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2023.02.03 05:14 stung80 How to break food aggression

We were adopted by a two year old female Siamese, who was either feral, or more likely abandoned by somebody. She had been hanging around the neighborhood for around two months before she found a spot in my garage where I had put some food out and a low wat heating pad. She was pretty standoffish for about a month, not allowing any contact l, hissing and spitting any time anyone got near her bed or her food.
Since I'm figured she had moved in I went ahead and trapped her and had her spayed before I ended up with 12 cats instead of the one. Since she has come back from the vet she is much friendlier, will accept some light petting and will scent rub on your leg during the day.
The problem is that in the morning and at night, when I need to feed her she gets aggressive around her bed and her food. She will swipe, scratch and hiss, as you try to fill her bowl up, and will even follow for a bit to make sure you keep moving .
I have two kids and a skeptical wife, if it goes after one of the kids it will have to go, how do I break the food aggression and it being territorial? Is it just a matter of being patient and getting her to trust us more or is this going to be permanent behavior because of her previous life on the street?
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2023.02.03 05:14 Mission-Tomatillo-82 My work from home puppy set up.

I posted this in a comment earlier and I think it may help some other folks on here so I'm making its own post. I'm not a dog trainer or any type of professional. This is just my set up for my puppy.
My house consists of my wife, myself, our dog, two cats and our new puppy. My wife and I both work from home. My dog is a 5.5 y/o rescue Pitbull/Cane Corso mix and my puppy is a 9 week old pure bred Rottweiler.
We went through several training levels with my Pit-mix including three levels of obedience, two levels of nose-work, and one level of rally. However, when I got my pit mix I wasn't looking for a sport dog and didn't expect to enjoy training with her as much as I do. That said, she wasn't driven enough. My goal with my Rottweiler is to train her for Schutzhund - a German dog spot that centers around obedience, tracking, and protection.
When growing up we had puppies but my parents were the primary care givers. This is the first time I have raised a puppy from 8 weeks old. Tomorrow we'll have had my puppy for a week. She turned 9 weeks old today.
This is my puppies schedule:
We built this schedule so that it works for us and the puppy. It's only been a few days, but it seems to work well. We're not super regimented about it; they are just guidelines for us. You have to gauge how the puppy is behaving and you have to be considerate of yourself (your not going to be the best puppy parent if you're cranky). A lot of her meals are training sessions.
We're fortunate that she's slept through the night. In fact, our alarm woke her up this morning. We're still exhausted but she's worth it when she's not a gremlin lol. Something that helped with getting her to sleep through the night is a Snuggle Puppy. It's a stuffed toy with a vibrating 'heart beat' that helped out puppies initial crate anxiety. It worked immediately but I'm already fading it out because I don't want her to become attached to it.
For crate training We are sticking to the schedule above. The schedule isn't rigid, just a guide. Of we have to run an errand, work runs a little late, dinner takes longer, etc. we adapt. We do not take her out of the crate when she is crying, whining, or barking. HOWEVER! We have noticed that she typically calms down in 10 minutes or less. Because that is her usual, when she cried for significantly longer (+20 minutes) we take that as a sign that she may have to go potty. In this case, we let her out and go straight outside for a 5 minute potty break and she goes right back into the crate. This is only because we know extended periods of whining are not normal for her. Most times we ignore her whining.
Additionally, we separated our work life. Even though we work from home doesn't mean we're always with her. Always being with her could lead to separation anxiety and she needs to learn to be self-sufficient. To accomplish this, her crate is on the first floor while we work in the basement and do our best not to come up stairs while we're working. That means for 3 hours twice a day she doesn't see us.
We always make sure she has been given the opportunity to go potty before being in the crate for any longer than 15 minutes. Remember, the general rule is puppies can go their age in months + 1 hour. So a 2 month old puppy can hold it for 3 hours max.
Training that were working on: Sit, down, crate up, look-at-that, and ready-get-it. Some of these are passive (i.e. 'crate up' is something we say when we pick her up and place her in the crate, also potty/crate training) and others are 'games' (RGI & LAT). You can find examples of these online.
I highly suggest finding a training professional to help you, especially if you don't have any experience training your dog in basic obedience. I do have some experience but I'm still taking classes with my puppy. It's a great bonding experience and training my puppy is a lot different than when I trained my adult Pit.
For socialization during this time when she's not fully vaccinated:
Again, I'm not a professional. Do your own research and seek professional help. It's entirely possible I'm not doing something right. If that's the case, please let me know so I can correct it.
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2023.02.03 05:12 Spruce__Willis STORY TIME ABOUT PSYCHEDLICS

Saw this post on KKRF and was loling at the comments and wanted to tell this short story.
One time in my fourth season we had this heliblock and got flown to our land with a small crew for the day. We had this new guy on the crew that came from crewbossing at this other smaller company with his girlfriend and was spending a few shifts with us.
Anyway after landing, we find out that before the flight that this guy ate like 4 grams of shrooms, and once we got off the heli and started planting in our own pieces they starting hitting this dude like a sack of potatoes off a skyscraper. I was decently far from this guy so I didn't see or hear him, but my best friend was planting next to him all day and said he was yelling random gibberish at the top of his lungs, singing unrecognizable songs, and just generally acting absolutely mad for hours lol. Anyway the day ended and I'm sure the shrooms must've worn off because he was back to being chill as hell and we flew home.
He ended up leaving that night, I forget the reason, but it wasn't anything to do with being fired.
The next day I had to go back to his piece and finish it. I was pretty worried about what the hell I was going to find in there, considering what my friend told me about how he was acting all day.
IT WAS PERFECT. Every tree was straight, the land was managed in a sensible way and the trees were easy to follow, and it made a lot more sense than many of other pieces I've had to finish in my time. To this day I don't know how that bastard did it, but I was impressed.
Lastly I want to say as funny as this story was at the time, I don't condone it and don't do this especially not on a heli-block. It's really irresponsible and if there was an emergency it could've made things a lot more difficult and put others at risk.
Oddly enough I'm pretty sure this guy had reasoned that he had to take them before the flight because he would've felt guilty if he had them with him on the heli lol. Kind of empathetic reasoning really, in an incorrect sort of way. Different minds rationalize in different ways I suppose.
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2023.02.03 05:10 Snoo-78866 Insults for my psychotic biological mother

Bio mom won’t stop harassing my friends, she’s dumb as fuck and I need something to get her to shut the fuck up and leave them alone. She’s literally the worst type of person you can image (dead cat in freezer for 12+ months and slept with a neo Nazi and got pregnant bc she didn’t want to be alone)
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2023.02.03 05:10 MiddleTenn 51 [M4F] #Nashville

Divorced, educated, decent shape (6’/210), good job, nice house, positive attitude, great sense of humor, annoyingly succinct writing style. Three teens, one cat. Pics on profile. I like outdoorsy type stuff like fishing and hiking. Also like well-written/acted/directed movies and stupid low brow comedies.
Looking for an attractive, intelligent woman for interesting conversations and fun times.
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2023.02.03 05:10 mypetscontrolmylife I bathed my cat with the CC Top Cat Shine shampoo. I'm honestly a bit underwhelmed. For one, it smells like rancid chemicals with a hint of lemon. Secondly, he doesn't look or feel any different than when I use Green Groom Odor Eliminator

I bathed my cat with the CC Top Cat Shine shampoo. I'm honestly a bit underwhelmed. For one, it smells like rancid chemicals with a hint of lemon. Secondly, he doesn't look or feel any different than when I use Green Groom Odor Eliminator submitted by mypetscontrolmylife to doggrooming [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 05:09 Space_Kitty69 TIL my spine was crooked.

Well, not today but yesterday. Yesterday, I had a scheduled C-Section (February 1st) for my twin boys. I was super nervous going into it and kept asking everyone around me if having an epidural hurts. Some said “it depends on your pain tolerance,” others said “It happen so fast, it didn’t even hurt!” And a lot of people said “I was already in so much pain, it didn’t even phase me!”
Well, let me tell you… I went to a Women’s&Infants instead of a regular hospital. I did this because at W&I, there is a doctor on 24/7, and since my twins are 6 weeks early, if they needed extra care in the NICU, they have more room than a general hospital and a bigger team to specialize in the care.
Back to the main point… I get into the labor room to get the epidural. They sit me up, tell me to hunch over like a shrimp / scared cat, the usual instruction. Well… I guess my spine felt straight but it wasn’t. It took them ONE HOUR to properly give me the epidural. I almost fainted from the pain of my spine being poked a million times. I think I had like 3 nurses hold cold packs on my necks, chest and arms. 100/10 on the pain scale.
Good news: Once I was finally numb, they laid me on the table and got to work. As they are putting up the curtain, the bring my boyfriend. Clearly he knew something was wrong with me when they said something that took. 10-20 mins, took a bit over an hour. As soon as his but hit the seat next to me, we heard baby A cry. My boyfriend and I both looked at each other in pure shock and happiness. Exactly one minute after, we hear Baby B cry. The nurses and anesthesiologists apologized profusely about what happen with the epidural. I laughed it off and just thanked them for everything. All in all, they were very nice people and I appreciate every single one of them to the core.
After recovery, I texted my mom letting her know the horror story of the epidural, to her response was “I could’ve told you that you have a crooked spine.” And I was so shocked because I never had spine problems growing up (that I knew of?).
This morning, I went to go change out my Jonny and take off the bandage from the epidural. My boyfriend saw my back and was horrified. He knew they had a rough time, but didn’t realize how bad they poked up my back. (Will post a pic in the comments when I have time)
February 1st @1:29pm - Baby Jackson was born ~ Followed by his little brother Baby Sylas @1:30pm. I love them so much already.
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2023.02.03 05:08 scaryskier Cat ate a piece of onion, please help!

Hello! I am a medical student and get very limited time with my family. My cat, one day before my flight home, decided to steal one piece of diced, uncooked red onion off of my plate (no more than 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch). He is 2 and weighs 11lbs. I called my vet from my hometown since they were open; they said to watch for any symptoms. It's been 3 hours, no v/d and he seems to be acting normal. I know any sort of hematologic effect would take approx 3-5 days to set in. I have several ERs around in case and I am calling my vet near my school when they open in 10 hours. My concern is - I am supposed to catch a flight tomorrow night. My cat in theory won't be showing any symptoms of anemia by that point, and I have two friends coming to check on him 2-3x/day Saturday and Sunday. If they were to check in on him every 4 hours or so (but not through the night), is this too large of a time gap? In other words, would any sort of serious sign/symptom show up within those 4 hour or overnight gaps that would be considered "too late?" Part of my decision of going home will definitely depend on what my vet says in AM, but I can't stand the thought of leaving my cat if it's possible hematologic signs will come up. Again, it was surely less than 1-2g of onion, and I was able to get him to eat/drink a lot afterwards. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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2023.02.03 05:07 GloomilyDepend39 cops can murder someone and maybe get the same punishment

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2023.02.03 05:06 Bike_Alternative I’ve got a ticking time-tree and want to know what the worst case scenario is.

There’s a tree on my property that sits right next to my fence, but angles out towards my neighbors house at about a 45 degree angle. It’s quite large, and I’d say that only about 5-10% of the mass of it is on my side of the fence. I’ve always been fairly concerned about the tree and the fact that my neighbor hasn’t been interested in trimming it.
We’re in texas, and my understanding is that it’s neighbors responsibility to trim the parts of the tree over their property, and if a storm brings it down on their property, then it’s their problem as long as the tree is ostensibly healthy. We just got hit with a huge ice storm, and I’m genuinely pretty shocked that the whole thing didn’t come down, but it clearly came close to uprooting. The ground around it is raised and I’d say that the whole thing is leaning another 4-5 degrees, I think it’s okay for now, but am almost positive it’s going to come down in the next hard freeze.
I’d like to make some kind of agreement with the neighbor on what to do with it, but want to know going in if the tree being almost-uprooted makes it a situation where this is now a hazard that’s my responsibility.
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2023.02.03 05:05 RingoRatman [TOMT] [2000s] [Live Action Kids Show] Christian VHS series w/animal puppet

This is my first time actually posting on reddit, and I don't typically like posting on forums in general, but this has been bugging me for the better part of fifteen years.
When I was a kid, my grandparents would go to church every sunday, and often my cousin and I would spend the night with them on saturdays, accompanying them to church in the morning. One summer, our parents and grandparents thought it would be nice for us to join the church’s sunday school; we didn’t mind it, it was actually kinda fun as we would watch a short film/episode of a show, and then do an activity that related to that day’s episode. I believe there were many seasons of this series, each one with an overarching theme and biblical/religious lessons.
The biggest part that I remember is the main character: a puppet that was some sort of small mammal/rodent. I’m fairly certain he was a groundhog, but he could have been a beaver or gopher. His design was very simplistic, a fluffy brown creature – maybe with rodent teeth – and eyes, so he could have been any animal that is the size of a cat or small dog. I will attach a shitty sketch of what I think he roughly looked like. The puppet’s name may have been an alliteration with his species, like Greg the Groundhog or Barry the Beaver, but I’m not certain.
The puppet had a friend co-main character played by an irl young lady who joined him in his biblical-themed shenanigans. I don’t remember any specific characteristics of the lady, tbh; but one scene of this show is so damn vivid in my mind, that it’s stuck out in my mind for well over a decade.
The scene I remember is a short transitional scene: the groundhog and lady were about to enter a wild west like town in a desert, and they exchange some lines I can’t recall – likely something along the lines of “oh i’m worried about this!” and the lady responding with “it’ll be fine!” because as they go to walk off the right side of the screen, towards the town, a wanted poster of the groundhog is stapled to the pole the main characters were standing in front of while talking.
This series was, what I believe to be, a straight to VHS show. Each episode probably wasn’t more than half an hour, and I’m pretty sure it was serial with episodic elements; an overarching storyline over the season, but a mini plot in each episode. Probably similar to recent kids’ shows like Gravity Falls or The Owl House, where an episode on its own could be watched standalone, but watching each one in order reveals the bigger plot of that season.
This series would have been made in the early 2000s, I don’t think it was quite ‘90s quality, but it very well could have been produced in the late late ‘90s. Estimated years that I probably saw this is around 2006-2009, probably closer to the former as I don’t think I had started elementary school yet, but was likely just about to. The kids in the group were probably around my and my cousin’s age, so the targeted audience of this series was likely 5-9 or so.
The theme of the season we watched that year was in some way or another related to sea creatures. I think, at least lol. Because each class they would give us a little rubbery-plastic toy of the sea creature that related to that day’s lessons. I specifically remember a crab, but in all honesty this bit about sea creatures actually relating to the series is a bit of an assumption on my part, because I don’t remember much about the show. It could have been
I am not sure if this next bit is entirely relevant, but because it was the mid 2000s, and I haven’t been able to find any information on this series, it was likely not a widely watched show across the country. I grew up in central pennsylvania and the branch of the church was the “church of the brethren” which are like two steps away from amish (it goes amish, then mennonite who use some electricity and cars but they have to be utilitarian and plain colors like beige or black. Then it’s The Brethren who are still very religious, but allow electronics and other modern luxuries at a family’s own discretion, but still live very “plain” lives, typically dressing modestly with the women sometimes wearing those sheer head coverings that look like tiny bonnets.) So needless to say, this wouldn’t have been some very progressive christian or extremely strict catholicism; probably more in the middle of religious potency, more chill than a lot of christians in the middle of bumfuck nowhere pennsylvania, but likely very focused on empathy and turning the other cheek, as The Brethren share those values with the amish. The church is christian and honestly very lax, which is why we could have a little tv cart and vhs player, even if we were close to toeing the line of mennonite.
Thank you to anyone willing to give suggestions or comments on this!
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2023.02.03 05:04 Vampirebitez That One Time Me and My Friend Found a Weird Tree

It all started one morning. I looked outside and saw a tree that wasn't there before.
I just woke up, checked my news app and saw a bunch of articles about how people in my area vanished, ate breakfast, and looked out the window to see a tree that wasn't there before.
The tree had a thick, stark white trunk and bright red leaves. It didn't look like any species I'd seen before. At first I shrugged and assumed it was just some weird statue someone put up to mess with me.
But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how stupid I sound.
I called up a friend of mine, Jay, who specializes in botany.
I dialed their number and called them. "Hey, Jay?"
"What, Tom?"
"I just have a question."
"Okay, shoot."
"Is there any such thing as a completely white tree with bright red leaves? I found one in my yard."
Jay was silent for a few minutes. "Not that I know of? Are you messing with me?"
"Just come over and I'll show you. It's pretty weird."
"Okay, be there soon." Jay hung up.
I waited an hour, occasionally checking to see if the tree was still there. I eventually heard a knock at the door.
I opened to see Jay. Jay looked very much like a tree. Tall, thin, and with curly hair like leaves. They wore glasses and always had a water bottle in hand at all times. They had a duffle bag of what I assume is their sciency stuff.
"Now, where is this weird tree?" Jay asked.
I guided them to my backyard and presented it.
Jay was left slack jawed and adjusted their glasses. "Holy shit, you were right."
I playfully nudged their arm with my elbow. "And you thought I was messing with you!"
Jay walked up to the trunk and felt its bark. They rubbed their hand up and down.
"Weird. This bark, if it is bark, is oddly smooth. And it's probably not just the wood because it doesn't have splinters. Just smooth and dry." Jay said, scratching their chin.
I walked up and felt it too. It felt less like wood and more like a dry bone.
"I'll get a ladder."
I went and grabbed my ladder and set it up at the base of the tree. I climbed up and looked at the leaves.
The leaves weren't like any we have seen. It looked almost like a Christmas light but was around the size of a small pickle. I picked it and examined it. It felt like some sort of sac rather than a leaf and it was warm.
It pulsed and I dropped it out of disgust, nearly hitting Jay with it. The sac leaf popped like a water balloon and a red liquid poured from it.
Jay looked up. "Dude!"
"Sorry!" I shouted back.
Jay sighed and picked up the remains and put it in a plastic bag.
I picked another sac leaf and made sure to keep my cool this time. I climbed down and handed it to Jay.
We both walked inside and Jay got their set up ready for examination.
Jay took the popped sac and put it under the microscope first. Jay observed it and looked confused.
"Strange. These don't look like plant cells. They look more like animal cells."
I handed Jay the intact sac and they took a small blade and squeezed the liquid out of it onto a slide. They looked and I saw their eyes widen.
"Holy fuck…" They mouthed.
"These are blood cells. Human blood cells."
I couldn't believe it either. "What?! How?"
"I don't know! Maybe we discovered a new tree species or something!"
We both took a moment to process our discovery.
"So, we discovered a weird blood tree. So, what are our priorities? Get rich or kill it with fire?"
Jay furrowed their brow. "Let's learn more about it and decide from there."
We both got the proper equipment and went back out. We got tools from my garage, more sample bags, and a gun just in case.
I got back on the ladder and looked at the leaf sacs again. They appear to be attached by what are probably veins. The more I looked, the more they pulsed and throbbed and appeared to be getting fuller.
Jay decided to take some wood for analysis. They tapped a hammer and chisel against it. It was hollow sounding like the inside was empty.
Jay kept tapping until they chipped away some desirable pieces. They heard some moans combined with a wet sloshing noise. Jay decided to peek inside.
I heard Jay shriek like a little girl and I climbed down immediately.
Jay was sitting and freaking out.
"Dude what's wrong?!"
Jay could barely speak, they just pointed and blathered about something horrible inside the tree.
I peeked inside and I couldn't blame Jay for freaking out.
The inside had some sort of organic mass of flesh. It had a bunch of eyes, ears, mouths, noses, and limbs. It was attached to the ceiling and floor by veins, like a morbid cocoon.
A red, vine-like appendage grabbed Jay by the ankle and tried to pull them in. I grabbed my gun and shot at it, allowing Jay to be free and run back inside with the samples. The tree made a horrible shriek.
I ran back inside with Jay and locked the door.
We both were panting and shaking. I looked at Jay.
"Kill it with fire?" I ask between breaths.
"Kill it with fire."
Jay looked at the fragments. They took one out and examined it.
"This is bone." Jay mumbled.
"Maybe we should call a priest while we are at it. And maybe a therapist because we might need one." I said jokingly to ease the terror.
"Destroy the weird meat tree first, then therapist." Jay scolded.
We both devised a plan to destroy the blood tree. We both went out to grab as many propane tanks and gasoline cans as we could.
I used a lawn mower attached to a rope to safely push the tanks to the tree.
Jay tossed the gas cans as carefully as possible at the tree.
Once those were ready, I cocked my gun and shot the tanks and cans until they erupted. Each can and tank burst into flames and went up the tree.
The tree screamed and I could see the leaf sacs melt into goo and the bone trunk char away until we saw the flesh mass melt as well.
We watched it burn while sharing a beer until the screaming stopped.
The following morning, two men in suits came by after hearing about our little adventure.
The area where the tree had been destroyed had been cleaned up and Jay and I had been told to keep this hush hush.
Not that you guys believe me, but it would make for a fun story.
Jay left and we didn't talk for a while after the incident.
The last I heard of Jay, they had called me after they had a medical emergency.
They had been experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains.
When they had an X-ray taken of them, they found a weird bone fragment in their lung.
One that was shaped like a tree sapling.
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2023.02.03 05:04 Objective_Signature6 Excellent examination of relationship between agriculture and cultural developments like religion
The Agricultural Revolution is thus firmly established and universally recognised as an epoch-making turning point in the life history, not only of Homo sapiens, but of the entire biodiversity of the planet as well. ‘There have been few developments that have been more important for the human race than the agrarian Neolithic Revolution’ (Armstrong 2018:43). The Agricultural Revolution eventually crystalised into full sedentism, animal husbandry and horticulture, which translates as permanent villages and cities, cultigens and domesticated livestock.
The metamorphosis from a hunter-gatherer existence to an agrarian lifestyle was by no means a smooth transition, as different populations around the world experienced the ups and downs of mastering sedentism at a different pace, in different climates and at different times. Wells and Stock (2020:1) point out that by 20 000 years ago, in the run-up to the Neolithic, human populations of the Late Palaeolithic were already investing in long-term settlements and resourcing wild grain in the Levant. Arranz-Otaegui et al. (2018:1) have presented archaeobotanical evidence showing that by 14 400 years ago, Natufian hunter-gatherers from Shubayqa 1, a site in north-eastern Jordan, were preparing and consuming bread-like products.
Some of the most compelling evidence of the transition to agriculture surfaced at the site of Tell Abu Hureyra, a small village located along the Euphrates River in the north of modern Syria. Christian (2019:198) mentions that the earliest levels of occupation date to about 13 000 years ago. The inhabitants then subsisted on hunting and a selection of plant foods which included fruit and wild grain. A 1000-year cold period forced the inhabitants to increasingly rely on the more climate-resistant grain, eventually abandoning the site. Around 11 000 years ago, the site was reoccupied as a large, thriving, agricultural settlement, farming domesticated grain and sheep, as is evinced by the sudden increase in sheep bones and the large grinding stones uncovered at the site. In the case of Abu Hureyra, at least, it appears that the transition to agriculture can be ascribed to climate change.
The upshot thus was that as agrarian societies systematically developed over a period of time, people were increasingly living and working in close proximity to a greater number of people, as well as a variety of domesticated animals and plants. According to Watkins (2015:153), hunter-gatherer communities progressively embraced the new lifestyle between c. 22 000 and 12 000 years ago. In addition to hunting and harvesting wild plants, they gradually settled in larger groups than before, creating semipermanent settlements that eventually, at the dawn of the Neolithic, evolved into permanent settlements five to ten times larger than before. ‘From at least the beginning of the Neolithic, some of these communities were cultivating crops of wheat, barley, lentils and other pulses’ (Watkins 2015:153). He also notes that some researchers regard the pressures generated by population density, as a result of sedentism, actively led to the development of farming and herding, sparking the need for ways of effectively storing harvested produce. More recent suggestions also favour climate change as a viable explanation for the rise of agriculture, suggesting that the drier and cooler climate at the beginning of the Neolithic indicates a decline in wild food resources.
In contrast, Watkins (2015:154) attributes the transfer to the new way of life of sedentism and agriculture to the cognitive initiative of hunter-gatherers between 22 000 and 12 000 years ago. Because hominins have evolved a brain so large that it exceeds the physical requirements of the body, ‘[h]ominin brains and minds deploy cognitive and social skills that enable them to live in larger and more cohesive and cooperative social groups’ (Watkins 2015:154).
Bowles and Choi (2019:2186–2188) dispute the standard explanations regarding the founding of agrarian societies. They believe that to invest in an agricultural existence would be futile without what they term as ‘… possession-based private property …’ (Bowles & Choi 2019:2186). For them, this translates to having dominium over cultivated plots, dwellings and private storage facilities. Accordingly, they propose that ‘[s]ome elements of private property were almost certainly common even amongst mobile hunter-gatherers’ (Bowles & Choi 2019:2188). Their model of the Agrarian Revolution consequently underscores an economic model based on private ownership. In their view, ‘[o]nce independently established, the Neolithic economic model (farming plus private property plus sedentism) out-reproduced foraging populations’ (Bowles & Choi 2019:2221). It therefore appears that the underlying reasons for the Neolithic Revolution may have been more complex and varied than previously recognised and cannot be comprehensively accounted for by a simplistic approach.
However, much greater consensus exists with respect to the way communities adapted their subsistence niches in terms of lifestyle and the acquisition of food with the advent of changes wrought by the Agrarian Revolution:
The shift to farming is widely understood to have impacted several aspects of human demography and biology, including mortality risk, population growth, adult body size, and physical markers of health. (Wells & Stock 2020:1)
In conjunction with the physical and health consequences that co-evolved with the emergence of agriculture, we have identified additional areas of human culture that have also undergone significant modification. Amongst these are what may be the first attempts at a legal system of sorts, circumscribing access to and use of land for pasture and cultivation (Bowles & Choi 2019:2221), the well-documented, incipient stages of gender discrimination and important adjustments to mythmaking and religious practices. These cultural innovations have also had important and life-changing outcomes throughout the subsequent millennia, shaping human attitudes, moral parameters and religious convictions right up to the present day, and thus they form part and parcel of the physical and cultural outcomes of the Palaeolithic–Neolithic transition under the overarching umbrella of agriculture and sedentism.
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2023.02.03 05:04 ashsprtn Toronto (M4F) Movie and Series Cuddle Buddy

Hey, 27 years old, working professional, light brown guy living in Toronto by myself with 2 cats.
I love watching movie and series so it would be nice to watch with someone while cuddling. We can watch American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Prison Break, Better Call Saul, You or a series we both like. I have a 60 inch tv, surround sound system and a queen bed :3
I am easygoing, sane, hygienic, nice smelling and well mannered looking for like minded people 🙃 I do not smoke/drink/do drugs.
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2023.02.03 05:03 fiend4drpepper growing up- my firsthand experiences

When I was growing up, I lived on a beautiful island called Guam. My father was in the military, so we lived on a military base. The house I lived in was nice and sizeable. The only issue was I was terrified to sleep in my own room- for valid reasons I will go through and share with you below.
Because I was terrified to sleep in my own bedroom, I would sleep in my parents bedroom on the floor on a makeshift bed. One particular evening, I was trying to fall asleep and having a hard time doing so. I decided to shift around my pillows a bit. Moving them around, I noticed a finger- not a normal looking finger mind you- this one looked like it belonged on a corpse. It was pale and purple looking. I looked at it in horror not knowing what to do. While staring at it, it slowly retreated back under the bed. I covered where it was with a pillow and tried my hardest to go to sleep, to no avail. I remember looking under my parents bed and seeing bright yellow glowing eyes one particular day. I thought it might be one of my cats- but it was not one of my cats. This thing was staring me down and I felt uneasy; like I wasn't safe and I wasn't meant to have seen whatever it was doing.
While living in that house I would hear noises that would sound like plates and glasses breaking in the kitchen. Only to go out and investigate and discover nothing had been broken. I would hear heavy running footsteps up and down the hallway. My sister would regularly see a person hanging from a noose in my parents bedroom from the corner of her eye, then look at it- only to have it disappear moments later.
I would see shadow people running around in shadowy areas of the house such as the hallway. My father would have to tell the spirits that lived in that house to go in peace- and we would be ok for maybe a week, then things would go weird again... Amongst many other experiences, these are only a few that I can recollect clearly that really left an impression on me.
I think of these experiences I had as a child now as an adult and think that whatever I was experiencing was definitely one that was paranormal. I still am not entirely sure of what to think of what I experienced in that house.
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2023.02.03 05:03 Starlingrings yoo so like i had a dream about fighting my mom and trying to run away.

hi everyone im new here on this sub first time posting and as for context my mom and basically my whole family irl has been abusive or rude or terrible to me so i guess my dreams are projecting how much i'm angry towards them anyways i had this dream today hours ago and i cannot stop thinking about it.
so it all started with me being at an house that my family and i use to live at apparently in the dream my older brother gave me his phone and once i grabbed the phone i heard my mom yelling and complaining about me not picking up the phone when she called me on my phone and that she needed me to do something for her i tried to explain to her that in the dream that i lost my phone and maybe if i wasn't being rushed by my family i wouldn't loose sight of my phone then after i said that it went into a complete heated argument between me and her she started complaining about many thing's about me and saying that i'm being disrespectful i started breaking down crying screaming at her about the many time's she have treated me like shit and pointed out how she never respected my boundaries and space and never been considerate enough to actually be kind to me for once and not pick a fight with me every so often she then went silent and then started shouting again and telling me once she comes home she will beat my ass i said do it and that i'm not scared of her and if she hurts me then i will hurt her back i went back to arguing with her and then i hung the phone up i then quickly packed my bags and tried to sneak out the house by going out the window to run away apparently my dad was at the front door cooking a barbecue sine after i jumped out the window and decided to go to the front of my house to run to somewhere i spotted my dad and i completely hide under stairs idk where my surroundings was at the time because now i forgot a few random cats saw me and walked towards me my dad noticed the cats going towards the stairs i was scared because i did not want him to see me outside by myself with a bag paced full of things i did not want to be caught and then my dream ended.

the strange part is that inside the dream is actually some stuff happened irl i actually lost my phone irl due to the fact i was being rushed by my siblings for school we were not running late tho and i was ready for school i was only waiting for them until they started yelling for no reason i still feel mad at that moment but i did not think i would dream of this also when i woke up i choked
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2023.02.03 05:00 JoChiCat A complete timeline of Lilith and Satan's relationship, complete with wild speculation and theories

Struck by a toxic feeling of nostalgia, I decided to go through the archives to piece together Lilith and Satan’s romance, and by extension, Lil’E’s past. The less said about watching Tatsuya’s ideological meltdown in time-lapse form the better, because while I could write an essay on the topic, there are limits to my masochism.
So without further ado, here is the timeline as I have managed to piece together:
That’s not even including any speculation about Vainglorious’s paternity, or the timeline implications of Lilith and Kate’s classmate being an elderly grandmother while they’re both clearly pretty youthful. It can probably be chalked up to magic, somehow. Honestly, I’d have assumed that Lilith got knocked up soon after graduation, but with her kid currently being 12 at the oldest, and Kate’s being in his late teens/early 20s, that isn’t possible without tying the timeline into a knot.
Another interesting note: while it’s sometimes implied that both devil people and witchcraft in general face some prejudice in the present, that bigotry was obviously a lot worse in the past. Clearly this society’s views have shifted over time. Not really relevant, but makes me wonder.
So that’s what I’ve got. Lilith and Satan started dating pretty young, lived together for an unknown amount of time, had a kid at some point, and split up when that kid was roughly toddler-aged. Satan obviously wasn’t at all involved in Lil’E’s upbringing after the split, even when Lilith died/disappeared/whatever, so it must have been pretty nasty.
It's fairly easy to extrapolate from this why Lilith and Satan split up; Lilith didn't seem to approve of Satan's behaviour around Lil'E, judging by the events of the picnic, and she certainly wouldn't have put up with his obvious disappointment with their son's lack of powers and softer disposition. It seems likely that she would have decided Lil'E was better off without a father and initiated the split, though I suppose it's also possible that it was a mutual decision, depending on how power-hungry Satan had gotten at that point. He may have decided to cut his losses, as it were.
There's also the theory that Satan cheated on Lilith, which I've seen thrown around this sub. While it's not impossible, I don't like this theory very much. Partly because the only strip that could even vaguely stand as evidence is the engagement one (which as I've mentioned, does not vibe with established lore), and partly because I'm tired of the "men are scum who will stick their dick in anything warm and female-shaped" narrative that Sinfest has been propping up since 2011. Let's give Satan's general failures as a husband and as a father some depth, yeah?
...and that's that on that. Thoughts? Criticisms? Anything I've missed? Please give me feedback, I've spent too much time on this stupid essay and am desperate for validation.
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2023.02.03 05:00 fiend4drpepper growing up...

When I was growing up, I lived on a beautiful island called Guam. My father was in the military, so we lived on a military base. The house I lived in was nice and sizeable. The only issue was I was terrified to sleep in my own room- for valid reasons I will go through and share with you below.
Because I was terrified to sleep in my own bedroom, I would sleep in my parents bedroom on the floor on a makeshift bed. One particular evening, I was trying to fall asleep and having a hard time doing so. I decided to shift around my pillows a bit. Moving them around, I noticed a finger- not a normal looking finger mind you- this one looked like it belonged on a corpse. It was pale and purple looking. I looked at it in horror not knowing what to do. While staring at it, it slowly retreated back under the bed. I covered where it was with a pillow and tried my hardest to go to sleep, to no avail. I remember looking under my parents bed and seeing bright yellow glowing eyes one particular day. I thought it might be one of my cats- but it was not one of my cats. This thing was staring me down and I felt uneasy; like I wasn't safe and I wasn't meant to have seen whatever it was doing.
While living in that house I would hear noises that would sound like plates and glasses breaking in the kitchen. Only to go out and investigate and discover nothing had been broken. I would hear heavy running footsteps up and down the hallway. My sister would regularly see a person hanging from a noose in my parents bedroom from the corner of her eye, then look at it- only to have it disappear moments later.
I would see shadow people running around in shadowy areas of the house such as the hallway. My father would have to tell the spirits that lived in that house to go in peace- and we would be ok for maybe a week, then things would go weird again... Amongst many other experiences, these are only a few that I can recollect clearly that really left an impression on me.
I think of these experiences I had as a child now as an adult and think that whatever I was experiencing was definitely one that was paranormal. I still am not entirely sure of what to think of what I experienced in that house.
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2023.02.03 05:00 Sullengar The Magi's Society - By Sullengar - Chapter 5: The Maw, Part 1

Mevi drifted in and out of fitful visions. Ideas, dreams, and memories clouding or crashing together. What was real or what wasn’t could not be comprehended. Only that she was commanded, by a dark-golden god and obeyed. But what was its will? What was she doing floating is the dark abyss of empathic thought? She grasped at her memories, vainly attempting to retain something of herself and what was happening. The ocean of empty, formless, dark was surrounding her, battering her against what little she could recall. The endless void threw her to and fro in its endless waves of chaotic confusion.
In the darkness Mevi struggled, and reached out for anything to grasp and understand. The god-like figure her only salvation of thought and mind. She writhed against the desire to give in and accept her salvation. She didn’t know why, but this shining beacon of black horror felt wrong and she fought against its inky tendrils grasping at her. In her fitful state she reached in all directions hoping for something or someone that wasn’t her proclaimed salvation. A dim light beaming under the inky ocean waves. Away from and without the figure looming, reaching, and strangling her. Mevi strained against her own instinct, knowing that her surroundings were wrong and can’t be accepted. The straining, the reaching, and fighting pushed her away from the salvation. Away from where her mind echoed that she should accept fate. She flew away and through the dark maelstrom spiraling her mind into incoherent thought. Fought to reach and grasp the only source of light in the abyssal plane she lost herself in.
Mevi grasped the light. Suddenly tearing her eyes open, breathing heavy and fitful. Moving to sit up but straining against something. Her eyes blurry, bright beaming light completely blinding her like the Baes sunrises she waited so longingly for. Mevi couldn’t see, and she fought against the binds that held her to something hard and cold. Muffled voices echoed around her, a shout stabbed pain through her ears. She struggled for freedom as her vision slowly adjusted to the blinding light.
Mevi could see, wanting to cry and in a panic. Was she tied to some sort of table? Bright lights filled the room she was held in, golden walls shine with brilliant radiance in the overwhelming light. She suddenly craved the dark again, she could faintly make out figures wearing similar robes of gold, silver, and black, as to the Emissary. Less godly and without covered faces, but her eyes were too blurry to make out features. She was trying to yell, but something was covering her own face and mouth. She looked closer, and tried to inspect her surroundings. As she looked outward she noticed a faint blue haze encapsulated her, she was looking through something. Or she was inside of something?
The realization filled Mevi suddenly, she was inside of some kind of, sarcophagus made of glass and steel. She was tied and unable to move and couldn’t scream for help. Her horror of being led to her death was beginning to be realized. Trapped in her own mind again, and being carried away by the Emissary of death in her own personal grave. Mevi gave up struggling, straining against her bonds would probably only anger her captors and not likely to promise escape. She watched, in the blurred vision and blinding light, as figures moved performing unknown tasks and burdens.
Mevi watched for a while, unwilling to return to unconsciousness for fear of the consuming dark. So she waited, and tried to strain her vision and senses against the light and blue haze.
Mevi wasn’t sure how much time passed, but she felt as if nothing in the world had moved for a long time. Even on Baes she could mostly feel the slow movement of the moon beneath her, as the strong forces in the system and planet tore at the colony at all times. But here, in her demise, all things were quiet and still. An unsettling feeling that alerted her to every insignificant movement and muffled sound. She wasn’t sure how long her purgatory lasted, but eventually a clear bubbling sound reverberated around her. A current downward? Indeed it felt as if liquid of some kind was streaming across her skin and through her robes. Only when she looked up and saw a waving breach in the blue haze did she realize she was submerged.
The blue liquid she resided in started to slowly drain downward. Strangely, as the substance passed over her, she didn’t feel wet or any sensation like there was any residue remaining on her. The liquid drained away, leaving her just as dry as she was at the selection. Her vision cleared all but for the bright lights still shining into her strange capsule. A sudden suction of air as the last of the liquid drained, and a pop when her prison opened. The front glass being pulled upward and revealing an unobscured vision of the outside. A strange circular chamber, with odd cylindrical capsules made from gold, with wires and tubes stretching behind and into the black hull of the room Mevi resided in. Her eyes still adjusting to the overwhelming light, she could see a feminine figure in front of her, bearing a light-born halo as she protected Mevi’s view from the overpowering aura with her form. They seemed to be looking at something, deliberately looking towards the floor with their eyes quickly scanning back and forth as if intently investigating something. Mevi wondered if something was wrong, if this figure was here to sentence her permanently. But the figure soon dismissed their intense investigation and looked up into Mevi’s face and their eyes met.
Mevi was panicked and scared, not sure what was happening and this silent investigator said nothing to her for comfort or explanation. The woman spoke strange words to her, and without understanding their meaning Mevi could only look on confused and concerned. The woman continued to speak, in a slow deliberate way, enunciating carefully and loudly. The sounds rang in Mevi’s ears, and she winced in pain. But as the woman’s voice continued on some of the words began to make some sense. ‘Understand’? ‘Calibrate’? ‘Working?’ The words flooded in fitfully but she could understand them, though not all she could decipher correctly. The woman’s voice continued, and eventually Mevi could understand, “should be working soon. Its calibration takes a few moments after initial application. But soon you should be understanding me. The device should be working soon… Its calibration… Seems to have finished.” With a smile the woman waved her hand in front of her, and with the motion Mevi’s bindings came loose and she tumbled to the ground.
Looking up at her savior, as strange as the circumstances were, Mevi was almost relieved. Despite her black robes, with gold tabard lined with silver sigils, the woman looked normal. If you ignored her orange-red hair.
“Good, you are coherent. Your eyes will adjust to the light soon. You are commanded by his lord, the Magi, to attend to him. I will show you the way. You will follow me.” The woman commanded.
Confused, but still getting up and clamoring after the woman, Mevi asked, “The Magi? What is a Magi?”
The two pass through the chamber filled with, to Mevi’s horror, the children that were given to the Emissary as they sleep in the strange capsules. The both of them pass into a long corridor with a short ceiling and coal-colored walls curving into a sort of tube. The woman’s pace is quick, and with no other people around, Mevi has little choice but to follow as fast as she can behind.
The woman speaks up again as they pass through the corridor, that seems to have no end, “The Magi are our lords and masters. You follow their will and do as you are told. You do not question, speak only when spoken to, and show the utmost respect. If you do this, nothing will happen to you and you may be rewarded.”
Mevi is still confused, “I thought the Barges were in charge?”
The woman scoffs, “The Barges are controlled and operated by the Magi. Their will is absolute, and your survival depends on if you can submit to them as they demand. Whenever they demand.”
Mevi’s realization started slow but soon came to the forefront of her thoughts, “Was.. ‘The Emissary’ a Magi?”
“Yes. He is known as lord Falcier. Fal-si-er. Always address him as, ‘My lord Magi’, ‘My Lord’, or ‘Lord Falcier’. Unless told otherwise by him or another Magi.” The demanding reply ending as the woman turns suddenly and the corridor’s wall stretches to open like a yawning mouth.
Mevi yelps, and stumbles backwards and stammers, “What was that, how did that happen? There was no door there before, no seam or sign!”
The woman waits for only a few moments before rolling her eyes and turning to walk through the opened passage, “Get used to it. Also, control your noises and yells. The Magi do not appreciate outbursts.”
Mevi quickly darts into the gap, “I am sorry. I will do my best not to displease.”
The two were now in a more open room. A hallway of sorts winding around a large open space, held aloft several meters above the floor below. A pulsing light of a dim pink glows all throughout the floor below them. Giving the entire room, and the hallway the pair walked, a strange tint.
As the woman continues their walk, unimpeded by awe or curiosity, Mevi’s temptation wins and she asks, “Ma’am, what is your name? You are… helping me, and I don’t know what to call you.”
The woman stops for a moment to appraise Mevi, “Hmmm… Ma’am is fine, has a nice ring to it. But my name is Kalesi.” Her stride resumes immediately after.
Mevi is emboldened, few have ever given her real responses or conversation, “Kalesi, ma’am, where is everyone else? We wonder these halls and I haven’t seen a single other soul. I remember seeing several figures in the chamber before you retrieved me, unless I imagined them.”
Kalesi seems to pick up her pace as they have made it to the other side of the large pink room, another door opens and they both walk through, “The others are around. Most are below, with the Sentinels, doling out Mana. We haven’t left yet, not until our supply is delivered.”
Mevi isn’t sure of the answer she received. She yearns to talk more, this Kalesi, seems to be mostly pleasant. At least she is respecting Mevi, however firm and commanding she is. Yet Mevi can’t think of any clever conversations or additional questions. The overwhelming nature of the situation has her mind straining to come to grips with her surroundings. Mevi can’t even fathom where they are or how they are there, she can barely comprehend the doors of this strange… building? Could Mevi possibly be aboard the large ship that stopped above the colony?
Before Mevi could gather herself for additional questions, they had already passed through several winding hallways and doors. The appearance of sudden entryways less surprising but each time making her flinch. Suddenly Mevi walks into a stopped Kalesi. Apologizing and backing up, she is steadied by Kalesi’s firm hands grasping Mevi’s shoulders.
Kalesi looks serious and down at Mevi, who notices suddenly how she is quite a bit taller than her, at least two or three heads taller than her. Kalesi speaks in a hushed tone, as if sharing some important secret, “Listen girl. Do well to listen and obey. Whatever the Magi says, is law. You must tell me you understand this.”
Mevi is almost worried, “I… I understand. I won’t disobey him.”
Kalesi corrects her, “No. Only obey. Do only what you are asked. Stand where you are placed. Speak when commanded to speak. Listen at all times. Do you understand?”
Mevi is remembering the intimidating presence of the Emissary, now known as Falcier, “Yes. I will do only as I am told… But, what do I do when I go inside?” Kalesi shows kindness and care for the first time, looking down at Mevi like a small animal that is doing something adorable but silly, “Just step through the door. Stand there, just past the threshold and wait for a command. Even if the Lord Magi isn’t in the room. Wait and do not move. Try your best to not look around, and don’t touch anything.”
Mevi gives a short nod in understanding. Kalesi turns and places a hand on the blank wall in front of them. Her eyes dart back and forth as if reading or looking over something like they did before. After a few moments the maw opens wide, and a pitch black interior is revealed. The misting darkness almost seems to drain the light of the hallway. Kalesi looks to Mevi and gestures with her head for her to enter. A few steps forward and the door suddenly shuts, with a slam the others hadn’t displayed before. Only unpierceable darkness remained.
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2023.02.03 04:59 xenogazer Hands need to be put to work for cats, if they're doing anything at all... According to cats

Hands need to be put to work for cats, if they're doing anything at all... According to cats submitted by xenogazer to FancyFeet [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:57 sunnorthnodeconjuct My cat found me late September 2022. Any indication reflected as far as the timing goes in my chart? Always loved cats and really wanted one but never got to have one as a child for a few unfortunate reasons. She is better than I could’ve ever imagined and for sure one of my soulmates.

My cat found me late September 2022. Any indication reflected as far as the timing goes in my chart? Always loved cats and really wanted one but never got to have one as a child for a few unfortunate reasons. She is better than I could’ve ever imagined and for sure one of my soulmates. submitted by sunnorthnodeconjuct to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:56 aestherisms [REQ] Stranded mid-cross-country move.

Stranded mid-cross-country move.
My husband and I set out to move from WA state to IL on the 27th of January. Husb and friend 1 are in the uhaul with our dog, myself and friend 2 are driving with my cat and my snakes.
It was supposed to be a three day trip, with sleeping in shifts and a hotel in the middle to reset. It was supposed to be smooth. So far, the car that myself and friend 2 are in has ended up in a shop because of a rock in the middle of the road destroying the front passenger tire during a snowstorm, one of my snakes is dead because the jolt of the impact caused a head injury that she couldnt recover from, we're almost a week late showing up for our lease, and we have run out of money.
Insurance found me at fault (I'm too tired to fight back, though I dont understand how I'm at fault for hitting something I couldn't see in a snowstorm at 3am) and is only willing to help once we pay 500$ first. We get no rental to help finish the trip, and even if we do somehow manage that, our car will be left in Montana and i don't know what to do either way. We're at a hotel for the night with my last 100$, we're in the middle of Montana and were expected in IL this past Monday. We have no working vehicle, no money for gas or food, and this is our last night in a warm place to sleep unless something gives or I find a miracle.
I'm exhausted and I have no idea what to do. If anyone can help us at all, please let me know. I'm tapped out of emotions and resources. Thank you.
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