were getting beamed up. (Past and future for Digi and frizzy so digital stuff and electrical inventions). They made it to the satellite where they saw another civilization of creatures who had a city there on the satellite. They were then re-directed by the satellite through a toll way with a really lazy person who let people into the major highway. They made it past the tollway and to Gears town after they told the person where they needed to go after they paid the tollway. Beamed back down to gears town. They ran away from the surges and Frizzy looked at the artifact and saw a Wi-Fi symbol on it. Frizzy looked to the sky and it clicked. The radio tower Frizzy exclaimed! They raced up to the tower in the Nic of time before their whole town was destroyed. Digi held them off and Frizzy inserted the artifact into the radio tower which sent out shock waves fixing everything. The Surges disappeared, the towns turned vibrant again and the power plant turned back on. (The power plant was slowly fading off). They go back to the town center in Gears town and Frizzy is congratulated along with Digi. Everyone is so curious about Digi because they have never seen a creature like that. They were both given the keys to the city in a ceremony and Frizzy was given the Lightning bolt which could open the Power plant. The mayor of Gears town told Frizzy he earned it. Make us proud, he told Frizzy and Digi. They went to the power plant and saw that in the control center it was the inventor of the electricity with pictures of him everywhere and his knickknacks on the table with a note that said, Reach for the stars Frizzy.
Digi and Frizzy worked together on so many projects there. Created so many inventions. Frizzy came up with something called the fusion reactor which made an artificial sun on earth that could generate endless electricity for everyone. They invented wireless electrical poles. Everyone from Gears town mixed in with the people from the big cities to a new place called Atlas where they all lived together. This was A mega substation city. Frizzy invited Digi and everyone they met on their way to London to a big party. They lived in peace and had a blast together. End of story. (Show funny and cool stuff after.) (Fill in parts later if other characters join in power plant for different ending)
Detail Comments
*Reference nuclear fusion as the future which Frizzy creates in the end.
*Solar panels in the desert and wind turbines background.
*In some places water turbines are used as scenery.
*Joule people babies from megawatt people.
*The Internet cables different people and connects the world together. spider internet creatures furry
*Human connection because he watches him watch tv while he is powering the tv. Watch behind the tv screen.
*When they go under water it drops off into ocean and the cable is see through with lights coming from it and stuff projected under the deep blue sea
*In the end frizzy gets promoted into the power plant to use his new ideas. Nobody would listen to him in the Giga city, and they all watched as he got promoted.
*In the Giga city hall in front of everyone after he saved the day and fixed everything. Frizzy even made new friends along the way from different places and they were also invited to the power plant factory to aid him in inventing the future.
*He received the giant lightning bolt key that could open anything.
*Anger or sadness can change the electrical current flowing on the outside of the creatures from green-excited, blue-sad, red-angry.
*Creatures are fuzzy, big eyes.
*Characters of different natures have chromatic Chroma flair coloring.
*Muca has white is pearl with sparkles
*Traffic is above and below. City inside the tunnel underground.
A giant storm causes the power plant to malfunction and causes a blackout and surge (bad guys) to invade and take over the creatures' cities and towns. The main character has to work with the other villages to travel across the world by internet to uncover how to fix their hometowns. Under water lines where he travels and across the skies by Wi-Fi and older communities where he gets stuck in Ireland with the ash community and needs to find a way to England where it all began with a reference to the creator of the internet. Picturing America as the cowboy west in Nevada (his hometown) and the big cities of New York. He also ends up in Japan. The creature looks like that country. All furry creature balls but different face features and outfits.
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2023.02.03 05:36 Over-Purchase2099 AITA for kicking my ex-friend out of our class?

My ex-friend Gwen and I have taken four art classes together in school. We kinda talked the first two classes but by the third and fourth class we became good friends. We were in the same friend group but I started to become uncomfortable by the things she would say. She would tell our friends about sexual things her and her boyfriend would do when we were in public or even in class. She also would put people on the spot and ask about sexual things they do with their partner. She also would say things to me like “I could never see you with a boyfriend” because I’ve never dated anyone before but whenever someone tells me that I am always offended. I take it as “I could never see someone loving you romantically” and am hurt by it. I got even more uncomfortable by the things Gwen said when she started saying racist things to one of our friends. After that I decided to cut off Gwen because I didn’t want to be around someone who said things that make people feel uncomfortable.
I didn’t want to cause drama so I decided to take the approach of talking to her less and less and then not at all anymore.
Until one day Gwen texted me and said she wanted to transfer into the art class I currently was in. When she texted I left her on read and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want her to be in my class because that would mean she would say the out of pocket remarks to me even more.
My art teacher knew we were good friends and told me about how excited she was to have Gwen in the class. Since I am close with my teacher I told her about what had happened with Gwen in the past and asked for her advice on what to do. My teacher said she would make sure to put us across the room from each other on the seating chart so we wouldn’t have to interact with each other. This seemed like a good plan to me.
When Gwen transferred to my class she asked to sit next to me and I said “sure” and she sat next to me. I didn’t talk to her the whole class. Then we got our seating arrangements and she sat on the other side of the classroom from me. We didn’t talk at all for two weeks and I thought everything was going to go smoothly. Gwen then didn’t show up for class for three days and I had wondered if she transferred out of the art class.
The next day I was absent from school. My art teacher announced to our class that Gwen had left the class and that I was absent because I was working on a project. I thought it was weird my art teacher brought me up into the conversation. I knew this because my friend in the class, Taylor texted me. Taylor then texted me that our art teacher had pulled her aside saying that Gwen left the class because she could tell I didn’t want her to be there. Taylor texted me that our art teacher said she was disappointed in us for not talking to her even though I had told my art teacher why I didn’t want to talk to Gwen anymore. I find it strange that my teacher told Taylor this while I wasn’t in class instead of telling me directly. I feel bad for not making Gwen feel more wanted but at the same time I was so done with her out of pocket remarks and was trying to distance myself from her. So Reddit AITA for “kicking” my ex-friend out of our art class?
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2023.02.03 05:21 smitha22raghu Maurizio Gucci - The Name That Evokes Luxury and Sophistication

For many fashion fans, mauriziogucci is the name that evokes luxury and sophistication. But for Maurizio Gucci himself, his life was far from that.
The third-generation heir to the Gucci family was shot and killed outside his Milan office in 1995. The crime and its dramatic trial captivated Italy in the late 1990s.
Gucci is known around the world as a brand that is synonymous with luxury leather goods, fashion, watches and jewellery. Its dynamism, creativity, artistic aesthetic and detailing in its products have established the brand as a high-end institution in the fashion industry.
The brand’s origins began with founder Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. His work as a luggage porter at the Savoy Hotel in London helped him develop an interest in what high society wanted from luxury items.
After his return to Florence, Gucci opened a saddlery shop at 47 Via Vigna Nuova. He then shifted his focus from horses and carriages to bags and travel accessories. The company’s storied history has since encompassed two sons and a daughter, who have all played a part in the business.
Maurizio, the only son of Rodolfo Gucci, was born in 1948 and was made the majority stakeholder and chairman of the family firm when his father died in 1983. He had a different vision for the brand and he battled with his uncle Aldo, who owned half of the company, over its fate.
He fought for years with his uncle and cousins until they decided to sell their shares of the company in 1993. This ended the actual family’s involvement with the brand and it put the house of Gucci in a state of financial crisis.
Amid a series of dramas, Maurizio married PatriziaReggiani. The couple had two children together and reportedly lived a lavish lifestyle.
As a result, Patrizia started to get suspicious of Maurizio’s motives. She enlisted the help of psychic Pina Auriemma to find out what he was planning, as the pair had a shared connection.
History of the brand
Gucci is a renowned name in the world of luxury leather goods, fashion, watches and jewellery. Its dynamism, creativity and artistic aesthetic represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Its patrons and designers admire the brand for its products, which have a timeless appeal and are sought after by fashion lovers and collectors alike.
The brand started in Florence, Italy, in 1897 as a saddler by the founder Guccio Gucci. He was inspired by the luggage and trunks he saw carried by the aristocrats staying at London’s upscale Savoy Hotel.
In the late ’60s, Gucci opened its first store in Rome’s Via Condotti. Two years later, it shifted to New York’s Fifth Avenue.
Eventually, the company branched out to other areas of fashion and opened stores in Paris and Beverly Hills. Its product line also expanded, with accessories and footwear becoming more popular.
But the company’s future would be tarnished by a succession of public family squabbles. Maurizio Gucci, who inherited his father Rodolfo’s share in the business in 1985, was at odds with his uncle Aldo and cousins Vasco and Rodolfo.
He tried to buy his cousins out, but he lost millions in the process. He then got divorced from his wife PatriziaReggiani. Eventually, he sold his shares to Investcorp for $120m in 1993.
His daughters, Alessandra and Allegra, were left with a fortune from their mother. They now live in Switzerland with their families and are still very wealthy.
But their relationship with their mother has become strained over the years, as she continues to fight for her rights. It’s been a long battle, but Patrizia is now serving an 18-year prison sentence.
Gucci’s style – from the brand’s founding to the present day – has always been about glamour, opulence and a sense of extravagance. With this, it’s no surprise that its designers are known for their use of luxurious fabrics and a penchant for creating glamorous pieces that are both functional and timeless.
In Ridley Scott’s new film, House of Gucci, we get a glimpse at the styles of the family that has ruled the fashion world since it was founded in 1921. Starring Adam Driver as Maurizio and Lady Gaga as his wife, Patrizia, the movie follows their rise from humble beginnings in Florence to becoming one of the world’s most powerful fashion houses.
While the film takes us through the storied past of the fashion house, it also serves as a portrait of Patrizia and her ambitions to become a world-famous designer like her husband. Throughout the film, she’s portrayed as someone who is highly motivated, despite her inherited wealth and the family name, and her wardrobe shows this.
During her initial days as a heiress, Patrizia chooses vibrant ensembles to match her bold personality. This includes a scarlet, gold-buttoned skirt suit paired with a fur coat.
The outfit is a nod to Patrizia’s Italian roots, as it’s a common style for women in Northern Italy. And she’s accompanied by her psychic friend Pina (Salma Hayek), who advises her to wear green and red — the two colors that have made Gucci so famous — for good luck as she sets out to take over the family business alongside her husband.
But Patrizia’s career eventually falls apart, and her clothing changes to black, an unflattering color for her. But she’s still able to keep her luxury lifestyle, and the movie’s costume designer Janty Yates took advantage of her Gucci archival access by using some vintage pieces to create highlights for her looks. From a blue shearling coat to an elephant cord Norfolk two piece, Yates created a number of memorable looks for the film.
Gucci is famous for its iconic designs and products. The brand has a long history of creating some of the world's most desirable items, from bags to shoes to clothing. Despite its many controversies and ups and downs over the years, the name continues to be synonymous with glamour and luxury.
The house was founded by Italian tycoon Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy, and was originally called "Guccio Gucci & Cie." After his death, the company was divided equally among his three sons (Aldo, Vasco, and Rodolfo) and excluded his daughter.
Aldo expanded the business in the 1960s and shifted the design focus from bags to ready-to-wear. He opened shops on Rome's Via Condotti and in London and Paris. He also introduced the horse-bit loafer for men and the bamboo handle bag, which became a signature of Gucci.
By the late 1970s, it was becoming clear that Gucci needed a new creative director. It was only a matter of time before someone would rise up and take charge.
In 1992, Maurizio Gucci inherited 50% of the business from his father and decided to revamp the label. He brought in Investcorp, a Gulf investment fund, to buy out the other family members' shares.
Investcorp took a stake in the company and invested heavily in marketing, advertising and stores. This helped to reposition the brand and put it back at the forefront of fashion.
He hired Tom Ford as the designer for the women's division of the brand in 1994. He transformed the brand with his sleek and sexy collections, which focused on jet-set glamour.
Gucci's storybook turnarounds continue today under current designer Alessandro Michele. He's reimagined the label's signature look, drawing inspiration from classic pieces like Flora print and bamboo bag to create a unique and androgynous aesthetic. His collection has been a huge success for the brand, attracting a variety of fashion insiders.
The renowned Italian luxury label Gucci is known for its creativity, artistic aesthetic and meticulous detailing. It is a leading brand in the world of leather goods, fashion, watches and jewellery.
The brand is a cyclical one, and it has experienced a variety of highs and lows throughout its history. The label has been through family feuds, take-over attempts, a near-bankruptcy, a public listing and storybook turnarounds.
Its dynamism and creative flair make it an extremely popular brand with its customers and designers alike. The label also embodies the notion that fashion can be art and a powerful expression of personality, as well as a means of communicating.
Tom Ford, who joined the brand as creative director in 1994, revived it and put it back at the forefront of luxury fashion. His first collection, for fall 1995, focused on jet-set glamour and was a critical and commercial success.
Another designer whose work at Gucci has been widely recognized is Alessandro Michele. His work for the company reintroduced the GG logo as a central design on various products. He has been responsible for many innovations, including hand-painted logo bags and fur-lined slippers.
His designs often draw inspiration from pop music, religious symbolism, the 1800s and works of fantasy worlds like Alice in Wonderland. He has also used a wide range of textures and materials, such as plush velvet, shimmering satin and gleaming patent leather.
He has also introduced a wide range of styles, including the iconic Gucci bags and shoes. He is a strong proponent of environmental sustainability, and the brand has become entirely carbon neutral.
PatriziaReggiani, Maurizio Gucci's ex-wife, is also a prominent figure in the brand's history. She was married to Maurizio in 1972 and their relationship was marked by a series of highs and lows, including a rift with his father Rodolfo Gucci. The rift was ultimately caused by Patrizia's strong personality and background, which upset Maurizio's father.
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2023.02.03 05:20 _Miss_Anthropocene_ I made a League Dating Show with AI generated Text

Remember All of it is made with AI i just tweaked a few lines so it stays consistent

Episode 1: "The Search for Love Begins"
The episode opens with Lux, the radiant queen of Demacia, standing on the steps of a grand castle, surrounded by the five eligible bachelors: Sylas, Ezreal, Kayn, Varus, and Jarvan IV.
Lux: (excitedly) Welcome, everyone! I'm so glad you're here. I'm on a journey to find love and I'm looking for the man who can sweep me off my feet.
Sylas: (smiling) I'm ready for the adventure, Lux. I think we'll make a great team.
Ezreal: (confidently) Lux, I'm confident that I can show you a good time and be the man you're looking for.
Kayn: (intensely) I'm ready to do whatever it takes to win your heart, Lux. I won't let anything stand in my way.
Varus: (smiling) Lux, I'm here to make memories and find love. I'm excited to start this journey with you.
Jarvan IV: (confidently) Lux, I am the prince of Demacia and I have everything you're looking for in a man. I'm confident that we'll have an amazing time together.
Lux: (smiling) I'm looking forward to getting to know each of you better. Let the adventure begin!
The episode ends with Lux and the five bachelors setting off on a journey filled with excitement, adventure, and the search for love. The audience is left eagerly awaiting the next episode to see who will win Lux's heart.

Episode 2: "The First Date"
The episode opens with Lux and the five bachelors embarking on their first group date. They travel to a picturesque park filled with lush green trees and sparkling lakes.
Lux: (excitedly) I'm so glad we're all here together. I can't wait to get to know each of you better.
Sylas: (smiling) This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and start building a connection.
Ezreal: (confidently) Lux, I have a great idea for our first date. How about a friendly game of magic archery?
Kayn: (intensely) I have a better idea. Let's have a competition to see who can climb the highest tree in the park.
Varus: (smiling) I love that idea, Kayn. But I think we should make it even more challenging and see who can climb the tree and shoot an arrow at the same time.
Jarvan IV: (confidently) I agree, Varus. Let's make it a competition and see who comes out on top.
Lux: (excitedly) That sounds like a great idea! Let's do it!
The five bachelors compete in the archery and tree climbing competition, each showing off their skills and trying to impress Lux. In the end, a clear winner emerges and Lux is left with a new appreciation for the man who won her heart. The episode ends with Lux reflecting on her first date and the journey ahead.

Episode 3: "The Intimate Dinner"
The episode opens with Lux and the bachelors preparing for a romantic dinner together. They sit down at a candlelit table in a luxurious restaurant, surrounded by the sounds of soft music and gentle laughter.
Lux: (smiling) I'm so glad we're all here together tonight. This is a perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other on a deeper level.
Sylas: (thoughtfully) I couldn't agree more, Lux. I feel like we've only just scratched the surface of what we have to offer each other.
Ezreal: (excitedly) I have a great idea for our dinner conversation tonight. Why don't we each share a story about a time when we faced a challenge and overcame it?
Kayn: (intensely) I think that's a great idea, Ezreal. We can learn a lot about someone by the way they handle difficult situations.
Varus: (smiling) I agree, Kayn. I think it's important for Lux to see how we react under pressure and what kind of person we really are.
Jarvan IV: (confidently) I'm ready to share my story. I faced a challenge once when I had to lead my army into battle against a powerful enemy. It was a difficult decision, but I knew it was the right thing to do.
As the night progresses, Lux learns about the bachelors' strengths, weaknesses, and what makes them unique. She listens intently as they each share their stories and begins to see the depth and complexity of the men she's been getting to know. The episode ends with Lux reflecting on the dinner and the impact it had on her understanding of each of the bachelors.

Episode 4: "The Adventure Challenge"
The episode opens with Lux and the four bachelors standing in front of a large obstacle course.
Lux: (excitedly) Welcome, gentlemen, to today's adventure challenge. Today, I'll be testing your skills and seeing who the bravest and most adventurous of you all are.
Ezreal: (smiling) I've been looking forward to this challenge all week, Lux. I think I'm going to do great.
Sylas: (thoughtfully) I'm not sure I'm the best at physical challenges, but I'm ready to give it my all.
Kayn: (intensely) I'm not here to lose, Lux. I'm here to win.
Varus: (smiling) I think this challenge is going to be a lot of fun. I'm ready to show you what I'm made of.
Jarvan IV: (confidently) I'm looking forward to this challenge. I think it's going to be a great way to show Lux what I'm capable of.
The bachelors tackle the obstacle course one by one, each one putting their skills and bravery to the test. Lux watches from the sidelines, impressed by their determination and strength. By the end of the challenge, Lux has a better understanding of each bachelor's skills and personalities and is one step closer to making her final decision. The episode ends with Lux reflecting on the challenge and the impact it had on her understanding of each of the bachelors.

Episode 5: "The Heart-to-Heart"
The episode opens with Lux and the bachelors sitting in a beautiful garden.
Lux: (smiling) I wanted to take some time today to get to know each of you on a more personal level. I want to know what's most important to you, what your hopes and dreams are, and what you're looking for in a partner.
Ezreal: (grinning) Well, for me, adventure is the most important thing. I want someone who's willing to take risks and go on wild adventures with me.
Sylas: (thoughtfully) For me, it's about love and connection. I want to find someone who truly understands me, someone I can share my life with.
Kayn: (intensely) I want someone who's strong, someone who can handle anything life throws at us. I want someone who's not afraid to fight for what they want.
Varus: (smiling) For me, it's about finding someone who's kind and loving. I want someone who makes me feel good about myself, someone who makes me happy.
Jarvan IV: (confidently) For me, it's about finding someone who's brave and courageous. I want someone who's willing to stand up for what's right, someone who's not afraid to fight for what they believe in.
Lux listens to each bachelor as they speak, taking in their words and getting a deeper understanding of who they are and what they're looking for. By the end of the heart-to-heart, Lux is closer to making her final decision and is feeling more confident about her future. The episode ends with Lux looking forward to the next step in her journey to find love.

Episode 6: "The Group Date"
The episode opens with Lux and the bachelors embarking on a group date. They all get dressed up in fancy attire and set off for a night of adventure and fun.
Lux: (excitedly) I can't wait for tonight! I have a surprise for all of you.
Ezreal: (smiling) I love surprises! What is it?
Lux: (grinning) We're going to a magical ball!
The bachelors all look at each other in surprise and excitement as they enter the ballroom. The room is beautifully decorated with twinkling lights and elaborate chandeliers. There is a live band playing music, and guests are dancing and having a wonderful time.
Sylas: (impressed) This is amazing, Lux!
Kayn: (smiling) I love to dance! This is going to be a great night!
The group starts to dance and have a great time. Lux is having a wonderful time getting to know each bachelor better and enjoying the night. As the night goes on, Lux finds herself drawn to different bachelors at different times, feeling a strong connection to each of them.
Varus: (smiling) You're an amazing dancer, Lux.
Jarvan IV: (smiling) I'm having a great time tonight. Thank you for including us in this magical evening.
The episode ends with Lux feeling closer to each bachelor and getting a deeper understanding of their personalities and what they bring to the table. She is one step closer to making her final decision, but she still has a long way to go.

Episode 7: "The One-on-One Dates"
Lux has decided to take the next step in getting to know each bachelor on a more intimate level by going on one-on-one dates with each of them.
Lux: (excitedly) I can't wait for these one-on-one dates! I feel like I'll get to know each of you much better.
Ezreal: (smiling) I'm looking forward to it, Lux. I think we'll have a great time.
Sylas: (smiling) I'm excited to spend some time alone with you, Lux.
The episode follows Lux as she goes on each of the one-on-one dates, getting to know the bachelors on a more personal level. She goes on a scenic picnic with Kayn, a thrilling adventure with Varus, a candlelit dinner with Jarvan IV, and a hike trough the mountains with Sylas. She also goes on a creative date with Ezreal, where they paint and create art together.
Throughout the episode, Lux starts to see sides of each bachelor that she never saw before. She realizes that each of them has unique qualities that make them special and that she could see a future with each of them.
Kayn: (smiling) I'm so glad we got to spend this time together, Lux. I feel like I got to know you much better today.
Varus: (smiling) That was an incredible adventure, Lux. I had a great time with you.
Jarvan IV: (smiling) That was a wonderful dinner, Lux. I feel like we really connected tonight.
Ezreal: (smiling) That was such a fun date, Lux. I'm so glad we got to spend this time together.
The episode ends with Lux feeling even more confused about who she should choose. She has strong connections with each of the bachelors and doesn't know how to choose just one. The pressure is on for her to make a final decision.

Episode 8: "The Final Rose Ceremony"
Lux has finally made her decision and it's time for the final rose ceremony. The bachelors gather in a beautiful outdoor setting, nervously waiting for Lux to make her announcement.
Lux: (takes a deep breath) Gentlemen, I want to thank you all for being a part of this journey with me. I've gotten to know each of you and I've fallen for each of you in different ways. But in the end, there can only be one.
She pauses, looking at each of the bachelors before finally turning to Sylas.
Lux: Sylas, you've shown me kindness, understanding, and a love for life that I've never seen before. I feel like we have a connection that's unbreakable and I know that together we can make the world a brighter place.
Sylas: (tears in his eyes) Lux, I love you. You've brought so much light and happiness into my life and I promise to cherish and love you for the rest of our lives.
Lux: (smiling) I love you too, Sylas.
Sylas and Lux embrace as the other bachelors clap and congratulate them. The episode ends with a montage of their future together, showing their love and commitment growing stronger every day.

Episode 9: "The Aftermath"
Sona: (smiling) Welcome back to the Aftermath! Today, we have the bachelors joining us to reflect on their time on the show and their reactions to Lux's final decision.
Sona: (turning to Ezreal) Ezreal, how did you feel about Lux's decision?
Ezreal: (smiling) I was a little disappointed, but at the same time, I knew that Lux and Sylas were meant to be together. They have a special connection that can't be broken.
Sona: (turning to Kayn) And how about you, Kayn?
Kayn: (smiling) I was a bit surprised, but I understand why Lux chose Sylas. He's a great guy and I think he'll make Lux very happy.
Sona: (turning to Varus) Varus, what did you learn from this experience?
Varus: (smiling) I learned that love is a journey, not a destination. I've made some great friends here and I'm grateful for the experience.
Sona: (turning to Jarvan IV) And Jarvan, what's next for you now that the show is over?
Jarvan IV: (smiling) I'm going to continue my journey, explore new lands and conquer new challenges. But most of all, I'll never forget the amazing experience I had on this show and the friends I made.
Sona: (smiling) Well, it's been a pleasure having all of you on the show. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. That's a wrap for this season of "The Bachelors: League Edition" and we can't wait to see what's in store for our next season! Thank you for joining us!
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2023.02.03 05:14 EmptySpaceForAHeart Ok Garland, so how about you start rolling out those indictments?

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2023.02.03 05:12 throwawwayarmadillo I can't find these sex chat sites I used to love

A couple years ago I was on these quite frequently, idk maybe they got shut down. I remember the first one's background was black and the fonts were neon blue, neon green, or neon pink. The second one I think just had a white background, but it had a lot of room options, and you could create you own private room or invite certain people into it. These were so much better than the ones on freechatnow and I can't find them at all. Any clue?
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2023.02.03 05:10 Radiant_Bat_5985 so is there a #1

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2023.02.03 05:09 ddaveyy [USA-CA] [H] Various games for the following consoles: Gamecube, Gameboy, GBA, SNES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Sega Genesis, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. As well as various consoles and accessories. [W] Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Etc.

Hey everyone!! Back with a new and updated post. These prices are WITHOUT shipping. I will provide a quote for you, but it usually isn't more than $6 unless the items won't fit in a regular bubble mailer.
Everything has been personally tested by me and is confirmed to be fully functional. I can provide pictures upon request. I tried to stay below pricecharting, if I'm off on any of my prices, I'm more than open to offers!
PLEASE NOTE: I am open to ALL offers. The worst I can say is no!
Here's everything I'm currently selling:
System Title Price Details
SNES Samurai Shodown $9 Loose, in roughish condition.
Nintendo 64 Aidyn Chronicles $25 Loose.
Nintendo 64 NBA Showtime $30 CIB.
Nintendo 64 Turok 2 Seeds of Evil (Gray cart) $10 Loose.
Nintendo 64 Turok Rage Wars $15 Loose.
Nintendo 64 WWF Wrestlemania 2000 $14 Loose.
Gamecube All-Star Baseball 2002 $3 Loose.
Gamecube ATV Quad Power Racing 2 $8 Loose.
Gamecube Beyblade V Force $6 Disc and box.
Gamecube Bionicle (Have two copies) $11/$5 One copy cib, one copy loose.
Gamecube Cars (Have two copies) $9 ea Both CIB.
Gamecube Chronicles of Narnia $5 Loose.
Gamecube City Racer $45 CIB.
Gamecube Disney Sports Skateboarding $20 Game, case, and original artwork only.
Gamecube Dragon Ball Z Budokai $13 Game, case, and original artwork only.
Gamecube Hunter The Reckoning $12 Loose.
Gamecube King Kong $9 Loose.
Gamecube Namco Museum 50th Anniversary $12 Loose.
Gamecube One Piece Grand Adventure $50 Original box, artwork, and disc.
Gamecube Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door $75 Loose.
Gamecube Phantasy Star Online III Card Revolution $33 CIB.
Gamecube Sonic Adventure DX $30 Original case, cover art, and game.
Gamecube Spongebob Creature From Krusty Krab $17 CIB.
Gamecube The Sims $9 CIB, player's choice.
Gamecube The Sims 2 $16 Missing manual, black label.
Gamecube Viewtiful Joe $80 Sealed. Minty Y-seal. Player's choice.
Gamecube Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble $70 Sealed. Some damage on the backside label. Please inquire for pics.
Gamecube Whirl Tour $8 Missing manual.
Gamecube Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest $45 Loose.
Wii Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt $2 Disc and box, no accessories.
Wii Bass Pro Shops: The Strike $2 Disc and box, no accessories.
Wii Big Buck Hunter Pro $10 CIB game and gun accessory, no big box. Shipping will be around $10.
Wii Black Eyed Peas Experience $2 CIB.
Wii Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 $2 CIB.
Wii DJ Hero 2 $2 Disc and box.
Wii EA Sports Active 2 $2 Disc in box, no other accessories.
Wii EA Sports NFL Training Camp $2 Disc in box, no other accessories.
Wii Epic Mickey 2 $15 Sealed.
Wii Link's Crossbow Training $5 Included pouch that would come with Wii console.
Wii MLB Superstars $4 Disc and box.
Wii Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 $12 CIB.
Wii NASCAR The Game 2011 $5 Disc and box.
Wii Need for Speed Prostreet $4 Disc and box.
Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii $18 Loose.
Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 $3 Disc in box.
Wii Red Steel $3 Disc in box.
Wii Scarface The World is Yours $28 CIB.
Wii Star Wars The Force Unleashed $4 CIB.
Wii Tony Hawk Ride $2 Disc in box, no skateboard.
Wii Wii Play $4 Loose.
Wii Wii Sports $15 Loose.
Gameboy Batman The Video Game $18 Loose.
Gameboy Color Yars' Revenge $15 CIB. Box is nice.
Gameboy Advance 007 Everything or Nothing $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Activision Anthology $21 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Avatar The Burning Earth $13 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Batman Begins $9 Loose
Gameboy Advance Bratz $1 Loose, has no label.
Gameboy Advance Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure $8 Loose. Has some label damage, some of the label is torn off.
Gameboy Advance Crash of the Titans $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Danny Phanton The Ultimate Enemy $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Elf Bowling 1 & 2 $16 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Family Feud $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Fantastic 4 $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Finding Nemo $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Grand Theft Auto Advance $40 Loose. (Nice and clean label, saves perfectly)
Gameboy Advance GT3 Advance Pro Concept Racing $12 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup $14 CIB, box is pretty rough.
Gameboy Advance Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Klonoa Empire of Dreams $41 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Madden 2003 $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Max Payne $25 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun $120 CIB, box is pretty nice, but some damage from what I believe used to be a price sticker? Please ask for pics.
Gameboy Advance Metroid NES Series $23 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Monster Force $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Mouse Trap/Operation/Simon $5 Loose
Gameboy Advance Namco Museum $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Namco Museum 50th Anniversary $10 Loose
Gameboy Advance NFL Blitz 2003 $8 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy and Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom Dual Cart $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Pac-Man Collection $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Scooby Doo $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Snood $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepantis $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Spongebob Squarepants Movie $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Sudoku Fever $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 $60 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Texas Hold Em Poker $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance That's So Raven $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Treasure Planet $9 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Ultimate Card Games $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Zelda II Adventure of Link NES Series $20 Loose.
Nintendo DS 50 Classic Games $6 CIB.
Nintendo DS Band Hero $12 CIB
Nintendo DS Big Brain Academy $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Bleach The Blade of Fate $12 Loose.
Nintendo DS Brain Age $4 CIB.
Nintendo DS Charlotte's Web $4 Loose
Nintendo DS Coraline (Have two copies) $65 Both CIB.
Nintendo DS Contact $35 Loose.
Nintendo DS The Dark Spire $110 CIB.
Nintendo DS Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 $35 CIB.
Nintendo DS Dynasty Warriors DS Fighters Battle $10 Loose.
Nintendo DS Guitar Hero On Tour (Have two copies) $3 Both loose.
Nintendo DS Hannah Montana $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Harvest Moon DS $20 Missing manual, otherwise cib.
Nintendo DS Imagine Babyz $3 Loose.
Nintendo DS Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel $48 Loose.
Nintendo DS Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues $7 CIB.
Nintendo DS Madden 06 $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Have two copies) $8/$11 One copy loose, one cib.
Nintendo DS Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Nicktoons Unite $9 Loose.
Nintendo DS Petz Catz 2 $3 Loose.
Nintendo DS Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All $15 Loose.
Nintendo DS Professor Layton and The Diabolical Box $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Ratatouille $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Scrabble $7 CIB.
Nintendo DS The Simpsons Game $14 Loose.
Nintendo DS Skate It $12 CIB.
Nintendo DS Sonic Colors $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Sonic Rush $13 Loose.
Nintendo DS Suite Life of Zack & Cody Tipton Trouble $6 Loose.
Nintendo DS Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll $9 CIB.
Nintendo DS Tetris Party Deluxe (Have two copies) $9/$4 Both copies loose, one missing it's sticker.
Nintendo DS The Amazing Spider-Man $10 CIB.
Nintendo DS The Sims 2 Pets $5 Loose.
Nintendo DS Tom and Jerry Tales $8 Loose
Nintendo DS Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam $6 Loose
Nintendo DS Uno & Skip & Uno Free Fall $5 Cartridge and box only.
Nintendo DS Wipeout The Game $4 CIB
Nintendo DS Cooking Mama $1
Nintendo DS Jump Super Stars $1 Japanese version box and manual.
Nintendo DS Scribblenauts $1
Nintendo 3DS Madden NFL Football $15 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers $50 Loose.
Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS $11 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Zelda Ocarina of Time $15 Loose.
Nintendo Switch Astral Chain $33 Loose.
Nintendo Switch Dragon Ball: The Breakers $17 CIB.
Nintendo Switch My Friend Pedro $18 Loose in gamestop box.
Nintendo Switch Pikmin 3 Deluxe $35 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Double Pack $80 Sealed.
Nintendo Switch Pokemon Sword + Expansion Pass $115 CIB.
Nintendo Switch South Park: The Fractured But Whole $18 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town $20 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Supermarket Shriek $18 Sealed.
Nintendo Switch Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition $19 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Tandem A Tale Of Shadows $35 Sealed.
Sega Genesis Frogger $10 Loose in original case (no artwork)
Sega Genesis James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing $10 Original case, artwork, and cartridge.
Sega Genesis Monopoly $7 Original case, artwork, and cartridge.
Sega Genesis Vectorman $10 Loose in original case (no artwork)
PS1 Army Men Air Attack (Collector's Edition) $8 CIB, jewel case is broken.
PS1 Big Game Hunter Ultimate Challenge $5 Missing front page/manual.
PS1 Billiards $4 CIB. Jewel case is broken and cracked.
PS1 Bravo Air Race $12 CIB.
PS1 Cool Boarders 2 $3 Loose.
PS1 Command and Conquer Red Alert Retaliation $15 Missing manual.
PS1 Crossroad Crisis $7 CIB.
PS1 CyberTiger $7 CIB.
PS1 Dukes of Hazzard Racing For Home $9 CIB.
PS1 Final Fantasy Chronicles $18 Missing manual. Greatest hits.
PS1 Harvest Moon Back to Nature $47 CIB.
PS1 Jade Cocoon Demo Disc $10 Loose in sleeve.
PS1 Interactive CD Sampler Disc Volume 9 $10 CIB in it's sleeve.
PS1 Knockout Kings 2001 $7 CIB. Jewel case is broken.
PS1 Madden 98 $5 Loose.
PS1 Nascar Rumble $13 CIB.
PS1 NBA Shoot Out $5 Loose.
PS1 NCAA Football 2001 $10 CIB.
PS1 NBA Live 98 $4 Loose.
PS1 NHL 99 $4 CIB, jewel case is broken.
PS1 NHL Face Off 99 $5 CIB, jewel case is cracked.
PS1 NHL Face Off $4 Loose.
PS1 NHL 2000 $4 CIB, jewel case is broken.
PS1 Rally Cross 2 $6 CIB, jewel case is cracked and broken.
PS1 Raystorm $45 Loose.
PS1 Sesame Street Sports $8 CIB.
PS1 Sim Theme Park $6 Missing manual/front page.
PS1 Spongebob Squarepants Super Sponge $8 CIB, greatest hits.
PS1 Tetris Plus $6 CIB, jewel case is cracked.
PS1 Tiger Woods '99 $7 CIB.
PS1 Triple Play 99 $2 Loose.
PS1 Vigilante 8 $10 Loose.
PS1 WWF Smackdown $10 Missing manual/cover page
PS1 WWF Warzone (Have two copies) $6/$4 One copy loose, one copy CIB.
PS2 Def Jam Vendetta $22 Loose.
PS2 Enter the Matrix $10 CIB.
PS2 Ever Grace $20 CIB.
PS2 Grand Theft Auto III $5 Loose.
PS2 Gungrave Overdose $38 CIB.
PS2 Hunter The Reckoning Wayward $6 Loose.
PS2 IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005 $4 Loose.
PS2 Justice League Heroes $11 CIB.
PS2 Katamari Damacy $13 CIB.
PS2 Medal of Honor Frontline $4 CIB.
PS2 Naruto Ultimate Collection $110 Sealed! Please inquire for pics. Really cool collector's game.
PS2 Nightshade $33 Loose.
PS2 Onimusha Blade Warriors (Have two copies) $25/$15 One copy cib, one copy loose.
PS2 Playstation Underground Jampack $4 Loose.
PS2 R-Type Final $17 Loose.
PS2 Rygar $7 Loose.
PS2 Shinobi $11 Loose.
PS2 Spiderman $9 CIB.
PS2 Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom $12 CIB.
PS2 Tetris Worlds $6 CIB.
PS2 Trapt $44 CIB.
PS2 The Thing $42 CIB.
PS2 Thunder Strike: Operation Phoenix $6 CIB.
PS2 CASE & MANUAL Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 $15 Case and manual only.
PS3 The Last Of Us $9 CIB.
PS3 NBA 2k18 $10 Loose.
PSP Daxter $10 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP Family Guy Video Game $18 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP G-Force $3 Missing manual.
PSP Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 $8 CIB.
PSP Ghostbusters The Video Game $11 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP Ghost Rider $12 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP God of War Chains of Olympus $16 Loose.
PSP Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories $25 CIB, includes map! Greatest hits.
PSP Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom $15 UMD, case and original artwork only.
PSP Kingdom of Paradise $5 Missing manual.
PSP Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars $12 CIB.
PSP LocoRoco (Have two copies) $8/$4 One copy CIB, one copy loose.
PSP Lunar Silver Star Harmony $110 Sealed.
PSP Madden NFL 12 $20 CIB.
PSP Madden 2007 $5 CIB.
PSP Madden 2008 $5 CIB.
PSP Medal of Honor Heroes 2 $10 CIB.
PSP Monster Hunter Freedom $18 Missing manual.
PSP MX vs ATV: Reflex $5 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP NBA 10 The Inside $6 CIB.
PSP NBA Live 2007 $5 CIB.
PSP Neopets Petpet Adventures The Wand of Wishing $10 Loose.
PSP PoPoLoCrois $22 Box, UMD, and original artwork only.
PSP Prince of Persia Rival Swords (Have two copies) $10 Both CIB.
PSP Silent Hill Origins $80 Sealed.
PSP SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 $16 Loose.
PSP Socom U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo $4 CIB.
PSP Syphon Filter Dark Mirror $6 CIB.
PSP Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow $6 CIB.
PSP Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas $7 CIB.
PSP Untold Legends Brotherhood of the Blade $5 CIB.
PSP X-Men Legends II (Have two copies) $15/$10 One copy cib, one copy loose.
PSP Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Tag Force 5 $30 Box, UMD, and original artwork only.
Xbox Advent Rising $6 Box, disc, and original artwork only.
Xbox Crimson Skies $6 CIB.
Xbox Doom 3 $10 CIB.
Xbox Evil Dead Fistful of Boomstick $20 Box, disc, and original artwork only.
Xbox Max Payne $7 CIB.
Xbox Metal Slug 3 $20 CIB.
Xbox Soul Calibur II $10 CIB.
Xbox 360 Call of Duty Black Ops $12 CIB.
Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma $5 CIB.
Xbox 360 Killer is Dead $25 CIB, limited edition.
Xbox One Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited $3 CIB.
Xbox One Rock Band 4 (Have two copies) $15 ea Both CIB.
Xbox One Titanfall $3 CIB.
Xbox One Rainbow Six Siege $3 Loose.
PC Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight $10 Comes with manual in original case.
Nintendo 2DS Console Good $100 Good condition 2DS console, Electric Blue 2 color.
Playstation 3 System Good $180 Backwards compatible PS3 system in good condition. CECHA01 serial number. I don't have an extra DS3 controller or HDMI, so the console only comes with it's OEM power cable.
Prima Zelda Link Between Worlds Good $30 Nice condition, with poster.
Prima Majora's Mask 3D Good $30 Nice condition, with poster.
Gameshark Pro 3.3 $20 Loose.
3rd party Gamecube memory cards $5 3rd party memory cards.
OEM Gamecube Controllers $35 Have five available, three black and two indigo, all have nice and tight sticks.
OEM Wii Wheel $8 In good condition, loose. White color.
OEM Wii MotionPlus Attachment $8 White color, two available.
OEM Wii Remote Silicone Covers $5 Two without the motionplus attachment, and one with it.
OEM SNES Controller $15 1 controller available, in good condition.
OEM Nintendo 64 Controller $20 Green controller, nice and tight stick.
OEM Nintendo 64 Controller Pak $30/$15 One cib, two loose. All work perfectly.
OEM PS1 Memory Cards $10 Two available.
OEM PS1 Controller $15 One PS One controller available.
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2023.02.03 05:08 riinxy help asap!! peace lily

help asap!! peace lily
i bought a very healthy peace lily last saturday for my apartment and less than a week later it's already looking like it's dying!! the leaves are not yellow or brown anywhere, and there are no spots, but it's extremely droopy and gets worse every day. it's my first time owning a peace lily and i don't know what to do! i've watered it once since getting it and the soil still feels mostly moist. i thought it might be that my apartment is too dry (i live in boston with a heater and no AC) but i got a humidifier for the room and it still seems like it's getting worse. i have three, large southwest facing windows, and i keep the peace lily out of the direct light but still in a bright area of the room. i've noticed the tops of each stem are a much paler green than the rest of the stem - i'm not sure if this is normal. if anyone has advice, please let me know!
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2023.02.03 05:03 CHARGINGCHARGED [Fanservant] Jeanne la Pucelle (Rider)

Class: Rider
Aliases: Jeanne d'Arc, Joan of Arc, la Pucelle, Maiden of Orleans
True Name: Jeanne la Pucelle
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 159 cm / 44 kg
NP: B++
Traits: Brynhildr's Beloved, Hominidae Servant, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish,
Passive Skills
Magic Resistance A- Increase Debuff Resist by 20%
Riding B+- Increase [Quick] card effectiveness by 10%
Witch of the Armagnacs A: Party deals 15% extra damage to [English] enemies when Jeanne la Pucelle is on the field.
Active Skills
Warcry of the Maiden A- Increase the party's attack by (10-21%) for 3 turns. Decrease all enemies' attack by (20-50%) for 3 turns. Increase all [Crowned] Allies' NP gauge by 30%.
Aid from the Heavens B- Apply 50% attack modifier against [King] enemies to all allies. Apply [English] trait to all enemies (Debuff). Apply Pierce invincibility for 3 turns to all allies.
Protection from Arrows (False) C- Apply Invincibility to self (1 time). Apply delayed buff [When hit by an attack, apply defense up (50-100%) for 2 turns] to self. Apply [Resistance to NP] buff (20-50%) to all [Crowned] allies.
Noble Phantasm
Le Couronnement- The Crowning of the True King
Rank: B++
Type: Anti-King (Self)
Card Type: Arts
Effect: (Can only be used when at least one other ally is on the field.) Apply [Crowned] trait to the first ally except self (Activates first). Increase [Arts], [Quick], and [Buster] card effectiveness (20-50%). for all Crowned allies for 3 turns. Increase all allies' NP gauge by 20% except self. Decrease attack by 100% for self [Demerit, Unremovable] for 3 turns.
Jeanne floats a few feet into the air, heavenly beams streaming from her face. She points towards the camera as three pairs of angelic wings sprout from her back.
"Behold, Oh most noble Reims, your true king, the one true ruler of the most Christian Kingdom!"
Default: An aspect of Jeanne d'Arc, the general who constantly demanded the full-scale, reckless, and merciless invasion of Anglo-Burgundian France. A side buried underneath her numerous legends. She dons an elaborate and customized suit of armor akin to that of male soldier from 15th-century France, and her black hair is cut short above the ears, in the typical style of princes. Sheathed at her side was the Holy Sword of Fierbois (associated with St. Catherine), and strapped to her back was the iconic standard, the golden fleur-de-lis of France sown across a white field and the Latin words Jhesum Maria inscribed underneath. Summoned with Jeanne is her steed, a horse given by the inhabitants of Vaucouleurs, that she rode to Chinon.
Bond 1: Jeanne didn't have or use a last name during her life. The surname of her father, d'Arc, was given to her postmortem. She called herself Jeanne la Pucelle (the Maid) when talking or writing, a fact reflected in this version's True Name. In Chaldea, she refers to herself as la Pucelle to help distinguish her from the other Jeanne.
Bond 2: Warcry of the Maiden A- At and after the Battle of Orleans, Jeanne's warcry inspired courage in her allies and cowardice in her enemies. So great was her presence, that the English abandoned all but one of their forts in Orleans after only one encounter against her.
Aid from the Heavens A- According to Jeanne, St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Margaret of Scotland, and St. Michael the Archangel appeared to her in visions and apparitions. This skill borrows the skills/authorities of these three figures to aid in her allies' offense.
Bond 3: Witch of the Armagnacs A- Declared a witch, a whore, and a heretic by the English, they despised Jeanne outside the battlefield just as much as they feared her in battle, if not more so. This secondary reputation grants Jeanne la Pucelle a conceptual advantage against any who hail from the lands of England, regardless of the time period.
Protection of Arrows (False) C-minus- Unlike Cu Chulainn, Jeanne was not magically granted protection of arrows. Yet records show that Jeanne took arrows or stones near her vitals or appendages without succumbing to those wounds, inspiring her shocked allies with another warcry. While somewhat similar to battle continuation, this skill takes the name Protection of Arrows in reference to these records.
Bond 4: Le Couronnement- The Crowning of the True King
Jeanne declared her mission to be the coronation of dauphin Charles (crowned as King Charles VII), the unification of the French court, and the expulsion of the English from France. In her lifetime, Jeanne only witnessed one of these events. During Jeanne's time period, the King of France held the title, "The most Christian King of the most Christian Kingdom." And the coronation of King Charles VII was the (literal) crowning moment for both Jeanne and her contemporaries. In this Noble Phantasm, Jeanne crowns an ally, bestowing the blessings of the angels and the authorities of the most Christian king upon them. Once they are crowned, Jeanne's skills have a greater effect on them.
Bond 5: In the embellishment of her legend, Jeanne lost some of her humanity, of her character. Her anger, impatience, and mercilessness seem incompatible with the hero she eventually became. Protecting others was something Jeanne knew little about. She beckoned her soldiers to charge with impunity, for with the will of God seemingly on her side, Jeanne had nothing to fear. Unlike her Ruler counterpart, this Jeanne feared capture and the stake, to the point where she even denied her own visions and mission. Yet like the Ruler, she ultimately chose to burn at the stake, to die instead of denying her purpose. She died in despair of seemingly failing her mission, of God seemingly abandoning her. She could only hope that God could forgive her failures.
Bond Lines-
Bond 1: I am Jeanne la Pucelle, here to dispel the enemies of the world. . . .Eh? d'Arc? That is the surname of my father, but please call me la Pucelle or the Maid, if that's easier. I look forward to fighting with you and your allies, Master.
Bond 2: Master, why do you spend so much time farming? Do you doubt the strength of your allies? You have the will of the World on your side, with all these heroes at your disposal! I should be charging down the enemy lines, not doing these menial tasks!
Bond 3: . . . Apologies Master. It seems I have spoken out of turn. I understand that we should take as few risks as possible, but. . . where's the risk if your victory is all but certain?
Bond 4: I admire you, Master. Even in a situation like this, you never once let doubt or fear cloud your judgment. You heed caution, yes, but you know when to make your stand. . . I really admire that about you. . . I wish I could say the same about myself.
Bond 5: This may not mean much to you, but as the Maiden of Orleans, I know that the will of the Lord is on your side. Mankind's victory shall come by your own hands. Never doubt the strength of your bonds, the strength in yourself, and the future will be yours again. I swear it, on the banner of St. Michael.
My Room Lines
Dialogue 1: Thank you for inviting me into your room, Master. I brought some wine and glasses to enjoy while we chat. . . . You can't drink because you're too young? I assure you, wine is harmless in moderation. We're about the same age physically, so you can trust me on this. Besides, you have to try this wine that Gilles gave me. He somehow managed to procure my favorite from the Professor.
Dialogue 2 (Clear First Singularity)- Even during the darkest days of my imprisonment, I never blamed King Charles for my predicament. I knew that the Lord would deliver me from my plight someday. . . That damned Dragon Witch! How dare she burn the king she herself cornonated! Slaughter the people of Orleans who never forgot her! . . . Who never forgot us, even when the whole world thought us a heretic.
Dialogue 3 [Jeanne d'Arc (Ruler)]- It's definitely peculiar, seeing myself with long, flowing golden lockes and in such feminine armor. I didn't even know they made armor for women. . . Oh, sorry for the rude comments. I'm still not used to there. . . you know. . . being another me. I have to ask, though, your Noble Phantasm certainly is beautiful, but with such protection at your side, why do you just stand there? Why not charge into the enemy, knowing that the Lord will protect you and your allies?
Dialogue 4 [Jeanne d'Arc (Archer)]- You know. . . I refrained from judging your normal battle armor, but why do you wear such indecent clothes? There's no need to tempt our allies any more than you already do! . . . O-of course, you're very pretty (blushes), but that's exactly why you have to dress more modestly!
Dialogue 5 [Jeanne d'Arc Alter (AvengeBerserker)]- You! . . . My other, more saintly self may forgive what you did in Orleans. I don't even know if you even remember the event of that singularity, but that doesn't change that you have foresaken the very purpose of our lives, the immense gratitude of those people. . . I don't care if you're not actually Jeanne d'Arc. What you did was unforgivable, especially since you bear her name and face.
Dialogue 6 [Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily]- Be calm, I don't hate you as much as your older self. It seems that the two of you are distinct beings. . . Why do I look so happy? Well, winter was always hard for me, before and after I joined the army. It's nice to know that the people of this era can celebrate the Lord's birth without fear of hunger or plague.
Dialogue 7 [Gilles de Rais (Saber)]- Gilles! It's nice to see a familiar face. . . Eh? You don't recognize me? I am Jeanne la Pucelle, your ally, no? Are you the Gilles from Jeanne d'Arc's world? . . . I see. Well in that case, I don't mind starting over. Let's head over to the Professor's bar. We can chat over wine, just like old times.
Dialogue 8 [Gilles de Rais (Caster)]- So . . . this is the final fate of one of my most trusted allies? How could you fall to such depths? Was your faith in the Lord so feeble?! The trust in your king so weak?! You don't even recognize me, do you? . . . It hardly mattered last time, but I think it's for the best that I avoid you. For the sake of my own sanity.
Dialogue 9 [Georgios]- St. George! What a great privilege it is to speak with you! I may have fought those whose banners bear your cross, but I hold no ill will against the English. I just did what the Lord commanded me. . . If you wouldn't mind, could you show me some of your photos? I hear that you're Chaldea's resident photographer, and I've never seen a camera before.
Diaglogue 10 [Charlemagne]- Oh! My apologies most holy King Charlamagne! I should have been more humble in your presence; though, you are younger than I imagined you to be. . . Huh? You're not the King from history, and you barely even remember your rule? I see. . . No, it matters not that you. You wield the Joyeuse, yes? Much of my life as the Maid was in pursuit of your holy sword, and the fact that you carry it proves that you are indeed the most Christian king. . . If that makes you uncomfortable, then perhaps we can be friends? I would like to know more of your adventures. I grew up with those stories after all. And besides, we're kind of similar, no? Overshadowed by more prominent sides of ourselves.
Dialogue 11 [Marie Antoinette (RideCaster)]- Ah, Queen Marie, do you require something from me? Eh? You admire me? Do you not mean my Ruler self? . . . You admire both of us equally, and want to get to know me better? Hm . . . Well, I was about to go and pray for a while. Would you mind chatting over some wine after dinner? . . . Of course! I wouldn't mind drinking with you and my other self in the future. I want to learn about her too.
Dialogue 12 [Charles-Henri Sanson]- What? You expected me to be mad for executing the French royalty of your era? It's true that they died by your hands, but you were just a tool in someone else's hands, no? And while I can't say for certain, I can believe the Lord witheld His blessings from the royalty of that era, if they were as sinful as the records indicate.
Dialogue 13 [Napoleon]- As a fellow commander, I respect your very offensive tactics General Napoleon; though, the number of casualties is less admirable. For restoring order and the Church to France, I am sure the Lord blessed you on the battlefield. You marched through imperial lands, including what I knew as Burgundy, with such ease! If my victories at Orleans made me a hero, yours must have even more so!
Dialogue 14 [Artoria Pendragon (Saber)]- Hey Jeannette. . . . Oh! My apologies, you looked so much like my other self that I seemed to have mistaken you for her. I am Jeanne la Pucelle. May I ask for your name? . . . Pendragon? Are you King Arthur! I-I never knew King Arthur was a woman. . . No, no that's not a slight against your abilities as either a warrior or a king. My strongest political backer was a woman after all. I am just surprised is all, to meet such a famous figure as you.
Dialogue 15 [Merlin]- Are you the wise sage Merlin? I have a question to ask of you. The theologians of my day said that you prophesized that "a virgin ascends the backs of archers, and hides the flower of her virginity." Many of them said that prophesy foretold my arrival. I have always doubted that claim, so I must ask if your words actually concerns me. . . What? You won't answer? But why? Wait a moment, why are you running? No! I can't let you leave before answering. COME BACK HERE!
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2023.02.03 04:55 Slight_Garbage5622 The Complex (Ch1)

Post PoP, don't read if you care about spoilers
Molly caught herself on the rail with an audible thunk. The slippery coating of ice covering the staircase beneath her reflected the green hue of dumb energy she had surrounded herself with, just incase her slip had turned ìnto a tumble. She took a moment to steady her feet and glanced behind her. A snowy mountain range stretched out before her, an ocean of evergreen trees with no civilization in sight, save for the cold metal staircase she was climbing. In the sky, she spotted Darkstar's drone zooming back and forth between Molly and the compound, ready to alert her if any people were headed her way. She flashed it a quick thumbs up, gripped the straps of her backpack, took a deep breath, and continued her climb up the staircase.
It took nearly ten minutes for Molly to finally reach the end of the staircase. It should have taken her only 3 or 4, only she had kept slipping and nearing falling on the way up. She shivered at the thought of going back down, but she had a job to do. Boss was relying on her, after all. Molly looked up at the compound she had only ever seen in aerial photos from the drone. It was a massive thing, nearly eight stories tall and wide as a city block.
Only one road led to this remote part of Taiga country, a dirt road veering off the I-15 highway. That road was nearly a 3 hours drive and led straight to here, although all the maps said neither the road or the compound existed. It was stuffed full of security cameras and hidden checkpoints to warn the gray building ahead of any vehicles headed in.
It had been a lucky break to find the unused dirt trail that led to the back access stairs. Sylvie had been the one to make that discovery, about a week prior, figuring that there must've been at least some smokers among the 20000 workers in the very health conscious research complex. Giovanni had hoisted Sylvie up onto his shoulders and chanted celebrations, then, much to Sylvie's protest.
Molly smiled at the memory, before casting a silence bubble around herself and heading off to the gray building ahead.
"Okay Beartrap, guard patrol ahead. Looks like Major Nose Hair and Corporal Albino Dino." came Darkstar's voice from the headset.
"Thanks" Molly replied, heading into a bush for cover. Major Nose Hair and Corporal Albino Dino weren't their actual names. None of "Giovanni's Evil Organisation" (name still pending), plus Sylvie and Phoenica, knew any of the guards actual names. They had spent about two week cataloging every person and thing they could find through the drone and scouting missions, which had frustrated Giovanni in particular as he wanted to simply burst through the front door "Bulldozer Style!™". He had consoled himself by giving all the guards they spotted funny nicknames and insisted on using them in every strategy meeting. Sylvie hadn't approved but he was heavily outnumbered, given that about 8 of the 10 people in their group were either Giovanni's minions or Honorary minions. Molly thought the names were better than whatever they actually were anyways.
"Looks like they've gone past" Darkstar's voice called, pulling Molly out of her thoughts. She leaped from the bush and sprinted to the rusted back door as fast as she could, making sure to dumb the pressure of her feet down so as to not leave visible footprints.
"Employees Only!" The sign on the door read. Molly ignored it and poured Trixie and Rick's "Hacker" potion on the keycard reader. It sparked and fizzled for a few seconds before the door swung wide open.
"I'm in" Molly said into the earpiece, closing the door behind her. Now she just had to rendezvous with Boss and Trixie, who had already snuck their way in.
"Great job, Beartrap" said the man himself, "Me and Shortstacks are loitering in a staff break room right now"
"Just say 'in a', why'd you add loitering? I feel, like, soooo uncool now" said Trixie.
"Loitering IS cool!"
Molly felt she could almost hear Trixie's eye roll through the headset.
"Oi, the radio is for vital communications only. Cut the chatter" Sylvie's garbled voice interrupted.
"Radio? This is a phone call" Phoenica pointed out. Sylvie grumbled slightly, but seemed to accept the correction.
"Nerd" Giovanni muttered. Whether this was directed at Sylvie or Phoenica, Molly couldn't tell. Maybe it was both. She shook her head and turned on a makeshift bodycam feed for Darkstar's benefit.
The hallway was the same sterile gray as the outside of the building, though it was clearly made of drywall or plastic rather than the hard bricks and cement of the exterior. Harsh fluorescent lights blared above. Molly found it difficult to believe that people worked here, let alone did mentally intensive science here. Maybe the offices were nicer? She shook her head again, it didn't matter. She reached into her backpack and pulled out the crude map of what they thought the facility looked like. They hadn't ever been inside yet, and so were forced to try to extrapolate the interior by peeking in through windows form the outside. The map had many question marks on it.
"Which staff room?" She asked. Twenty thousand people worked here after all, it was so remote and secretive that some even lived here. It must've have had tons of staff rooms, the map alone had 4 marked.
"Second floor, it's next to a staircase marked B5- wha- hey! No, no, no Shortstacks! You're doing it wrong. Ya don't reach into vending machine from the bottom! That never works. Step aside, I'll break the glass" Giovanni replied. A thud sounded "Ow".
B5… Molly glanced around, a fire exit sign hung over the door she had just come from, but she saw no staircases. She gripped the straps of her backpack tighter and headed down the hall.
Door after door passed by. The map was already proving to be less than accurate. According to the crayon marking, Molly should have been standing in front of a storage closet right now, instead, she was standing in front of a conference room with giant windows! How did the two get mixed up? And wasn't there supposed to be a T-section to the left? That hallway led to a lobby- Wait… a lobby? A Lobby!
Molly froze, Darkstar's video delayed gasp followed. This had been a key point in all the strategy meetings. Lobbies meant people, people meant phones, phones meant guards. She had to get out of here. Molly zipped around a corner before anyone could see and doubled her silence bubble. She stood stock still, listening for any indication that she was spotted.
Nothing, she was in the clear. Molly let out a big sigh, then a groan. This was going to be a long day.
Sylvie mentally kicked himself. It had been his idea for everyone to go into the compound one by one, rather than as a group. He'd pitched it as a way to make it easier to hide from the guard patrols outside the building, but really it was self preservation. He was a hundred percent sure one of Giovanni's cretins "minions" were gonna screw up and he didn't want to be nearby when that happened. Now he was really regretting it. He hadn't accounted for how difficult it would be to regroup once they were actually inside. Now Molly was, according to the panicked directions from Darkstar, god only knows where in there and in 15 minutes it was his turn to go up. He hadn't expected the maps to be that bad!
He watched mutely as Fred (he refuses to address the criminals by their fake names) scampered up the staircase. Something about his worry must have shown on his face because Phoenica was prodding him.
"You, uh, look a little stressed" she said. For once her bells weren't jingling with her, they were lying on the snow. Stealth was the name of the game here, and her unnatural ability to sneak up on people would undoubtedly be helpful. Sylvie considered her for a moment. He remembered the day when he had first met Molly's other friends, Phoenica had immediately bombarded him with questions regarding his sheep summons and making soup opera-like imitations of "flirting". Then the twenty-something, who Sylvie had initially mistaken for a cardboard cutout due to thus unchanging smile, had asked to be his friend in the most threatening manner possible. In the present, Rick was trying to understand the concept of an evergreen tree while he waited his turn. Apparently Ocean country had no trees at all, and it had taken him a lot to understand seasonal trees. Sylvie remembered he hadn't responded and quickly sprung to life.
"Huh- oh yeah, yeah. I'm, uh. I'm good"
"Do not lie. Lying is bad!"
"You spent the last two weeks plotting to break and enter into a private research facility, you can't use morality as an argument"
"Yes, I can! Those are bad guys planning to do bad things. So I. am. justified" Phoenica puffed, then sighed. She tried a line her mother did to her, once. "You really don't want to tell me what's wrong?"
Sylvie looked down at his feet. He knew that tone, and that line. Those were the words of someone who wasn't going to let it go.
"It's just- something is going to seriously wrong, and its going to be my fault." He paused, trying to find the right words "Groups are inherently more stable than long individuals. They can react to situations with a wide tool set, cover each others weaknesses, splitting up like this-". He looked up, nervously tapping his finger against his leg. "It was my idea to split up, what if that-"
"Are you a seer?" Phoenica interjected
"Huh?" Where did that come from?
"Are you a seer?" She repeated
"Um, no?"
"Then how do you know something is going to go wrong?"
"Well, I-"
"It's going to be fine" She said, decisively. There was no real argument, no logical reasoning, just a declaration. It was enough. Sylvie nodded. Yeah. It's going to be fine
"A seer, you say?" Rick said suddenly. It seems he had finally internalized the concept of evergreens, or at least that they didn't taste good. "Did I hear that correctly good friend, you are a seer of prophecy?"
Sylvie opened his mouth to correct him, then paused. "Yes" he lied. "Partially". Phoenica gasped at the lie but said nothing.
"Wonderful!" Rick barked an unsettling laugh, something between a sinister cackle and his trademark cannon fire laugh. Black lightning danced through the air, and he rose his hands like a priest in the middle of an emotional Sermon "I Declare Befunuthemdul will lose the mayoral election!"
"I didn't think there was a Befunuthemdul running for mayor this term" Sylvie questioned
"Oh no, not this term. He hasn't even been born yet"
"So… when?" Phoenica tilted her head
"I don't know! My seer powers are only partial, you know"
Sylvie chuckled and glanced at his watch. Eight minutes. He steeled himself.
"Car crash, stay down. Two dudes and a dude-ette to your right" crackled the headset. Molly was internally panicking, she needed to find either boss or Rick soon or the plan was ruined.
The plan was fairly simple; Sylvie was supposed to make his way to the ventilation system, where he would spread his sleep powder across the entire facility while everyone else would shelter around Rick or Giovanni's Demon Aura Energy while Molly dumbed down the alarm.
Testing (which had consisted of slingshotting moldy garlic onto the rooftop) showed that the vents reached everywhere in the building relatively quickly. Workers and guards quickly leaving the building were complaining about "that horrible smell" within five minutes that day. The problem was, that test had added an extra route to the guards patrol route, with guards taking a detour to the ventilation to make sure no other nasty smelling objects lodged themselves in. That meant that once Sylve made his way up there, he had to enact his part immediately and couldn't wait for anyone.
Molly had crumpled up the map and stuffed it into her bag, it wasn't much use anyway. She was getting deeply frustrated at the lack of any signs or directional markings. Apparently this place expected you to memorize its layout. She must've passed dozens of hallways by now and still couldn't find a staircase. At the very least the walls were no longer that drab gray color. She must've wandered into a different section of the building. Oddly, she found that these hallways occasionally had benches on the side. They were the only thing that had an accent of a different color, splotches of blue over an ocean of white. She took a seat in one of them to catch her breath.
Footsteps rang out. Molly bolted up, her heart hammering as the footsteps drew nearer. She searched for any place to hide, the doors all needed keywords to enter and she only had three "Hacker" potions. Whoever was coming would have noticed the damaged keyword reader anyway. She definitely didn't have time to hide behind a corner, this hallway was far too long.
Deciding that standing was no longer an option, she slid underneath the bench and pulled her hood up, so her colorful and bright marshmallow hair was obscured (as well as the "glow in the dark' phytoplankton she harbored in exchange for a government paycheck). Her stomach churned as a pair of leather shoes came into view, lab coat trailing behind. She meekly held up a hand, ready to knock them out with a wave of dumb energy at the first sign she was spotted.
The shoes kept walking until it turned a corner and disappeared from view.
Molly let out a breath she hadn't known she was holding and slid out from under the bench.
"You alright Beartrap?" Darkstar's voice sounded. Oh right, the body cam would have only had a view of the floor that whole time. Molly nodded reassuringly, before realizing the camera couldn't see that either
"Yeah" Came her own meek voice. She winced at how breathless it sounded.
"I'm in" Car Crash called out. Good, at least everyone else was on schedule. Molly started to feel guilty, she was dragging everyone down again. She stood up, she had a job to do. Everyone else was doing there part so she had to do hers. Molly continued walking the halls.
This is a fanfic rough draft I wanted to get out there before I second guess myself and delete it permanently. Any advice on how to improve my, frankly, awful attempt at characterization would be much appreciated
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2023.02.03 04:46 noicecoolcoolcool Eufy cam 3 green screen issue on android

We've just set up a homebase 3 with one outdoor wireless eufy cam 3 and have a consistent problem of seeing a blank green screen when trying to access live view. It sometimes comes good after a few seconds but other times not at all. Currently the Homebase is connected to wifi router using a mobile data network but it had the same issue on high speed broadband when I first tested it - the camera has good wifi connection to Homebase and latency and data speeds are fine. <30ms and 20mbps+. Also that I had the same issue over high speed fibre broadband when routeHomebase and cam were all in the same room seems to indicate this isn't the issue
Even weirder, he problem is also limited to the app on my Samsung Android - It always works fine on the eufy app loaded on my wife's iphone (and on web page) but not for me! I have tried all the obvious fixes - lowering streaming quality on the cam, turning microphone off, reloading app and hard reset on camera but all to no effect. We are also running two indoor tilt and pan cameras (not linked to homebase 3 sadly!) that always run fine on the android app. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced same?
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