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2023.02.03 05:52 GoogleMenu Copy and paste

Has anybody ever tried to copy and paste your bereal handle/link to Snapchat? I wanted to put it on my story on Snapchat but when I “attach” url nothing will pop up. Is this a settings problems? Or something else.
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2023.02.03 05:52 MrMonty100 Random crippling anxiety

So, long story short, I’ve always been the super confident funny chubby guy. I entered the military right after highschool and got pretty decently fit. I wasn’t 230 anymore. I was bullied by my grandmother growing up about my weight and eating seemed to make me feel better at the time. But anyways. I always got the girl I wanted even at that weight I didn’t understand but always stayed confident and kinda cocky which I liked. But fast forward I’m a 21 year old college freshman and I’m going to school with 18 year olds and shit. Me and this girl got in a field in the beginning of last semester. 1 girl turned into 2 girls not liking me. 2 to 4. 4 to 8. Then before I knew it people were blocking me on social media because of it, my female friends. I actually kinda fell in love a bit with the first girl so it through me back into some depressive thoughts. I dropped from 210 to 155 in a matter of one semester because she genuinely broke my heart. I stayed in the gym and got fit. I have abs now and everything. I only drink water and milk and fast a lot (starve myself) I feel I have bulimia because I still look in the mirror and just see my old fat self. But anyways since my name has been passed around the entire school about rumors that aren’t even true or have any proof behind it I find myself with crazy anxiety in public at all. Anywhere. Any time I’m around others. I start shaking and choking on my words and sweating and idk but it genuinely makes me embarrassed and want to cry idk what to do. I feel less confident than ever while looking my best ever I’m the lightest I’ve ever been since 7th grade and I’m 21. Idk what to do. I’m diagnosed with adhd, depression and ptsd but never anxiety. I’ve had small anxiety before but never to the point where I can’t speak in front of people.
TLDR: crippling anxiety since fallout with a close friend thing
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2023.02.03 05:52 throwawaymomentshhh im sorry

dear j,
im sorry. there’s nothing else i can really say.
if i could take back every second, i would. not just what happened between me and g, but even our relationship.
i fell in love with you, and you fell in love with me, and in return i hurt you. i scarred you. i mangled you and your beautiful soul to a point where you became afraid of me. there’s nothing else to say. there’s nothing to excuse it, it’s completely fuckin inexcusable.
you didnt deserve that. our friends didn’t deserve it. if i could go back and slap myself silly i would right this second.
i can only hope that time heals you. if there was a way for me to do it myself, i would in an instant. but there isn’t. and no matter how many times i try to rationalize and talk to myself about what happened, there’s no fixing it— at least nothing i’ll ever be able to do. im fucked up. and im really trying to do better so i dont hurt anyone else in the way i hurt you.
i hope you’re doing okay. i hope you have friends that you see and talk to, and that treat you with respect and love. i hope you eventually find someone to make you happy and to love you and treat you like you rightfully deserve. i hope they greet you with a good morning and leave you with a good night. and for your sake and for your healing, i hope i never fucking see you again. i hope you forget the sound of my voice. i hope you forget the feeling of me being in your arms. i hope you forget every single time i told you i loved you. i hope that the memories of the concerts we went to become nothing but insignificant blurs of a time that you’d forgotten the true feeling of.
if i could erase myself from your life completely and entirely, i would.
i had an interesting dream the other day. i was myself now, and was watching a concert on a television screen. i paused it because i could see us in front, still in a relationship. i reached through the screen, held your face in my hands, and sobbed while uttering pathetic apologies.
i wish nothing but the absolute best for you.
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2023.02.03 05:52 allsace Every Single Precaution Possible

One of my ADF’s passed away due to dropsy caused by a bacterial infection after he injured himself. How he injured himself, neither me nor my girlfriend were able to witness, but it happened, and although we treated him, we were definitely too late.
I get super emotionally attached to things, and my girlfriend instilling her love of frogs in me does not help. I bawled my eyes out at several points today and I have gotten to the point where I’ve begun endlessly reflecting on what I could have done or should do better from now on.
We feed them bloodworms, have yet to find an alternative food and someone that sells them. We try to clean regularly, but besides doing scheduled filter and water changes, I’m sure we’re missing a lot of cleanable things. We have noticed the water getting noticeably harder with our test kits and have attempted softening it but we were never able to directly locate the cause.
Please, if anyone could give me their care routines, what they feed their ADF’s, what tools they use to clean their tanks and how. Anything and everything would be appreciated, I never want to see any of my frogs bloat like that again and theres nothing I can do but sit and watch.
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2023.02.03 05:52 LegitAndroid The best sounding valved exhausts for 4.0 GTS?

Hey all,
I'm starting my research into valved aftermarket exhausts and so far am debating these two:
Reaching out to you all with few Qs:1. What other exhausts are reputable with great sound I should know about?
  1. Do you have any opinions on the above two?
  2. If you're someone with a 4.0 or a GT4 with an aftermarket valved exhaust in the San Diego area please let me know.. I would love to setup a coffee meet so I can hear it!!
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2023.02.03 05:51 Effective_Bar_6098 I’ve rarely been contacted by a picky findomme

Like probably every finsub here, I regularly receive DMs from women hoping to own me. For this post I’m not even talking about those lame, instant attempts to get me to send money. Rather I’m talking about the chats that start out civil and may even continue into a lively discussion. I would estimate that around 95% of these chats end up with them wanting to start a findom arrangement with me. I like to think this is because I’m such a charming guy and an eloquent conversationalist. But sadly, I’m pretty sure it has very little to do with those qualities. I’m sure it has everything to do with the assumption that I’m a horny dude with money to spare. And no, I do not mislead them. I’m usually upfront about what I’m looking for, and it’s never an online arrangement.
I’m into being objectified. I get the main focus is money. Though it may be oddly refreshing to hear I’m not a good match for someone because of some quirk of mine that turns her off. I know this is primarily an online dynamic, so the flaws present in people can largely be overlooked. If these were in-person dynamics, would people be more discriminating?
And for those wanting to message me based on this post, feel free to do so. Just know that I’m not looking to serve anyone.
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2023.02.03 05:51 cershsu I wish you stayed

I wish you never left, and were still here with me. I wish you never lied and told me you loved me when you knew you lost feelings for me. I wish you told me sooner, so instead of you leaving me we could have worked things out. I wish you dint have too move on as quickly as you did. I wish you never lied too me or told me all those sweet words that probably meant nothing. I wish you were the kind of person to apologize and tell me you wanted to do better for me but you aren’t and it makes me feel horrible. I wish I was able too hate you and move on and genuinely just be happy already. I wish you dint have too move away, that you still only lived a couple minutes away because maybe if you still lived here you wouldn’t have found someone better. I hate how you lie, how you hurt me, how I cry over you and I hate how I don’t hate you. I dislike the feelings of insecurity I get when I see the girl you replaced me with. I dislike the mirror because I wonder if I looked better if it would have been enough too make you stay. I often find myself thinking of past memories and wondering where it all went wrong. I wish one day you tell me you love me again, because I find that without you I cry more and more everyday. I really miss you.
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2023.02.03 05:51 handen Found a 1988 Macintosh Plus in the alley. Any way to check the specs without taking it apart? What boot key combinations can I use here?

As the title states, I found an old Mac Plus in the alley behind my house last week. It was in a black padded carrying case with mouse, keyboard, and some networking peripherals. My initial suspicion was that this was possibly stolen from someone's car in the area and dumped when the thieves found nothing of value, but this suspicion changed when I peeked in the bag and saw some old Apple branded networking peripheral boxes. I guess one of my neighbours was throwing it out.
However, it did not have a hard drive. A floppy disk was in the slot, and it reads "System Tools - 460 - Option X Double Click Mouse."
When I turned it on, it booted up and the screen is bright and vivid but went straight to a question mark flashing over a floppy symbol, and then kicked the disk out. I shut it down, put the disk back in, and held the keys written on the floppy, and it booted into a "Welcome to Macintosh" banner, immediately followed by a "Sorry, a system error occurred, ID=3" screen.
I know there is no hard drive from which to boot, but is there any other method I should attempt to get this system tools disk to load up, if that's indeed what's on there? And barring that, is there a CMD+R type of key combo that can boot into recovery or verbose mode to maybe run a quick system scan to find out how much ram it's got?
I haven't touched a Mac this old since probably 1993, and though I've been a strictly Apple user for the last 15 years, this still feels wildly out of my league. Any advice here would be fantastic. I've read up on FloppyEMU and that seems great, but I'm not in any position to want to sink any time or money into this as a project, and might opt to sell it locally once I know how much ram it has.
But can I do that from the interface, or do I have to take it apart to find out?
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2023.02.03 05:51 Adventurer_By_Trade Sega Virtua Racing for modern VR?

Is anyone aware of a way to play Sega's original Sega Virtua Racing on a true 3D head mounted display? I'm not aware of any ports or rebuilds that have captured this early polygonal racing masterpiece, but maybe someone else has found a solution in their VR explorations? This game was supposed to be released on their consumer-level HMD before Sega pulled the plug due to poor performance and an internal study that identified risks to young developing eyes.
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2023.02.03 05:51 ruKawin Thursday, 2nd February 2023

Thursday, 2nd February 2023
The Daily Spin. J.Powell Thursdays Edition. The FED announces the 25 bp hike as expected, and the crowd goes wild! Well, not exactly. But, Bitcoin smashes through $24k and most of the crypto market is in the green. Keep an eye out for $25k, as that’s the last resistance level with Bears sitting on it. TNFA.
Well it is no surprise that Bitcoin has established the highest monthly returns since October 2021, and this is just speaking of January. Ethereum’s Zhejiang testnet went live yesterday, a precursor to actual staking withdrawals to occur in later in March. Total token unlocks for the month is estimated to be at $588m. Aptos has been the month’s biggest winner, gaining over 500% in 2023 so far. Avalanche, gained 3.4% over Q4. And the new kids on the block, the Djed Stablecoin has minted over $10m in the first 24hrs after launch, boosting its L1 host Cardano by 4% in a single day.
Court examiner concludes that former CEO Alex Mashinsky of Celsius operated the business “like a ponzi scheme.” Tether immediately comes out to say that they never borrowed from Celsius (who asked you?). As the bridge wars rage on, Squid and Axelar have made 25 blockchains natively accessible. As for the gaming/meta wars, startup “Addressable” closes a $7.5m raise to enable web3 companies to onboard users at scale. Meanwhile, “Immutable Passport” has set their sights on becoming the goto Gamertag for web3.
Elon makes headlines confirming his plans to use Twitter as a payment platform, but may implement legacy technology before utilizing any blockchain. He also dispels any conspiracy theories about CBDCs — as if we can’t clearly see what is going on. Around the world, its the UK that takes the massive step of creating “a robust” policy dealing with cryptocurrencies. The Philippines receives a provider for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, a long-awaited scaling solution for the king crypto. Silvergate bank flies too close to the sun and is getting scrutinized by the US Senate for its activities with FTX.
In TL today: Chainalysis reports on emerging markets and crypto money laundering, Account Abstraction (AA) primer for non-devs, a guide to the Evmos assets dashboard and a bankless episode on money creation… here is our round-up of curated news and opinions (surely biased) from the world of Blockchain, keeping you informed into the new market with the most trending, in-the-know, and controversial topics. In the name of transparent, dissemination of information to keep you curious, inspired, and clinically sane…

Ongoings at Coinweb
“The Reality of Large-scale Enterprises Adopting Blockchain Technology” an article by Toby Gilbert for CityAM Magazine
Coinweb Labs is proud to unveil LinkMint ⛓️🍃, our groundbreaking Cross-Chain Tokenisation Platform and DeconX, our integrated native DEX! Live Walkthrough Demonstration for the Community by Toby, Knut, and Alexander.
“A Thread on Rollups, Monolithic, and Modular Blockchains” by Kawin on Twitter
Coinweb presents How Blockchain Technology Will Affect Tourism and Hospitality Industry with Royal Coast Riviera Club, Hua-Hin¬if_id=1673577843809478¬if_t=mention&ref=notif
Coinweb to Deliver Cross-Chain Smart Contract Architecture and Blockchain Loyalty Programme to BMW
Block Tides' exclusive interview with Coinweb at the London Digital Asset Week
Toby quoted in “Decoding cryptocurrency market: Can cryptos finally bounce back in 2023 after 2022 devastation”
KuCoin Labs launches incubation program to accelerate builders (Coinweb, DoraHacks, Ava Labs)
Toby Interviewed at the Benzinga Future of Crypto Conference, Dec 7 (New York)
“Understanding the Great Crypto Tradeoff” by Toby Gilbert
“The Time is Now for Blockchain” article on Times of Malta
Toby’s full presentation at Token2049-London

On the Radar
European Blockchain Convention, Feb 15-17 (Barcelona) Thai Tech Investment Summit, Feb 16-19 (Bangkok) Interop Summit, Feb 27-28 (Denver) Blockchain Life 2023, Feb 27-28 (Dubai)
Blockchain Africa Conference 2023, Mar 16-17 (Johannesburg) WOW Summit, Mar 29-30 (Hong Kong) ASEAN Web3 Summit, Mar 30-31 (Singapore)
AIBC Asia, Jul 19-22 (Manila)
TOKEN2049, Sep 13-14 (Singapore)

On the Block(chain)
Bitcoin establishes highest monthly returns since October 2021
$588M worth of unlocks scheduled for February
Celsius Was Operated in a Ponzi-Like Manner: Report
Tether denies borrowing from bankrupt Celsius
Ethereum staking withdrawal testnet ‘Zhejiang’ set to launch Wednesday
Rally’s RLY token tanks 10% as sidechain shuts down – severing users’ from their NFTs

Competitive Landscape
What’s Going On With Aptos?
Addressable raises $7.5M to enable Web3 companies to acquire users at scale
Crypto gamer wallet ‘Immutable Passport’ aims to be Gamertag of web3
Cardano stablecoin Djed TVL hits $10M in 24 hours, ADA up 4%
Squid brings native cross-chain swaps to 25 blockchains
Avalanche network records 3.4% growth in Q4 2022

UK plans “robust” rules for crypto exchanges
Elon Musk wants Twitter to become a payments platform, report says
Elon Musk downplays CBDC conspiracy chatter
Silvergate’s ties to FTX face renewed scrutiny from senators
Lighting network provider Strike expands to Philippines
Emerging markets dominate Chainalysis 2022 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report
Crypto Money Laundering: Four Exchange Deposit Addresses Received Over $1 Billion in Illicit Funds in 2022

Thought Leadership
New paradigms for enterprise blockchain adoption
Guide: Explore Evmos Assets Dashboard
Account Abstraction for Everyone Else
Bankless: The Power to Mint Money (74mins)
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2023.02.03 05:51 therealhybrid Windows fails to complete updates & forces me into the bios upon startup

Windows fails to complete updates & forces me into the bios upon startup
Last year I migrated my boot drive from an HDD to an SSD because I was getting tired of the long boot times. I thought I did everything correctly but I must have gone wrong somewhere considering the issues I've been having.
So first off every time, I boot up my PC it forces me straight into the bios (it has only recently started doing that). The other problem I've been having, ever since I migrated, is that I cannot perform any updates. It reaches 99%, says that the updates couldn't be performed, and then begins to undo them.
I've already done a few things I've found online regarding difficulties installing this specific update (KB5013624). I've tried reinstalling windows with a USB recovery drive, and same issue as the updates, got to the end and the install didn't work. Tried resetting and keeping my files, no luck either.
I read on a forum that the only option was to completely reinstall windows. I would prefer not to do that and wipe my drives since I don't have any backups a the moment. So I was hoping maybe someone had any other ideas or can confirm that that is indeed my only option.
Also including an image of my partitions, not sure if anything might be wrong there.
Appreciate any feedback!
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2023.02.03 05:51 Prior_Ad_5930 Question about double jaw surgery

I’ve recently noticed that my midface and lower jaw are both very recessed. My midface is recessed to the point that the skin under my eyes sticks out more than my cheeks do. I also have a double chin despite being underweight. However, after having braces 6 years ago my bite is mostly normal. I don’t have a pronounced underbite or overbite. I do have clicking in my left TMJ that occurs when I open my mouth too wide or eat something extra chewy. I get occasional TMJ pain and I also grind my teeth a lot. When I sleep I breathe through my mouth. Most morning I wake up with dry mouth, plaque coating my teeth,a sore throat, and sometimes even a headache or congestion. I typically don’t feel very well rested. I haven’t been tested for sleep apnea yet, but I plan on doing that soon.
I’m wondering if insurance would cover double jaw surgery for someone like me? Is it possible to have double jaw surgery with a normal bite? I extremely dislike having to breathe through my mouth when I sleep and the effects that go along with that and I won’t lie, I’m extremely insecure about how flat/recessed my face is.
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2023.02.03 05:50 alawsman Can someone pm me on what website/s they use to download their ebooks for free? Thank you

I'm struggling to find a website to download academic books. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.02.03 05:50 abrasumente_ Thanks Melk, you're so...useful.

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2023.02.03 05:50 Dez_uno Was this self-defense?

This happened several years ago, but I still think about it sometimes...
Without going into the whole backstory, I basically hit someone before they hit me.
I think the other guy was a little intoxicated, but not much. I was completely sober. He parked his car illegally and completely boxed me in, and every time I asked him to move he told me to "hold on". We started arguing and it escalated to the "fu** you's" and "fuing puy" and all that. Then he says, "you want to get knocked the fu** out?" And I told him he's not going to do sh*t. He steps away from his car and starts walking towards me and I tell him, "don't walk up on me" but he keeps walking. As he gets closer he starts talking again, but I don't remember what he said - it was something like "you want this" or "so what's up" or something like that. But anyways, once he was within striking distance I threw a right cross from the hip and he went down. It was a perfect shot. He was fine, his friends helped him and they moved his car so I could leave.
Anyways, sorry. That was a lot. I literally just said I wasn't going to go into the whole story, but there is a ton more to that story. Did I break the law? I hit him because I genuinely thought he was going to hit me. I feared that if I did nothing I would have been hurt, and I'm a cornea transplant recipient, so a hit to the eye = blindness for me. I was defending myself. But I did hit him before he hit me, or even swung at me. Did I break the law? What could I have been charged with?
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2023.02.03 05:50 Party_9001 Looking "Smart" caching for clients accessing network drives

I'm looking for something basically like ZFS ARC, or perhaps more accurately the L2ARC but stored on the client rather than the storage server.
When the client reads a file from the network larger than a certain size, it should store the entire file locally. And when it has to access that file again, it automatically uses the locally cached version. The file it reads shouldn't change, so making sure the 2 versions are constantly synced shouldn't be necessary.
As for writes, there's no need to cache writes. I would actually prefer it if it didn't cache writes or had the option to disable write caches.
I thought this would be relatively straightforward but it looks like it's more complicated than I initially thought. The current candidate is of course, rclone which apparently has every feature under the sun... But I haven't figured out the details and was hoping someone had an easier solution.
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2023.02.03 05:49 ntolno M30 [Friendship] Hey, let's voice chat? :)

Well, my sleeping schedule is really messed up and I got nothing to so figured I'd make a post here to see if I can find some cool people to talk to on voice chat. 💭
A little about me - I've been sober for three years, I'm vegan, I apparently look 23 according to a lot of people (Yay, fountain of youth lol) and I'm half swedish, half korean.
My main interests are art, graphic design, movies and video games but I'm open to talk about pretty much anything. :) I also have two huge dogs that I love more than anything in the world.
Discord or Snapchat is prefered for voice calls. 😊 So feel free to send me a chat message! Hope to hear from you soon!
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2023.02.03 05:49 kodzukencafe osomofolia duets collection review! + dream bean

with sab's recent announcement of the full size duets going on sale & their ajevie partnership, i thought maybe these reviews would help anyone interested in trying them. i also included a review for dream bean, but i haven't found time to review all the other samples i received a few weeks ago lol. forgive me for any redundant descriptors :p
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
it's been raining all week here, and all of the duets really enhance the atmosphere of a gloomy winter day. i am once again begging any matcha lovers to try osmofolia's matcha single note or jinhu road #1 btw. i'm too tempted to full size rn
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2023.02.03 05:49 smmonkeysoc Are the Sennheiser Momentum 4s my best choice?

Hello friends,
I am a Uni student in the market for a quality pair of ANC headphones with an emphasis on sound quality, comfort and portability. I am happy as long as the ANC is good enough to block out the everyday noises during public transit, cafes etc.
The Sony XM5s are the most recommended, with undoubtedly the best ANC, but I do not like the fact that they are so large (in the case especially) compared to the competition. Furthermore, I do hear that the quality of the sound is good but not as good as the Momentum 4s or other options in the market.
My budget is sitting at around $550 AUD (~$400 USD).
Are the Momentum 4s my best bet, or are there other options out there?
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2023.02.03 05:49 AK_00l Panic attacks and sertraline (zosert 50mg)

The main reason why I tend to use this is there will be an upcoming exam and it will be too hard for me to concentrate and focus due to the background noise and other noises that other students make such as sound of turning pages. My another main problem is I worry about the timing even if I could do the exam on time. For example, if I noticed there is 40 minutes left to finish the paper, I really cannot focus even if I could do it on time.
Since my doctor suggested me to take setraline 50g pills, I took one pill 4 days ago and I feel very sleepy and numb as well as nausea. Then I stopped using it. My sexual desire has completely lost which is one of the benefits of I achieved. My question is, 1. Is this beneficial for my conditions or is there any better medication for my lack of concentration due to background noise. 2. I’m planning to take these pills once i finished my exam but afraid of the symptoms caused 3. Loss of sexual desire is one of the benefit that i like, so that, will it be better if i reduced it to 25mg for daily use (for 6months) since i only take these for to reduce it? 4. I’m glad if someone suggested me a natural way to overcome these problems..
Thank you.
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2023.02.03 05:48 IX-Sigma Objectivity vs Subjectivity

There are two crucial elements when it comes to typing yourself. Knowledge, & self-awareness. There is a certain amount of study required to be able to sufficiently discern between the types on a theoretical level. This is an on-going process, but given enough time, anyone can come to learn the fundamentals of the system. Part of this process is using discernment as some sources do appear to contradict each other.
However.. the lack of sufficient knowledge is not the key issue for most people when it comes to correctly typing themselves. There are many people who have been involved in learning about the Enneagram for years, who either, cannot seem to type themselves, or unknowingly mis-type themselves. Those who cannot land on a type for themselves are typically averse to looking at themselves in a way which would reveal anything significant. To know your type is to know your character flaws. Those who do not know their type, do not wish to know their true flaws.
The same is true for those who mis-type. These people are worse off in a way, because they have additionally become attached to a wrong idea of themselves, and in order to find their type (which they are not trying to do), they must first loosen their attachment to their own conclusions. It seems incredibly difficult for people to do this, since their sense of self has become identical with their beliefs. To have their beliefs invalidated feels like their entire identity is being invalidated.
Much of the debate that takes place regarding types is coming from a place of defensiveness. If you are identified with a type, you will feel the need to defend what you see as a mis-representation of that type, for you feel that you-personally, are being mis-represented. Thus, a tell-sign of someone who is likely to be mis-typed, is when you see them passionately arguing or defending their views of a type which are based purely on the discrepancies the experience between the objective type-structure vs what they personally experience about themselves.
Having a balanced approach to the Enneagram means finding the right balance between knowledge & subjectivity. Both, objective knowledge, and subjective awareness must be brought into balance where they meet each other. They must affirm each other, rather than contradict each other. If there is a contradiction, it indicates either incorrect knowledge, or an incorrect view of oneself. A keen and honest discernment is needed to be able to tell which is the case for you. It is most common to err on the side of extreme subjectivity, where one simply dismisses all objective observations in favour of their personal point of view. This type of thinking leads to notions that “you do not have to conform to the fundamental type-structure in order to be a type”. Or “only you-personally can know your type”, as if it is a purely subjective experience that is disconnected from objective reality or outside perspective.
In truth, objectivity & subjectivity are two sides of the same coin. To be effective at typing oneself, and to create an effective atmosphere for doing so, there is a need to become more objective in how one sees themself. And in order to do this, there is a need to become less identified with subjective ideas and conclusions about the types, so that there remains an open-ness to critical discussion.
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2023.02.03 05:48 Suspicious_Medium726 Do 9s ghost on the regular?

I'm a 4w5 and have an interest in a 9. She actually engaged me to start and initiated conversation a few times. When I started getting my interest piqued and returned the favor, I didn't get the same level of response. You guys know as a 4 I'm super verbose anyway. I'm having to bite my virtual tongue because messages from me go unread for hours, sometimes a day or two, before a response, where I'm wired to be always on and respond ASAP when I get a message unless I'm asleep.
The 9 isn't ready for a relationship, which is fine because I'm not in a position to be in one now anyway, but I would like to build a friendship with her at a minimum and get to know her. We've met in person once and talked on the phone 3-4x. In the last phone call yesterday, I told her I think I have developed feelings for her, but I am attempting to suppress them for the greater good of getting to know her as a friend, but down the road, who knows. All the phone and in-person encounters have been GREAT! And she's showed interest both verbally and physically. But that energy isn't matched when it goes back to texting and social media DMs, and I'm still getting ghosted for a long length of time in between. When she DOES choose to respond, she just tells me to "breathe" with no apology for the long hiatus. Plus I'm having to be the one to spur conversation about meeting again because I have certain time blocks where I'm available. She mentioned I'm on Plan ABCDEFGH when she's barely trying to get what Plan A is. :/ She is also three years removed from a long, verbally abusive relationship, so there's some self-worth issues there that I have told her I want to work with her on to try to remove.
Long story short: should I cut my losses and move on, assuming the ghosting is her true self and how she feels about me despite what is said on the phone and in person? Am I just being told what I want to hear? Do I just be patient and wait for a response? Do I double post to try to get her to respond? Kind of at a loss here and it's got me wrapped around the axle waiting for a response. Any thoughts are welcomed!
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